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Modus Builders


Great color match and site finishing work by Doug and his team at Hershberger Painting. We called them in to site finish the railing system which was installed “stain ready”. It’s pretty common to site finish stairs and their components especially on remodels. For the stringers and open riser treads, we shop built and sprayed ILVA system coatings (our standard MO). This is looking fantastic and we’re ready for cable railing now. 🤙🏼
GC: Modus Builders
Fabrication: @ninzanshop
Woodwork: @ninzanstudio + Eric Staup Carpentry
Finishing: @ninzanshop + Hershberger Painting Inc
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📷 @hershbergerpainting
When you decide to hand deliver a 13ft (156 in) x 2.5ft desk top… good thing this new building has tall floor to floor heights and the stair landings were wide enough to swing this countertop and three equally long floating shelves. Great effort by Alan and Dave! And thank you Joe and Kenny from Modus for assisting us with this delivery. 🙏🏻One more cleared off our checklist.
#teamninzan #custommillwork #modusbldrs
Project: #MBSRQQuay01
NinzanShop fabrication for G2 Cabinetry LLCCabinetry LLC
General Contractor: Modus Builders
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#MBSRQQuay01 Millwork Install

Finish carpenter Sam making it look easy installing a custom wall unit at the new Quay Commons project. 👊🏼

#NinzanShop for G2 Cabinetry LLC
General Contractor Modus Builders

#trim #finish #frame #custom #carpentry #woodworking #furniture #millwork #precision #carpenter #building #sarasota #sarasotaflorida #srq #ninzanstudio #ninzanbuild #ninzanshop

Video by Kwazulu Creative Co
The shop is busy milling up stair parts. We utilized our Laguna CNC to quickly and accurately cut the 3x12 laminated stringers. This one will be a stunner after we apply the finishing touches.
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#MBIPeStair Modus Builders
#trim #finish #frame #custom #carpentry #woodworking #precision #carpenter #building #sarasota #sarasotaflorida #srq #ninzanstudio #ninzanbuild
New ES aluminum sliding doors (and one French door) installed on this Modus project. We’re ready for inspection and then move into finish work. Great job by Ben and the crew! 🤛🏻 Last slide shows the “before” ...we cut out the precast concrete lintel to allow for new 10ft tall panels.
#doorrenovation #teamminzan #ESaluminumdoors #modusbldrs
#MBESDoors Modus Builders
#trim #finish #frame #custom #carpentry #woodworking #precision #carpenter #building #sarasota #sarasotaflorida #srq #ninzanstudio #ninzanbuild
Sill prep is paramount for installing new sliding doors. Ben and John are floating up the concrete sills after we had JP Services saw cut them down 1-1/2” as well as removing 8” precast lintels. The new doors will be aluminum ES impact slider 120” tall. 🤙🏼
#modusbldrs #teamninzan #doorrenovation

Project: #MBESDoors
Builder: Modus Builders

#trim #finish #frame #custom #carpentry #woodworking #precision #carpenter #building #sarasota #sarasotaflorida #srq #ninzanstudio #ninzanbuild

Ninzan Install Team: Ben & John

🎥 @kwazulucreativeco
Join us as we welcome Modus Builders as new members of the Sarasota Chamber! RJ and the team at Modus Builders specialize in large-scale home renovations, commercial interiors and custom homes of the highest quality. They provide a turn-key experience including design development, cost evaluation, thorough planning and management of trade resources for the successful completion of your project. Welcome to the Sarasota Chamber!
The Sarasota Polo Club defeated Epic Equine in the Opening Day match of the 30th Anniversary Season of the Sarasota Polo Club.

MVP: Holly Chamberlain of The Sarasota Polo Club
BPP: "Toro" played by Francisco Llosa of Epic Equine

Presenting Sponsors: Modus Builders
Best Playing Pony Sponsor: Align Right Realty - The Dinan Group

On-Site Engagement: Southeastern Guide Dogs

Trophies courtesy of Mermaid Vodka, The Sarasota Polo Club, and Dinan Realty Group.

