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Creating positive change in your child's life, in your home or school. Our knowledgeable team of therapists make therapy accessible where you need it most.

Little Hands Pediatric therapists come to your home, school, daycare and offer clinic appointments for Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy Services for infants to teens. Plus, baby Sign Language classes are available!


Do your kids sometimes have a hard time settling down to go to bed at night 😴? Our occupational therapist Lindsay has a quick tip for you in this video.


Forward chaining is an occupational therapy technique used to help kids learn multi-step tasks. The beginning steps are repeated over and over until they are mastered, and new steps are only added once the child becomes proficient in the first. Forward chaining can be used to teach mundane tasks like washing hands or more difficult ones like tying shoes.


Attention all families of deaf and hard-of-hearing children, professionals in the field and DHH adults!

We have joined up with Virginia Hands & Voices for a very special mingling event at Solace Brewing Company in Sterling. Come on out for free beer, pizza and dessert as well as arcade games and crafts for the kids.

🔸Saturday, February 4
🔸Solace Brewing Company - Sterling: 42615 Trade West Drive, Dulles, VA
🔸FREE! (But registration required)

Please register by February 1: (Be sure to indicate while registering if you require an ASL interpreter or Cued Language Transliterator and we will do our best to provide one!)
Hope to see you there!


A package of balloons just might be the best $3 you ever spend! Try these fun, easy balloon activities for a colorful way to keep your kids moving on a yucky, indoor-bound day:

🎈Penguin waddle - Place a balloon between your legs and try to keep it there as you walk. Up the ante by racing!
🎈Balloon balance - Have your child lie on the floor on their back. Place a balloon on their feet and see how long they can keep it there.
🎈Keep it up - Throw a balloon in the air and work as a team to keep it up for as long as possible.
🎈Funnel catch - Have your child throw a balloon in the air and try to catch it using a kitchen funnel. If you have more than one, toss the balloon to each other.
🎈Balloon pop - You can probably guess how this one works! Stomp, squeeze and claw your way through the rest of the bag of balloons.

Have fun!


Thank you, Dr. King, for a good reminder to teach our children that we can use our challenges and difficulties as a springboard to better things in the future.


🐖 Local activity recommendation from SLP Angie!

She and her daughter, Naomi, went on a field trip to Greenland Farm in Leesburg recently and had a ball. The “Emu Meet-and-Greet” was especially fun!


We love it when we make our clients’ lives easier! Can we do the same for you? Get in touch today:


Miss Amanda did some holiday baking with our friend here to work on all sorts of speech-language skills!

From core vocabulary (“put in”, “get more”, “I like”…) to direction following to counting and measuring to turn taking, the possibilities are endless. Kids love cooking and baking tasks because they feel like grownups and have a finished product to look forward to. In fact, research has shown that if a child participates in preparing their own food then they are more likely to eat it. It’s a win-win!


When our SLPs were in New Orleans for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) convention we went to a good old-fashioned book store and found all these fun New-Orleans-themed books. 📚

Is one of your resolutions to read more with your child? We hope so!


Don’t you just love that the first Monday of the year is a holiday? What will you do today?


One of our resolutions is to not sweat the small stuff. What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?


As we close out this year, we would like to take a moment to say how profoundly grateful we are that you have chosen Little Hands to be a partner in the developmental journey of your child. We hope we have helped you make a positive change in their life.

Did your child see significant progress this year? Do you love your therapist? We would be so thankful if you would take the time to click “Review” above and give us a quick review!

Thank you!


Merry Christmas from all of us at Little Hands Pediatric Therapy! We hope you enjoy this time with your family.


