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Do you hire road bikes. I have a road race one week after returning from a holiday in Salatoga sands and keen to get in at least one ride. Thanks. Neil.
Looking forward to our trip with you guys, you have been so helpful thanks so much....😀

Bike around Samoa for 1-2 weeks or Kayak for 1-10 days. Freedom hires and full tours. We have 90

Cycle around Savaii on a 9-15 day holiday that is as much about idyllic sandy beaches, snorkelling over the coral gardens and experiencing traditional polynesian culture as it is about biking. kayak to deserted tropical islands and very traditional islands within the lagoons of Upolu. Or venture outside the reefs for open ocean adventures in warm 29°C water. Either way you are likely to see turtles and with luck dolphins and whales.

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How Samoa is reopening after 2.5 years of Covid closures - https://mailchi.mp/73b7061be00c/samoa-opens-to-tourism-on-1-august-5893687
Flight options are starting to improve - and very good for 2023. The first of our new bikes have arrived and the feedback form the first tours is very good.


New flights to Samoa

Flight capacity to Samoa has been severely constrained in July and August, but is set to ease from October and be reasonable from November. This is creating reasonable seat prices from November onwards and very sharp pricing for next year. These are at a variety of times making it possible to get from almost anywhere in NZ to Samoa in a day and to also return within a day, avoiding an overnight in Auckland.

Typically Air NZ runs an Islands on Sale special each month. This typically lasts 3 days and has seats from NZ$600 return.

By November Air NZ will have 8 flights a week – and we think it is growing to 16 a week by May 2023. These will include more wide-body flights.

Qantas begins operations to Samoa in November with two wide-body flights from Brisbane (on Thursdays and Saturdays). These are daytime flights with returns via Sydney on the same day. The timing of the fligts will suit most Australians and typically be reasonable value.

Fiji Airways has flights from Christchurch, Auckland and Brisbane (with some feeder connections from other cities). Most of these involve overnighting in Nadi. Currently prices are high but they are promising similar special prices to Air NZ.

Fiji Airways also has a flight from Hawaii, This is currently via Nadi, but the direct flight resumes later this year.

Virgin resumes flights to Samoa in March 2023 with 4 flights a week (probably in 737s). These are typically well priced – but flight timing may require an overnight in Australia.

The photo is from our new "front lawn" at low tide.


Our first groups are away exploring both Savaii and Upolu.
Flights to Samoa are a bit limited at present but next year is looking very promising with lots of enquiries and bookings.
There is still plenty of deferred maintenance to catch up on but our first shipment of new ebikes and Weehoos is due next week.

Home 10/07/2022


Air New Zealand has flights to Samoa from $260. Sale ends Wednesday.
Make the most of Samoa reopening for tourism.
We are fully operational. With 100 bikes we have plenty of capacity.
For a recent report on Savaii check https://outdoorsamoa.com/savaiiupdate/
For tour ideas https://outdoorsamoa.com/
If something appeals call, message or email us and we can quickly confirm availability allowing you time to book by the the Wednesday deadline.

Home Create your own bike or kayak adventure in Samoa. Stay at a different beach every night. Experience the village culture.

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Samoa Opens to tourism on 1 August - https://mailchi.mp/ad8b6bacb972/samoa-opens-to-tourism-on-1-august
We are all set to go. Check out our report on Savaii and our new tours.


Sunset from our house in Samoa. I arrived back yesterday to find house, bikes and kayaks in good order. Thanks to the staff especially Tua who looked after it during Covid.
Samoa opens for tourism on 1 August after being closed since March 2020.
It's good to back listening to the tropical jungle sunset noises. Cicadas, geckos, pigeons, owls and many other birds.
Not so fussed about the 3am roosters. Loving the 29 degree water.

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Samoa targets 1 June opening - https://mailchi.mp/b5aee424dda8/march2022-5762633

Photos from Outdoor Samoa Limited's post 14/05/2020

Samoa and travel in the time of Covid - https://mailchi.mp/a1276f9fe400/qohfx3fuom-3201290


Air NZ Islands on Sale till Wednesday so grab a cheap airfare.
Celebrate the end of the measles epidemic and extend your riding season with a cycle tour of some of the worlds best lagoon beaches in May or June.


Measles in Samoa

Measles in Samoa

Measles in Samoa How did it happen As people who spend half their time in Samoa and half in New Zealand we are often asked how did this outbreak happen,...

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After a busy 2019 we have new day tours for 2020 https://mailchi.mp/e65a0cf4ed81/qohfx3fuom-3012761
Updates on accommodation and flight options and lots of new bikes.

