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Three repairers in separate states this summer reported State Farm refusing to reimburse OEM-mandated safety inspections following a repair.

In Wisconsin, Trubilt Collision Center provided State Farm with additional clarification from a Subaru of America, Inc. representative, only to still be rejected.

Tennessee's Wallace Collision Center says the insurer used to pay for the Subaru post-collision inspections while the shop was part of the Select Service program. After State Farm dropped the company from the direct repair program network, they ceased to do so, according to the repairer. The shop has since been vindicated in appraisal clause proceedings for a Virginia customer.

In Missouri, Hunter Auto Body Inc. had previously seen State Farm approving General Motors safety inspections but then found a customer denied reimbursement for a Honda examination -- on the disputed grounds that no one else in the area charged for the procedure.

Such rejections place a repairer in a tough place, for failure to perform such inspections can be easy grounds for a lawsuit over a subsequent crash.

It might be particularly egregious for State Farm to continue to refuse reimbursing customers for the Subaru operations. As noted above, Subaru has confirmed it has spoken directly to State Farm about the inspections, and the appraisal clause process has already proved the insurer wrong once.

Contacted for comment about all three alleged incidents, State Farm said for each it had "nothing to share."

Find out more and get a link to register for a virtual course on Subaru safety inspections during the SCRS - Society of Collision Repair Specialists' virtual Repairer Driven Education series Nov. 2-6.
Safeco Insurance's recent rejection of an appraisal agreement its contact indicates was binding isn’t the only report of questionable behavior by the insurer during the saga of a 2017 Volkswagen Jetta SE.

Both the Safeco policyholder, Suzanne Corbett, and her Missouri collision repairer, Hunter Auto Body Inc., both recounted incidents at the start of the claim that has dragged on for half a year.

Glenn Greenberg, media relations director for Safeco parent Liberty Mutual Insurance, said Monday the company declined to comment on the allegations.

In one alleged incident, a Safeco representative refused to take Hunter Auto Body's documentation for its estimate. When shop co-owner Jack Hunter asked for the rationale, the adjuster said “‘I’m done. And my supervisor told me to leave.'”

Corbett also recalled being told at the start of the process by Safeco that it would cover any additional damage beyond its estimate — except if it was found at Hunter Auto Body. “I would have to cover it myself,” Corbett recalled.

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Safeco Insurance has refused to accept what its own policy contract indicates should be a binding right-to-appraisal deal, and its independent appraisal firm SCA Appraisal Company is attempting to redo the “appraisal clause” process, according to appraiser and insurer documents and a Missouri body shop’s account.

Safeco third-party appraiser Jason Boschert of SCA and policyholder appraiser P&L Consultants LLC in October 2019 agreed to a $8,000-plus estimate on repairs to a 2017 Volkswagen Jetta SE. But days later, Boschert issued another appraisal — for less than $1,700.

Hunter Auto Body Inc. said it had contacted Boschert with P&L’s blessing to learn what happened. Boschert told the shop in a phone call that “reading between the lines,” Safeco appeared to have threatened SCA with loss of business after he and P&L reached the deal.

Following Boschert’s new appraisal, another SCA appraiser submitted a higher estimate — but still $3,800 less than what both the insurer and policyholder’s independent appraisers had already accepted.

Both SCA and Boschert said Safeco had nothing to do with the reversal, and Boschert said he wasn't pressured by anyone at either company to change his estimate. Safeco parent Liberty Mutual said it would look into the matter.

The insurer’s refusal to accept the initial deal and SCA’s redo of the appraisal process has extended a repair cost dispute with a Missouri policyholder that has dragged on since summer 2019.

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I had a great experience with Hunter after my car was rear ended. They were so thorough with follow up and updates with repairs. It’s never fun dealing with insurance but the team at Hunter, especially Kyle and owner Jack fought hard to get my car taken care of the right way!! I would recommend this auto body to anyone who is in need of repairs. Honesty, responsiveness, and professionalism are key notes when dealing with car repair and Hunter Auto Body did not miss a beat. Thank you
Hunter Auto Body has done several jobs for us over the years, and they are outstanding.

Quality Collision Repair with Care! We are a family owned and operated Auto Body Repair Facility in Saint Louis county, Missouri.

We work on all makes and models of automobiles, foreign and domestic. At Hunter Auto Body Inc our main areas of focus are a commitment to quality repairs, and building lifelong relationships with our customers.

