Acoustical Tbar Ceilings

Acoustical Tbar Ceilings

Commercial contractor that specializes in suspended ceilings, tbar ceilings, drop ceilings, tile ser

Commercial contractor that specializes in grid and ceiling tile services and installations. We have over 15 years of experience serving Los Angeles County, orange County, Riverside and the surrounding areas.


Does it seem like the room you just remodeled is still missing something, even now that all the paint is dry, and new furniture is in place? If you didn’t also do something to that boring plaster ceiling, that could be the issue.


A "skim coated" surface refinishing of your ceiling is a great way to liven things up. This type of coating gives your ceiling a subtle textured surface achieved by smoothing down very thin coats of drywall finish with a trowel.


The most popular ceiling color may be white, but most ceiling tile products are actually quite green. They feature advanced materials and surface finishes that resist mold and mildew, reduce energy use, dampen noise and even improve indoor air quality.


If you’ve had your ceilings refinished in the past and didn’t love the results, you may be considering replacement instead. Let’s talk about how our process differs from others and whether refinishing is still a viable option for your business.


Are you considering finishing your basement? The ceiling can be the most difficult renovation in the house. Traditional sheet rock is expensive and very difficult to install on ceilings. Drop ceilings with metal grids are an easy alternative that can be installed in a flash.


A knockdown texture is a type of ceiling finish achieved with an acoustical sprayer. Essentially, pressurized air is used to move the compound onto the ceiling in small pellets, and then wide joint knives are used to flatten those areas, resulting in a unique textured look.


Unfortunately, certain types of ceiling tiles are notorious for showing dirt and grime. When you need to ensure that your ceiling looks good regardless of whether it was just scrubbed, we’re always happy to help you find the best material for your needs.


Do you ever walk into a room and find yourself unconsciously ducking because of the ceiling’s shaky appearance? Refinishing the ceiling will allow you to feel more at ease in every room.


A bright, new ceiling can increase comfort and help you save money. How? According to the US Department of Energy, light-colored ceilings reduce heat gain, dissipate heat and glare and effectively distribute light throughout a space.


A common problem for ceilings is yellowing over time. This can be caused by smoke, moisture, exposure to sunlight, or cooking oils. If you have a yellowed ceiling, consider hiring a professional ceiling refinishing company. They will know the best way to restore the ceiling's original color.


You can finish off a basement in no time by installing acoustic tiles. Many basements have messy ceilings, with plumbing lines and electrical wiring stapled to the rafters. Installing suspended tiles will clean up the look of your basement.


For areas that require it, we can use anti-microbial paints for ceiling restoration. These paints are vital for areas where sterilization is important. They are also low VOC, (volatile organic compound) and meet standards for green building practices.


Is there a particular ceiling style you saw in a home magazine you wish you could emulate? We’re always happy to discuss whether it would look right in your home and give you an estimate of how long the work would take.


Sound absorbing materials reduce reverberation and echoes, improving speech and music clarity. Materials used are usually lightweight, thick, and porous. There are a variety of products to improve ceiling acoustics including tiles, baffles and banners, and speciality materials like fiberglass.


While people like to say that no one sees the ceiling anyway, this isn’t really the case. If you have an unsightly ceiling drawing your eye, we can help you turn it into something worth the attention.


Popcorn textured ceilings can be stripped of the material, and the ceiling sheet-rock left intact. When working on these projects, we completely cover your furniture and floor and safely remove and dispose of the waste. We then make all repairs before repainting.


The ceilings of a home are an integral part of the overall structure of a building. Ceilings need to be built properly, as they are not only important structurally but they also create ambiance and lend mood to a room.


For crowded retail environments, replacing a ceiling would require pulling everything from the floor to protect it from damage. With ceiling refinishing, we cover everything with impenetrable drop cloths so that inventory can remain in place.


Panel ceilings, popular in colonial, contemporary, craftsman, and Georgian-style homes, are planks or panels that are precisely cut and laid side-by-side and stained or sealed to they lay flat. They provide an elegant or cozy feel and a traditional look and can work in most contemporary homes depending on the wood style, finish, and paint.


An easy way to address cracks and/or water damage on your ceiling is an acoustic respray. This procedure involves applying a new texture finish to the existing ceiling. Nothing needs to be replaced, which makes the operation faster and more affordable.


If you are considering remodeling your basement to expand your living space, adding a ceiling to cover exposed sills and joists will bring the perfect finish, and impart an elegant atmosphere to a usually overlooked area of the home.


If you have a popcorn ceiling, and it was installed prior to 1980, do not begin scraping it down until you have it tested. Some applications may contain asbestos, and removing it indiscriminately can cause serious health hazards.


EPA changes have phased out incandescent lighting, and you may need to adjust your fixtures to accommodate the new types of lighting when having a new ceiling installed. The standard recommendation for fluorescent tube lighting is two per 75 square feet of ceiling.


In the typical office or commercial building, the ceiling can create an immediate and significant impact on visitors. Ceiling refinishing has a dramatic influence on the overall impression you make, because when you change the ceiling, you change how the entire space looks.


Concealed mount tiles are often the best solution for awkward or sloped ceilings, because they’re mounted with concealed supports that hold panels or squares firmly in place. They can’t be readily removed, so they’re best suited to semi-permanent installations.


It’s important to remember that dingy or stained ceiling tiles have a way of distracting people when there’s business to deal with. Let’s talk about how we can help restore the appearance of your ceiling so everyone can better focus on what needs to be accomplished.


Just because you have a vaulted ceiling doesn’t mean that you have to follow the flat lines of your roof. A skilled ceiling contractor can give you a ceiling with a long, smooth arch that instantly makes any room distinctive.


Do you ever avoid inviting people over because you’re worried they’ll look up? While your ceiling may not be the focal point of the room, refinishing it can help it blend in for the better and not stick out like a sore thumb.


Whether you’re considering adding a drop ceiling to your home or office space, the length of time it takes may still be a concern. The beauty of working with drop ceilings is that many projects can be completed within about a week.


Much like walls, ceilings can get stained and discolored. They are also prone to water damage. Just as with walls, the best option for fixing the ceiling is often refinishing to restore the original appearance rather than a costly replacement.


If acoustical soundness is important, we have a nice inventory of sound dampening materials that will work in any home or office configuration. From improved sound in your home theater room or a conference hall, we shut the noise out.

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