George Animal Hospital

Mixed veterinary practice based in George.

Veterinary services to dogs, cats, birds, exotic pets, farm animals including cattle, sheep, goats, horses and pigs as well as wildlife animals. We strive to offer top class veterinary services to all our patients, whether it be an emergency or routine animal preventative health.


Make it a monthly habit to check when your pets next need deworming and tick and flea treatments.

Staying on top of these pet care routines are some of the most important things we can do to prevent health problems and avoid future health costs.

We are only a call away if you need advice.



Smaller breeds of dogs live much longer than large and giant breeds. For smaller dogs, about up to 7kg adult weight, you could multiply their age by 6 for a human equivalent age. For larger dogs you should multiply by 8. It makes quite a difference!


The best way to deal with litter box smells - clean regularly and replace the litter often. Scoop at least once a day, more if possible and put down fresh litter at least every two weeks. Sprinkling a bit of baking soda on the bottom of the litter box before adding the litter may also help reduce odors.

Research finds that most cats don't like deoderized litter and also don't tolerate deoderiser sprays near the litter box well. Hiding the smell doesn't seem to fool cats.

Remember - if it smells bad to you, it smells bad to your cat.


🐱 Attention Cat Owners: Does Your Cat Have Pica? 🚫

Pica is an uncommon but serious condition in cats where they chew or eat inedible materials. It's not just quirky behavior; it can be dangerous.

What is Pica?
Unusual Condition: Pica is not typical and affects a minority of cats.
Obsessive Behavior: The urge to ingest non-food items can often become an obsessive behavior in affected cats.
Unknown Causes: The exact reasons why cats develop pica are not well understood.

Common targets include cardboard, fabric, paper, plants, plastic, rubber, soil, and wood.

Risks Involved:
Potential for digestive blockages or poisoning.
Damage to belongings, which can strain the pet-owner relationship.

What You Can Do:
Keep potentially harmful objects out of reach.
Offer plenty of safe toys and engage in regular playtime.
Monitor your cat's behavior and dietary habits closely.

👩‍⚕️ Act Fast:
If your cat exhibits signs of pica, seek veterinary care immediately to address this potentially life-threatening condition.

Help protect our feline friends by being informed and proactive about pica. Please share this message to raise awareness!

Photos from George Animal Hospital's post 02/05/2024


With the 12 Weeks of Freebies competition from Bravecto®, all you need to do is protect your pet for at least 12 weeks (in 1 dose) against ticks, fleas and mites by buying your favourite Bravecto® product.

You can enter every week to win a fabulous prize. Last week, Ettean Smit grabbed a Alexa Varga Water Bottle – this week, you could be the lucky winner of one of these prizes.

Ask at reception for more details.


Happy International Dance Day!

Here's a fun way of bonding with your pet today - make time this afternoon to dance together.

Whether it's the graceful movements of ballet, the vibrant rhythms of salsa, or the powerful energy of hip-hop, dance brings us joy. Involve the whole family - kids and dogs won't think twice about joining in, but what about cats and other pets?

Share a video with us - we would love to see your moves.



Once you realise your pet has gone missing, it is important to act quickly.
This post highlights 6 steps which you could follow to help find your missing pet.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure, so take as many precautions to stop your pet from going missing!
Get them microchipped, give them a collar with identifying information on them, keep them on a leash when you walk outside with them and secure all doors/windows which they can escape through.


Sometimes the charities that we want to support need help that they can't pay for even if there was a little bit of funds available.

This is where you can make a difference without having to open your purse. Here are 6 services that your local shelter could certainly use if you are willing to donate your time and skill:

1. Writing funding proposals
2. Social media content and plan
3. Running a fundraising event
4. A photographer who can take photos for use in social media, funding proposals and website
5. Help with taxes and bookkeeping
6. Website maintenance and updates


When your cat starts urinating all over the house you may be stumped to figure out what on earth went wrong.

The very first thing to do is to make sure that there are no underlying health issues causing the problem. Once you have ruled that out, it is down to behavioral matters.

Here is what you should do before you even bother to ask Google - check your litter boxes!

It is very possible that your cat doesn't feel comfortable with the box anymore. Make sure you have one box per cat as well as an extra litter box.

There should not be competition between cats for a box and some cats even prefer a different box for urine and another for f***s.

The litter boxes should be as clean as can be and any old urine smells around the litter box must be thoroughly cleaned.

Some cats don't like a closed litter box and older cats may need a shallow box or ramp to make it easy to get into the box.

Lastly, check that the litter boxes are in an accessible but quiet spot in the house (much like you prefer your facilities to be) and never put the litter box close to your cat's food or water.

Try these tips. It may just solve your problem quickly.


Animals form strong social bonds when they share a home and when one passes away those left behind will feel unsettled in different ways.

