Nappy's Place

Nappy’s Place is a guitar store in Topeka,KS. However, we buy, sell and trade ALL INSTRUMENTS! This is the ultimate GUITAR & “buy, sell & trade” store in town!

I offer all sorts of services, clean up, buy outs, I offer more money for ANYTHING you have for sale, especially instruments. I specialize in music of all kinds, any way it was ever made, books, records, clothing, antiques, coins, guns, weapons… you name it, I know something about it likely!

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MAY IS HERE! 3310 SW 6th Ave. 10am-6p TUES-SUN
Guitars and amps are still on DEEP SALE! I’ve been buying and trading and selling so many guitars this past week it’s INSANE! And I’d love to keep that going. I’m selling amps and guitars 20%-50% OFF! I have LOTS of acoustics and electrics and everything from beginner to high end vintage and collectible stuff! ALWAYS PAYING TOP $$$$$ FOR GUITARS & AMPS! Thanks! Please like and share!

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SATURDAY & SUNDAY! ALL GUITARS & AMPS are 20%-50% OFF!! Buy one get one on most guitars and amps and AS ALWAYS WE ARE STILL HEAVILY BUYING GEAR! Come check it out! Best BUY/SELL/TRADE offers in Topeka, Lawrence or Kansas City GUARANTEED! Thanks! Please like and share!

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3310 SW 6th Ave. AT LEAST 20% OFF ALL GUITARS!
I have SO many guitars in stock now that I am just having a blowout sale. I need to make room for MORE GUITARS coming in this summer! I do mean it when I say AT LEAST 20% off some will be up to 50% off! Come check it out and I will STILL BE BUYING!!! Also, bought an entire ESTATE so we have been spreading that throughout the store as well! Don’t miss it! Thanks!


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Nappy's Place

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WEEKEND!! 3310 SW 6th Ave. FRIDAY-SUNDAY 9a-6p
Guitars, antiques, coins, vintage, amps, comics, nik-naks, patty whacks, toys, collectibles, ALL GUITARS ARE ON SALE OR MAKE AN OFFER! TOP $$$ PAID FOR ALL GUITARS, AMPS, & AANNYY MUSIC GEAR!!!

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We are trucking in over 100 items!!! guitars, amps, mics, pedals, mixers, rack mount and professional audio, home audio, higher end and vintage guitars and a WHOLE lot more! Also have LOADS of new stuff on the vintage/antique/thrift side of things! This is going to be a GREAT week. Thanks! Hope to see you all out.

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3310 SW 6th Ave! 9am-6pm SATURDAY & SUNDAY
TONS of new arrivals and LOTS & LOTS OF antiques, records, vintage finds and a bunch more! Discounts all over the place and another BIG AMP BLOWOUT! Thanks!

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NEW WEEK NEW STUFF! 3310 SW 6th 9am-6pm
3310 SW 6th Ave! TONS OF NEW STUFF! Guitars, amps, TONS of antiques, a whole collection of over 2000 vinyl and 45rpms! Just a ton of stuff for EVERYONE to look at! If you’re looking for a guitar and want the best bang for your buck come see us at Nappy’s! Thanks!

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Guitars/instruments/and more BUY/SELL/TRADE
We buy and sell everything under the sun, over 250 guitars in stock at any given moment and NEW STUFF ALWAYS COMING IN! Just bought a record and CD collection as well! Come check it out, thanks!

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WEEKEND SALE! Nappy’s Place! Fri/Sat/Sun 9a-6p
It’s going to be a WILD one and we are FINALLY SELLING the 1960s white Burke table. And we just got in over 25 guitars!!! There’s a lot happening this weekend so be sure to come check it out! ALWAYS buying guitars/coins/cars/motorcycles/gold and silver! Best $$$ in town GUARANTEED! Thanks! Please like and share!

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NEW MONTH @ NAPPYS! 3310 SW 6th 9am-6pm!
New month means new stuff and new deals! Open from 9-6 Tuesday-Saturday and 11-5 on Sunday! TONS of new guitars coming in, tons of new amps, LOTS of new antiques (haha “new antiques”) and of COURSE! We are ALWAYS paying top $$$ for GUITARS/AMPS/& ANY other instrument in Topeka, Lawrence or Kansas City GUARANTEED! Also buying records and CD and cassettes! Come in if you haven’t been or come back if you have! Please like and share! Thanks!!!