“How do I know if my child needs occupational therapy?” Here are five clues:

1. Missing developmental milestones - These may be seen during the baby stage such as crawling, walking or sitting or in achieving social and learning skills for school-age children.
2. Fine motor difficulties - If your child has trouble with these small movements, they could have issues holding a pencil, using scissors, eating with utensils or playing with toys with small pieces like a puzzle.
3. Gross motor difficulties - Larger movement concerns involve a child’s balance and coordination and could affect things like going up and down stairs, jumping or riding a bike.
4. Sensory concerns - Some children are overly sensitive to the sights, sounds, touch, taste and smells of their environment.
5. Difficulties with ADLs - Occupational therapy may be needed to help children with their “Activities of Daily Living” such as dressing themselves or brushing their teeth.

If you think your child could benefit from OT, contact us to set up an evaluation:


Bottom scooting is when babies start to move on their diaper-clad butts rather than crawling on their hands and knees. Most babies switch to crawling within weeks of starting bottom scooting.

It can be pretty stinkin’ cute (watch this funny compilation of babies bottom scooting!, but it may start to affect how a baby’s body grows and develops. It also may be a sign of hypotonia which is when muscles are less ready to move and could lead to delays in walking and other motor skills.


Talking gross motor skills with our PT Abby

Watch this quick video where our PT Abby talks about using stairs every day to work on gross motor skills.


Ho ho ho! Our friend was doing some heavy work as 🎅 in OT.


We are proud of you, Clark! Keep on expressing yourself!


Still rounding out your holiday gifts? We just love this set. It comes with the wonderful emotional-learning book, A Little Spot of Feelings, as well as cute little plushies of each feeling. There’s also a poster you can put on your fridge to remind you to talk through emotions with your child. Get yours here:


Getting cabin fever yet? Who says playgrounds are just for the summer? Bundle up and get your kids moving outside in all seasons!

Kelli took her sons to the new Hal and Bernie Hansen park in Brambleton, Virginia back in September. (Can you tell they loved it? Check out that cool slide!) All of the surfaces are accessible and made of rubber or turf with ramps to get to all areas.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

More info here:


Happy birthday to Walt Disney!


Words of wisdom from Miss Amanda and her cutie-pie daughter, Amelia…

“The word ‘No’ is an important word for many reasons! As a professional, I always love teaching protesting language to my clients so they can easily express themselves - this can be with a verbal word like ‘no’ or ‘stop’ or with an AAC device. It doesn’t matter how it’s communicated. At the end of the day, this person will be able to express their desire to NOT do something. As a parent, I just want to say, ‘Umm, sorry, but I need to change your diaper, so that’s not a choice!’ But what we need to do is listen. And then we eventually teach the importance of something not being available at that moment.

Why is your child saying ‘no?’ There are many reasons - we just need to find out how we can help them. But teaching the word ‘no’ and respecting boundaries is just so powerful for your child. That one little word has helped decrease instances of frustration and tantrums. It really is so important!

So next time your child says ‘no’ or throws a tantrum, think about the importance of that protesting language! And then take a break for yourself - you’re doing great! 😊”

What kinds of words have helped your child? Comment below! 👇🏻


Product reco! These stretchy resistance bands are great to keep fidgety kids focused. Children can move and kick their feet against the bands leaving hands free to do work. Great for the classroom, homework or even the kitchen table.

Get yours here:


Just a little speech therapy humor for you on this Monday morning! Have a great week!


From our table to yours…

Happy Thanksgiving from Little Hands Pediatric Therapy!

Photos from Little Hands Pediatric Therapy, LLC's post 11/22/2022

Our SLPs had an incredible time at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) convention in New Orleans this past weekend!

Learning, team building and beignets! What could be better???


Did you know Little Hands therapists meet 2X a month for in-house staff training and guest speakers? Here we were joined by feeding expert Ann Marie Presberg of First Stages Feeding to discuss children with feeding challenges, especially those with autism spectrum disorder.

Expanding the variety of foods and textures that a child with ASD accepts can take time and patience, but it's worth the effort!


The proprioceptive system is what allows us to understand where our body is in relation to our environment and how our body parts relate to each other. For example, if you were to close your eyes, you’d still be able to pat your head, right?

Kids who have proprioceptive issues may crash into things often, fall easily, stomp when walking, use too little or too much force when lifting or using objects and more.

