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Makers of Exceptional Herbal Medicines since 1969. We have herbalists on staff to help you with your health needs. Our motto: Keeping you Healthy-Naturally.

Manufacturer of liquid extracts as well as softgel herbal supplements. Herbs, Etc. sells herbal medicines to over 2,300 health food stores around the country. Order on line at: www.herbsetc.com


Have you taken your ImmunoBoost today? Taken daily, it supports and proactively boosts your immune system. Make this season a healthy season with Herbs, Etc. ImmunoBoost.


Our super Herbs, Etc. Colorado rep, Cassie Paul, was at the Natural Grocers Colorado Springs store last week. She met with the Nutritional Health Coach, Dawn, doing a quick refresher aisle training on Rocky Mountain Throat Syrup. Dawn simply loves this great tasting throat syrup recommends to her clients often.

"tis the season for Rocky Mountain Throat Syrup."



American Indians were the first to use echinacea, a plant found in central and southwestern America, for many different health challenges. As one reviews the many articles written between the middle 1800s and the middle 1900s on the medicine of the Native Americans, one gets a sense of a wide range in sophistication and skill among the various cultures. Tribes such as: Cheyenne, Choctaws, Comanche, Crow, Pawne and Sioux (to name a few) had different names for this herb, but they all used Echinacea for throats issues and challenges.
Echinacea use in North America peaked in the early 1900s, but its use sharply declined with the advent of antibiotics. However, with the recent surge in the use of herbal remedies, spending on Echinacea in the United States has risen to >$300 million a year.

The current general consensus in the field of Echinacea research is that preparations can have immune-stimulatory effects or anti-inflammatory effects on immunity, depending on the nature of the extract used.

Echinacea fresh-pressed juice and tincture appear to enhance immunity by increasing production of certain cytokines from macrophages and monocytes, particularly for people who find themselves getting sick frequently. It is suggested that this stimulatory effect may aid the body in warding off winter challenges.



Dryness of the membranes in the nose and throat causes them to lose their ability to prevent dust, viruses and bacteria from entering into the lungs. This is one of the reasons why risk of colds and upper respiratory tract challenges are higher in winter. The respiratory system's main job is to move fresh air into your body while removing waste gases. Once in the lungs, oxygen is moved into the bloodstream and carried through your body. At each cell in your body, oxygen is exchanged for a waste gas called carbon dioxide.

During the month of January, Herbs, Etc.'s website is offering our best selling respiratory products at 20% OFF. As always, free shipping on orders over $35. Act now and get your respiratory system preforming at its best.

Click here for the special January offer:

Photos from Herbs Etc.'s post 12/21/2023

Louise Solton, our Herbs, Etc.'s sales rep for Colorado had another busy week. First stop was Natural Grocers in Brighton where she trained Anna on Singers Saving Grace and all Herbs, Etc.'s top sellers.

Then, on to Sprouts in Denver where she spent time with the department manager, Cameron, who loves Rocky Mountain Throat Syrup. I agree Cameron, it's the best!!

Finishing the week at Natural Grocers at Denver's Design District with team member Jason who also loves Rocky Mountain Throat Syrup. Everyone is excited about the new 8 ounce size! "Tis the season to stock up on Herbs, Etc.'s fabulous tasting throat syrup.

Photos from Herbs Etc.'s post 12/21/2023

Herbs, Etc.'s fabulous Santa Fe sale rep Cecilia Montoya, treated Sprouts' #705 Health & Beauty Aid members to a Holiday Hot Chocolate at Kakawa in Santa Fe for all their support and hard work. A little pre-holiday cheer.

Dee, Sprouts Vitamin Manager, will be creating a Rocky Mountain Throat Spray display during these winter months. Dillian, a new hire who's very interested in Herbal Medicine, loved the training and information along with the Practical Guide Guide to Herbal Medicine reference book . We will be training more in New Year when time permits.



Herbs, Etc's. retail store in Santa Fe is offering two great immune boosting products to help you through these health challenging times. ImmunoBoost and Phytocillin are both on special during December at 25% off.

ImmunoBoost: Activates your immune system and clears immune system challenges. It helps strengthen your immunity during holiday travels or when you're under a lot of stress.

