Find It Checkpoint Challenge

Find It events are fun, map-based, treasure-hunt activities for walkers, runners and MTBers. Information for specific events will be posted as necessary.


Well done to Leon & Stephanie Marais (plus baby in a jogger pram) and to Marais Kruger on their superb runs at the Find It Checkpoint Challenge on Saturday afternoon. We had 28 solos, pairs or groups out on the course.

We were surprised by the number of young children taking part - I'll definitely include a specific children-friendly map (local, short distance, many checkpoints) for the next event.

All participants get 2 FKT points for Mountco's April lucky draw. With thanks to my helpers Liz and Kaleigh and to Jacques and Clare from Mountco for coordinating the activities for April and also the post-event beverages.


Maps and clue sheets are printed and ready for you. See you from 15h00 at Camphersdrift dip. Briefing at 15h40. Start at 16h00.


We're going to have a Find It Checkpoint Challenge event on Saturday, 1 April in George, starting from the GTR start on Camphersdrift Street. No, this isn't an April Fool's joke but you'd be a fool to miss out on the fun.

This will be on Saturday afternoon (Start at 16h00). It is part of an activity programme for April assembled by The Mountain Community for the Easter holidays and to celebrate Silva's 90th birthday. Silva is a well-known compass and orienteering brand. There will be a new FKT route and a bunch of other activities throughout the month.

For this event, you have 90-minutes to locate checkpoints. You can run, walk or crawl, as long as you are back before the time is up.

Map printing for Find It Checkpoint Challenge is sponsored by Silva with the map drawing and event planning by Lisa.

This is the Event Listing on FB. Please respond (one person per pair or just yourself if you are running solo) so that I get an idea of how many maps to print.

Photos from Find It Checkpoint Challenge's post 04/01/2023

Karen and James' second video - returning to the finish through the park and trying to get there before their time was up.


This is Karen and James' first video - locating checkpoint 27.

Photos from Find It Checkpoint Challenge's post 01/01/2023

To ring in the new year, James and Karen took on the Find It Checkpoint Challenge this afternoon. It is a hot day so they were in for a tough challenge.

"James and I did the Find It Challenge today and although we only scored 420 after deducting 20 points for being 2 minutes late, we had a blast. We walk/ran the route... choosing to go west, anti-clockwise. We had a lot of fun and ended up in the pool with a cold beer in hand as our prize. This was a fun way to start 2023!".

They sent through some photos and two super video clips from their noon adventure. ๐ŸŒŸ

Photos from Find It Checkpoint Challenge's post 22/12/2022

There are extra maps and clue sheets at the The Mountain Community shop. If you'd like to try the course, DON'T look at these map images until you've had a go.

These are the routes taken by the Top 3 scorers.

1st: Nicholas & Stephanie Mulder with little Daniel in a baby jogger. 1280pts in 1:29:85 and they covered 15.4km

2nd: Paul & Sarah Wimberley (father and daughter pair) with 1190pts in 1:19:10 and 14.85km covered.

3rd: Tania Wimberley with 1110pts in 1:30:55 and 13.1km covered.

All three went clockwise, starting east towards the top of Fernridge, across Denneoord to the Mountco shop, back towards the park and then into Heatherlands and Glen Barrie on the western side of the trail park.

The points were weighted to the east where more effort (some hills) and distance (further from the start/finish) were required.

Participants had 5 'free' minutes of planning time + 90 minutes of race time = 95 minutes in total.

For every minute that they return over the 95 minutes, 10 points are deducted. Also, any wrong answers lose the equivalent number of points of that checkpoint. There were very few teams that returned late.


Congratulations to all of the participants in last night's Find It Checkpoint Challenge. There were 46 maps out with solos, pairs and groups to have around 100 participants.
Thank you to Zane and Carmen from Trail Kiosk at GroundZero for hosting this event at their venue. They have a great menu and are a superb meeting and social point for runners, walkers and cyclists.
Thank you also to Jacques and Clare from The Mountain Community and Garden route Trail Running for their coordination of the GTR December Social Calendar and activities. Their contribution to the trail community in George is huge.
Special thanks to Liz from AR Gaiters. Their AR Mini, Hiking, Desert and Adventure Gaiters are trail and outdoor essentials. Just wearing AR Mini Gaiters with your trail shoes reduces your risk of blisters by preventing grit, grass seeds and little stones from getting into your socks and shoes. They also extend the life of your socks, which are not cheap these days, by protecting them from trail debris. Our winning pair, and the pair with the most penalties, got to choose AR Mini Gaiters from their wide selection of colours and prints. If you would like a pair of AR Gaiters too, contact AR Gaiters directly or pick up a pair from the Mountco shop.