Your child’s OT can work with them on activities and exercises to help increase proprioceptive input.


If the holidays weren’t stressful enough, having a child with feeding issues (or one that’s just plain picky!) can make them even more so. You worry your little one won’t eat what’s served, get hungry, then inevitably get cranky and act out under the watchful eye of Great Aunt Peggy (who will probably offer unsolicited advice!)

Here are a few tips to help you navigate holiday meals with a picky eater:
1. Consider feeding your child before the big meal if you’ll be very off your normal schedule.
2. Limit treats and other snacks so they aren’t loading up on sugar and are actually hungry for the “real” food.
3. If you are hosting, have your child cook with you and have them suggest foods they’d like to try.
4. Bring one thing you know they will eat alongside small portions of the new foods.
5. If your child is old enough, have them sit separately from you at a kids table. Not only will you feel less pressure to get your child to eat, but watching other children model trying new foods can be really helpful.

As always, we are here to help!

Photos from Little Hands Pediatric Therapy, LLC's post 11/10/2022

Check out the pics from our incredibly special day at the Sprout 5K and Fun Run! We were so honored to be able to support Sprout Therapeutic Riding Center by being a silver-level sponsor. Our Little Hands team of 33 had a blast!

Thank you to everyone who came out!


Please help us welcome our newest SLP, Erika Ryan!

Erika has worked with toddlers to teenagers both in school and clinical settings. Her expertise is in kids with receptive and expressive language disorders, ASD, picky eating and executive functioning issues.

“I am passionate about helping children learn communication skills by following their lead in their own environment. I love to work with families and show them that meaningful language learning can be fun for everyone!”

We are so happy to have you join our Little Hands team, Erika!


Looking for a great activity this Sunday? It's not too late to join our team (or just cheer us on!) at the 10th Annual Sprout 5K and Fun Run!

Little Hands is a silver-level sponsor, so come see us and support this wonderful organization!

For more info and to sign up: Choose Little Hands Pediatric Therapy from the team dropdown. Registration closes tomorrow!


Hope your Halloween is on 🔥!


It was a beautiful day to train for the Sprout 5K and Fun Run!

Little Hands is a silver-level sponsor, and we would just love it if you would join our team to help support Sprout Therapeutic Riding Center.

The race is Sunday, Nov. 6 starting and ending at Clyde's Willow Creek Farm. Stick around after for free food and beverages at Clyde's!
REGISTER HERE: (Don't forget to choose Little Hands Pediatric Therapy as your team!)


Crushing OT goals...and hearts! Our client’s dog joined in on some therapy fun this week with Miss Brittany.


Praise your child for their strengths and they will shine! ☀️🌙 If you do want to compare them to something - have it be where they were 3, 6 or 9 months ago! Take the time to admire their progress and hard work.


Don’t wait on torticollis!

We hear pediatricians telling parents to wait to treat torticollis until after six months. We respectfully disagree!

Torticollis or wryneck is a twisting of the neck to one side seen in babies or very small children. Most torticollis is congenital (present at birth), but some cases are acquired (occurring later in infancy or childhood.)

Once torticollis is diagnosed, our pediatric physical therapists will work with you on a stretching regime. An early diagnosis can speed recovery, so get in touch if you are concerned about your little one:


Product recommendation! This Harkla inflatable sensory chair is a cozy, safe space for kids. Most children can get in the "pod" themselves, applying deep, even pressure to the body.

Check out all our product recos on our resources page:


Language expansions are a tool we use in speech therapy to extend language. We repeat a child’s words and then add one to two core vocab words. Your child might say, “Dog!” and you could say, “I see a dog!” or “Look! It’s a dog!”

Modeling with expansion can be helpful to get your child combining more words. Try it with your little one this week!

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Everyday vocabulary tips
Making best use of snack time...
SLP Amanda teaches us how to make the most of story time in this short video. Enjoy!
Miss Amanda talking about visual schedules and routines
Watch this quick video where our SLP Amanda explains how AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) works!
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