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Videos by MJC Nail Artist in Exmouth. Mandi J Cox- LE Graduate and CND Master Artist Light Elegance, CND Shellac and Lecente

Introducing The Broadway Show, Light Elegance Winter Collection, available in all formulas! From P Plus Soak off gel to hard gel buttercreams and glitters! Whatever your choice, i’ve got it all here and they are AMAZING! Step into Christmas and sparkle like the girl you are! Just check out this reel for some amazing glitter! Light Elegance UK Light Elegance Nail Products#NewtoLE by Light Elegance🥰 #WhatsInsideMatters #ThisisLE #LEPPlus #LEButterCream @lightelegance.uk @lightelegancehq #lefamily #lebuzz #lightelegancehq #lighteleganceuk #leugrad @scratchmagazine #exmouthnails #nailsexmouth #winternails #winternails2023 #christmasnails #christmasnails2023 #lebroadway

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Introducing The Broadway Show, Light Elegance Winter Collection, available in all formulas! From P Plus Soak off gel to hard gel buttercreams and glitters! Whatever your choice, i’ve got it all here and they are AMAZING! Step into Christmas and sparkle like the girl you are! Just check out this reel for some amazing glitter! Light Elegance UK Light Elegance Nail Products#NewtoLE by Light Elegance🥰 #WhatsInsideMatters #ThisisLE #LEPPlus #LEButterCream @lightelegance.uk @lightelegancehq #lefamily #lebuzz #lightelegancehq #lighteleganceuk #leugrad @scratchmagazine #exmouthnails #nailsexmouth #winternails #winternails2023 #christmasnails #christmasnails2023 #lebroadway

Thank you Universe- 💫I thought it only right to give gratitude tonight, as it is the 2nd night of the Super Blue Moon 💫 So proud of my beautiful nails and so grateful to be able to paint them again, I was beyond sad at the thought of my career being over and never having nails again… . But this is my second set this Summer, (since my 3rd allergy incident, the last one being 4 months ago). But now perfectly healthy and beautiful. Happiness doesn’t even come close. Thanks to LE I can have beautiful nails again. It’s always a bit scary when you come to remove and redo, but they are gorgeous and I’m forever grateful to @jojowickens and @lightelegance.uk and @lightelegancehq for all their help! Thank you! I’m excited to get some new nails for Autumn and I’m excited to be proud of my nails once again. I love a photo shoot and enjoyed every second of photo shooting these! Check it out! Using P Plus over Jimmy Gel for my perfect combo 🥰💗💗 Light Elegance UK #NewtoLE by Light Elegance #lightelegance #marblenails #hemafree #lighteleganceuk

The transformation…. trust the process 🥰🙌🙌💅From very short nails to beautiful enhancements, sculpted and designed with the amazing Light Elegance ❤️❤️🥰

Before and After 🤩🤩🤩 Check these out. Probably the shortest nails I’ve ever sculpted. But challenge accepted! And they look gorgeous 🙌🙌💕💕💕We are so chuffed with these. Holiday ready ☀️☀️☀️Light Elegance UK

And when the sun comes out, hear them roar 🐯☀️☀️🔥Now these nails are very special and when that sun shines on them, they come alive! Like fire and Magic ✨🔥🔥

Let’s take a look at these in real life….. 🔥🔥☀️ 🤩🤩🤩 Viva La Fiesta ☀️🎉🥂 Happy Friday! 🎉🥂🎉🥂🥰🎉#levivalafiesta #LEFiesta #WhatsInsideMatters #ThisisLE #LEPPlus #LEButterCream #gifted

Swatching Viva La Fiesta! The colours, in Light Elegance P Plus Gel Polish 🤩🤩🤩And they are GORGEOUS 💙💙💙 Soak off or over jimmy gel or hard gel. Perfect for any finish 💙💜💕☀️☀️🔥LEUK for 25% OFF INTERNATIONAL ORDERS🤩🤩🤩 #LEFiesta #WhatsInsideMatters #ThisisLE #LEPPlus #LEButterCream @lightelegance.uk @lightelegancehq #gifted #summernails #lefamily #lebuzz #lightelegancehq #lighteleganceuk #levivalafiesta #vivalafiesta #swatching #fiestanails #hemafree #hemafreegelpolish #legirl #gelpolish #summernails #nailreels