Photos By: Eric Nalpas
Announcer: Dale Gavitt
National Anthem Singer: Music Compound's Mary Kathryn France
American Flag Presentation: Misdee Miller and her team of Combined Driving horses
Food Truck: Atypical Kitchen
MBRCPenthouse NBxMB 03

Sarasota Ritz Carlton Penthouse project wrap up and walk through with @modusbldrs . The interiors look fantastic and the job is only a few weeks from hand over. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! #modusbldrs #teamninzan #trimcarpentry #SRCPenthouse

Project #MBRCPenthouse
Builder Modus Builders

#trim #finish #frame #custom #carpentry #woodworking #precision #carpenter #building #sarasota #sarasotaflorida #srq #ninzanstudio #ninzanbuild

Ninzan Install Team
Scott + Phil

🎥 @kwazulucreativeco

Modus Builders is a licensed and insured general contracting company delivering high-end custom designs throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties.

Operating as usual


As we start the demo and tear down of this dwelling in order to build a jewel box modern home for our clients, it isn’t lost on is that this was a home for families and witness to memories both happy and sad. We honor this home and look forward to leaving this bit of Arlington Park better than we found it.

Timeline photos 06/06/2022

Who would not love this kitchen??



Timeline photos 06/03/2022

Take a look, because there's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away.

@finaltouchcounters @trade_mark_interiors


Photos from Modus Builders's post 06/03/2022

Progress Myrtle Ave Office.

Curved Sheetrock and an industrial vibe start to take shape in @atlantictngofficial ‘s new office space.

Timeline photos 06/01/2022

The best journeys take you home.

@campbell_cabinetry_designs @finaltouchcounters @trade_mark_interiors


Timeline photos 05/30/2022

It's important that enough light comes through your window so that it can breathe more life into your day.

@campbell_cabinetry_designs @finaltouchcounters @trade_mark_interiors.


Timeline photos 05/27/2022

Gorgeous job on the Indian Beach Lane Project by the Modus Team and @averyroofservices.


Timeline photos 05/25/2022

We think that when you invite people to your home, the kitchen is where the memories are made.

@signaturemarbleandgranite @elitewoodwork @oraclefloordesign @foxmirrorandglassinc.


Photos from Modus Builders's post 05/24/2022

Progress on our Hyde Park design/build. Compaction is complete and ready for underslab plumbing and electric.

Timeline photos 05/23/2022

We are in LOVE with this bathroom at the Indian Beach Lane Project.

Big thank you to @elitewoodwork and @oraclefloordesign


Timeline photos 05/21/2022

"Home sweet home. This is the place to find happiness. If one doesn’t find it here, one doesn’t find it anywhere." What an incredible collaboration with @elitewoodwork @and_masters @oraclefloordesign.


Timeline photos 05/19/2022

The Shore Drive project was an excellent experience.

@elitewoodwork @seashoregranite @sarasota_tile


Timeline photos 05/17/2022

"The more you know, the more you can create. There's no end to imagination in the kitchen."

Amazing work!

@elitewoodwork @seashoregranite @sarasota_tile


Modus Builders updated their phone number. 05/11/2022

Modus Builders updated their phone number.

Modus Builders updated their phone number.

Photos from Modus Builders's post 04/27/2022

North Point Road Custom progress.

All rough in work is complete and it’s time to close up walls. For me this is the most crucial time to make sure everything is in its right place and document how everything is run. As my beautiful niece termed it a long time ago, we are ‘nervcited’

Time to sling some drywall!

Photos from Modus Builders's post 04/21/2022

Loma Linda progress. Our design/build jewel box home renovation gets the finery of a herringbone marble backsplash to complement the calacatta gold veining of the quartz countertop. The clients see it coming together and super excited to move in but it doesn’t happen fast enough! Stay tuned for the reveal. Some day :)

Photos from Modus Builders's post 04/20/2022

Hyde Park breaking ground. It’s finally here. Permits in hand and we dig. We so excited to get going on our modern spec home build in Arlington Park and excited for the day we turn it over to Jon and Candace. Let’s do this.

