The Skin Health Coach

The Skin Health Coach

I'm here to coach you on taking better care of your body's largest organ, you skin! I'll call "time-outs" on ways you may be damaging your skin and "foul plays" on getting your information from unlicensed vloggers.

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4 things that contribute to premature skin aging.

Sun overexposure


May is Skin Cancer Awareness month and most campaigns focus on sunscreen. While over exposure to harmful UVA and UVB sun rays are the leading cause of many types of skin cancers there is one type of skin cancer that is it believed to NOT be caused by the sun and it affects primarily people of African ancestry.

The skin cancer known as
“Acral letiginous melanoma “ usually begins in areas of the body not regularly exposed to sun rays and affects those who’s skin produce more melanin. African-Americans are usually more likely to die from this cancer due to a late diagnosis.

It’s time do away with the notion that is just normal for darker skin to have a lot of dark spots and moles. We have to pay attention.

Know the signs of


A fact about me:
Before I ever became an esthetician, nurse, or esthetics educator I was creating and selling home-made skincare. I've been so intrigued with cosmetic science and phytotherapy that I've created my own line of plant therapy oils.
COCO Rx - COrrective COsmeceuticals for the melanin-rich is based in skincare science and rooted in African rituals.

Get the scalp, face, and body bundle for $ 80.00 ( plus shipping)
Bonus: Includes a complimentary virtual skin health consultation.
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I became an esthetician because I had horrible skin and wanted to help people feel beautiful and improve their self-esteem.
I became a nurse and health coach because I know what it was like to have illnesses that were overlooked or poorly understood. I know what it's like to only want to wear black and rarely take pictures.
My heart is to help people find freedom and genuinely love the way they look and feel!
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Are you ready for journey to improve your skin's health and wellness?
Contact , Katina Gilmore RN LE for your virtual skin wellness consultation.

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Skin including it’s appendages ( hair and nails) is our body’s largest organ , but in the medical world this organ is the least treated. Furthermore , serious diseases in Black skin are more likely to be misdiagnosed or under-diagnosed.

I know that there are a lot of you who sit and suffer in silence because of chronic skin diseases and conditions. You’re tired of all the medications and creams with side affects. I hear you.

Chronic skin conditions like: alopecia, psoriasis, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis , hydradenitis suppurativa , cystic acne , steatocystomas, acanthosis nigricans ( those leathery patches related to diseases insulin resistance) and hirutism , etc. affects one’s self esteem and can make it difficult to show up fully present in a world that focuses on perfect appearances.

One of my focuses as The Skin Health Coach is helping my clients with skin conditions navigate through both medical and aesthetic treatments and resources . I assess and together we come up with a plan based on one’s current lifestyle, occupation, diet, and own’s self-perception. My job isn’t to diagnose , but I can detect & direct.

I see you . I hear you. I’m here to help.
Let’s book your private virtual consultation.

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The Skin Health Coach and creator of COCO Rx had mature ,Black women who love luxury skincare backed my science in mind when she created COrrective COsmetceuticals

Our powerful ingredients
✅improve appearance of uneven skin tone.
✅helps to smooth fine lines
✅soothes dry and irritated skin
✅replinshes natural lipids
And so much more !


Calling local (Houston-Galveston)cosmetology operators/ hair stylists!

Do you need to brush up on your facial skills? Are you ready to add a “signature” facial to your salon menu?
Let me help you create a skin therapy treatment that will blow you clients away ,but have them coming back again and again!

A six hour hands-on training at your spa/salon that the includes how to correctly perform a skin analysis ,use high frequency, microcurrent, chemical peels,enzyme masks, facial massage and more!

Contact me for your one-on-one training with The Skin Health Coach,

Katina Gilmore, Registered Nurse/
Licensed Esthetician/Licensed Esthetics Instructor/ Non-Invasive Body Contouring Specialist.


Nurse Case Manager by day......
The Skin Health Coach at night .... and weekends.😊


New product alert from The Skin Health Coach.

Corrective Cosmeceuticals for the Melanin-Rich.

You’ve never had a skin oil like this! Made with only plant seed extracts that deliver transformative results.
Get healthy ,glowing skin!


Happy Friday everyone except for the people who sleep in their makeup.


Hello there. How’s your skin? Persistent hyperpigmentation? Dark spots won’t go away? Burned from a laser or chemical peel? Skin under your beard is irritated? Doctor’s prescription isn’t working? Insurance won’t pay ?

Okay. Let’s talk about it.
I can help with that.

Registered Nurse
Licensed Esthetician
Licensed Esthetics Instructor
and YOUR Skin Health Coach.

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Using skincare products that have a pH outside of 4.8 -6.0 can cause skin irritation. If you suffer from constant skin sensitivity allow The Skin Health Coach to perform a thorough skin analysis and assessment of your current treatment plan and home regimen.

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The Skin Health Coach updated their address. 12/31/2021

The Skin Health Coach updated their address.

The Skin Health Coach updated their address.


Is your skin dry or dehydrated? There’s a difference.
The Skin Health Coach can help you balance your skin and achieve your best complexion ever ! .
Contact me for a life changing, virtual skin analysis! . [email protected]


Dangers of Skin Bleaching


Safely fade blemishes by using skincare products that contain these ingredients.


Does your skin easily get dark blemishes after a cut or pimple? For many of us when there is the slightest trauma to the skin like a cut, scratch, pimple, abrasion, friction or pressure sore, the inflammation triggers specialized skin cells to create and deposit excess melanin pigments within the keratinocytes (skin cells). The dark marks that remain are called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This hyper production of melanin at the site of skin injury is also a healing mechanism. Melanin actually helps your skin to heal. Unfortunately it can leak deeper into the dermis and where copies of it remain for months and years.

There are also other reasons for hyperpigmentation besides skin injury or inflammation, but the action by which this excess melanin production "stains" the skin a darker color than the skin around it is the same.


Sis, it’s not because of the sun. I know that’s what they’ve been telling you.
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Are you ready to start your journey to skin health ?


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Dangers of Skin Bleaching




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