Report finds State Farm, Allstate most hit by insurance litigation in 2021 - Repairer Driven News 07/21/2022

Report finds State Farm, Allstate most hit by insurance litigation in 2021 - Repairer Driven News

Remember this when dealing with, or looking for an insurance carrier.

Report finds State Farm, Allstate most hit by insurance litigation in 2021 - Repairer Driven News State Farm, the nation’s largest auto insurer, is also far and away the most sued, according to a recently-released report by data provider Lex Machina....


Another one ready to go home!!!

Norma J. Propst was so upset that someone stole her vehicle. It was recovered and we restored it following only manufacturer requirements!

Thank you for the business!


Important message to our clients!!!:

Due to the ongoing logistics problems we have seen a drastic increase in part procurement times. In order to mitigate vehicles from sitting for weeks waiting on parts we are implementing a new process. In some cases we are waiting 5-7 weeks for parts.

-We will be scheduling pre repair disassembly appointments to put together a parts list.
-The vehicle will be put back together so you may drive your vehicle(unless the vehicle is completely usafe to drive).
-The repair agreement will be signed and a down payment for parts will be taken after the afore mentioned step.
-Once we have the parts we will schedule your vehicle for the full repairs.

We believe this process will help with the overall customer experience. Less days out of your vehicle and a much lower probability of rental coverage expiring.

Thank you for your continued trust in our facility! Please contact me personally with any concerns or questions.

Jack R Hunter


The Hunter Auto Body crew would like to wish our customers a Merry Christmas!!!

Timeline photos 02/03/2021

Five Automotive Trends to Watch in 2021: From Electric Vehicle Expansion to the increased prevalence of collision repair diagnostics, there are a few repair trends that COVID-19 has impacted. For you as a driver, you may want to pay attention to what is becoming more acceptable and what is not.

For instance, another trend is an increased focus on glass becoming a core component of proper safe repair. Not all repair shops will value glass repair as such and put your safety systems at risk.

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The latest vehicle recalls include the following manufacturers: Volvo, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz and Ford...Read the full article in the link below for the latest vehicle recalls.

Recall Watch: The Latest Automotive Safety Recalls -

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"Also, as vehicle options and technology become more complex, repairs become more costly. That's why auto service contracts and vehicle protection products can help save consumers so much down the road."

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Its crucial your body shop follows OEM repair procedures because recent findings show that your vehicle's Advanced Driver Assistance Systems may still be impaired after an accident even if it did not throw a diagnostic trouble code. Its important to check the vehicle completely after a collision to ensure all of these features are in working order.

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How do you feel about having insurance bundled with your car payment when you buy a new one?

Read the full article and the pros and cons of both here:

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When OEM insurance hits the market, auto insurers are left to pick up the tab:
The latest announcement of Common Motors’ (GM) return to auto insurance coverage with the launch of its usage-based insurance coverage program, OnStar Insurance (delivered with American Household Insurance coverage), didn’t come as a shock in most circles. Again in 2007, GM discontinued a enterprise into auto insurance coverage because of the monetary local weather — the Nice Recession — and doubts of whether or not auto insurance coverage prospects would truly buy protection from unique gear producers (OEMs).

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A ValuePenguin “State of Auto Insurance in 2021” report announced last week estimated that auto insurance rates this year represent a 1.7 percent decline — the first decrease in more than a decade.

“Rates Will Rebound in 2022 and Here’s Why: As Americans get back to normal, auto insurance rates will rise again,” ValuePenguin wrote. “The increase in distracted driving, and more expensive claims from smart technology in vehicles will continue to drive rate increases.” (Emphasis ValuePenguin’s.)

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Automakers have promised for years that they would soon unleash a flood of battery-electric vehicles. That’s happening now, though it’s still a steady flow more than a gush of new models. EVs are moving from novelty status to mainstream in the 2021 model year as more manufacturers jump into territory that has been dominated by Tesla, and they include the types of vehicles that Americans crave: SUVs and pickup trucks. Rest assured that more are on the way. This will likely change some collision repair methods.

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Vehicles equipped with rear automatic-emergency braking (AEB) had 28% fewer property damage liability claims and 10% fewer collision claims, according to research from the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI.)

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A vehicle is one of the most significant purchases a person will make during their lifetime. OnStar Insurance Services intends to leverage its unique understanding of the vehicles GM produces to offer a secure, fair, personalized and easy-to-use digital insurance experience for drivers.