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EASTER SALE! Nappy’s Place 9a-6p FRI & SAT!
Closing out March with a HUGE SALE Friday and Saturday and I WILL BE CLOSED Sunday for Easter. 20% or MORE off any guitar or amp in the store NO EXCEPTIONS! Buying everything ALL WEEKEND as well! Tons of new arrivals have come in too! Come check it out before March ends! Thanks! Please LIKE & SHARE!

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NAPPY’S NEW WEEK! 3310 SW 6th 9am-6pm
Open Tuesday to Sunday and HAVING a HUGE BASEMENT SALE! We are gearing up to get a whole bunch more stuff and we are SELLING OUT EVERYTHING in the basement this week/weekend!
Still buying ANYTHING and still having a MASSIVE GUITAR & AMP SALE! TOP $$$$ PAID FOR GUITARS & AMPS! Thanks!

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Tons of new merchandise has rolled in! Including a collection of knives and swords! Pretty cool stuff, also got in over 10 or 15 new guitars and amps and everything is negotiable! Thanks! Also TONS of home stereo equipment is rolling out this weekend! Please like and share!

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Guitars, amps, antiques, vintage odds and ends, ephemera, music, CDs, DVDs, records, toys, collectibles! It’s like if you mixed all the cool things together and threw em in a store. We are always buying, selling and trading EVERYTHING! TOP $$$ PAID FOR GUITARS, new or old, high end or low end! I BUY THRM ALL! Thanks! Please like and share!

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SUNDAY AT NAPPYS! 11am-6pm 3310 SW 6th Ave!!!
It’s the weekly Sunday sale! I’ve gotten in lots of new guitars and amps and weird/world instruments as well! Tons and tons of guitars and amps will be at least 20% off and bundle deals on EVERYTHING in the store, upstairs and downstairs! Thanks!

Photos from Nappy's Place's post 03/14/2024

There’s a LOT of cool new stuff going on at Nappy’s. We bought out an entire antique estate and got in a whole lot of new guitars but my sale is going on through this weekend! At least 20% off of ANYTHING in my store. Thanks! Please like and share!

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I am going to continue my “MAKE AN OFFER” sale through this week. I buy up almost all the used guitars in this town now so I’m still selling down. I sold a TON of stuff over the weekend but I’m still pulling more out. Come check out what we’ve got and we also have a BUNCH of new stuff downstairs! It’s getting to be GUITAR SEASON now that Spring is here so come check it out! Best deals, best prices and BEST OFFERS on used gear anywhere within 200 miles of here! Thanks!

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SUN-DAZE YALL! 3310 SW 6th 11am-6pm SUNDAY!
Sun-Daze fun days brings in the SPRING BLAZE!!
I sold over 20 guitars this weekend and I’m wrapping the BIG SALE UP THIS SUNDAY! So if you’re looking for a guitar or amp or anything SUNDAY is the day to come in! Come check it out! Thanks! Please like and share! ❤️

Photos from Nappy's Place's post 03/08/2024

3310 SW 6th Ave. I have an ABUNDANCE of acoustic and hollow and semi-hollow body guitars so I’m selling them WAY CHEAP this weekend. Plus I’m going to have a TON OF NEW STOCK COMING OUT! The flea market downstairs has also recently been sorted and put a LOT of new stuff out! Come check this out!

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NAPPY’S PLACE!! 3310 SW 6th Ave Guitars & Antiques
Over TWENTY new guitars are rolling out this week and we’re having a HUGE SALE on amps. The place has REALLY come together the last few weeks and it’s been awesome to see all the reactions from customers! We are going to continue adding tons of new things to make the store really stand out! Come out this week and I will make you a deal on ANYTHING you are interested in. As always, I promise to give the best offers for any guitar or amp or musical instrument in general. Thanks!

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NAPPYS WEEKEND SALE! 3310 SW 6th 9am-6pm
Open FRIDAY/SATURDAY/SUNDAY! It’s a full service guitar store upstairs and downstairs is a complete and total hodge podge of stuff, antiques, collectibles, flea market. Whatever! Come on out if you’re looking for a new guitar, amp or JUNK! We buy/sell/trade everything! Thanks!

