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Black Balsam Outdoors is a place for anyone interested in gearing up for their next camping trip, wanting to suit up for an extended weekend of backpacking, or just wanting to stock up on some quality gear, Black Balsam Outdoors (BBO) is the place to go!

Vote for their window:
Is there a way to order products from y'all and have them shipped? My wife and I honeymooned out there in April and we bought some 32oz nalgene bottles from your store. Well, she accidentally left hers in the rental when we flew back home to DFW. I'd love to get a replacement and surprise her for Christmas.
What is the name of the hiking club that meets at your store?
Back in 2018 I was so excited to have our first wholesale account Black Balsam Outdoors ! It was a tiny display but I was so proud of it. Fast forward three years and we have 58 wholesale accounts in 12 states and we're not stopping there! We are beyond thankful for our customers and everyone who has cheered us on and supported our dreams. I'm here to tell you that if you want something bad enough all you have to do is go get it. Never stop dreaming and never give up. Learn and grow from your mistakes and surround yourself with people who inspire you❤
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🤘!
*t #828
We may have missed yesterday...but we're excited to post today! Big shout to Sylva's Black Balsam Outdoors for sponsoring this ENO pod hammock stand! Visit them on Main Street! Feel free to bring your hammock down and vibe out with us! Can't beat lounging on the creek with a cold Innovation pint!
Mongst all that great gear I'm seeing here, do you also sell Luci lights?
THANK YOU BBO! You made a fan for life today! This little girl hasn’t stopped singing your praises.

Backstory for those who don’t know: In February, we visited this store during our winter break. The day after, we headed back home, south of Atlanta GA only to realize that our daughter’s prize sloth f***y pack was missing - last seen the day before somewhere along the shopping stretch in Slyva NC. We reached out to every place we went into. Not many places even bothered to respond to us. But Black Balsam Outdoors did everything they could to hunt for our girl’s missing sloth.
Long live the sloth, long live the Sasquatch & long live people who do good for others! Good on you Black Balsam. GOOD ON YOU. We’ll be back. And we’ll drop another couple of 💸
Visit our friends at Black Balsam Outdoors for some of favorites! Tea Tree & Oat, Pink Patchouli, H**p Soap, Calendula Chamomile, Sweater Weather, Coffee Scrub, Charcoal Face Bar, Carrot & Honey and our Dish Block 🤘🧼
Happy Apollo Thursday Everyone! Apollo went on his very first hiking trail last week and thanks to his great Black Balsam Outdoorsbackpack, he was able to bring all of the treats and water he needed! 🐾🌲
If you're like us and trying to figure out different ways of supporting local business during our current health situation then why not give them a REVIEW? As all small businesses try to stride more-so into digital marketing and commerce they depend on any leverage they can get to have a chance of even being seen online. Reviews are one way to help increase that chance. So if you find yourself with some downtime and want to help then visit the businesses below and show your support with a REVIEW! Support Local with In Your Ear Music!

Baxley's Chocolates Thecutcocktaillounge The Paper Mill Lounge Melissa's Backstreet Takeout Regina Nicole Boutique Black Balsam Outdoors GameOn Mad Batter Kitchen Lazy Hiker Brewing - Sylva Taproom Nantahala Brewing's Sylva, NC Outpost Balsam Falls Brewing Co Arsenal Artifacts, Inc. Humanité Boutique Toad in the Hole Speedy's Pizza Lulu's On Main Guadalupe Cafe Innovation Brewing Innovation Station at Dillsboro Motion Makers Bicycles Sylva City Lights Cafe City Lights Bookstore Fitzgerald Shoe Ward Plumbing & Heating Jackson's General Store B & B Gifts and Interiors Hollifield Jewelers Zen Bodyworks Studio
Amidst the current chaos and uncertainty that we are all experiencing we would just like you to know that In Your Ear will strive to be here for all your needs as long as is rationally possible.

That being said, as is customary with the times, we would like to offer a chance for YOU to support LOCAL BUSINESS! That's right! If you'd like to contribute to your favorite record in WNC all you have to do is click the link below to purchase a DIGITAL GIFT CARD.

We will inevitably be closing the doors soon for an indeterminate amount of time. Any support we can get in the interim will help ensure that IYE will be around for years to come.

While you're at it be sure to browse the business listed below to see how YOU can support local! Everyone is getting hit with closures and trying to figure out how best to handle the situation. THIS is one way to help. These businesses are the fabric that makes downtown Sylva what it is. Every penny will be greatly appreciated by every business.

To order your GIFT CARD click the link below:

Check out these other downtown business for ways you can support them through these tough times:
Baxley's Chocolates The Paper Mill Lounge Thecutcocktaillounge End of Main - Antiques & Home Decor Fusions Spa & Wellness Balsam Falls Brewing Co Innovation BrewingNantahala Brewing's Sylva, NC Outpost Humanité Boutique B & B Gifts and Interiors Regina Nicole Boutique Guadalupe Cafe Lulu's On Main Black Balsam Outdoors Lazy Hiker Brewing - Sylva Taproom Mad Batter Kitchen White Moon Cotton Leigh Bakery Jackson's General Store

Envision, if you will, the vibrant, diverse, and idyllic community that is Downtown Sylva. With it's shops bustling, it's cafe's brewing, and eateries buzzing. The sidewalks awash with people feeling invested and happy in the place they're in.

