MJC Nail Artist

MJC Nail Artist

Mandi J Cox- LE Graduate and CND Master Artist
Light Elegance, CND Shellac and Lecente CND Master Nail Artist. Light Elegance Graduate Nail Artist.

Specialising in nail art where anything is possible. Using award winning products and the best in the industry. For natural nails- CND Shellac gel polish, Light Elegance P Plus gel polish and glitters from Lecente. Light Elegance hard gel, with 100s of glitter and colour gels, for beautiful sculpted nails with nail design and Jimmy Gel for extra strength on natural nails where you can lay any of t


Christmas in full swing ❤️ oh wow guys! If I could tell you how many variations of snowflakes I’ve painted in the last 2 weeks, I would, but I’ve lost count and my eyes have gone square haha! But I have absolutely LOVED it! It is my happy place and the shear amount of nail art I’ve done, has gone off the scales. It’s been absolutely incredible! Loving every single moment. So many amazing ideas, from my lovely clients and so many new original ideas inspired by these ideas. I just love how it all comes together and the smile on everyone’s faces when they leave is a huge reason why I do nails. It’s so more than nails. It’s the most amazing feel good feeling ever!
Well I finished my crazy day with a baileys in hot chocolate, by my Christmas tree. It’s such an amazing feeling and I love what I do. I especially love this time of year for nails. Night all. Time for some sleep 😴
X x for Tamsin Robertson


The cutest Candy canes 🎄 for something simple and elegant. Take a beautiful ice pink n**e and hand paint some candy canes and here it is. For those that just want a little hint of Christmas without too much, these are just perfect. For Naomi Powne. Simplicity at it’s finest. ❄️❄️❄️


Santa Hats 🎅 The cutest little Christmas tips! And who recognises this buttercream?? I mean how could you not! Snowshoe for Two, the most gorgeous shimmering red you ever did see ❤️❤️❤️ the perfect Christmas sophisticated nail design. 🎅❄️
For Hayley Allen ❄️❄️❄️


LE Broadway is centre stage again… a stunning natural nail overlay, with the beautiful buttercream Take A Bow and All Eyes On Me. The softest of muddy pinks, in a beautiful neutral palette. The white snowflakes make a stunning design, the perfect set to see you through Christmas and the new year.
For Andrea Sear ❄️❄️❄️


Dreaming of Christmas 🤩🎄❄️ How absolutely stunning is this combo? The new butterbling Princess meets every expectation her name gives her. The shine, glitter and pigment is chrome like and utterly gorgeous, here we paired it with So Dramatic and the beautiful glitter gel Tough Act To Follow from the LE Broadway winter collection. All premium hard gels. I am loving this dreamy purple and pink for winter, frosty and magical. For an amazing lady and longest standing nail model and friend Elaine Pulman ❄️❄️❄️


Happy Saturday everyone! We are putting up the tree, while I am sipping Prosecco! Bubbles, magic and happiness are the air. Christmas music is on and kids are so happy! Best feeling ever! The season of magic has begun. Happy Saturday everyone. Have a magical evening 🎄❄️🤶
These nails for a wonderful lady with the most stunning buttercream Midnight Meet and Frenching ❄️❄️❄️ All hand painted ❄️❄️❄️🥂 cheers all. For
Julianne Keen


Happy First December ❄️❄️❄️ Offically the start of party season and the countdown to Christmas. I have to say a thank you to each and everyone of you this week, the Christmas nails have started the earliest ever and I’ve loved every second. From intricate snowflakes to candy canes and Christmas trees! I’ve got so many nails to post. So let’s start with these. We created these with the new LE Broadway buttercreams. The stunning navy and new frosty white. Love them!!! For Kate ❄️ happy Friday everyone! We made it. Let the party season begin x x
Products used…

Ideal pink Jimmy gel
Dress Rehearsal
Break a leg
Just white


LE Broadway! Winter sparkle ✨✨✨❄️ how gorgeous is this stunning new shade Drama Queen? Teamed with the brand new Butterbling Princess. Highly pigmented glitter, with the most incredible shine. Premium luxury! Add some of the beautiful glitter All Eyes On Me. Oh yes they are… all eyes on these. 🤩Hand painted snowflakes complete the design and oh how beautiful they are ❄️❄️❄️
For Claire Price 🤩

Photos from MJC Nail Artist's post 28/11/2023

Ice Pink ❄️ A frosty pink design for a fairytale winter. As we approach the season of good will, these are sure to bring you good cheer and put a smile on your face. Think candy canes and snow. ❄️ A builder gel overlay on stunning natural nails, with the amazing flexible p plus. The gorgeous pink glitter diamond in the rough from the Autumn collection finish this set off a treat. For 🥰❄️❄️