Photos from Outdoor Samoa Limited's post 11/11/2019

Mulifanua Caves
A local Matai had mentioned there were caves near Mulifanua, but no one could tell us where. Then I was sent a 1984 university paper on Peapea (Samoa Cave swiftlets) that provided a few hints, so Tua and I went out on a couple of cycle trips to try and locate them. The first trip we found two small caves and today we found the main ones.
We explored about 250m into the cave until the water was above our knees and then retreaded as a heavy afternoon shower had been threatening when we entered. There were several pairs of Peapea flying about us and echo locating, but we could not immediately spot their nests as the roof was so high.
We also checked out the entrance to the cave on the other side of the sinkhole. This was a very small entrance but the cave is supposed to be 600m long. We will go back and explore both with more torches and more confidence in the forecast.
The caves are formed by lava flowing through what becomes a tunnel as it crusts around the outside. These cave are up to 10m in diameter. Occasionally the roofs collapse creating sinkholes with small access ways into the tunnel remains.

Photos from Outdoor Samoa Limited's post 27/09/2019

Exploring some of the land behind Mulifanua this week with Tua in search of a mountain bike trail to Samatau was quite an adventure. An unusual South Easterly gale and rain storm came through and the temperature dropped. In NZ this would have been a cause for concern as we were late and not too sure where we were. But the temperature after the drop was 25 degrees - so it meant we had ideal cool conditions for riding.
Some of the bush is amazing and we proved the route to Samatau, now we just need to complete a loop trail.
We should probably also tidy up formal access. The land is mostly confiscated German estates now owned by Samoa Trust Estate Corporation and generally available to use. But we stumbled on the youth detention facility (borstal) that I thought had been closed and were politely asked to leave.

Staff tour of Savaii 13/09/2019

Lulu and Tua felt they needed to see Savaii from a bike to be able to do the briefings properly, so we ebiked around Savaii in 4 days. They now also appreciate how much work it is for regular cyclists. Uilau and Jessy were our excellent support drivers.

Pacific Games Closing Ceremony - Samoa 2019 21/07/2019

Pacific Games Closing Ceremony - Samoa 2019

The closing ceremony of the Pacific Games last night was a spectacular show of Samoan Siva (traditional dance) that culminated in a Siva Afi (fire knife dance) with 23 fire dancers.

The fire dance begins at 25:40 on the video with a single dancer with a single unlit practice stick. It culminates with 23 dancers, all twirling fighting steel axes with the ends alight from petrol soaked rags. Closeups would show scars and burns from years of practice.

But the earlier Siva scenes were equally as impressive, with a special Siva that while very traditional incorporated actions from the sports of the games and was perfectly synchronised by hundreds of dancers.

It had rained torrentially all afternoon and the field was soaked and muddy, but you can hardly tell in the video.

We went with the staff of Outdoor and it was a fitting finish to the busiest 3 weeks we have had with over 80 people out on 13 different 10-day tours.


Pacific Games Closing Ceremony - Samoa 2019 Apologies just downloaded a screen recorder and started recording without testing. Found out after the ceremony I needed to enable a different sound input.

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The kids were waiting at the bus stop for their ride to school. I suspect the bus will be the back of a ute. They wanted to practice their English, we needed to practice our Samoan. They were better at their second language.
School starts at 8am and the breaks are short so that classes are over by 2pm before the hottest part of the day. School excercise books are provided free, but the uniforms are a big cost for families.
On our walk there was also a rainbow landing on Apolima Island - Maybe there is pirates treasure buried there.

Photos from Outdoor Samoa Limited's post 13/06/2019

Our early morning walk coincided with the fishermen returning from their overnight spearfishing trip. Lots of chiller boxes full of fish and many people eager for a bargain.

Outdoor Samoa Limited updated their business hours. 13/06/2019

Outdoor Samoa Limited updated their business hours.

Outdoor Samoa Limited updated their business hours.

Photos from Outdoor Samoa Limited's post 18/05/2019

Travelling around Savaii this week we found a delightful new walk/canoe trip through the mangroves at Asaga. 5 Tala includes a loan of an outrigger canoe and you can walk or paddle back. We went at high tide and parts of the track were a few inches under water. The trip ends at a freshwater spring and pool.

Photos from Outdoor Samoa Limited's post 23/04/2019

Samoa 2019, new adventures for winter - https://mailchi.mp/a5629543b0a1/qohfx3fuom-3003969

Photos from Outdoor Samoa Limited's post 15/01/2019

Alps to Ocean (A2O)
We are currently riding the A2O as part of 6 weeks exploring the South Island (of NZ) by bike. The swimming is not as inviting as Samoa but it's great to be back in the mountains.
We are investigating building single track mountain bike tracks in Samoa and the rides are inspiring us for both the regular tours and new experiences.