Maps and clue sheets are printed - before loadshedding hits. See you tonight.


Here is the event information for the Find It Checkpoint Challenge on Wednesday, 21 December 2022 from the Garden route Trail Running Social Calendar flyer.

If you are coming, please select the 'Going' RSVP option (per pair or if you plan to participate solo) on the FB event listing. This will help me figure out how many maps and clue sheets to print. There is no entry fee.


If you live in the Garden Route or you are coming here for the festive season, you are in for a treat. Garden route Trail Running with The Mountain Community and Discovery have assembled a 'December Social Calendar' of activities.

I'll be hosting a 90-minute Find It Checkpoint Challenge course (a metrogaine event) for the evening of Wednesday, 21 December 2022. I hope to see you there.

A detailed e-pamphlet will be released next week with specifics on the different activities (venues, distances etc).


Did you do the Find It Checkpoint Challenge? I'd like to log your participation on the World Orienteering Day website.
This is the info that they need. Please can you indicate in the comments below the count for you and/or your group.
(I do know of a few people but not many)


Driving to work this morning, I spotted this friendly trio out on the 8km route. When a route is open for people to do at anytime, I don't have the pleasure of seeing people out and about. My day has been made ๐ŸŒŸ

Ina and Ronald (left and right of Leon) recently moved to George. "This is a great way to see the place," they said.

Welcome to you all ๐ŸŒŸ


Four walkers, Pauline, Sampie, Linda and Ulrich did the 8km route on Sunday. Zelda and Johan ran from the Start to CP9 this evening (they are saving CP10 to the finish for tomorrow).

Have you been out on the route yet?


If you'd like to visit every checkpoint but don't want to do 12km in one go, you do half now and half later.

Split the route by going Start to checkpoint 8 (mark down the location of CP 9) and then back to the Start. Next time go Start to CP9 and then all the way to the end.


Have you got someone in your life who is elderly, disabled, injured, or post-operative and is unable to walk any distance? Get them out and drive the Find It Checkpoint Challenge route.
Make like a rally driver with them onboard as navigator. You do the driving. They may be able to get out to write down the next checkpoint location - or you do it. They get to choose your route between checkpoints, issuing you with instructions on where to go.


Navigation is easy if you always know where you are. The best way to keep on track is by keeping your thumb on where you are and moving it along as you progress. This gives a place for your eyes to latch on to and keeps you in contact with your map.


I haven't got myself fully organised to plan from group start times but I am planning to run the 8km route on Friday evening (12 May) starting at around 17h30. Streets should be quiet. Remember to bring a headlamp.


Checkpoints are out, map is available for download and so the event is open. Print the map and head for the Wellington Street SPAR. Remember that you need to take a pen/pencil/highlighter with you on the route.

The location of the first checkpoint is on a card in the window of the Roots Coffee shop.

I can only hope that the checkpoint cards do not go AWOL. Some locations have two cards - on the post and box - just in case. My number is on the map. Whatsapp to let me know if any go missing.

I've got the map cards on my phone - just in case I need to send one to you.

Download links:
Download PDF:
Download JPG:


Here's the map for the Find It Checkpoint Challenge for May 2022.
What are you waiting for? Find it!

Download PDF:
Download JPG:


Root Coffee, the cafe next to the Wellington Street SPAR entrance, is your start location where you will find the location of the first checkpoint to mark on your map.

Remember to take a pen/pencil/ highlighter with you (and don't run with it in your mouth).

Thank you to Root Coffee for enthusiastically allowing use of their window for the next week โ˜•

The event map will be available tonight on our page for you to download. Checkpoints are going up today.


It's happening! The map is drawn. I'll put the map online for you to download tonight once the checkpoint markers are out.
If you don't have access to a printer, you can collect a printed copy from Adventure Base Camp (14 Meul Street, George-Industria) or the new The Mountain Community (MountCo) shop (cnr Mitchell and Courtenay Streets).
Checkpoints will stay active until Monday, 23 May 2022.


I drew the map last night and I've planned two routes: approx 7km and 11.5km. I should have the map available for download and the checkpoints out by Wednesday evening. Keep an eye on this page for updates and links.


