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courteous service
Limo Plus is awesome. Jfk, Bdl and the Poughkeepsie train station, Limo Plus is the way to go! Thx from Paul and Gayle.
Phil - your services over the past 22 years have been fantastic! It's so wonderful to be able to sit back and relax and enjoy the ride while you've been able to safely get us to New York or New Jersey each & every time we travel. Thanks also for always taking care of my friends and familyl. Largay Travel is extremely happy with the services that you've always provided to our clients as well!

When you choose Limousines Plus, you have my personal guarantee of respectful and friendly V.I.P. se


Saturday evening I took 8 young 50 or so year old ladies out for a 50th birthday night out. Imagine, I felt old! This beauty isn't mine, I borrowed it from a friendly competitor...thanks John!!

Photos from Limousines Plus's post 09/05/2022

Pretty view yesterday in Boston while waiting for clients coming in to Logan. Yeah, a little nicer than at JFK!
Hope everyone is having a great holiday!

Photos from Limousines Plus's post 07/15/2022

Packing a trunk or loading the SUV is all about geometry. The 1st photo is going to the airport with my clients with 14 bags. The 2nd one is with 15 bags, 11 were big AND heavy, plus my briefcase and cooler! I was quite impressed with myself. However I learned that from my Mother who told everyone, "don't touch anything, I will load the trunk!" Thanks Mom!


So much for my marketing plan! I just saw on the news that it costs $7,000,000 for a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl!


Okay, this was hilarious! This huge gang of pigeons led by one lone seagull tried to carjack me on Monday in Queens! All of a sudden about 40 pigeons surrounded me and we're literally getting in my face. I was yelling, " get off my car!" Of course they didn't listen.


This is a beautiful shot on Saturday morning on my way to New York City. Just love winter in New England! Some clients were coming in from a cruise so obviously the ships don't care if it's snowing out! So off I went. Nice ride except for those that are afraid to drive and shouldn't be on the road.


Did a wedding today for some VERY SPECIAL clients that have been with me for MANY years. These are the parents and grandparents of the groom. We took this in front of the Immaculate church this afternoon. Beautiful day! WONDERFUL people! Thanks so much!!


Driving back from a job this morning through Branford on some country road I had to stop and take this picture. Just love New England!!

Photos from Limousines Plus's post 08/01/2021

I did something a little different yesterday that I haven't done in quite a while. A sweet 16. Since I no longer have any stretches I borrowed this little beauty from a friendly competitor. Great bunch of kids! Congratulations to Angelina!
And yeah, everyone liked the purple jacket and hat!


I picked up a brand new client at LaGuardia last night! A little 1 1/2 lb cutie! 🥰

Photos from Limousines Plus's post 04/12/2021

Pretty or what? The Tappan Zee Bridge lit up one night as I was heading towards Newark Airport for a pickup. Not bad for $2 billion. They really did a wonderful job! Biggest construction job in the country at the time.


A beautiful sunrise beyond the Throgs Neck Bridge early on Sunday morning. I was going over the Whitestone on my way to JFK.

Photos from Limousines Plus's post 01/10/2021

The old and the new. I was driving over the Tappan Zee bridge this morning, or whatever they're calling it, and I went over the Brooklyn Bridge last Wednesday. I know they did a great job on the new Tappan Zee but I wonder if it'll still be standing 150 years from now.


My good friend Archie tagged along on a job to Manhattan last week with my best client who insists on bringing him. I know, I'm parked at a fire hydrant...not parked, waiting. Anyway, got a kick out of Archie staring at the fire hydrant as if to say, let me at it! 11/11/2020

Thanks to all our veterans!

Photos from Limousines Plus's post 10/13/2020

Nothing's wrong! Just maintenence. You'll notice I drive all the way to Ashford, CT. Terry has been in business 40 years! WELL WORTH the drive to have a transmission guy you can trust! In my business that's priceless!


Went to JFK the other day for a pickup on an international flight. Only ticketed passengers allowed in the building. And this was Terminal 4, the biggest terminal there. And there was no one around! Usually it's a zoo! Scary!

Photos from Limousines Plus's post 09/03/2020

Was down in the City yesterday. This beauty was missing from my last photo so I figured I'd give it a place of its own.


Went down to LaGuardia last beautiful Sunday morning. The Big Apple looked so good I couldn't resist.


Just booked a new customer to take their daughter back to college. Seems the parents can only drop off and go. So to make it easier they hired me to take her. My SUV can easily fit pretty much most of what a student needs. And if you think the ride is too far, give me a call, it just might not be!

Photos from Limousines Plus's post 08/06/2020

Took my best client to NYC yesterday. While waiting in Battery Park City I snapped that first picture of an entrance to the walkway along the Hudson River and then the view from there of the Statue of Liberty. This will hopefully be the first of many of my "lunch with a view" photos! The last one was the ride home...traffic!! Nice for a change!


I should probably tell you folks, that second picture with my co-pilot was actually answering the so-called riddle from the previous photos that look like a UFO. That was the damage to my windshield from the rock.


Archie here was my co-pilot the day I took that picture. Obviously unfazed by the incident. I was on the road going down the wonderful Jersey Turnpike with a client. A large stone, probably almost an inch in diameter hit my windshield. Thank goodness for glass coverage!