Now imagine Downtown Sylva without it's shops, without it cafes, without it eateries. Vacant sidewalks that serve only as paths corporate offices. A growing shadow of empty buildings gradually robbing Sylva of all that is good in Downtown.

Which do you prefer? Downtown has always ebbed and flowed but the times, they are a changin. Big Box Stores and Online Retailers are doing everything they can to funnel all the money into their own pockets, often leaving small towns stripped of their character. The people that choose to vend and offer services in Downtown Sylva do so because they are INVESTED IN THEIR COMMUNITY! Those business often contribute towards the things that make Sylva what it is today. Building a community for a better tomorrow. But they can't do it without your help. Shop Locally and support YOUR community! Keep Sylva BEAUTIFUL! Invest yourself in where YOU live! Be a part of the change and say NO to online shopping, even if it's temporary. You'll be happier knowing you money is going back into the community rather than some CEO's pocket. Long Live Local!

Regina Nicole Boutique Baxley's Chocolates Humanité Boutique City Lights Bookstore City Lights Cafe Mad Batter Kitchen Thecutcocktaillounge Cotton Leigh Bakery Dixie & Co. Balsam Falls Brewing Co B & B Gifts and Interiors Hollifield Jewelers Guadalupe Cafe Fitzgerald Shoe Shop Tuckaseegee Fly Shop - Sylva Friends of the Library Used BookstoreHarry Alter Books Livingston's Photo The Nichols House Antiques Fusions Spa & Wellness End of Main - Antiques & Home Decor Melissa's Backstreet Takeout Treasure's Unknown Fitzgerald Shoe Eric's Fresh Fish Market Lazy Hiker Brewing - Sylva Taproom Nantahala Brewing - Sylva, NC Outpost Jackson's General Store White Moon Innovation Brewing Black Balsam Outdoors Tuckaseegee Fly Shop The Paper Mill Lounge Harry Alter Books Friends of the Library Used Book Store

Come stop by our premiere outdoor/lifestyle retail store to get geared up for your next adventure! 🏕

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Join for a canoe and hike to Sols Creek Falls! Sols Creek Falls is an incredible 120’ waterfall, only accessible by boat. Don’t miss this awesome trip!

Register @:


has a volunteer trail workday coming up! 🥾👷🏻 Details below!

Repost •
Join us for our volunteer trail workday next Saturday, August 19th! We will be meeting at the Salt Rock Gap Trailhead at 9am and working on the Deep Gap Trail, getting some good work done and seeing some beautiful sites as we go!

Sign up at

Come on out and give back to your public lands!!


A reminder to practice LNT wherever you adventure to! Whether on the greenway or in the backcountry, it’s important to know and practice the 7 principles of LNT so we can take care of and preserve our mountains!

What is one way you practice LNT?!


It’s a great day to visit a National Park near you! Today, August 4th, admission is FREE to everyone at all National Parks. This is in celebration of the Anniversary of the Great American Outdoors Act.

Remember to practice LNT on your adventures today and every day!

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Looking for things to do in August? has something for everyone!!

Contact Trevor Brown or go to to sign up!


It's almost time to head back to school! Gear up with BBO!

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Join Friends of Panthertown Valley for their Trail Work Days in August!

August 1st, Salt Rock Gap
August 19th, Salt Rock Gap

Find more information and sign up at


Happy National Hammock Day! It's a beautiful day to get out with your !

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Hitting the trails soon and need a new pack? We have a ton to choose from!

Some brands we currently have in stock:


Meet Ellie!

Ellie is a backpacker, raft guide, climber, and photographer!

Ellie’s favorite outdoor memory is “hiking down from wesser bald at 2am with friends trying to beat a lightning storm while blasting ACDC.”

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Some cute and chaotic photos of doggos in the shop recently! We love seeing your pups.


Whereabout Wednesday in July! 🤩☀️

Join JCPRD in the last Stand Up Paddleboard excursion on the itinerary on July 11th! 🚣‍♀️

For more info, check out the website on the flyer! 😁


Happy 4th of July!

We are closed today, but will see you tomorrow!


Meet Chloe!

Chloe is a backpacker, skier, trail runner and also dabbles in mountain biking and climbing. Her favorite outdoor activity is backpacking!


For our last Whereabout Wednesday of June, we give to you another Guided Whitewater Rafting trip on June 7th brought to you by our friends at JCPRD! 🚣‍♀️

For more information, check out the website in the flyer! 🤩


Whereabout Wednesday is here! 🥾⛰️

Join JCPRD in an Adventure Camp in Cashiers and Glenville on June 26th and June 30th! 🚣‍♀️⛰

Activities include kayaking, hiking, archery, and whitewater rafting! For more info check out the website in the flyer! 🏕️


It’s a beautiful day at BBO! We’re loving these higher weekend temps. Come see us today til 6 or tomorrow 10-5.


