💕 Santa Fe is for Chocolate Lovers! 👉
Santa Fe winters are prime time for indulging in chocolate. Colder temperatures mean we can eat chocolate without it melting on our fingers, not that it’s ever stopped us before. Santa Fe residents and visitors can enjoy hand-crafted chocolate candies and drinking chocolates, also known as elixirs, crafted by artisanal chocolate makers. Five of them are stops on the Santa Fe Chocolate Trail. Didn’t know we had one of those? Look it up!

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Spooky Chocolate Week

📸 Cacao
Our Day of the Dead truffles are out! Blood Orange, Caramel, Raspberry and Pumpkin.
– It’s day 7 of 10 where we are featuring locations around New Mexico that we LOVE to visit on our bicycle tours. We have a special surprise for our 10th day so STAY TUNED 😎🚲💗

The City of Santa Fe features some GREAT off-street bicycle and pedestrian trails to enjoy. Today, however, we will focus on a : the Santa Fe River Trail, which has its start in the city’s vibrant Guadalupe District, and near the Santa Fe Railyard.

The River Trail is such an enjoyable experience on our bike tours, as it begins at the historic Santuario De Gaudalupe near downtown (the Santuario is free to enter, and definitely worth a visit too), and quickly whisks us away from the city and into the natural environment of the Santa Fe riverbed, an area the city has been working to restore with beautiful cottonwood trees, stones, and natural landscaping.

The Trail provides some tremendous views (looking back) of the Sangre de Christo Mountains, and connects bicyclists and pedestrians to Santa Fe’s Siler-Rufina Nexus / Creative Innovation District (SRN - which is home to art installations and organizations such as Meow Wolf Santa Fe and Wise Fool New Mexico; restaurants and breweries such as Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery, Rowley Farmhouse Ales, Java Joe's, and Cacao the Art of Chocolate; and a growing variety of galleries and local artists.

This is one of Santa Fe’s NEWEST urban areas, and we love taking guests from the natural setting of Frenchy's Park (a great, urban/natural park) and into the alternative universe(s) of Meow Wolf, and back again by-bike through Santa Fe’s historic districts.

The City recently extended the River Trail another mile from Frenchy’s to Siler Road, part of a 15-mile master plan to restore and improve the River and surrounding areas. We also love looping down the River Trail to Frenchy’s Field, riding through the city across to the Santa Fe Rail Trail (another of Santa Fe’s gems), and then back into Downtown for a beer/wine/meal.

Along the Rail Trail be sure to visit La Choza Restaurant and Second Street Brewery. When at/near the Santa Fe Railyard, we always love a stop to Violet Crown Santa Fe, The Cowgirl BBQ, SITE Santa Fe, Vivác Winery at The Shops, and Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe.

Did you know the Santa Fe River Trail follows the original trade route of the Camino Real Adentro (the “Royal Road”) up from the Rio Grande and into the Santa Fe area?

The Santa Fe River has supported settlers for thousands of years, and although much of the river no longer runs year-round, it still provides drinking water for residents of Santa Fe through an upstream reservoir in the Sangre de Christo Mountains.

Visit Santa Fe, New Mexico Santa Fe County Visit New Mexico
With both Southwestern and Hawaiian roots, The Art of Chocolate-Cacao brings together an experience of fine chocolate beyond the wrapper! 🤎

Place your order online at or call in curbside delivery which is EZ in their parking lot. You stocked up on toilet paper - don’t forget good coffee and chocolate! 😀
Get your chocolate fix on for the holiday season with gifts of exotic chocolates, craft bars and specialty confections from The Art of Chocolate - Cacao!

Please read my blog post below from a visit I had with Melanie and Derek - co-owners of the business. "They bring unique flavor combinations and artistic creations to the taste buds that linger in memory" 😀

For orders placed online, their last guaranteed for Christmas ship date is Dec 19th ( priority mail and Fedex)
Tuesday Treat
"The Nest"
Cacao chocolate egg filled with gelato and berries
Looking for something fun and different to do in Santa Fe? Book a Chocolate Culinary Class, Workshop or Special Tasting over at the "Art of Chocolate: Cacao Santa Fe"!

Please read my blog post below about my visit and find out the many fun things to do! 😀
Countdown to EAT! ARTsmart’s Edible Art Tour is happening downtown tonight, and on Canyon Road tomorrow . Don’t miss out on delightful pairings like Winterowd Fine Art and Cacao. If you haven’t gotten tickets yet you can purchase them at

Thank you to Del Norte Credit Union, underwriter for EAT.
You haven't had chocolate until you've tasted these chocolates!
Highly recommend the Ethiopian Guji! Exactly as described. Hit every note! Smooth. If you HAVE to have cream and sugar...please try this before adding;)
Delighted to have won this wonderful Truffle Box at Happy Hour at Cacao Santa Fe last Friday. Yum!
THANK YOU, CACAO, for opening your doors to Theatre Walk Santa Fe. You provided the best imaginable venue for us to perform in. We LOVE you all!!

fresh roasted estate coffee with factory tours and workshops Specializing in unique flavors and designs, historic drinking chocolates.

