Stopped by yesterday and saw the very happy smiles of Richard (owner), Fran (waitress), Liesl (manageress) and Danny (manager) after the liquor ban was lifted. I was assured that my favourite wine would be available for me to enjoy with my pizza from today😁.

Just a thought, your page lists you as "pub". May I suggest you amend to "restaurant" just to avoid any confusion around the number of patrons you can accommodate?

Looking forward to visiting you again and wishing all your team everything of the best going forward.
Some new and old pics (part 2) 😬🌵
Some new and old pics ~ 🍻🌵
Hat den Ventilator kaaft . 1 Dach benotzt an schon freckt. Geht net mei. 🤬
Hey Cactus...i'm dying here with you being closed,dont you have anything for me?? even just a photo of an al bundy pizza or anything.. come on guys...
May I please book table outside for Friday 13 Dec. 19h00. 29 people
Savourer les Moments
Suggestion Samedi 02.03.2019

Morue a la Brioche 23.90
( Bacalhau Com Broa )

Morue a la Espagnole 23.90
(Baclhau A Espanhola )

Faux -Filet de Limousin au Calvados 24.60
(Naco de Boi au Calvados )


Soirée Espagnola
Samedi 11.03.2019

Sangria Royal
Assortiments Tapas
* *
Paella Royal
* * *
Crème Catalane
* * * *
39.50 Pers

Ready to rock out tonight at Cactus, see you guys soon!! 🤘🎶🎸

Very cool place!

Operating as usual

Photos from cactus's post 03/05/2021

What a fun night we had saying goodbye to our dearest @aliciabuitendag 🎈

#cactusgeorge #georgegardenroute #georgerestaurant #georgesouthafrica #fairwell


Mexican meals, the perfect dinner for Monday.



Platter for 2... or 1 🤷‍♀️. We don’t judge!

- Calamari
- Crumbed mushrooms
- Chili poppers
- Chips



We're very excited for Halloween this year but obviously Cactus has to do things a little differently due to the COVID-19 restrictions. So come early to secure a table.

2020 has been a nightmare for almost everyone so you probably don't need any more horror in your life but if the lockdown taught us one thing, it is to enjoy the special moments whenever you get a chance.

See you Friday - as usual all the Cactus staff will be dressed up.


Hello again...

Cactus is open!

Trading conditions are less than ideal but as I said in our previous post, we wanted to open on July 1st so that's what we have done.

We are so happy to be back at work but a few things have had to change so please be patient with the staff during this uncertain time.

Thank you for all your support and patience.



There has been some talk recently around town that Cactus is closing and wont reopen after the lockdown is lifted.

At first, I just ignored the rumour as normal gossip that will disappear when we reopen, however the government seems determined to keep us closed, so now everyone is convinced the rumour is true. It is not!

Cactus will open as soon as the government lifts their trading restrictions.

Shortly after the lockdown was announced in March, we calculated that July would probably be the earliest that Cactus would open, so we planned accordingly.

The activity you might see if you drive past Cactus is Lisl, Danny, Fran and Keagan working hard to do all the big and small maintenance jobs that we have ignored over the years. As a small example the pizza oven at Cactus takes three days to completely cool down and then takes 2 full days to heat up again. Obviously, a forced lockdown is the perfect time to do jobs like that.

We are aiming to open on July 1st but we can only do that if the government allows it.

At the moment they have not given the green light for any restaurants to serve sit down customers. Also, they have not told us what practical, social-distancing restrictions we would need to set in place. And finally, and most importantly, the government has not mentioned how (or even if) we will be allowed to sell alcohol.

As I said in a previous post, all of us want Cactus to be open as soon as possible, which is why I am enormously grateful that the team are working so hard to get everything ready in time.


OK so lots of people have been asking if Cactus will be offering a take-away service during Level 4,3,2 of the lock down and also, when do we think Cactus will be open again.

Firstly, thank you for all the support and encouragement - Cactus is more than a job to us so we also hate that its closed.

The answer to the “take-way question” is, unfortunately, no we won’t be doing take-aways.

Honestly, we cannot see how to make this work financially. I appreciate that there are people out there who understand maths better than me so I wont challenge their decisions but for Cactus this is a no-brainer - the first few days of take-ways will probably be ok but then we would lose a lot of money every day after that.

To the question of when will we reopen for sit down customers.

There is no easy answer to this question because we still don’t know what sort of restrictions the government plans to keep in place beyond Level 1. Curfews, reduced trading hours, bans on alcohol, mandatory masks, social distancing etc, are all utterly incompatible with a normal “night out” with friends or colleagues. So unless we are able to operate freely I suspect Cactus will find it hard to reopen, even at Level 1.

