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Milktart Combo for only R45.00
1 x Instant milktart mix,
2 x Foil tart dishes &
1 x Top T tennis biscuits

* Valid for Friday (25 Nov 22) & Saturday (26 Nov 22).

Photos from Georgie's Baking Supplies's post 22/11/2022


Fruit Cake Combo for only R155.80
1kg Fruit Cake mix (incl. cherries, fruit peel & almonds),
1kg White pettinice &
1 Small tub icing deco

* Valid for Friday (25 Nov 22) & Saturday (26 Nov 22)

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Cookie Combo for only R87.80
1 x Georgie's Biscuit mix,
1 x Cordon Bleu fat spread,
1 x Georgie's Royal Icing mix &
1 x Cookie cutter.

* Valid for Friday (25 Nov 22) and Saturday (26 Nov 22)

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R60 for any A4 Christmas edible prints!!! Pre-orders accepted.

* Valid for Friday (25 Nov 22) and Saturday (26 Nov 22)


Watch this space for Black Friday specials!


🧁We're all about colors!!!🧁

Vermicelli Rainbow available on our website and in stores.

50g - R4.90
100g - R7.90
250g - R18.40
500g - R34.90
1kg - R64.90
5kg - R380.00


🍪Baking tip of the week🍪

Cookies finished baking? Let them cool for 1-2 minutes on their baking sheet before transferring to a cooling rack. They will continue to bake and firm up on the hot pan. In the culinary world this is called carryover cooking. Be sure cookies are completely cool before you decorate or store them.


Fruit Cake mix and Xmas decorations in stock!

Fruit cake mix includes bakers mix, cherries, almonds and mixed peel.
R74.90 1kg

Xmas decorations:
Icing deco R29.90 per tub
Baking cups R37 for 48 cups
Decorating balls R59.90 per pack
Marzipan R81.50 1kg
Fondant R71.00 1kg


🍞Baking tip of the week🍞

When baking your own bread, make sure you let the dough rest after kneading it. This will give the dough time to relax, and in turn, it will be easier to work with.



Hay George, what do you prefer cupcakes or cake? We love both!


🍰Baking tip of the week🍰

Never frost a cake, cupcakes, or cookies until they have fully cooled, unless you like frosting that slides off to the side.


🎃Hay George, happy Halloween! 🎃


🥖Baking tip of the week🥖

Position the pans and baking sheets as close to the center of the oven as possible, unless otherwise noted in your recipe. They should not touch each other or the oven walls. If your oven isn’t wide enough to put pans side by side, place them on different racks and slightly offset, to allow for air circulation.


🤓Quote of the week🤓

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💟🚺Turn up the PINK💟🚺

"Supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors, honoring the taken and never, ever giving up hope"


🔥🔥🔥Light it up! 🔥🔥🔥

Multi-Purpose Torch available in stores, with the following features:
* One-touch automatic piezo-ignition
* Ultra-light compact
* Patented system allows application to be used safely at any angle after preheating for 2 minutes
* Convenient and easy to use
* Ergonomic design fits easily into the hand
* Multi-function for use in home and workshop

Essential for:
* Cooking and catering (caramelizing, browning adding colour and texture to food)
*Lighting braai
* Hobby and craftwork, model making
* Soldering pipe joints
* Paint stripping


Piping kits and tools available in stores! 🍥


🧁Baking tip of the week🧁

Icing sheet dry and brittle? This is mostly caused by dry conditions or if it was left open for a period of time and started to separate from the plastic or chip and crack.

Fill a container or pot with hot boiling water. Hold the sheet a distance from the steam for 1 to 2 minutes to soak up the steam. Don't do this for too long, it might become too moist. Alternatively, you can place it in the refrigerator for a few minutes - also not too long.

For more information on icing sheet troubleshooting follow the link provided:


🍪 Cooling racks available in stores 🍪

3-Tier cooling rack available at Georgie's Baking Supplies for R85.50


Hay George, happy Friday! 🖐

Any baking plans? Share your baking fun in the comments below.



Love mini cheesecakes? 🧀🧁

Mini cheesecake pans available @ Georgie's Baking Supplies for R219.90


🎂Baking tip of the week🎂

Did you know you can use diamond plastic ribbon to decorate your cakes?

For more information click on the link provided -


We sell a variety of packaging materials including foam hamburger containers, foam hotdog boxes, foam meal boxes, foil containers and more.

For more info on packaging materials visit the following link -


Spice up your life!! 😉

We sell a variety of spices which includes paprika, onion flakes, mixed herbs, ginger, curry, chip spice, BBQ spice, chicken spice and more.


Lamington Dips available at Georgies's Baking Supplies!! 🤩

You can choose from a raspberry or a chocolate dip.

For more info visit us in stores or check it out online.

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👠👠"Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world" - Marilyn Monroe 👠👠

We created this cake topper for one of our favourite clients, Vanilla and velvet!


💚💙Check out our Rolkem colour pillar!! 💜🧡

Rolkem colourant is edible good colourant, non-toxic, glossy finish, dusting powder. This product can be used on your sugar craft articles to give it a high shine, similar to a metallic finish.

Available in stores!


🥞Happy International Pancake Day!🥞

To celebrate today, get your pancake premix in stores now!



🥚Baking tip of the week🥚

To crack your eggs without getting shells in your batter or dough, you must crack the eggs with conviction. Timid taps are what cause the shell to shatter into tiny pieces.

However, if you need to retrieve some shell bits, you can wet your finger and wipe them out or scoop them out with half the eggshell.


⭐️You asked we answered, edible glitter now available at Georgie's Baking Supplies!!⭐️

Edible glitter - Price R29.90


Cake trouble? 🎂

For a cake troubleshooting guide, visit the link below.


🤩 We would like to give a shout out to all our customers! Thank you for supporting us, we appreciate you! 🤩


🍪Baking tip of the week🍪

When a recipe calls for you to grease a pan, use cold butter to do it. This will keep your baked goods from sticking to the pan later and works a lot more efficiently compared to a cooking spray.

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🤓Quote of the week🤓
💚💙Check out our Rolkem colour pillar!! 💜🧡Rolkem colourant is edible good colourant, non-toxic, glossy finish, dusting po...
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