Photos from Modus Builders's post 04/18/2022

Progress on our N Point Road custom build. Morning light hits nicely just before the crews arrive to polish this gem. Stucco is just about done, window trim is in and finishing the last of our rough in work before we close up the walls.

Photos from Modus Builders's post 04/14/2022

Photo ops: Its finally time to shoot some completed work this week including our Ritz-Carlton penthouse remodel and renovation. Stay tuned for the pro photos coming soon!


Ready to ROCK! Progress on our Hidden River remodel where our drywall hangers are about to stock and close up walls and ceilings.

MEP rough and framing inspections have all passed, spray foam insulation is done, and we are ready to stock and install the drywall. Before we hang, we double check our electrical, plumbing and HVAC locations as well as photo document every wall to create an as-built archive for the homeowner for future modifications and help with any future troubleshooting. We vacuum out the wall framing before drywall is hung which makes for a cleaner job in general. I know I’m looking forward to seeing these spaces take shape!


Days like this make us wish we could spend the day around this fire pit we built as part of a pool house and pool renovation in Panther Ridge. Just add some comfy cushions and blankets!


We are beyond thrilled for the opportunity to build this home for Jon and Candace. Look for updates as we make progress!

Photos from Modus Builders's post 04/06/2022

Progress on our South Shore Drive exterior renovation. Precast concrete bench by the fabulous @robertgonzalezconcretedesign and meticulous landscaping work by Grants Gardens.


In progress with the stucco exterior on our North Point Road at the Oaks Preserve.

Photos from Modus Builders's post 04/02/2022

Progress on our custom home in Osprey. A Meisner-inspired mission style home gets the stucco and barrel tile treatment.

Photos from Modus Builders's post 04/01/2022

Meanwhile, at our Loma Linda jewel box midcentury home renovation, the kitchen and bath take shape…

Photos from Modus Builders's post 03/28/2022

Past, present and future….

Past: A recently completed remodel on Long Boat Key
Present: Custom home in progress in Osprey
Future: A major industrial space expansion for boating industry pros in Sarasota.

All with

Photos from Modus Builders's post 03/23/2022

Progress in Osprey. Plumbing and mechanical rough is finished. Electrical is just about caught up and then the instant transformation when walls are closed up. Critical stage here to make sure everything is aligned and in its right place…


With some surgical structural work to remove a bearing wall separating the kitchen and living areas we opened up this mid century gem on Indian Beach Lane in Sarasota with great results. In the process, we started a great friendship with the homeowners, who were the real gems.


A makeover of a majestic gem on Longboat Key including an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and pool facelift and spa addition. La Serenissima is remodeled, renovated and restored.

Photos from Modus Builders's post 03/18/2022

Oaks Preserve. Stucco and rough electric in progress at our home It’s always a good thing to visit the site with the and make sure we are holding true to the vision. I don’t get a report card, but I’d say we got an A+.

Photos from Modus Builders's post 03/04/2022

N Point Road Custom progress. Windows get installed and AC ductwork continues.


And so it begins…

Site prep and fill begin on our spec build in Arlington.

Photos from Modus Builders's post 02/27/2022

Updated renderings on our modern spec home.

Grading and fill work begins this week on this beauty, expected to be completed and ready for occupancy January 2023 or sooner. We are proud to present our first spec home to the Sarasota market and families looking for high quality and value in the Arlington Park neighborhood.

Design/build opportunities available for your own lot as well!

Photos from Modus Builders's post 02/25/2022

Progress at our home in Osprey. The lid is on and the MEP rough work begins.

Modus Builders

A general contracting and construction management firm serving Sarasota and Manatee counties, Modus Builders has helped dozens of clients visualize and create their dream spaces. Working with discerning clientele and many of the best designers and architects in the industry, founder RJ Díaz is known for delivering expert leadership, consistent communication, and flawless results. His company is proud to partner with a cultivated team of craftspeople who share a passion for high-quality work. With a focus on thorough planning and attention to detail, Modus Builders has become synonymous with high-end custom renovations in southwest Florida.

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Progress on the Bayou
Completed Pool House Retreat Project



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