This is a very frustrating time for everyone because it seems that the goals of the government are at odds with the viability of many businesses and the livelihood of many people but it’s also clear that this is a price that the government seems willing to pay. On our behalf. Whether we like it or not.

Stay strong everyone - we desperately want to be open for you.


Before we say good bye to 2018 I want to thank all the staff at Cactus for their hard work this year. It’s been a great year for us and I often don’t thank them enough.

As we all know, every job has difficult people or parts to it but there are times when we are challenged more than most. Which is why I’m extremely grateful that they make the atmosphere at Cactus lots of fun.

To the rest of you, behave (or not) tonight and we’ll see you again on Wednesday 2nd. All the best for 2019.


Tuesday December 4th 2018, was a difficult day at Cactus. Today we said good bye to our oldest and probably hardest-working member of staff. The Cactus Fridge! She will be sorely missed by all of us who have pulled open her stubborn doors to retrieve a “not-very-cold” beer or cider. Yes we knew she was possibly the least efficient fridge in the country and used more electricity than a small city but we also loved her and we were reluctant to see her go.
I tried to calculate how many pallets of drinks have gone in and out of that fridge over the years but my maths is lacking. Nevertheless, I’m guessing that half of George (and some of the nicest people in the world) have walked into Cactus and while waiting for the barmen to serve them, have stared longing into that fridge and thought “yay – my day is about to get better”.


So the party just started... Richard Kershaw


Halloween Night 27th October!!!


Photos from cactus's post


Cactus will be closed during the day on Friday April 7th 2017.

We will open again at 4pm.

Yes, this is because we support the peaceful protest planned for tomorrow.

Closing Cactus (even if it’s only during the day) is a decision that we don’t take lightly. Apart from the financial implications (yes it costs us a lot to close) we also have to consider how this affects our staff. In addition, we must acknowledge that by closing we are making a political statement that some of our customers or suppliers may not agree with.

So, what are we protesting and how do we expect our behaviour to make a difference?

I’ll answer the second question first. There is nothing that Cactus can do on its own that the government will notice – apart from withholding VAT and tax payments. Changes to the political landscape of any country are usually the result of ‘closed-door’ negotiations. Mass protests in the street rarely achieve much change. However, every now and then the unexpected happens and a domino effect is started from the most unlikely of events. So, it is with this sense of optimism that we are motivated to participate in tomorrow’s peaceful protest.

The answer to the question “what are we protesting against?” is a little more complicated. South Africa is a fantastic country. In the right hands, it has a wonderful future for us, our kids and our grandchildren. However, for our potential to be realised a few things have to change. Firstly, we need to stop seeing the rest of the world as marvelous and South Africa as second rate because neither is true. Most of the narrative these last few days has been focused on the fact that our economy in general and our credit rating in particular, has been classified as “junk”. The reality is that “foreign investors” are motivated by self-interest. They will direct their money wherever they can influence events to make a profit – some years that happens to be South Africa and some years that might be Kazakhstan or Burundi. The British £ has fallen over 20% against the Rand in the last 12 months but no one is asking Theresa May to resign. Secondly, we need to stop holding our politicians to a perceived higher ‘western-world’ standard. There are corrupt, incompetent Politicians all over the world. Worse than that, sometimes those ‘good’ politicians agree to go to wars that they don’t understand and that cause unimaginable death, misery and destruction for peoples that they have never met or who have never done them any harm.

So what exactly is Cactus protesting? The simple answer is that South Africa is a great country with great people and we deserve a better class of leader. We deserve a spokesperson that has a clear vision for how we can be better in the future. That person then needs to communicate their vision “simply” and often. The current spokesperson is stuck trying to avoid being a western villain (or puppet) whilst trying to avoid being an eastern puppet (or villain) yet all the time, enriching himself in the moist crude, distasteful ways.

We want ACCOUNTABILITY and we have all earned the right to ask for it.


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos

[12/24/15]   Have a wonderful Christmas everyone- Cactus is closed 24th and 25th. We will be open again on Saturday (26th)


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Once again Telkom have broken our phone line and once again their service is proving less than efficient. So we’ve bought a cell phone as a back-up. The number is 076 913 4577.


We're very sorry that our phones have been down since Friday but we're working with a leading telecommunications company to try to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Easter Bunnies 2015 05/04/2015

Easter Bunnies 2015


We're having the party on Thursday because Friday is a public holiday and as you all know (unless you've forgotten) we have to close at 11pm on public holidays.





29 Courtenay Street

Opening Hours

Monday 12:00 - 02:00
Tuesday 12:00 - 02:00
Wednesday 12:00 - 02:00
Thursday 12:00 - 02:00
Friday 12:00 - 02:00
Saturday 12:00 - 02:00
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