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NEW LOOK!!! 3310 SW 6th Ave. 9am-6pm Tues-Sun!!
We have spent ALL week setting up the whole new arrangement for the place for more of an open plan! It’s very exciting and I’ve also reached 2300 wonderful followers! ❤️ we hope to see you out this week and are so very excited for all the customers to see the new layout! Also, my girlfriend is selling her 2007 GMC Acadia if someone is looking for a good car! Thanks!

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SUN-DAZE FUN-DAZE! Sunday 11a-6p 3310 SW 6th
Nappy’s Place offers all the same deals we offer all week on Sundays as well! We just tell you it’s better deals as like a… gimmick. It’s pretty good. Just kidding! We do always have the best deals on Sunday! $100 guitars every Sunday and I have a TON to choose from right now. Free practice amp with guitar purchase, at least 10-20% off all guitars and amps and the list goes on and on. Come check it out! Plus we have a ton of new arrivals! Buying/Selling/Trading EVERYTHING! And 100% GUARANTEED highest offers on ALL GUITARS AND AMPS! Please like and share!

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COME OUT THIS WEEKEND!! Tons of new stuff and deals! 3310 SW 6th 9am-6pm FRIDAY-SUNDAY!
GUITARS, ANTIQUES, AMPS, ODDITIES, COLLECTIBLES, whatever you want we just might have it! Also BUYING EVERYTHING!

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NAPPY’S NEW WEEK! 3310 SW 6th Tuesday-Sunday!
New post same old sales pitch! We have a whole lot of stuff, we get so many new things in almost daily. Lauren is going to be sorting stuff and going through everything all week and bringing new stuff out for sale! It’s going to be a WILD week. Deals and deals all the time. And I’m ALWAYS paying better than ANYONE in Topeka, Lawrence or KC and that’s a promise. It doesn’t matter if it’s a $12k Rickenbacker or a $40 beginner guitar! I have it in stock or I will buy it for max money! Thanks! Please like and share! Also have a couple trucks for sale!

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SUNDAY SALE!!! Super exciting Sunday 11am-5pm!!!
We have a new member of the Nappy’s team! Come in and say hi and buy a guitar, or sell a guitar… whatever you’re feelin! Sundays are the best days to come in because I’m very motivated and I’m STILL having the BIG AMP sale, and I have LOTS of them. Come check it out and we have made MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS in our flea market area downstairs and TONS of new merchandise. Thanks! Please like and share. ❤️🖤

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Nappy’s BIG AMP SALE & $100 Guitars! Fri/Sat/Sun!
3310 SW 6th open 9am-6pm!!! I have SO MANY big amps right now, so if you’re looking for BIG sound at a LOW price, come let me know! Tons and tons of amps will be sold at cost this weekend, I’ve also got over THIRTY of the $100 or less guitars out for sale this weekend! Great guitars, just discounted to move some stock! Also just having CRAZY sales all weekend on everything in the shop! This is going to be a WILD weekend! We hope to see you out this weekend!

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3310 SW 6th Ave. Nappy’s Place!!! I’m having a few things going on since the Chiefs won the Super Bowl! Tuesday through Sunday ALL guitars are going to be 20% off and if you’re a beginner OR A STUDENT you’ll get a free practice amp with the purchase of any guitar! Come check it out.

Photos from Nappy's Place's post 02/11/2024

3310 SW 6th Ave. 25% off of EVERYTHING in the store. Guitars, amps, antiques, whatever you want. Tons of new arrivals came in today as well! This is a great time to buy a guitar because the selection is vast! Also buying EVERYTHING! Top $$$$ guaranteed in Topeka, Lawrence or Kansas City. That’s a promise I’ve kept and I will continue doing so! Thank you all and we hope to see you out tomorrow!

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The Story of Johnny D. “Nappy” Huske

There is so much to say about this man. I wouldn't even know where to begin. He was extremely giving and empathized with the best of ‘em. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him and how he raised me. I could tell you his whole life story; he was from Ottawa, roughest life you could have, the whole bit... but I won't. All I can tell you is that in some way, I hope I’m doing him proud. I know he would be proud of where I’m at, I just hope even more that he would be proud of where I’m going.

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NAPPY’S WEEKEND Y’ALL! 11-6 SAT & SUN! 3310 SW 6th! Tons of guitars are on DEEP DISH DISCOUNTS! I have LOTS of them. Com...




3310 SW 6th Street
Topeka, KS

Opening Hours

Wednesday 11am - 6pm
Thursday 11am - 6pm
Friday 11am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 6pm

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