What's better than Whereabout Wednesday? TWO Whereabout Wednesday's! 🤩🤩🤩

Join the JCPRD at an Adventure Camp in Cullowhee on June 19th and June 23rd! 🚣‍♀️🥾⛰️

Activities include kayaking, hiking, archery, and whitewater rafting! For more info check out the website in the flyer!


Whereabout Wednesday is BACK! 👀

Join JCPRD in a Family Campout at Ralph J. Andrews Campground from June 16-17! 🏕️

For more info, check out the website in the flyer!

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Going camping this week? We’ve got you covered!


Meet Ella!

Ella is a whitewater kayaker, climber, raft guide and backpacker.

Ella’s favorite outdoor memory is when she ran the upper Gauley River with her best friends and ran her first class 5 rapids!


Two weeks in a row with Two Whereabout Wednesdays?! YES! 🤩

If you missed the last one, or if you want to go again, join the JCPRD on June 9th and 10th in a Guided Whitewater Rafting Excursion on the Tuckasegee River! 🚣‍♀️

For more info, check out the website listed on the flyer!


For this week's Whereabout Wednesday, join the JCPRD in Battleship Canoes at the Sylva Pool! 🛶

For more information use the email in the flyer! ☀️


For this week's Whereabout Wednesday is one we've seen before! Miss the last paddleboarding activity with JCPRD?

No fear! Join them on the June 6th and June 13th! 🚣‍♀️


Whereabout Wednesday has a twofer for the people! 🤩

Join JCPRD on June 8th to hike Siler Bald! 🥾⛰️

For more info, use the website on the flyer!


Whereabout Wednesday is BACK! 🥾⛰️

Join JCPRD in a Guided Whitewater Rafting Excursion on June 2nd! ☀️

Can't make that one? Well we'll keep you updated on when the next excursion is coming up! 🛶


This week's Whereabout Wednesday is at Wolf Lake with JCPRD! ☀️

Join the JCPRD in Stand Up Paddleboarding on Wolf Lake on May 30th! 🚣‍♀️

Can't make this one? Luckily they have plenty more dates over the next coming months! We'll keep you updated right here on Black Balsam Outdoors! 🤩


As Summer approaches, here is a start to our new series called, Whereabout Wednesdays! 🥾⛰️

Our friends at the Jackson County Parks Department have put on a lot of events throughout the year which have been highlighted here on our page! This Summer, JCPRD plan to host a whole bunch more! Keep an eye out for these dates as the Summer goes on! ☀️

To kick off our first Whereabout Wednesday, JCPRD is hosting a family camp-out on May 19-20th! Check it out on their website! 🏕️


As Summer approaches, here is a start to our new series called, Whereabout Wednesdays! 🥾⛰️

Our friends at the Jackson County Parks Department have put on a lot of events throughout the year which have been highlighted here on our page! This Summer, JCPRD plan to host a whole bunch more! Keep an eye out for these dates as the Summer goes on! ☀️

To kick off our first Whereabout Wednesday is a familiar one! Join JCPRD in hiking Panthertown on May 11th! To find out more, check out their website in the flyer! 🤩


April Showers definitely brought May flowers here! 🌸

Go do something this week in the 828!


Here's what to do this week around the 828! Enjoy the week! ☀️⛰️


Happy Earth Day everyone! 🌎 ⛰️

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Sales on sales on sales on sales on sales!! Need we say more? 💚 ⛰️

Well we will! Friday to Sunday enjoy our Greening Up the Mountain sales event! From Life Vests to Flip Flops we've got you covered with great savings! 🩴


It's the BEST time of the year everyone! Greening up the Mountain is FINALLY here! Come out this Saturday for a great day in Sylva with sales and events going on all day! ⛰️

Keep an eye out for upcoming sales for this weekend! 👀


We're BACK with things to do in the 828! What a week we've got here with Greening Up the Mountain coming up on the 22nd! Keep a lookout for more posts throughout the week with sales and events for this weekend! ⛰️🥾


The Jackson County Parks and Rec Bike Rodeo is coming up soon! 🚲

It is free entry with a whole lot of events! Learn more using the website listed at the bottom of the flyer! 🚴


NEW PACKS! 🎒 Enough said...


We got rainwear listed at 20% OFF! ☔️

Enjoy rain jackets, hats, pants, and ponchos from brands like Outdoor Research, Black Diamond, Columbia, and Sea to Summit at a discounted price! 🤩


Just in time for Spring, new poles have landed in the store! 🥾


Need a repair? We got you! We're restocked on your repairing needs! 🤩🤩

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562 West Main Street
Sylva, NC

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 6pm
Tuesday 10am - 6pm
Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 12pm - 5pm

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