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Earth Glow is a stylized experience with a meditatively wholistic approach on enhancing your beauty. By appointment only


🌀a facial is a great way to calm neurological inflammation


🖤our favorite holiday. she wasn’t in the mood for a photo shoot today. also, I am a rabbit and the year of the rabbit is upon us!

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💙🤍🧡 is as simple as a smile


Established in 2019, birthed in , as of this month, Earth Glow is officially 100% woman owned!


💙eyelashes y’all


We’ve made it to 300 likes on fb! Thank you all for your continued trust & support. 💪✌️☀️



when there is nothing left to do, heal.
when there is no-one else to be, heal
when there is nothing left to know, heal.
when there is only now, heal.

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💜we made it! 14,065ft in altitude!


🤍classic full of eyelash extensions by Liz for this beauty




Contact 737.239.4377 to book your appointment for a full set of eyelash extensions! Receive a complimentary eyebrow shaping with purchase of any classic, hybrid, or volume full set of eyelashes!♥️


the beloved classic partial set of eyelash extensions is for those who prefer to lay down for a shorter amount of time than for the full set, yet still want a full eyelash line, with a natural vibe

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😘partial full set of classic eyelash extensions pictured here! swipe for


Ready for some good news?!
Earth Glow Aesthetics' in-person spa is now fully re-opened to the public and taking clients in a cozy wellness boutique in North Austin on the weekends!

I am excited to care for all of your enhanced beauty needs and desires!  During my free time, I have integrated a Master Reiki certification and am currently training for a level 1 Kundalini Yoga teaching certification.  
My focus on beauty has always been derived from the wholistic viewpoint, which I love to learn about.  It being an inner journey, through the different array of ways to attain soul growth, diet, physicality, moving into the outer journey of basic daily care of washing the face with efficacious ingredients for the skin, and of course brushing teeth and bathing/showering.  

The spa treatments have been updated at Earth Glow Aesthetics to more accurately reflect this philosophy.

To talk about the treatments a bit more, they have been inspired by my years of understanding and knowledge in professional skin care, and a synergistic awareness of the way the well-formulated products used in these offerings work together.  As you may notice, there is a greater focus on clinical and science-based formulas, enhancing the approach here in correlation to the more logical-based aspects of wholistic wellness.  As science is also energy, a heightened sense of the power of personal energy is also prevalent, might you sense?
So, to be as thorough as possible, all spa skin care offerings come with the option to be Reiki-infused.  This provides a sense of completion to the experience that can be healing, relaxing, and quite simply nice.  Reiki involves a healing energy of Universal life force that is channeled with thoughtful intention during treatment.

Reiki sessions are also available as stand-alone treatments in person or distance.

Whatever your wellness questions or concerns may be, set up a consultation and we will enhance & renew your already beautiful intentions through your own self care compass.

Stay beautiful ✌️✨


who is ready for summer? 🙋‍♀️☀️

while I speak a lot on here about the importance of skin care topicals for the face, body care is equally of utmost priority! along with a well-balanced diet, applying efficacious and high quality ingredients to the body’s skin year round absolutely improves its buoyancy, texture, and appearance. I enjoy the benefits of applying the combination of Environ’s Derma-Lac Lotion mixed with their BodyEssentiA Vitamin A,C, & E Body Oil, at least 3 x’s per week after my daily shower, to keep my skin nourished and protected. I love its light scent and the way it feels, absorbing into the skin and leaving a soft radiance. the results make this one of the best body products I have ever experienced. to order yours, schedule a consultation with the website link in bio and receive half price on your consultation, with purchase of this body kit. ☺️


ooh la lashes💙

•hybrid eyelash extension fill
•handmade fans mixed with classic eyelash extensions
•set & styled for a completed eyelash look
•pretty lady loves her eyelashes

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review spotlight
“It’s obvious that Liz works hard to curate a very specific type of energy in her space. When clients arrive, they instantly feel relaxed and at-ease. She answers questions and keeps the process informative throughout the session. No pressure or uncomfortable sales pitches; she comes across solely as seeking to inform and make sure the client’s needs are met. Her work was meticulous and careful. I was very pleased with my lashes and would absolutely recommend her services.”
Thank you, Sarah A!



