Has anyone here gotten added to the tcgplayer plugin beta for shopify and square?
This is the awesome system we use!

Want to sell you collection? Want a value on your collection for insurance? We offer card collection assessments! You will get a data file with photos of all your valuable cards and an entire excel sheet of the value! Message us now for details!

Welcome to the Munchie Family! Looking forward to working with you.

Most Advanced and Affordable Card Management Software for Magic The Gathering and TCG cards. Tcg Player Pro stores can set up same day! Thank you for your visit!

Tag us in on any threads with @Munchie on Facebook and Munchie Software on Discord!


Are you curious? Is Munchie really saving game stores 80% of their labor time and costs?


Autolist forwards tricky items to your user where you employ our traditional gradelisting method. 06/04/2023

Check It Out! Munchie TCG Inventory Management System hits a new stride with AI, a strong development team, and loyal customer base.

Autolist forwards tricky items to your user where you employ our traditional gradelisting method.


Now listing magic the gathering at speeds of 30 cards per minute. Ask us anything we are here for you!


There are many solutions to help stores sort their cards, easier, sort their cards faster, or just sort their cards less. Munchie is still the only solution that removes sorting all together. 


Thanks to Kirt from Dragon's Hoard Coin N Gaming for our new video!


Hello game stores! Look at the next batch of cards you’re thinking about sorting, give it a look calculate the time it will take honestly. If you didn’t have to spend that money sorting those cards, you save that money. Our service costs a portion of what we save you. 5 times less than you spend now is well worth investigating! Give us a call or message us for information, we want to win with you!


It’s fun to be fast..ask our clients!


Thank you for visiting our page. Munchie software delivers a model of inventory management and card identification that completely removes the labor of sorting cards.

Our clients move faster, save thousands in labor and don’t sort cards. Check us out and say hello! We have answers and love to help game stores maximize their performance.

Fourth Space Games 08/24/2022

"Munchie has allowed us to list more, faster. Our inventory is several magnitudes larger than it could have been sorting everything." says Tyler R McGraw of Fourth Space Games,
"No. More. Sorting. … Yes, really."

Our customers are our best referrals. Small Stores, Large Businesses, Private clients, First-time Singles sellers have all let us help them develop a card management solution that works for within their budget and has helped them earn thousands of dollars while slashing overhead costs. Get in touch, and let's start talking. Our customers would love to tell you about our system. Just ask.

Fourth Space Games Your Friendly Local Game Store


Help TCG (Trading Card Game) Sellers learn how Munchie can save them thousands in labor and sell more cards faster and more profitably with Munchie Software.

Timeline photos 07/19/2022

Looks like fun!

Come join us on July 30th and 31st as we host a MASSIVE TCG celebration, featuring 60,000 square foot of play space and a targeted audience just to our very own nerd world of card games, board games, vintage games and more! Feature yourself in your very own vendor booth, we take no percentages and only ask for a small amount up front to cover the costs of the venue and other expenses for putting on the show!
Visit our official post about booths:


MORE $$$$$ - Double, Triple, Quadruple your TCG card sales in a matter of weeks with Nor more ABC sorting, EVER! Now with more games you can list including Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Force of Will, and more! If it's cardboard, you can sell it faster, easier, and more cost effectively with Munchie!


See how stores are operating with ease after saying goodbye to sorting!

Fourth Space Games on TikTok 07/15/2022

Thank you Fourth Space Games for sharing this!

Fourth Space Games on TikTok How our inventory system works. Never will we sort cards again. Munchie is a type of numerical bin system for trading cards. Scan, Catalogue, Pull, Ship, Prosper.


How many hours a week does your store spend sorting? Call us today and let us know!

Our services save stores thousands
of dollars every month by eliminating the sorting process. Play to win with Munchie.

Photos from Munchie's post 07/13/2022

This is a real customer service exchange in the screenshots below.


Move faster with Munchie!


Say goodbye to abc, say hello to Munchie!

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Get the scanner and sign up today.

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Before signing up with Munchie we ask you a few questions like:

“Have you ever sorted large inventory of collectible cards?”

“Do you currently or aim to list 10k or more cards per week?”

“Can you afford a dedicated scanner, computer and gear of around $1000?”

Our clients s are managing inventory of 100,000’s of cards and doing thousands in sales per week at top industry speeds faster than any other current market solutions.

If you would answer yes to these questions we can save you a great deal of time and money, and be a true value to your business.


Start summer off by using your time wisely. Our software ELIMINATES sorting cards. Take that 60-80% of your labor back! Processing and listing singles has never been easier or faster!

