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Sincere Cycles


Hi Bailey:

I was sorry to hear about the break-in.

I am looking for some product that perhaps you can source and I can purchase from you. I'm in need of a Salsa Adaptor Plus Rear Rack and a 35mm Salsa Rack Lock Seat Collar. Also, any recommendation you may have for panniers to go on this rack that are at least 10L per side. This is to go onto an XL Salsa Timberjack.

Best wishes and thanks for all you do for the local cycling scene.

Brett Kettering
Our buddy is no stranger to MONSTER days in the saddle, and he's also one of the inspiring folks that make the Gravel Scouts weekly community rides possible. Chad scored this incredible Black Mountain Cycles La Cabra frame and asked us to build him up the ideal rig for his biggest, wildest ambitions yet, and we couldn't be more stoked on how it rolled out! We wrapped up this 💎 just in time for Chad to hit the road out west for a cruise with our friends at Sincere Cycles and Monumental Loop Send some ♥️♥️♥️ to Bailey Gene Newbrey and .matterhorn while you're there, buddy!✌️
Now here’s a sweet titanium bikepacking rig outfitted with Whisky hoops and bars. Built up for Erik ( by Sincere Cycles in Santa Fe, you might spot it single-speeding around the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Head to The Radavist for all the rest:
Sincere Cycles is our newest Santa Fe drop off location. Are you sick of these posts? We're not. The outpouring from all these great businesses to help up get more kids on bikes is really inspiring.
Sincere Cycles is at 411 W. Water St. Suite B Santa Fe, NM 87501 and they are open 10-6 Monday through Saturday. Drop off your donated bikes to them anytime during business hours and they will safely deliver them to us.
Thanks again, Sincere Cycles
Hi Bailey. I did my first real climbing ride on my old Bianchi since you worked on it. What a joy to ride, and so much better than before! Thanks!

A full-service bike shop selling commuter, touring, and bikepacking bicycles & accessories

Photos from Sincere Cycles's post 08/18/2023

🎶 that summer feeling 🎶


Had a lil’ visitor hanging on the shop sign this AM


The bike industry has an ever-growing elephant in the room: Fast Fashion. The need to sell new product at an increased margin has caused an arms race of new standards and bikes that are “dated” damn near the moment you roll ‘em out the shop.
Here at Sincere Cycles, I believe the bicycle to be the most simple and efficient machine for human transport. & why would we want to overcomplicate something so beautiful? Sure there are merits to some new tech, but by and large most people just need a bike that’s easy to maintain with easily sourced replacement parts.
Meet the .bikes Supertramp. It’s everything one needs to get out and enjoy the world around ‘em without the superfluities which can distract and detract from the intended purpose. Got a coupla of these in stock at the moment if you’re looking for a bike who’s sincere in purpose and intention and which you can keep putting miles and smiles on year after year.


I know, I know; 1x clutch electronics blah blah blah

You ever seen an Ultegra 6500 shift a chain between those 3 rings up front? ‘tis a thing of beauty.


Single File Santa Fe Single Track

Annual reminder that time on bikes up high is fleeting. We’re gonna blink and these mountains will be snow covered again. Get it while you can!


Happiest of new bike days to the one & only ! Alex was struck with the desire to downsize & maximize the bike stable, so a plan was set and we built up this beautiful Wayward with just enough added color to spice up the classic raw TI frame look. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your projects & adventures, Alex. It really is a treat!


Coming soon…


One for the weekend:
Remember that singlespeed Neutrino I built up for .svg? After a plane, ferry, & bicycle ride it’s now living it’s best life out east, being easily stowed away and patiently awaiting Sean’s trips back & forth. Cool & practical bikes are the best bikes. Sean’s a cool & practical person and also one of the best.
Ok, hope y’all get some time to get after it this weekend!

Photos from Sincere Cycles's post 07/17/2023

Some of y’all might’ve already seent this one over on , but if not head on over and peep this v3 La Roca I just wrapped up for . Got a whole size run of these at the shop waiting for you to unleash your wildest dreams upon. HMU if transcendent steel hardtails are your thing.