This is SUPER EXCITING news. Big 5 O Week, a five-day orienteering event, will be held in OUR REGION at the end of December 2023. You've got just over 18 months to learn to navigate by map-and-compass and to get off-trail running fit (yes, you can walk too). This is going to be AMAZING! They'll have events for competitive and social participants and you should be able to pick the events you would like to do (do them ALL!). Fantastic! ๐Ÿงญ

Exciting news! Weโ€™ve started planning the next Big 5 Orienteering Week. Look out for a flyer at your next event.


Shortly after moving to George 18-months ago, I spotted something (two somethings, actually) that planted the seed for an urban checkpoint event. I think about this almost daily - I've now located 19 somethings... World Orienteering Day is coming up from 11-17 May 2022 and this concept would be perfect for it.

I am sooooo behind on drawing the map but I'm going to crunch on it for a few nights to have it done for you to enjoy doing over the weekend so that we'll at least make a few days and log some participations for WOD. I'll post info here as soon as I have my stuff together.


Although the checkpoint flags are in the process of being collected, the course on the MapRun app has been reopened so that you can give the 2hr walk-run course a go until the end of September.

Download and install the MapRun 6 app and load the course from the South Africa / Western Cape / George folder.


I see that a few more people got out for the Find It Checkpoint Challenge on Saturday and Sunday. Yay! The courses are still open until Tuesday after sunset.

If you took part and you are not on the app results - like if you used a printed map - and whether you found one or more checkpoints, please drop me a DM with your age and gender so that I can include you in the World Orienteering Day participant count. Getting out is what counts. The scoring of points and finding of lots of checkpoints is secondary.


It's the weekend. Get out there and have some fun. Walk or run or a bit of both, you'll have a blast locating the checkpoint flags with a friend, with dogs or on your own ๐ŸŽ‰


Two runners using the MapRun 6 app have had a go at the Run-Walk 2hr course. "Was awesome. Very nice route and the app worked well๐Ÿ™Œ" says Bruce.

The weekend is coming. Grab your dogs and children, friends and family - or just go on your own. When are you planning to be out there?

If you take any photos and share on FB or Instagram, please tag Find It Checkpoint Challenge


Download-and-print this A3-size map for the
3HR PADDLE-RUN course.
Use this link for the PDF file.


Download-and-print this A3-size map for the 90-minute PADDLE course on the Garden Route Dam. Use this link for the PDF file.


Download-and-print this A3-size map for the
2HR RUN-WALK and 2HR MTB course.
Use this link for the PDF file.



1. Scroll through and read the posts here. Watch the two videos.

2. Install the MapRun 6 app on your mobile. In your phone settings, allow the app to run in the background. Try the short test course at Camphersdrift to see for real how the app works.

3. At home, get your course lined up. 'Select Event' (South Africa / Western Cape / George / Find It 8-14 September 2021).

4. There are FOUR courses to choose from:

5. Plan your route and decide when you are going to do this.

6. Check through the 'Options and Settings'. Once you start you can't change settings.

7. Ready? Go to the venue and when you're ready then press the 'Go to Start' button.

8. Then approach the actual start location (pink triangle) as shown on the map. The app will automatically start the timer and it will beep when you are at the start.

9. Locate as many checkpoints as you can in the course time. In any order. The app will beep as you pass each one. Keep an eye on the time. You may need to adjust your original route plan.

10. Make it back to the finish before your time is up. That's the challenge! The timer will automatically beep and stop when you reach the finish. Ba-ba-boom!

11. The app records your participation, which Lisa will send to World Orienteering Day for their global count.

If you prefer a PRINTED MAP:
Download and print a course map (available from evening of Tues, 7 September 2021). PostNet George and PostNet Plattner Boulevard can print for you - they have the maps there. R12/map.

If you're using the printed map, go to the start, time yourself and give it a go. Please drop Lisa a whatsapp or email with your name and age so that she can include you in the World Orienteering Day count.

Have fun everyone!


The MapRun app has a really neat function.
Once you have selected your course, go to 'Options and Settings'.
I have allowed 'Display present location' and 'Display track' to be enabled (I know, I know - I'm getting soft). By default it is off but you can turn it on.

What this does it creates a track that is drawn as you move. If you've never been out with a map, this will boost your confidence as you'll be able to see all the time where you are. This must be enabled before you 'Go to Start' as it cannot be changed once you begin.
If you do have navigation experience and would like more of a challenge, do not enable these settings.

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Find It Checkpoint Challenge: 8-14 September 2021






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