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Seat Belt Issue Prompts Recall of 624,200 GM Vehicles: Seat belts are critical to passenger safety, and an unsecured seat belt bracket in the front-row center seating position of approximately 624,200 GM vehicles is prompting a recall.

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Nissan recently released an updated statement voicing its support for OEM repair procedures. "It is recommended to refer to [Nissan's] Electronic Service Manual prior to any repair or replacement to ensure that the proper inspection and repair guidelines are being performed by a qualified technician."

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More than 105,000 Volkswagen Beetles are recalled to replace the driver frontal Takata airbags at risk of exploding.

Read full recall:

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Happy New Year from all of us at Hunter Auto Body! We hope you have a safe holiday welcoming 2021!


Timeline photos 12/31/2020

CCC, Mitchell, Audatex weigh in on panel 'break point' concept: Major paint manufacturers indicate that a body shop must refinish to the natural breaking point in a panel to preserve a paint warranty, and insurers have been responsive to the idea of extending clear to that edge.

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Timeline photos 12/28/2020

“There are various steps involved when you discuss calibration and it’s important to understand and document,” said Darrell Amberson, Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) calibration committee member, as he began describing the business review related to calibration in an industry webinar.

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Timeline photos 12/25/2020

Merry Christmas from all of us at Hunter Auto Body! We hope you and your family have a happy and safe holiday season!


GM recalls 840K vehicles for seat belt, suspension problems 12/24/2020

GM recalls 840K vehicles for seat belt, suspension problems

When taking your vehicle to a shop after a collision there are a number of things that shop must think about. Safety should be number 1.

This is why every vehicle we repair gets the required manufacturer inspections completed.

Make sure you are choosing a shop that advocates for you, not the insurer!!

Have a blessed holidays!

GM recalls 840K vehicles for seat belt, suspension problems GM says the seat belt brackets may not have been secured to the frame, so the belts may not hold people in a crash.

Timeline photos 12/23/2020

Happy Holidays from all of us at Hunter Auto Body!

We will be closing at 12:30 on Christmas Eve 12/24/20
We will be closed Christmas day 12/25/20

We hope you and your families have a happy and safe holiday season!

Timeline photos 12/21/2020

OEM procedures might extend to auto body touch-up work too. Read more in the article below about what repair procedures you may need to look out for on your vehicle even if it seems like a minor scratch. There could be additional steps involved to ensure the most safe, correct repair.

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Timeline photos 12/18/2020

New Nissan position statement: Read OEM repair procedures before auto body repair - “It is recommended to refer to the (Electronic Service Manual) prior to any repair or replacement to ensure that the proper inspection and repair guidelines are being performed by a qualified technician,” Nissan wrote in the Dec. 9 position statement. “… Failure to adhere to these repair guidelines could result in an improper and, in some instances, an unsafe repair.

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Dealer, Customer Excitement Builds As All-New F-150 Arrives In Showrooms, Earns Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award.

The Ford F-150 arrives in dealerships nationwide this week, and early sales are indicating that customers can’t wait to start driving the newest version of the F-Series, America’s best-selling truck.

The first sales of the truck have already occurred in the Midwest and F-150 is now on its way to dealers in other parts of the country; the number of retail orders placed is at an all-time high.

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The Future of ADAS and Proper Vehicle Calibration: “There are nearly 2,500 unique static calibration procedures, many are changing mid-model year and back dating to prior years,” said DeBoer. “With this in mind you have to ask, are you sure you have the right procedure?”

All of your vehicle's safety features are part of the ADAS technologies that require additional steps during the collision repair process. Be sure your body shop knows the proper steps to repair these safety features so they can continue to protect you and your passengers.

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Hyundai last week unveiled its “E-GMP” electric vehicle platform and highlighted some of the structural battery protection elements collision repairers might need to restore.

The new architecture is tailored specifically for electric vehicles and is all-wheel drive by default, unless a customer orders rear-wheel drive. Read the full article below if you plan on owning a Hyundai. If you are ever in a collision, you may need to be aware of these new technologies.

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Kia is recalling about 295,000 vehicles in the US because their engines are at risk of catching fire while driving.

The affected models include some 2012-2013 Sorento, 2012-2015 Forte and Forte Koup, 2011-2013 Optima Hybrid, 2014-2015 Soul, and 2012 Sportage vehicles.

Read full recall here -- >

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