Air NZ Islands on Sale - till Wednesday
The specials cover 15 January to 30 June excluding Easter and offer return flights from Wellington for $600 NZD and similar prices for Christchurch and other centres.
For those living in Auckland, Sydney and Brisbane Samoa Airways has comparable prices, but for the rest of NZ this is as good as the prices get.
At present we have spare capacity on all trips over those dates and can schedule custom trips for other dates at no premium.

Photos from Outdoor Samoa Limited's post 10/10/2018

Duke of Ed Bike and Kayak Trip
Supporting this group of 16 students was one of the most rewarding trips of the year. Up close and personal with turtles, lots of cycling and kayaking, but the best was the enthusiastic and mutually supportive attitude of the students.
A few camera problems means the best pictures are missing, but hopefully others will post more.


Sophia 8 years old and Oliver 10 years old with parents Jane and Simon.

Congratulations to Sophia, who is our youngest girl to complete the 200km Savaii bike ride (riding a 24" bike).
Oliver is also one of the few boys 10 and under to complete the ride.
They both had heaps of energy when they finished.

Photos from Outdoor Samoa Limited's post 28/09/2018

A map of getting lost. I decided to explore the bush behind our house in Samoa and got thoroughly "bushed". This is the track from my GPS.
Originally village land, then converted to Copra plantation about 1900 it has slowly reverted to a mix of regenerating forest with occasional taro, banana and cocoa crops.
We have been building a few mountain bike tracks out here and I was keen to see if the small foot trails would connect up to create a smaller loop. But the one I chose petered out, leaving me in creeper filled jungle with a rock strewn floor hidden under thin vegetation. In heavy overcast with no major features, getting geographically embarrassed was inevitable. Standing on a wasp nest didn't improve concentration much either.
The second picture is of our Fish Mountain ride - it is all rideable and mostly in the shade.

Photos from Outdoor Samoa Limited's post 26/08/2018

Kayaking trips in October and accomodation changes in Samoa- https://mailchi.mp/b608b8ae556c/qohfx3fuom-2939137

Photos from Outdoor Samoa Limited's post 04/08/2018

October Kayaking Adventures.
Well know kayak instructor Bruce Webber is joining us for two weeks in October. Starting 13 October Bruce is leading a Kayak skills course that is a mixture of kayak adventure tour and training course.
The following week we are exploring Savaii, including paddling the Apolima Strait.

More details at http://www.outdoorsamoa.com/kayak/kayak-training/ and http://www.outdoorsamoa.com/kayak/kayak-savaii/


After Gita – Samoa is ready for tourists.

We have spent the last 3 days driving around both Savaii and Upolu and are pleasantly surprised at how resilient most of our usual resorts are.

Gita’s category one winds brought down a lot of trees around both islands. But as in our village of Mulifanua, the trees blocking roads were quickly sawn up by villagers and we didn’t once find an impassable road. Bananas, ulu (breadfruit) and ese (pawpaw) may be less plentiful this season, but we kept over half our ese trees and I think most places did better.

The winds did relatively little damage to buildings, with a few notable exceptions: Uilau (our main driver) lost his roof (it flew so far that he has not been able to retrieve the iron). The airport temporary buildings housing the car hire companies were destroyed – but removed within a day. Satuiatua has two fales slightly damaged by falling tree limbs – but these will be fixed this week.

The rain caused serious flooding in Apia, but by Monday half the shops had cleaned up and reopened and the rest were planning to open on Tuesday. Flooded creeks and streams have caused some road damage but all roads seem passable.

The rough seas have reshaped a few beaches and Tailua Fales dining room is damaged. Vacations and Reginas next to Tailua are undamaged, a tribute to the cyclone defences installed last year. Falealupo Fales have a huge increase in sand and have still to dig out their beach tables, but they are fully operational and the beach looks more stunning than ever. Lauiula has gained sand and is competing with Falealupo for “best beach” on Savaii.

Most impressive was the can-do attitude we saw everywhere. People were getting set in and fixing stuff with enthusiasm and helping each other out.

Photo is the new ensuite fale at Falealupo with clear water of lagoon behind.

Our Story

Frances and Ross first came to Samoa in 2007 for a two week cycling holiday. They brought friends back to cycle and then organised groups to share the experience. To make life simpler they bought a few hire bikes. Then in 2013 they built a small hire shop and moved here for the winter. In the process they started exploring the islands by kayak.

Now in 2018 they have built their own house and workshop to service the 100 bikes and 20 kayaks and are resident for most of the year.

In the main season (April-October) there is usually a scheduled bike tour starting every week and often several custom tours running at the same time. Day kayak tours run several times a week.

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