Phytocillin : Resolves those lingering seasonal challenges and strengthens your lungs and intestinal tissues.

Don't live in Santa Fe? Catch these products at 20% off at our website: www.herbsetc.com

Photos from Herbs Etc.'s post 12/03/2023

A busy November for our Herbs, Etc. rep Louise Solton. She's all over Sprouts Farmers Market stores in Colorado training staff on our Herbs, Etc. product line.

Sprouts #333 on West 6th Avenue in Arvada with team member Chelsea.
Sprouts #315 on South Colorado Blvd. in Denver with Jason.
Sprouts #325 on South Broadway in Englewood with Lori.
Sprouts #330 on North Lincoln in Loveland with Lexie.

Then over to Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage in Fort Collins with Dee and training with Heather in their Loveland store.

Thank you Louise for that great month of training!


Cassandra Paul, another great Herbs, Etc. sales rep in Colorado, stopped into Sprouts in Castle Rock, Colorado for a refresher training with Morgan. Morgan is a HUGE fan of Deep Sleep (aren't we all). Herbs, Etc.'s Deep Sleep uses only FRESH, never dried, herbs in this formulation.

Having trouble sleeping, give Deep Sleep a try and finally get that great night's sleep that you've been wishing for.


Our New Mexico Herbs, Etc. rep, Cecilia Montoya stopped in at Hotel Santa Fe to meet with Grecia at the front desk of Hotel Santa Fe's Spa facility. Grecia just completed her Herbs Etc. training and is so ready to talk with guests and travelers about ChlorOxygen during their stay in Santa Fe. At 7,000', the air is thin and altitude issues sometimes can occur. She also is interested in supporting herself with more energy in the afternoon to beat the post lunch slump with Herbs, Etc.'s ChlorOxygen instead of unhealthy energy drinks. Smart move Grecia!


From Cassie Paul, another great Herbs, Etc. sales rep who helped a customer at the Sprouts store on Powers Blvd. in Colorado Springs.

Mabel was looking for some cough relief and Cassie stepped in to tell her about Herbs, Etc,'s Rocky Mountain Throat syrup. . . which she purchased. She was also given a few sample packs of Deep Sleep soft gels. Mabel LOVES that Herbs, Etc.'s manufacturing facility is in Santa Fe and loves the history behind these great products. She understands the importance of using fresh, never dried, herbs in our formulations.

Photos from Herbs Etc.'s post 11/19/2023

Louise Solton, our super Herbs, Etc. sales rep in Colorado and a week of in-store training sessions:

Sprouts 333 Chelsea on West 64th in West Arvada that carry Herbs, Etc's full line of herbal medicines.

Sprouts 315 on Colorado Blvd in Denver where Jason (see picture) loves Herbs, Etc.'s ChlorOxygen and drinks it throughout the day for energy and digestion. Smart!

Sprouts 325 in Englewood on South Broadway had a training on the Herbs, Etc. items that they carry.

Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage where Vincent (see picture) is excited to try Herbs, Etc's. ChlorOxygen.

Great work Louise. What a week!!!

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It’s Herbs, Etc.’s 47th Anniversary!

Back in 1971, Michael Moore opened Herbs, Etc. in Santa Fe. In 1982, after working for and being mentored by Michael, I bought the business. Ever since, Herbs, Etc. has strived to make the best herbal medicines possible for you, our health-conscious customer.

Making the highest-quality herbal medicines means using fresh herbs, when the formulation demands fresh. When the formulation demands dried herbs, we buy the herb whole and grind it ourselves. By grinding whole dried herbs ourselves, we know the powder has not been adulterated.

The machinery we use doesn’t exist, except here at Herbs, Etc. We either tweak the machines that are available for purchase or have what we need built to our specifications. The processes the machinery support are proprietary and all have the same result – to retain the most active constituents. By doing so, Herbs, Etc. provides you with the most potent herbal medicines, in either softgel or liquid extract formats.

Speaking of softgels, we are the only herbal medicine manufacturer who encapsulates our own softgels. We also laser engrave each softgel with the name of the herbal medicine. We do all of this to safeguard our product and you.

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Deep Sleep - Consistently produces deep, refreshing sleep
Our newest video for seasonal challenges. Let us know what you think.



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