Nail Day 💙💕☀️ So excited to get creating some designs with these beauties today! Which one is your favourite? I can’t quite decide, I absolutely LOVE the blue teals, fuschia and oranges! Right then…School run, dog walk and then let’s play! Love a nail day! 🤩🤩☀️☀️☀️LEUK for 25% OFF INTERNATIONAL ORDERS🤩🤩🤩 #LEFiesta #WhatsInsideMatters #ThisisLE #LEPPlus #LEButterCream @lightelegance.uk @lightelegancehq #gifted #summernails #lefamily #lebuzz #lightelegancehq #lighteleganceuk #hemafree #hemafreegelpolish

Let’s take a closer look… Viva La Fiesta ☀️☀️☀️ Summer here we come… 🙌🙌LEUK for 25% OFF INTERNATIONAL ORDERS🤩🤩🤩 #LEFiesta #WhatsInsideMatters #ThisisLE #LEPPlus #LEButterCream @lightelegance.uk @lightelegancehq #gifted #summernails #lefamily #lebuzz #lightelegancehq #lighteleganceuk Light Elegance UK. Light Elegance Nail Products #NewtoLE by Light Elegance

LA FIESTA ☀️☀️☀️ The Unboxing 🤩 The Light Elegance Summer shades have arrived!! ☀️☀️☀️ and they are AMAZING 🤩🤩🤩 Thank you so much LE and LE UK. Be sure to follow for more videos and designs with this amazing collection. And use code LEUK for 25% OFF INTERNATIONAL ORDERS🤩🤩🤩 PRE ORDERS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THE UK AND IRELAND AND ALSO AN EXCLUSIVE MASTERCLASS CONTENT WILL BE COMPLETELY FREE FOR THOSE PREORDERING! This last one is something very special for the entire UK & Ireland Family. #LEFiesta #WhatsInsideMatters #ThisisLE #LEPPlus # LEButterCream @lightelegance.uk @lightelegancehq #gifted Light Elegance Nail Products#NewtoLE by Light Elegance Light Elegance UK

CND Shade Sense Vertical Ombré 💚💜 couldn’t resist a reel to showcase this seamless ombré. Stunning! And all my nails too. Lush 💚☀️☀️☀️

Happy Bank Holiday! Enjoy everyone and hope you had a marvellous Easter. Here is a few of the Easter nails we did last week. I’m excited to be back doing more! See you all soon. Have a good one 🙌🙌Sweet Squared #cndshadesense

Cracking eggciting nails 🤩🐣 a little video of these beauties. With the CND Shade Sense Collection 🥚🌸💙🐣 Sweet Squared

CND Shade Sense has arrived! 6 beautiful shades in creams, shimmers and two tones you wouldn’t believe! Use on top of Plexi Gel builder for long natural nails, Shaper for extra wear, on its own as a gel polish or over Plexi enhancements! The choice is endless. Available now 🙌🙌🤩 Message me to book your appointment 💫🥰 Nail art specialist in Exmouth, Devon Sweet Squared

Spring French, Spring Clean! A gorgeous mani. With a little twist on the classic French. Feeling the Spring Vibes. All her own nails with the incredible #cndplexigel Sweet Squared

Butterflies 🦋 CND Gummi and Bicycle yellow 💜💛 Fluttering into Spring with excitement ⭐️💫 here they are in real life 🌙Sweet Squared

Celebrating her daughters 30th birthday this weekend! Party ready nails to match her beautiful dress. Have the most amazing time. Enjoy every second. We love you Elaine x x

Full Moon in Leo 🌕 Place your crystals on your window sill tonight, in the light of the full moon. Let the moon’s energy super charge them, to give you the magic and energy you need, to help make those intentions you set in the new moon, come to light 🌙Time to breathe and let go of anything no longer serving you.