Snowflakes over ombre. So absolutely stunning 🤩 p plus does it’s thing here, a beautiful ombre of n**es, greys and browns with one of my fav glitters Smoking Gun. Oh I do love nails this time of the year and it’s not even hit December yet. ❄️❄️❄️ exciting. Time to sparkle and shine ❄️✨✨
For Claire Price ❄️


It’s the Gemini full moon…. Make sure you charge your crystals tonight or tomorrow, the magic of the moon will cleanse them and rejuvenate their magic, purifying their energy 🌕 I’ve been busy making some beautiful new bracelets ready for Christmas. They are in the light of the moon tonight, ready to bring magic to whoever they connect to. I can’t wait to show you all.
Happy full moon everyone 🌕✨✨✨

Photos from MJC Nail Artist's post 26/11/2023

When simplicity is everything 💖💘 Team up the richest of greys and cherry pinks and you have a gorgeous palette. Using the finest buttercreams for the most stunning pigmented finish.
On Lexy Line Hard gel Enhancements 🤩🤩 have a wonderful Sunday everyone. 🥂🌕



When simplicity is everything 💖💘 Team up the richest of greys and cherry pinks and you have a gorgeous palette. Using the finest buttercreams for the most stunning pigmented finish.
On Lexy Line Hard gel Enhancements 🤩🤩 have a wonderful Sunday everyone. 🥂🌕

Photos from MJC Nail Artist's post 24/11/2023

For animal lovers everywhere 🐈‍⬛ happy Friday! And a special happy holiday to this amazing lady.
Have a wonderful weekend all!
Here we are showcasing the awesome LE hardgels 🩶🩶🩶



The beautiful Take A Bow buttercream from LE Broadway. Such a gorgeous neutral that blends beautifully. A beautiful pre winter design, warming and classic, to suit any mood. 🩵

take a bow
Pints and quartz
your churn


Beautiful in green. Serene and grounding. Oh just look at these. The beautiful new glitter Bravo pairs up beautifully with buttercream Cleopatra and butter bling Jade. The stunning hard gel finish, completely flawless and super shiny. Capture the imagination and magic these gorgeous nails give you. It’s not just nails, it’s the feeling. As we begin the season of party and magic, you can be sure to sparkle. A glitter ombre, like magic on your finger tips…. 💚
For Julianne Keen💚

Photos from MJC Nail Artist's post 21/11/2023

LE Broadway! My nails and the photoshoot! I am just in LOVE with this brand new navy Dress Rehearsal, from LE. The depth of colour is mesmerising team it with the most beautiful blue green you ever did see… Standing Ovation and you get these beautiful nails and a standing ovation they deserve. Most of you know I love a show and being on stage, so this collection is perfect for me. I’m so excited to design more and can’t wait to get these beautiful colours on some more nails. 📸 SWIPE FOR PHOTOSHOOT 📸


Photos from MJC Nail Artist's post 17/11/2023

Did someone say more snowflakes? Oh go on then ❄️❄️❄️ This time a Frozen theme. Beautiful blues and whites make a magical set of nails. Happy Friday everyone. ❄️💫 We are off on our own magical family adventure this weekend, so I will see you all on the other side. Have a good one everyone and thank you so much for yet another wonderful week of nails. Cheers 🥂 ❄️
For Jemma ❄️💙



Did someone say more snowflakes? Oh go on then ❄️❄️❄️ This time a Frozen theme. Beautiful blues and whites make a magical set of nails. Happy Friday everyone. ❄️💫 We are off on our own magical family adventure this weekend, so I will see you all on the other side. Have a good one everyone and thank you so much for yet another wonderful week of nails. Cheers 🥂 ❄️
For Jemma Newton ❄️💙


Too early for snowflakes??? Never! Infact I’ve done 4 sets this week including my own!!! 🤣🤣Got to love a snowflake. And guess what??? The new LE Winter collection has arrived! In all formulas! I can’t wait to show you!!! Eek 😜🤩🤩🤩 they are absolutely AMAZING 🤩
Here with Tall Dark and Handsome glitter in p plus over Jimmy Gel. 🖤🖤🖤❄️❄️


Autumn 2023 💚🧡 right there is a wonderful concoction of Light Elegance glitters and a mish mash of chrome flakes and art bits I’ve collected over the years. Encapsulated into a beautiful design of fallen leaves and Autumn feels. I love these and enjoyed every second of creating these 🧡💫🍂🍁


Red and Black ❤️🖤 A classy, sexy set of nails to leave you feeling powerful. ❤️🖤 Made with builder and the stunning Light Elegance gel polish. A great combination if you need something more flexible. It’s my go to and works wonders for growing your own natural nails ❤️🖤 For Marie Charlotte Latham


Feeling Wicked! And that I am, in the fabulous sense of the word. And a new moon in Sagittarius brings new beginnings and exciting things ahead. Bringing dreams to life 🤩. Pure Magic. 💫💫
With pretty much every green I have in LE hard gels!! 💚💚💚🖤