.Art of Chocolate/ Cacao Santa Fe is an award winning Bean to Bar craft chocolate maker featuring single origin chocolate bars, drinking chocolate elixirs hand crafted southwestern truffles. chocolate culture workshops, hand crafted truffles, and fabulous chocolate bars and coffee!


Please follow my new page on Facebook ,( ) with the Pottery Shard truffles icon. Also on Instagram as , and my blogsite at

Home | Chocolate Homestead 03/12/2022

Home | Chocolate Homestead

Thank you to everyone who has responded to my Pay it Forward campaign. I am grateful and eager to make chocolate again. You are angels!

Home | Chocolate Homestead Park Model tiny home living and chocolate lifestyle for retirement

Home | Chocolate Homestead 03/09/2022

Home | Chocolate Homestead

I am taking some pre-orders for truffles. Please read my blog post “ Plea to Pay it Forward” on

Home | Chocolate Homestead Park Model tiny home living and chocolate lifestyle for retirement


Happy Holidays everyone! Wishing you peace and joy in these strange times!


Check out our new Mele Kalikimaka mixed case special for only $100.(12 bars) 2 of each- 100% zorzal dark, espresso 72%, Peru 85% w / coconut sugar and three different dark and dark milk Hawaiian bars . Limited quantities. Eat some, share some.


Some good news, we will be releasing after Thanksgiving a limited qty of our most beloved bars, Prickly Pear/Hibiscus and Lime, The Chaco Bar with Nibs and red clay sea salt and Rise N Shine with Pinon and Chile . These will be available as a 3 bar set, 1 of each, or by the case of 12. On the website soon!


For those who have asked , we have to mostly sit this Xmas out. I am unable to find a commercial kitchen to work in. There will be a limited number of bars on our website but sadly no truffles. The good news Is I bought a house, ready in April and will be able to produce after that.


Come see us at Booth 510, usual location!

Chocolate News from Derek & Melanie 08/28/2021

Chocolate News from Derek & Melanie news from Derek and Melanie

Chocolate News from Derek & Melanie


Sipping chocolate or Mezcal, it’s more fun in these cups!


Meeting of the minds….


The great Zoltan says stay tuned for chocolate news. In the meantime folks, stay cool! No shipping in this hot weather but is restocked with bars.


Voting is happening now- Thanks for your support during our location transition.


. Our first curbside delivery after having to shutdown indoor service. Note masks were not yet a thing. That would happen the following week. No idea what a ride we were in for over the next year.


Lavender honey, Raspberry, Dreamy caramel and Meyer Lemon/ Champagne and Elderflower.

Photos from Cacao's post 02/28/2021

Derek, Mark and Nicolasa Chavez did an interesting lecture today for Friends of the International Folk Art Museum. The lecture was a fundraiser and featured our Colonial NM Elixir which won an International Chocolate Award last year. Available on our website.

Hershey, Nestlé, Mars and Other Chocolate Makers Named in Child Slavery Class Action Lawsuit 02/17/2021

Hershey, Nestlé, Mars and Other Chocolate Makers Named in Child Slavery Class Action Lawsuit

Hershey, Nestlé, Mars and Other Chocolate Makers Named in Child Slavery Class Action Lawsuit A human rights group filed a lawsuit on behalf of eight Malian men who say they were trafficked across the border to the Cote D'Ivoire and forced to harvest cocoa for one or more of seven companies: Mars, Nestlé, Hershey, Cargill, Mondelēz, Barry Callebaut and Olam. Child labor is a major and ongo...


Join Friends of the Folk Art Museum Sun Feb 28th from 2:45-4:45 for a special presentation on chocolate in Colonial New Mexico. Tickets include a 6 oz pkg of Colonial NM chocolate elixir you can prepare and drink while watching. There will be 3 presenters including Mark Sciscenti , Derek Lanter and Nicolasa Chavez, curator of Latin and Hispanic collections. Each ticket is a partial donation to the International Folk Art Museum. # historicelixirs


Thank you everyone! We are sold out of our Valentine’s truffle production for this year. There are still some single origin bars and Historic elixirs. You can still swing by Herve Wine bar downtown on San Francisco St. This Fri/Sat/ Sunday and pick up some chocolate and a glass of bubbly. If you placed a local order, I’ll be contacting you to schedule delivery on Thursday.


Meyer lemon, Elderflower and Champagne. I just want to eat them all. Broke one. Sorry not sorry.

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! 01/31/2021

Valentine’s Day is coming soon!

Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

We have a limited number of special Valentines truffle boxes available for shipment only. Check out the website at (

Update: On Dec 31st we vacated the space at Richards Lane, deciding to not renew our lease, due to all the Covid limitations. Hoping to resettle this month, the new space did not end up materializing, so unfortunately we do not have a new time- line for re-opening and are looking for alternatives.
You may still purchase single-origin bars and our award winning Historic Elixirs ( new batch coming next week) on line. Due to shelf life, truffles will not be available after Valentines but email if you have a larger corporate order or project and we may be able to accommodate. Thanks again for all your support and hoping 2021 brings renewed freedom and prosperity to all.
Derek and Melanie

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! Click here for an update from The Art of Chocolate!