& lastly, 🙏 to for the gorgeous 📸!


Kai got his Surly Bridge Club ripped off. If you see it around town give he or me a heads up & throw a u-lock on it if ya can! Let’s get this one back!


🎶 we’re all in the Monē now 🎶

Already moved a few of these without even announcing I’ve got ‘em, so figured I’d let y’all know that I’ve a full size run of La Roca V3 in stock and waiting for your dream builds!!!


🚨 just spotted my fiancés stolen TI Salsa Fargo near the shop. This bike, but with flat bars and bar ends and all black tires. Holler if you see it!!!


New 22oz bottles designed by the lovely in stock now!!!


Hopefully it comes as no surprise that I’ll be closed on the 4th. But just in case you were wondering, here’s a patriotic wallride reminder.

Hope you find some time to get out there tomorrow.


Photos from Sincere Cycles's post 07/01/2023

New/Recent arrivals post:

Sincere x notebooks! Made by the inimitable in an old schoolhouse outside of Madison, WI

water bottles!

Real brassy brass valves from to coordinate your whip (or anything ya wanna add some flair to)

did a limited run of Pewter components. I grabbed a set of Klampers and some Boxcars for y’all.

limited edition olive Waveform pedals

Cava JFF in 27.5x2.2?!?!?

cathole digging tool. Ya know you’re gonna need it…

En route are fresh colors in the Sincere/ jerseys and a NEW WATER BOTTLE designed by the lovely .

Ok, I’ve satisfied the capitalistic algorithm overlords for the next month. Back to cool bikes and beautiful landscapes

Photos from Sincere Cycles's post 06/27/2023

Back from a long, high country weekend of camping, hard runs, tour divide trail magic-ing, and serendipitously running into friends. Forgive me any distractions today, as my mind is still up on the CDT.


Here’s a random photo from the Cabezon Campout that I’m using to remind y’all that I’ll be CLOSED TOMORROW SATURDAY 6/24 for some adventures along the CDT. I’ll be here until 6PM for any weekend needs (including completed repair pick ups 😉)! Have a fantastic weekend!

Photos from Sincere Cycles's post 06/19/2023

🚨 Unusual Hours Update 🚨

Normal hours Tues-Friday this week, but CLOSED SATURDAY 6/24 for some camping/training/Tour Divide racer high fivin’ at one of my favorite places on earth; the CDT in northern New Mexico.

For those wondering if this’ll run afoul with TD self-supported rules; the only support/supplies offered to racers will be ci******es.

Ok, that’s it for now, see y’all tomorrow!


The most fun bikes are the ones I’d build for myself. Gavin did a frame up build on a El Jefe, the signature frame of my buddy . SRAM XO1 drivetrain, Revel carbon wheels rolling on Teravail Kessels (best trail tire for NM ATMO), that ultra smooth new Pike Ultimate, and, naturally Cane Creek eeWings. Also got all the lil matchy WolfTooth bits. This one just cannot get any more rad & practical. Congrats on the new bike bud, now let’s get it dirty!!!


Busy busy bike shop + morning runs = tired Bailey.

Thanks to y’all for keeping my hands occupied and legs tired! Shop rides returning soon!!!


The bike industry is powered by a small number of very passionate individuals. So nice to find this note today! Thanks, Kyle! & hey Richard, hope you’ve blocked off plenty of trail time this weekend!


Ain’t been too active on the social media things as of late, so here’s a picture of my friend David riding a Neutrino I did a custom frame up build on for my friend .svg. Bike shops are good places to make/meetup with friends.


Trails are likely gonna be more than a bit sloppy this morning, so let’s cancel this morning’s . See y’all out there next week!


I’ve had some questions as to whether the Wednesday morning group run will continue now that the JMTR has come & gone. Welp, if y’all are still up for it count me in! Except for tomorrow. I’ve got a morning appointment to get my neck/back fixed up and hopefully relieve myself of this existence of constant pain. But after this you can expect to see me & the group at Betterday Coffee every Wednesday at 7:30 for an hour of trail running with some great people. See y’all there!