Mondays needn’t be grey and blue, or do they??!🥰🤣 Grey is absolutely trending these last few days! And you can see why. This deep blue grey buttercream Polymar Pal, set with a dark deep grey Goddess, with a gorgeous glitter gel overlay! Simple and stunning.
All natural nails too. 🩶🩶🩶 for Hayley Allen

This set is a natural nail overlay with builder gel and hard gel buttercreams and glitter gel. 🩶


Poppies for Remembrance Sunday ❤️ Lest we forget ❤️ for all our hero’s past and present ❤️


Never a grey sky with these nails! Oh yes I do love a vertical ombre! The stunning buttercreams Goddess and Polymer Pal with Nairobi Nights and a little touch of foil. We did these tonight and I’m so pleased with them! Had to share 🌚🩶🩶☁️ for Tamsin Robertson


And here she is with nail art 🍁 Now I couldn’t decide which I preferred, but I do love a bit of nail art and these felt a little wintry too! A fab transition for November and my go to shades for this month. Word has just dropped that the LE Winter Collection is coming!!! Eek! You wait till you see what’s coming!!! Let the countdown begin…. ❤️🤩🤩


A taste of Autumn 🍁 one of my all time fav combos for November! The beautiful deep winter blue with a contrast of burnt orange. A simple design that is beautiful just as it is or with some nail art. I’ve been lucky enough to do both! Check out tomorrow’s post to see!
These were using P Plus Blue Velvet, with burnt orange foil and Graceful Gazelle with Extra Spicy glitter gel. 🍁🍁🍁


Graceful Grazelle 🍁 this has been my most popular shade this week, a red/ brown shade, almost terracotta. It is so autumn. A beautiful builder gel overlay. Simple and elegant. With jimmy gel and p plus 🍁


Fireworks and rainbows! A splash of colour and tada the world is a happier place! Hope you all had lush weekend. I’m loving these, for those that still need a zest of colour, with a little hint of Autumn too 🌈☔️💧🎆🎇
A builder gel overlay with buttercreams and glitter gels. 💚❤️☔️


It’s all about the reds this week! ❤️🥰 add some n**e and gold leaf and you get this classic look.❤️
With P Plus Heartbreaker and Sandman Tan over Jimmy Gel


Happy November! How fast has that gone?! Did you all have an amazing Halloween? We certainly did. So much fun. The best party ever!! 🎃🎃 and here we are in November and it’s the red tones that have been coming out to play. Check out this shade! The stunning Perfect Cut from LE Rocks collection. Teamed with the stunning pink rose gold glitter Diamond in The Rough from the same autumn release! So beautiful and add some pink lace foil and here you are. Stunning 🤩


The eve of Halloween 👻 finding your inner witch 🧙🌙 A classic take on Halloween, with a little hint of the season. With the new Perfect Cut and Gold Metallic, not to mention a gold and red chunky glitter gel mix from LE. Gorgeous!


I know an old lady who swallowed spider, that wriggled and tiggled and jiggled inside her 🕷️🕷️🕷️ 2 more sleep! Check out these spiderific nails!
For Lisa 🧙🕷️🕸️


For a little more subtle Halloween look 🧙 happy Saturday all and happy full moon! Watch out! Strange things happen on a full moon, especially this close to Halloween 😉🌕

Photos from MJC Nail Artist's post 28/10/2023

This is Halloween 🎃👻🧙💀 Soooooo cute! Check out this fab Halloween design. Perfect for this magical season!!
Made with p plus nail polish and hand drawn 🕷️🕸️


Halloween is coming! 4 more sleeps! And a full moon tomorrow…. Let the magic begin 🎃👻🧡


Halloween IT inspired nails! Get ready for a few of my Halloween nails being uploaded all this week! Absolutely love a brief and think we nailed it with this one 🎃🧙💀 Spooktacular! With buttercreams just white, black tie and Snowshoe for Two 🩸👻 For Helen Eassom 🧙💀


Pumpkin & Spice 🎃 check out this gorgeous set! October nails through and through. A mix of LE glitter gels, to make this Autumnal Orange. An encapsulated pumpkin makes these nails just pop! This time of year is one of my all time faves, the colours are so rich and so beautiful. It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for nails! Hope you are all having a great half term! I’m loving it so far! 🧡🎃👻

Photos from MJC Nail Artist's post 23/10/2023

It’s not often I post about real life, but all your well wishes meant so much. ❤️🥰We had the most amazing time, mum, daughter, sister and nanny. Seeing Frozen and the buzz of London for Ruby for the first time was amazing. Thank you for all your lovely messages and well wishes. A little snippet of what we got up to! Back to nails tomorrow ❤️🥰😘
Love you all!

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