Photos from Limousines Plus's post 07/25/2020

OK everyone, what do we see here? I took these photos the other day while on the road.
Is it a UFO? You tell me!


Actually did a wedding yesterday for a very special client! Haven't worn my favorite bowtie and purple jacket in a long time! Of course, I had to borrow that huge limousine from a very friendly competitor...thanks John!
Stay safe and well everyone! 07/04/2020



This my friends is the Pinchot Sycamore Tree in Simsbury. It is the largest tree in Connecticut, circumference wise I believe. It is 23' 7" around! Why am I showing you this? Well, I happened to be in that area because 2 amazing things happened yesterday. I actually had a job, most likely the only one in May! I have a very good client out there that had a very important doctor appointment in White Plains. The second thing? I hit traffic on the way!! What is THIS I thought!
This is also a reminder to let everyone know that I AM open and operating safely. So, if the need arises for something like this I am here for you! Thanks again and everyone be safe!


To all of my clients, friends and relatives. First of all HAPPY EASTER! I also wanted to reach out to everyone to make sure you and your family are well. Also to say that though I am open, obviously no one is traveling so business has come to a complete halt, as many other types of businesses have as well. Strange times!
Being a very small company I am confident that I will survive these very difficult and unique circumstances.
So, once this passes please know that Limousines Plus will be there, when I'm sure, EVERYONE will want to get away! THANK YOU!

Photos from Limousines Plus's post 03/16/2020

I was at JFK last night at the American Airlines terminal picking up one of my regular clients returning home after 3 weeks. On the right you see my pretty car parked in the parking lot very close to the front of the terminal. THAT doesn't happen very often! On the left you see the inside of the terminal. Not exactly bustling with activity! Creepy, but sad.
Last night's trip was also my last trip until the world can get back to normal. That's right, everything has been cancelled and obviously no one is traveling... anywhere for that matter it seems. I am certainly not closed, but like so many other businesses we just cannot conduct our normal day-to-day routine. It certainly is not going to be easy, part of that day-to-day routine includes paying our normal expenses... insurance, rent and vehicle payments just to mention a few. It's amazing how this has had such a domino effect. The ridiculous panic certainly doesn't help either.
Please, keep me in mind once this is over, hopefully sooner than later, if you decide to get away. Those of you who know me and have used me throughout my 24 years in business know that my vehicles are always extremely clean as well as meticulously mechanically maintained. Ask anyone that knew me in high school and college when I always had the biggest car, so everyone went with Phil! I owned a 1969 Dodge Polara with huge vinyl seats. I would use Pledge furniture polish on the seats. Beautifully clean, but when cornering, passengers would slide from side to side! Don't worry folks I have leather seats now so no more Pledge!
Be well everyone and I hope to see you very soon! THANK YOU!!


Had to work Thanksgiving, drove a client to Burlington, VT. Unfortunately I didn't see one of these guys!


Aaaah yes, another satisfied customer! This is Bailey Rae, my brother Scott's little girl. On the way to NYC to celebrate my sister in law's birthday.


OK, I'm only a year late in posting this. This is me with Stacey Perrone-Petta. She is a former Miss Wolcott, Miss Connecticut, and a 3rd and 1st runner-up in the Mrs. Connecticut America Pageant. She's an amazing singer and vocal coach with over 25 years in the music industry. She was just thanking me for supporting her. I look pretty good too don't I?!


I guess Stowe, Vermont is always in Christmas mode. I dropped some folks off up there the other evening. When we went by this I said, wow it really took two months to drive up here, it seemed a lot faster than that!


Working in the City one day...OK, this is one of two things, the architect was drunk or it's the Jenga building!


Could this be a new addition to the fleet? Not quite. Maybe Limousines Plus is the official luxury transportation for the new upcoming reality series the "Housewives of Connecticut"? I hope not!! Actually, it's just a real cool client.


I've been in business 22 years...been in the industry 30 years. On Friday I set a new record for time it takes just to get to JFK. Thanks to Mother Nature, and the closure of some key bridges, it took me SIX, yes, 6 hours! The 3 grateful clients actually made their flight! We left early enough, and I was a little creative...thank God.


Working in the City today. It doesn't get better than this!

Reliable, Responsive, Reasonable

From Philip T. Wilson, owner . . .

I’ve been helping important people like you reliably reach their destinations for more than 30 years now. I thoroughly enjoy the whole experience of driving my beautiful cars for people like you. I like treating my customers to a bit of luxury, or helping them be more productive, or making their special day even more special. When you choose Limousines Plus, you have my personal guarantee of respectful and friendly V.I.P. service. I am a mature, thoughtful and safe driver. I am friendly and courteous. I show up on time, carry your bags and take you door-to-door. My prices are very competitive, but I do not skimp on service. We offer affordable luxury for your special occasion or business transportation.

When you call Limousines Plus you’ll be talking to me, not a dispatcher or answering service. My business number is: 203-879-0423. My cell phone is: 203-509-6556. In most every case, I’ll be your driver too. We have additional drivers if you need more than one car or when I need to help more than one customer at a time. All our drivers are qualified by me and I’ve known each of them for years. The “new guy” has been driving for me 3 years now; the others I’ve known longer.

You can rely on me to go the extra mile for you (forgive the pun).




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