Blue Monday and said to be the saddest day of the year? Uh uh. Not here you don’t. Let colour lift your spirits and make you happy. An injection of colour can always make you feel good and with our first new moon of 2023 coming on Friday, it’s time to start dreaming, manifesting and making them reality. These are my nails and I’ve gone for some purple, to connect with the magic of the universe and start making those wishes come true. Try adding some colour to your day and see how it makes you feel 💙💜💫🌙

Topaz Crystal Nails Video ❄️💙💫 My new year nails! And aren’t they gorgeous?!! Combing 2 of my most favourite glitters for a truly frozen effect! I absolutely LOVE them. 💙💙💙 Sweet Squared Light Elegance Nail Products #lepplus #lightelegancehq

HAPPY NEW YEAR ⭐️⭐️⭐️ To all my amazing clients. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful time, we certainly have, I’ve had a break from social media to spend some quality time with my family, it’s been amazing and I hope you have all had a magical time too. Here are just a few of the festive nails this month. Thanks to every single one of you, I love doing nails so much, I am so lucky to have you all. Happy new year guys and I look forward to creating more beautiful nails in 2023 🌟🌟🌟💫

Gifts for Christmas ❄️❄️❄️ CND Prosecco and Strawberry Duo- luxury soap and hand cream, CND Cracker large Solar oil and file 💎 Hand made, grade A crystal bracelets charged by the full moon and Earths Elements 💎 Vouchers💎 DM to order yours, delivered free around Exmouth. 💙💙💙 Happy Saturday. ❄️🎄

Don’t forget to place your crystal bracelets under the light of the full moon tonight. Either on the window sill or where the moon shines, so you can super charge them and fill them with magic. All your crystal aura bracelets that have been ordered and all the ones I have made, are all charging up now. The energy is immense already. 🌕 Let their magic flow through you. Happy full moon everyone ❄️🌙✨

Let it Snow ❄️❄️❄️ Absolutely GORGEOUS! Encapsulated glitter with snowflake tips. The sparkle is insane. Frozen sparkle at your fingertips. These are my own natural nails and I absolutely adore them. With Jimmy Gel and P Plus, IN LOVE 💎❄️❄️

Crystal Aura bracelets- The Winter Solstice Collection. Cleansed by the power of Air, Earth, Fire and Water and super charged by the power of the full moon. Each bracelet is made with love, magic and positive energy. Each crystal chosen uniquely for their healing properties. Wear these crystals and let their energy flow within you. These will help absorb negative and radiate positive energy. Some for confidence, some for love and some for healing, each one magnifies the next. Give the gift of Magic this Christmas. Hand made with love and magic. £33, all come with a list of what each crystal means, how to keep them super charged and in a velvet bag.4 Designs all with healing and magical energies ✨✨✨ #crystaljewellery #exmouth #exmouthdevon #crystalmagic #crystalhealing

Let the season of sparkles begin ✨✨✨ Super sparkly, super gorgeous and the perfect way to kick off the party season. Sparkles and sequins glitter does it again! Isn’t she beautiful? Happy Saturday everyone ✨🍷

Let it Snow- Just check out the most beautiful glitter you ever did see. The perfect Christmas glitter Sparkles and Sequins. LOVE LOVE LOVE ❄️❄️❄️ Is it too early to get Christmassy? ❄️❄️💙

A Party To Remember ✨✨✨ Light Elegance Winter collection has arrived! In gel polish and hard gel. We’ve been having great fun creating this week! The first set created, are these gorgeous baby pink and rose gold nails. On Sophie’s beautiful natural nails in P Plus and they look absolutely stunning! I am in LOVE with this new collection, every shade is exquisite. I can’t wait to use them on even more designs! Exciting times!!!✨✨✨ #lightelegancehq #sweetsquared #exmouthnails

This is Halloween 🎃🎃🎃 Cast your spells and ignite your magic! All Hallows Eve is nearly here 👻🎃🎃🎃🌙✨ #halloweennails2022

Halloween Show Reel! 🎃🎃🎃 Just some of the amazing Spooktacular nail art. Book your Halloween nails today. Special kids day Saturday! A few spots left. Kids £22. Adults £34 BOOK TODAY AND BE SPOOKTACULY AMAZED 💀👻☠️ for more info just comment or message. Lots of magical vibes… Mandi x #nailartcomplilation #halloweennails #halloweennails2022 MJC Nail Artist MJC Nail Artist Community Sweet SquaredLight Elegance Nail Products