Bring out the wild side this Valentine’s Day! Sure to please with luscious truffles.


Our cute 12 pc truffle hearts will be ready to ship Feb 3-10. Leopard or Red Swirl fabric. ’s


Almost time for that season of love. Limited box quantities this year. Order early.

Does cocoa make you smarter? The cognitive benefits of flavanols revealed 01/08/2021

Does cocoa make you smarter? The cognitive benefits of flavanols revealed

Does cocoa make you smarter? The cognitive benefits of flavanols revealed Increased consumption of flavanols – molecules that are particularly abundant in cocoa beans – can increase your ‘mental agility’, fresh research suggests.


Just a reminder we are closed for the month of January. Look for Valentine’s chocolate on the website last week of January.
Happy New Year to all!


The shelves are bare and the elves are tired. Our crew did a phenomenal job this year. Every order complete and shipped, 10,000+ truffles, thousands of bars and drink mixes. Thank you everyone and enjoy the holidays!


Every on line order is shipped! We will be open Monday- Thursday ( Xmas Eve) until 4 pm. For last minute purchases. There are truffles, bars and drink mixes to choose from. We will then close for the month of January for a well deserved rest. Drop your email in on line for our newsletter and more details. 12/20/2020

Don't Be Tricked by These 4 Claims When Shopping for Chocolate This Christmas | Cocoa Box | Chocolate Subscription Box & Gifts While we shop frenetically for chocolate this Christmas, the opportunities to be misled by deceiving marketing claims increase too.


A beautiful box of NM Balsamic and Spruce tips. My favorite truffles. I’ve made over 8000 chocolate gems since Dec 1st and these bring me joy. . .


If you ordered our Chaco pottery shard truffles, hang in there. We have had amazing orders for these and the packaging supply chain is pretty broken this year. We source from France and International FedEx tells us our packaging shipment arrives tues and wed which means we’ll be shipping all this coming week and they will arrive for Xmas. We will likely switch from USPS to FedEx to expedite your back orders. Thanks for your patience. We are very short staffed and working long days to deliver your orders. We are currently paused on all new truffle orders for shipment but there is some inventory in the store. If we get caught up in the next few days, we’ll re-open on line orders again. 🙏🙏🙏


I’m in love with this truffle. Blue Spruce and Piñon with a touch of Atapino with piñon, ponderosa and oak. # tastethesouthwest


all the companies and individuals who have helped us get through these long 8 months. We feel blessed! We are open this week Wednesday, then will close for a long Thanksgiving weekend and be back Wednesday Dec 2nd. Come say hi or call in Wed. We are Stocked with fresh roasted coffee, truffles , bars and drinking chocolate to make your Thanksgiving a little sweeter!💋 11/23/2020

Send a gift of chocolate this holiday season!

We’re here for your holiday gifting and grateful for all our customers.

While we miss seeing all of you in person, we are still here making delicious chocolates for all your holiday gifting and hostess/host needs.

We will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday Thursday Nov 26 thru Tues Dec 1 st, so come stock up this Wednesday. We have lots of fresh truffles, fresh roasted coffee, delicious single-origin and inclusion bars, drinking chocolates and elixirs by the dry mix or prepared quarts and scrumptious brownies in 3 flavors. Call in your local order for pickup or order for shipment on line at (
Enjoy a free house sipping chocolate on us when you pickup your order. Click here for an update from Art of Chocolate/CacaoSanta Fe!


If this is you.. we can help!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Story

Cacao Santa Fe, The Art of Chocolate, roasting and grinding chocolate and coffee since 2016. Bean to bar craft chocolate maker. Hand crafted truffles in Southwestern flavor and design, single origin and inclusion chocolate bars, drinking chocolate elixirs, fresh roasted Estate coffees and unique chocolate workshops and coffee cupping classes. Check it out!

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Derek is roasting coffee tonite . Many of you have ordered the 5 lb bulk bags to minimize running around town too often....
Fresh roasted coffee for the new year. 5 different origins. Come stock up! We will be closed from Jan 12-22 for a winter...
Mark is off for a bit to celebrate his wedding, but stocking the fridge first with fresh batches of Elixirs including my...
Bring your Xmas list and let us mail your chocolates with a personal note. stress free!
Serendipity Cacao, Belize. Derek and I planted these trees 2 1/2 yrs ago. Harvesting started this week.
Join us this SUNDAY at Art of Chocolate! In conjunction with Meow Wolf’s and the City Of Santa Fe’s Summer Wheels block ...
Winnowing a new batch of Dominican Zorzal Cacao beans. Winnowing is a process that cracks the bean and separates the she...
Indulge Mom with a box of decadent, delicious chocolate truffles . Select your own assortment from over 20 different fla...
Pouring a flight of authentic chocolate elixirs made by our Chocolate Historian and Alchemist Mark. He’s researched choc...




3201 Richards Ln
Santa Fe, NM

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Wednesday 11am - 5pm
Thursday 11am - 5pm
Friday 11am - 5pm
Saturday 11am - 5pm

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