Spread the love!💗🌙✨

•go to
•pick out your favorite products (📸 is the botanically soothing MakeUp Melt for all makeup lovers to cleanse with)
•apply code EARTHGLOW20 to the order at checkout for a sweeet 20% savings, on top of free shipping with orders of $75 or more
🤩every purchase using our code supports this small


PS. direct message or use the link in bio to set up a and learn what skin care wellness regime is best-suited for you.


👀✨check out those brows and lashes!


🌷rose quartz gua sha facial brings absolutely desirable results!!! and feels amazing. the complete holistic approach is taken very seriously in the most enjoyable way. and of course, consistency is key!

this beautiful lady had her first facial with me! I love introductory facials because people always wonder why that was their first one 😅
happy Sunday, beauty!💎

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🤎stretching is one of my favorite forms of meditation and self healing. aligning the body, feeling my limbs stretch away from my torso as my spine lengthens and the top of my head tingles……
how do you like to meditate? how do you like to stretch? do you contemplate the physicality of what it feels like to combine the two?


product highlight

power serum is formulated to reduce fine lines & wrinkles. transforming your face by relaxing forehead and smile lines so that you can smile even wider while looking more youthful. simply apply after cleansing and before moisturizer & sunscreen. it’s a party of peptides on the skin! boosting cologne & promoting cell regeneration so that you look & feel younger. being an adult has never been so fun.

If it's good enough for a bear, it's good enough for me! 09/18/2021

If it's good enough for a bear, it's good enough for me!

If it's good enough for a bear, it's good enough for me! Salmon is by far the most nutritious and flavorful fish, from my perspective. Enjoyable and healthy! I don't know about you, but when I read health benefits of something I already enjoy, it entices even more desire and gives me a sense of pride in loving deliciousness. If you already love salmon, yo...


Earth Glow's focus is holistic wellness in every offering available. Choose from in-person beautifying spa treatments, online shopping, a skin care wellness consultation, and/or ask about our online group skin care series's. All products and wellness modalities available in our curated selection are animal cruelty free.
Scheduling a consultation is a great way to have your needs and wants assessed, so that we can create your
specific wellness blueprint.💙💚🤎


what kind of music do you like to listen to when you wash your face?
is it calming? loving? exciting? loud? intense? beautiful? peaceful? angry? exhilarating? sexy? fun? feminine? masculine? stimulating? fulfilling? synergistic? calm? upbeat?


Fact: purple was the first color of dye made by (wo)man.
This color embodies the balance of blue’s calm and red’s stimulation. Purple is often well liked by very creative types, with its sense of mystically royal qualities. It effects, uplifts, calms the mind and nerves. Largely associated with the (7th) crown chakra, found at the top of the head where divine information is said to be received, appearance of purple offers a sense of spirituality.
A reminder to always use your imagination to enhance your truth, sending loving thoughts to yourself in everything you do, especially where beauty is involved.

Another fun fact: Comic books with purple on their covers sold better during the silver age (1956-1970).

How do you incorporate the color purple into your life?


🖤all products and holistic tools in the curated skin care selection are animal cruelty free


“take the time to carefully determine the action, thought, and ritual that most speaks to your soul.”


her relaxed vibrance is beautifully visible in the after (top) 💛🧡✨

this is a before/after of results from a customizable facial after one treatment.



🧡proper cleansing is a MUST in any skin care regime. how can all of the serums and creams applied afterwards work effectively if the skin isn’t properly cleansed?
a pre-cleansing oil removes excess surface oils and debris, pulling away environmental pollutants from the skin, leaving it hydrated and ensuring a proper cleanse.
this simple step is achieved by massaging the oil with fingertips for about 1 minute.
schedule a consultation with the link in bio to learn more.


all products are eco conscious and cruelty free! stay green ✌️


muthalovin nature💚


Thank you for a wonderful day of training today 🌴

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eyebrow shape + tint + beard tint + nose wax + ear wax 🥰

swipe for before, in-between, and after images


fun fact: did you know?

Yon-Ka translates to “purifying river of eternal force, symbolizing regeneration.”

(full translation from the Egyptian language)

‘Yon’ - A river filled with purifying water, basis of life, symbol of energy.
‘Ka’ - In Egyptian mythology, the eternal force in every human being and symbol of regeneration.

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