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Just wanted to give a shout out to Tony Turner of Complete K9! He helped me with some individual instruction with our young 100 pound German Shepherd. He makes it look so easy and I like the positive, have fun approach (some trainers are so serious with no fun involved). Looking forward to future sessions 🙂
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We have boarding and training spots available. We limit the number we take in so dont hesitate to get your dog trained in time for your holiday guests.
We are very sorry for inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you to Toney and his staff for the care and love shown to our Hazel! She’s reclaimed her spot over the air vent to cool off on this hot day! Thanks Toney for your patience with me snd my family’s questions and spending the time to help my kids learn! Top notch!
Deasel went on his first public outing to the food truck rally last night and did awesome with all the new things he is learning in his obedience class!
Toney Turner Testimonial


My wife, Lydia, found Ashley Decker, who allowed us to adopt her German Shepherd, Ayka, from her breeding line. Ashley referred us to Toney Turner at Kevlar K9, who also runs Complete K9.

We have been going to Toney for service dog training the past several months. Among other medical issues that will be in training in the future, Toney is currently training Ayka to alert to high and low blood glucose levels for Type 2 Diabetes.

Prior to the diabetic alert training, I would kinda blow in Ayka’s face to play and she’d lick me and twerk her head sideways and stuff. When we started the diabetic alert training, I ceased blowing in her face to avoid confusing her.

This morning, Ayka had been trying to wake me up since 6AM. When I got up, I was in the restroom, where Ayka usually sits with me. After her splendid training session yesterday with Toney, I figured I’d try and blow in her face and to my astonishment, she alerted! I washed my hands and went to my office to test my glucose, which read 160, a little high since our target levels are 70/150. To reinforce the good alert, I again blew in her face, where she immediately alerted, and gave her a jackpot reward!

Lydia blew in Ayka’s face and Ayka didn’t bark, she just tilted her head, which may provide even further validation!
Our girl had some pretty terrible grinch feet and was pretty overgrown, and her spa day at Complete K9 did not disappoint. She’s soft, perfectly cleaned up and smelling pretty. We trusted them with her training and now her grooming. At this point, we only trust Complete K9 and the vet with our girl. Thank you so much!
So if you didn’t know, you can take your dog into Hobby Lobby. We decided to take Ellie in yesterday and she did fabulous. She could care less about noise, carts, people, she stayed in a heel position and pretty much laid down out of the way every time we stopped to look at something. She is getting closer to being in the classroom with the kids🤗 If you need dog training for the new year or are getting a puppy for Christmas, call Toney, he is the guy you need to train your doggo!
I’m not a stalker! 🤷‍♀️
Shoutout to Toney Turner and his AMAZING staff. If you’re trying to find someone to train your dog, I cannot recommend Complete K9 enough! Ellie is just over a year old and is a therapy dog. She is full of energy, but knows when to work and when to listen to commands. She went to school with me yesterday so I could prep work for my kiddos in quarantine and she walks down the hallways next to me, lays down next to the copier, and follows all her commands. Seriously, if you want an amazing dog, take them to Toney!
My girl luna ( the zoomies girl🤣) has changed sooo incredibly much in just her first week with Toney Turner and his staff. Before I couldn't walk her anywhere without her pulling so hard my hands would bruise. I have severe anxiety and Luna is my savior. I have been without my savior due to our past abuse & her being attacked by other dogs. Her leash manners have done a complete 360. I feel confident I can walk her and keep her in control and behaving well. Although they haven't started her socialization and other manner training, she is still improving in those areas just being there and how they operate. I have cried many happy tears because with only a week of training and more weeks to come, I finally have my lifeline back 😍😍😍. Thank you so much for training her so she can represent her breed well and help me with my daily plans!! Complete K9

Basic obedience-Adv. obedience
Disability Service dogs (including diabetic alert and seizure response)
Personal Protection,
Behavior Modifications (including aggression),
Competition Tracking
Search and Rescue
House Manners

Operating as usual


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We will be closed this week due to COVID-19. We apologize for any inconvenience. We look forward to seeing everyone back starting January 3rd. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


We arent open today due to being quarantined and testing for covid. My wife (Katie tested positive for Covid)

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Brutus is here at day camp for a refresher course and for confidence building. He gets nervous around new things easily so after working for me in the building we worked on door manners and we went outside for more distraction work. At first he was nervous to keep a sit stay, I could see him shaking a bit. But after his anxiety started to calm down he was having fun. He wasnt worried about the sounds of cars and trucks passing by. Mr. Brutus will work for praise as much as the treats. He is an adorable gentle giant.

Photos from Complete K9's post 12/14/2021

This lovable fella is a greyhound that is here at day camp to build confidence and learn some obedience. His owner stated that he is afraid of everything outside, especially trucks. So our facility is perfect for desensitizing because we are near a neighborhood and industrial buildings. Horus got to see and hear new things and he handled it like a rock star.

Photos from Complete K9's post 12/14/2021

Miss Jojo is very fearful, every day is new day to her. So she is hanging out with me and my friend and will go on some small outtings soon and work on her confidence. We have to get her comfortable with us before we can help her to be comfortable around new people and new environments.


We have 2 more spots available in our Adv. Obedience course set for Jan. 21st at 6:30pm. The cost for this course is 200.00 and it's a 7 week course.