Call or message for more info, or just click the sign up button to see our detailed agreement, and get started.

TCGplayerPro? Our addon for TCGplayerPro stores is available at no additional charge.

Learn how stores are listing 10k a day without sorting with Munchie, change the game!


Why do you cut the ends off the ham?


We don’t sort cards.


Take the test and see what has replaced sorting. This is a quick demo of how our software allows listing to the competitive marketplace faster than anything else, and also completely eliminates the need to sort cards.

Access Granted


More new features! More new card games!


Thanks to clients pushing the envelope we are proud to have risen to the challenge of an super-volume industrial level solution for your cards.

Announced at GAMA 2022; we offer our new Million Card special. In 1-2 months at top
speed our company will handle everything. You just push the cards to your marketplace as we go.

We are excited to deliver our highest speeds of automated service for your largest inventory demands. These are speeds unheard of before now getting cards to market.

Let us handle it. How fast? Up to 50k cards listed per day and you can sell as fast as day one!

Email [email protected] for details or message us here through Facebook.

Thank you!

*this promotion is specialized and suited for industry level inventory management. We have a range of services available whatever level of game store you have. Message for details.


Remember back when we were first starting like our first 5 years? Professing and presenting wherever we could, talking to game stores face to face. Happy when ears perk about what we say we can do, a little bummed out when they didn’t? Those were (are) the days.

Thank you to our customers present,new and future! Thank you for hearing us, letting our software become what it can be for you, and giving a good idea a chance!


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all the great feedback and ideas to help us become the software we are today.

Your requests and success matter the world to us and we hope you see our dedication to your stores as brightly as we feel it.

As we are rolling into the new month please note we do not process automated billing for your identifications/listings. We leave this open to you on your reload pages except for those in the positive.

The concept is that if the items are in the positive we will bill for those at a non-discounted rate (5 cents each). We will start billing for the Items that are positive at the end of the month now that everyone has reload access and is acclimated.

Again you have access to discounts on the reload page and can use it anytime to keep your billing control and 2-4 cents pricing, a bill will only be generated on the items in the positive on your users page totals.

Our $50 charge for basic access is part of billing as you know we charge this monthly regardless of usage levels. We will be collecting this as a subscription every 30 days to the card on file.

Second part!

!!!!!!!Try out Autolist2 by creating a new user of that type.
This is on your register users function on users page. We will give you complementary identifications/listings to use it and assist you on what we expect is a 10x boost to your processing speeds compared to what we have had previously.!!!!!!!!

We believe we can now identify at speeds up to 100 cards a minute today. We Want to move even faster!

We would love to see you at GAMA, either way feel free to call or message 8285080996 (Christopher) to discuss your needs and visions for your stores, or to follow up with any element of this post.

Thank you and sincerely,

Munchie Team


Happy New Year!

Say goodbye to sorting cards! Say hello to savings with Munchie!


Did you know while autolist is running you and your staff can list alongside it? A single staff can list 300 cards per hour, how fast do you want to be?

Music by Thomas Anderson

The fastest way and most cost effective way to organize, list, and sell your trading card game singles


Laughter and Productivity go well together.


We have arrived safely to GAMA Origins in Columbus Ohio. Please shoot us a message if you’d like to meet up at the convention and discuss our software!

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Munchie - Created by a Local Game Store, For Local Game Stores

We are just a couple of hard working guys who love the gaming community. We started a local game store for the same reasons you visit one or own one yourself. We love the gaming community. When we began selling card singles, it was challenging. The most difficult challenge to overcome was the cost to alphabetize the inventory and the difficulty managing the inventory. We put our heads and software expertise together and created Munchie. We no longer alphabetize and sort cards tediously. We now purchase and list for sale hundreds of cards daily in less than an hour and process over 100 orders a day in less than an hour. A long day of buying and selling singles for us now is 2 hours, which includes a drive to the post office. We went from over 50 hours a week (more during pre-release) to less than 10 hours a week. This has given us more time focusing on other important things and enjoying our time in the store. We are now offering the software to you. Call us anytime and see if joining the Munchie Family is right for you!

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Thanks to Kirt from Dragon's Hoard Coin N Gaming for our new video!
It’s fun to be fast..ask our clients!
MORE $$$$$ - Double, Triple, Quadruple your TCG card sales in a matter of weeks with  Nor more ...
See how stores are operating with ease after saying goodbye to sorting!
List cards faster than ever before!
Shout out to our wonderful clients and families
Shout out to our wonderful clients and families
Shout out to our wonderful clients and families
Shout out to our wonderful clients and families
Pulling Cards and Fulfilling Orders Is Easy And Faster With Munchie



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