Busy Bee Dee

Busy Bee Dee


- The force is strong with this one ✨
My little Jedi Stella , it’s turning the big T W O ♥️


Star Wars figures by Busy Bee Dee 👏

May the force be with you always Stella ! 🙏

May the force be with you. Star Wars photo shoot ⭐️

Star Wars figures by Busy Bee Dee 👏! Thank you so much for your work !

All handmade, custom gifts, furniture, signs, decor, and apparel. In stock availability only at this time.


My first market was a positive experience all around. I didn’t have a lot of inventory to bring because of prior custom work that needed finishing but I was still happy with the setup. Today I’m super tired but grateful. Thank you to all who came out and all of the encouragement. We left with less than we came with so that’s a win as well!


Alll set up at my first market! We’re going to be hanging out at Rayford Sunday Market today from 11:00 - 4:00. Come drop by and say hi!


Alll set up at my first market! We’re going to be hanging out at Rayford Sunday Market today from 11:00 - 4:00. Come drop by and say hi!


He was 3!
I’m not crying YOU’RE crying. He’s finally outgrown it and I will be selling it this weekend.


Just finishing up some squirrel picnic tables to gift but gearing up to make more. I can’t stand it! They’re so dang CUTE!


This boy’s goooood with a hammer!


Check out this meditation alter requested from my dear friend. I’m not a huge fan of orange but this color is so SO pretty. After a few pics of what she liked about other alters and some other suggestions I came up with this design for her. 😍


Oh just another order/project to keep me on my toes. I’m so excited to see this come together for my friend!


Finally built some storage for my HTV. Upping my joinery game a bit too! Hah!


Fence repair was NOT on my list of things to do today. 😒


This weekend was rough but we all made it through. Daddy you’ll be missed beyond words. I love you so! I made this design in honor of you and I’ll wear it proudly.


I can’t STANNNNNND it! Thats not how I roll. Where there’s a need, mom busts out a project.


Working on some new things here. Will be offering blanks of all sorts soon. Let’s start with wooden book stacks.


Darth Vader guitar display art as Justin’s Christmas gift. I had no inspiration because the two interests combined don’t seem to exist and what a SHAME! Hahah! He’s geeked out though and I’m happy! Merry Christmas my love!


Putting together the grand’s crate to send home with Mama. I still want to repackage some things and redesign some things but they leave tomorrow.


Just a little 1/4” round over on some table legs here. Because


Finally got some Halloween decor made and up. Been super busy. Just onnnnnnne more little addition I’m working on. Teeheehee


Custom pickup order ready to go. I do appreciate my repeat customers more than they know. Congrats to her also on the announcement!


Just finished up a fun project request from a friend.

Photos from Busy Bee Dee's post 06/29/2021

Reminiscing about bigger builds and furniture. I reclaim when I can but it’s starting to look better with the lumber prices! Also the rainey weather isn’t allowing me to make many cuts but hey let’s look at some things I might not have posted! Bigger builds coming again soon.


Two more trays waiting for polyurethane. That happens tomorrow cause this chic is tiredt!


When my husband gets a bonus and shares with me! He’s absolutely so amazing and thoughtful to me. I adore himmmmmmm!

Now it's easier to send Busy Bee Dee a message. 06/15/2021

Now it's easier to send Busy Bee Dee a message.

Now it's easier to send Busy Bee Dee a message.


Party/Solo Cup Holdersssss!!!!

Batching out more of these little cuties. Contact me to get your order in also. I’ve been sending them all over the country!

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Just in time for Father's Day I have some valet trays I've been working on. They are the absolute perfect, thoughtful gift for your dad or husband. I can customize several ways with thoughtful and or funny messages or initials. The price may vary depending on the level of customization. I also offer just raw and unsealed pine trays for your children or you to paint or customize! They measure 9.5" x 9." square and 1.5" tall. They're priced at an average of $40.00 per tray. The raw, pine trays are $30.00 each. Pleased contact me and let me help you with your gifting ideas. I'm small, I'm local, (to most) and very happy to help you!

Photos from Busy Bee Dee's post 06/09/2021

Father's Day is less than 2 weeks away. I've come up with a few of my own designs to set your gift apart from some others. Sure, I'll make the typical "Worlds Greatest Dad" shirt if you need but I have so many more designs in mind. LOL! Also peep my amazing models in the post here. Hahahah! I've got some great looking guys here! Get with me if your interested! Shop local and support small businesses pretty pleeeeeeeease!


I Designed this tumbler for Austin’s teacher. Just 2.5 more day next week. WOW! She won’t be back next year but we can’t tell him right now as we’re not so sure how he’s take it. I’m so glad I included their mascot (Justin’s idea). It was her first year teaching. She is one of the most caring teachers I’ve ever met!!!We’re going to miss you Ms.Kieso!

Timeline Photos 05/20/2021

Today I finished up pressing the other half of class kinder graduation shirts for Austin’s class (12 to be clear). Just one more shirt done for him tomorrow as I get to go and be a real live ROOM MOM and not a “Zoom Mom” for their Field Day. Yes we make a shirt for every occasion round here. Cause I CAN! hahahah


I’ve had a few irons in the fire lately. One was working on this at a leisurely pace to help some neighborhood friends out. I Finally was able to get it to them today. This little one’s daddy didn’t have many tools to work with but started this project with great intentions. It was handed over to me at a sticky point so tweaked a few things and we got a finished project just in time for her to showcase her two rings! I don’t think photos do it justice. 😊


We’ve been working on class shirts that I designed for our Austin’s class. Justin wanted to help so he just weeded for the first time. He did a great job! Thank you babe!!!!


My new work space has been finished for a few weeks now and MAN have I loved it! I still have some work and organizing to do. We have other additions to add but still. I am functioning sooooo much better. Thank you my sweet Justin for suggesting and pushing for a better and more comfortable area. You’re seriously my biggest fan.

Sky-High Lumber Prices to Drop by Year-End, Analyst Says 04/23/2021

Sky-High Lumber Prices to Drop by Year-End, Analyst Says

Lumber prices steadily increasing has caused me to nearly stop taking woodworking orders at all. Its been tough on my little business. It’s hard to price your work in the first place but even harder when you have to pass the inflation onto a customer that might not have a clue that materials have increased so much. I am still producing but please be patient as there will hopefully be some relief soon.


Sky-High Lumber Prices to Drop by Year-End, Analyst Says Lumber’s record-setting price rally could cool off by the end of the year.

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“We’re all mad here!” This new design shows my true insanity for my babies. It’s been in the making for a while as it’s an original. Gotta give special creds to my hubs and partner in crime for his hard work in help with editing. I still need to tweak it just a bit. I think it gets the point across. Bahahah


YAY! All finished here! From designing this one to the final sanding. I really enjoyed this challenge in organizing for a customer. 🤨


Well these were tedious boogers but fun to see finished!


Oh look! It’s me with a wood cart full of heavy lumber again. Imagine that. This time I’ve been commissioned to build a custom weight rack. Here we goooooooooo!!!!


Boy it’s been a busy busy WEEK! I was commissioned to do some 20” Star Wars baby characters for a local photographer to use as props. Not my normal thing but I took on the project, tedious as it was hahaha! I do love how they turned out though! I gave her chewy first so that she could see my work so he’s not “with” the gang. 😉


It’s been a fun week here in Texas. 🤪

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Attention local friends! Need a last minute Valentine's Day gift or just want to add to it? I got you covered! I've put together some fun men's gift sets but items are available separately as well. Each set has a theme. Message me for other themes as I have many more to choose from. Mix and match how you like.

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