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Bruno is a pup we have as board and train and he stayed the weekend with our assistant trainer Ashley. He is experiencing new things and working on his house manners. Great job Bruno


Isnt this pup to dang cute? Bruno is with us to learn his puppy obedience and manners. He knows how to use his good looks to get what he wants. Well played Mr. Bruno :)

Isnt this pup to dang cute? Bruno is with us to learn his puppy obedience and manners. He knows how to use his good looks to get what he wants. Well played Mr. Bruno :)


Our group basic obedience class on Mon. Jan 10th at 6:30pm is now full. There will be no more entry into this class.


Paw-fect pets: Small dogs with big dreams


Ok peeps! You wont find a better deal or better ladies than Lisa Overocker and Meghan Karr to trim your dogs nails. They are even mobile and will come to your home (for a small additional fee). We bought a card for our (Toney and Katie) own personal dogs and you should too! They also make great stocking stuffers for everyone, even the rescue groups could use these!

Good news!! We are extending this special until 6pm on Christmas Eve! They make great gifts and they don't expire! You can paypal ([email protected]), cash app $gentlepaws, Venmo (Lisa Overocker), or call (316) 680-4455 and we can do payment over the phone. Can't stop in and get one? We can mail it to you! If you called to purchase one previously and I never got back to you, I do apologize. I was having issues with my voicemail that is fixed now. :)


The 23rd of December will be our last day of day camp until January 3rd. Although we will still be doing private lessons and boarding and training.


We have 2 more spots available in our group basic obedience Jan. 10th class and then it will be full and we wont be accepting anymore entries.

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Mavi has been doing a great job on his obedience. He likes to strike a pose while working on his stays 🙂

Photos from Complete K9's post 12/10/2021

Koko has started learning how to turn light switches on and off. We start dogs on a low switch, and once they have the hang of it, we transfer it to the regular switches on the walls. Good girl Koko.

Photos from Complete K9's post 12/10/2021

Henry is working on his stays, recalls and heeling. These are core obedience commands that we build on as your dog progresses.

Photos from Complete K9's post 12/10/2021

Playtime! We like to play with the dogs while exposing them to new things. This helps to build their confidence and also realize new things don't have to be scary. We may need to get some bigger equipment for Ms. Sadie 😊


Our group basic obedience class scheduled to start Mon Jan. 10th at 6:30pm is half full already, dont hesitate to reserve your spot.

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Miss Mia went on a small outting and got to meet 4 new people. 2 gentlemen and 2 ladies. She is nervous around new people but she allowed them to pet her. She doesn't care to be in a strangers lap but we are working on it. She did start to follow the 2 men around so we are making progress.

Photos from Complete K9's post 12/08/2021

Blu is a service dog in training that we took on an outting with his dad this week. We like to start dogs out with short outings to places that aren't very crowded to make sure they are comfortable and focused, and then we work them up to busier situations. We want the handler and dog to be confident with each other when they walk in somewhere.

Timeline Photos 12/07/2021

Timeline Photos

⚕️🐕🩺 In a Pinch, here are some items that can be used, when in doubt, call your favorite vet!

Photos from Complete K9's post 12/07/2021

Miss Mia is here at day camp to work on her socialization and confidence with men. So she will be attached to my (Toney) hip today, wherever I go she goes. I will do my best to help make her comfortable and show her no one will do anything to hurt her. She is so dang cute, she makes you want to just squeeze her.

Photos from Complete K9's post 12/07/2021

A few of the dogs we train got to go visit residents at a local nursing home. We like to go see them a couple times a month. The residents and dogs just love getting to spend time with each other. It's such a blessing to be able to share the love of dogs with them.


Advanced obedience course is scheduled for Fri Jan. 21st at 6:30pm. This course is designed for off leash obedience/competition obedience. The cost for this course is $200.00, space is limited. You must prepay to reserve your spot. We take payment thru venmo, cashapp, check or cash. (We will be having a guest trainer assist with this course, Norma Allmond has a plethora of experience in IGP and has titled several dogs.)


Intermediate/AKC CGC and TDI Therapy dog training is scheduled to begin Thur Jan. 13th at 6:30pm. This is a 6 week course that costs $125.00, you must prepay to reserve your spot and space is limited. We take payment thru Venmo, cashapp, check or cash

Photos from Complete K9's post 12/06/2021

We have set a date for our group basic class to begin. Starting Monday January 10th at 6:30pm. You must prepay to reserve your spot. The cost for this 6 week course is 100.00. Spots are limited so dont hesitate. Classes will be held indoors but on nice evenings we may work some outside. The basic course consists of: Heel loose leash, automatic sit, sit, down, 1 min sit stays, 1 min down stays and recall. Our new location is 3031 W. Pawnee Suite 500, Wichita KS 67213. We take payment thru venmo, cashapp, check or cash.

Photos from Complete K9's post 12/06/2021

Aiden Hope's everyone has a great week!


Congratulations to these two for passing their public access testing today! It's never fun being in a crowded mall during the Christmas season, but you two rocked it with your dogs off leash. Great work, we're very proud of you Lyrae & Phyre and Lydia & Duke.

Congratulations to these two for passing their public access testing today! It's never fun being in a crowded mall during the Christmas season, but you two rocked it with your dogs off leash. Great work, we're very proud of you Lyrae & Phyre and Lydia & Duke.



In this video Anthos is working for his mom. He gets a little excited at the end, and she uses his left finish to help get him back in the correct position. They make a great team and we're excited to watch them grow together.



Anthos was excited to show his mom a few new things he's been working on this week. He's learning a left finish after completing his recall. This way he puts himself in position to start walking. He has also started some off leash obedience. He's such a fun happy guy.

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Roxy working on impulse control
Sadie leave it
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