Often they experience a sense of stress or anxiety and they may frantically look for the lost pet. Here are four things you can do to help:

1. If possible, let your pet see and investigate the body of the deceased friend. This can help them understand what has happened.

2. Enlist the help of a dog walker, family member, or other loved one to provide exercise and interaction with surviving pets so they're not alone.

3. Spend positive time with your pet each day - cuddle for 30 minutes or go for a walk. The special time with you will help reassure your pet.

4. Don't be too quick to add another pet to the family. This may add stress to your remaining pets and make behavioral issues worse.

Photos from George Animal Hospital's post 26/04/2024


Have you entered the Bravecto® 12 Weeks of Freebies competition yet? If not, don’t howl – you still have 10 chances to win!

Lindy Nowell entered last week and took home a fantastic wireless charging station. If you enter by purchasing your favourite Bravecto® product this week, you could be the lucky winner of one of these prizes.

Ask at reception for more details.


Cats can sit in the weirdest positions - did they just forget that they were licking something and just stayed in that awkward twist?

This guy looks quite comfortable. We wonder what cat activity got him into this position. The picture is from this collection of strange cat sitting positions:

We know you can't resist taking pictures of your cat's weird and wonderful poses - go on, share it with us in the comments.


Inserting a microchip can make a world of difference if your pet goes missing.

Vets and shelters automatically check missing pets for a microchip, and will be able to reach the owner using the contact information linked to your pet's specific microchip.

Talk to us about getting your pet microchipped.


Here are a few tips for teaching your kitty how to use their cat flap:

1) Introduce the cat flap by keeping it locked and playing with your cat or feeding them near it. Anything you can do to create positive associations with the cat flap, such as leaving food treats in front of it, is helpful.

2) Prop open the cat flap using heavy duty tape, making an opening for your cat to move through. They will appreciate being able to peek through and see what's waiting on the other side.

3) Position a person on either end of the cat flap and use enticing rewards such as toys, treats or catnip to tempt them through the opening.

4) Take it slowly and repeat the above a few times a day, for a week or so. It varies per cat how long it may take for them to become comfortable with the flap. Never force your cat through the cat flap, especially if you sense resistance from them, as it will decrease the chances of them being willing to use it in future.

5) Once your cat is comfortable going through the open flap, you can close it and they will adjust to pushing their way through whenever the flap is unlocked!


We all know Winter is the season we typically get tripped up by a cold or flue, but is it the same for your pet?

The answer is - sort of, yes.

If your pet is exposed to cold weather for too long it may weaken their immune system and make them more susceptible to whatever is going around.
Winter is typically a time where we all spend more time in close quarters and if your pets share time in a closed environment with other pets in the household or visiting pets, they may catch a cold or other contagious illness more easily from another animal.

The cold weather is here - keep your pet comfortable. Have lots of outside fun when possible, but do not allow your pet to get cold for prolonged periods. Remember exercise helps strengthen your pet's immune system. Try to ventilate rooms where your pets share time with other pets. Remember to have lots of clean water available to your pet even if you don't feel like keeping up with the 8 glasses yourself in cold weather. If you worry about cold like symptoms like coughing, sneezing and a runny nose - call us!


Giving pills to your dog could go two ways - it can be super easy or totally undoable.

Fear not. If you and your pup fall into the second category there is a lot of hope for you.

You have probably heard all the tricks by now - yes, hide it in a treat. Let's guess - your pup is a trained pill detector and way too intelligent to be fooled with the oldest trick in the 'give a dog a pill' book. We even know of a dog that let his owner believe the trick worked. The owner later found a neat pile of pills under the sofa.

Sometimes you just have to level with your dog. No tricks, just plain, honest "here is the pill, let's just do it" approach.

Here is a video that shows you what to do when you decide the tricks will not work:

Pro tips: Take the pill out of its container where your dog can't see or hear you - clever dogs associate the sound with what is to come and may develop another set of their own tricks to avoid you. Second pro tip: Follow up the whole pill giving exercise with some positive reinforcement like a treat and, most importantly, immediate playtime and cuddles.

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Welcome To George Animal Hospital

27 Years Dedicated Service In George

The George Animal Hospital initially opened its doors on the 15th of February 1991. We serve a large area in and around George in the Southern Cape. We are well staffed with 4 highly qualified veterinarians, 4 friendly efficient and knowledgeable receptionist and while your family pet is in hospital we have 4 well trained kennel staff to ensure that your pets have clean hygienic kennels and are walked outside (if allowed) to get some exercise and sun. In addition to this we have a well-stocked retail shop for all your pets premium food and accessory requirements. Our professional staff who regularly undergo product training are always ready to help with excellent service and good advice.

For your convenience the George Animal Hospital works on an appointment basis so that waiting time is restricted to a minimum. We also offer an AFTER-HOURS emergency service 24/7 for our clients.

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Large breed dogs often suffer from joint disease, especially later in life.Can their bed make a difference?  The answer ...
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