John rolled through on the cargo bike with an extra cooler for the Sincere/ .santafe social hour(s)!
Swing through 5-7PM for a community gathering with drinks (boozy & non) and snacks from .shop.sf!
See ya tonight!!!


This Wednesday from 5-7PM the shop’ll be hosting a social hour celebrating the relaunch of .santafe. Light refreshments provided, but feel free to BYO. See y’all there!


🚨 Upcoming Unusual Hours 🚨

Half day (10-2) Friday 5/19 and CLOSED Saturday 5/20

Some of y’all may be aware that I’ve been running much more than riding since breaking my hand in December. I took the forced time off the bike to pursue new challenges which are culminating in my running the 50 mile Jemez Mountains Trail Race this coming Saturday. The start is at 5AM and as such I’ll have a short Friday to give myself time to get settled and set for a successful outing. Thanks for the support and encouragement as I attempt my first running event. I can’t wait to push my body in this new endeavor!

Photos from Sincere Cycles's post 04/28/2023

A snowy, but happy new bike day (& birthday!) to Sanae! Thanks to Daniél for the photo of the birthday morning surprise!


I had a fantastic time at the Cabezon Campout hosted by last weekend! It was so great to ride & camp with so many wonderful people. Thanks to .refsnider for the photo. & if you want to support more events like these and other advocacy efforts head over to , become a member, and throw em some 💵.


Quick reminder, I’ll be closed tomorrow so that I can participate in the Cabezon campout! See some of y’all there! And best of luck to those racing at tomorrow! To the rest of you; have a great weekend of fun in the sun!


Too tired to be clever. Closed Saturday so I can participate in the Cabezon campout. That’s all. I’m going to bed.


Midweek Post

Getting a lil’ spring service kick over here!

Photos from Sincere Cycles's post 04/03/2023

Bringing home the win 🥇 to Santa Fe! Keaton won the solo men’s division (he’s 15) and & I won the men’s duo at the Tommy Knocker (on singlespeeds)!!!


Quick reminder, I’m riding off into the weekend a little early this go ‘round. Closing at 3PM today and closed tomorrow for the Tommy Knocker MTB race.
Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!

Photos from Sincere Cycles's post 03/29/2023

Oh hey there! Just wanted to drop a quick line to letcha know I am now a reseller for all things . Got some caps, bandannas, & a few Fab’s Chest bags on hand & ready for your adventures. Come on down!
Also, full restock on .and.go.slow bar tape!!!


!!!Friday 3/31 10-3 CLOSED Saturday 4/1!!!

🚨 All the busyness of the beginning of the season and I forgot to let y’all know about more UNUSUAL HOURS!!! 🚨

Me & this fella are gonna represent this weekend at the Tommy Knocker! As such, I’ll be closing early Friday (10-3) and closed Saturday.

Hope y’all have a great weekend! I know we will!


is back at it tomorrow morning. 7:30AM departure from Betterday Coffee, run for an hour or so, return to Betterday for ☕️ , 🌯 , and socializing. & you’re invited!


Cjell already laid claim to Peak Pebblito, so I’m gonna call this Pique Pebblito. It exists to stimulate one’s mind as to the endless possibilities of routes & rides. Been curious about where that unpaved path goes? All the gravel buzz piqued your interest? You get my drift; this is the bike for you.
This here is a size medium with a limited edition silver GRX kit, Velocity Aileron wheels, Thomson bar & stem, and the Mone Pebblito handlebar. Oh, and peep them ginger colored Panaracer GravelKings matching the brassy goodness! Mmmm, that’s a proper gravel rig right there. And the best part (IMO)? It ain’t gonna be filling up landfills five years from now, unlike it’s carbon “superbike” counterparts the industry shoves down our throats.
Come by and throw a leg over your new forever bike.

Photos from Sincere Cycles's post 03/23/2023

Sunday, while I was arguing with New Mexico’s spring winds, this little bike shop turned four years old.
It’s fun to look at photos from when I’d first opened to see how the shop has changed & progressed. I’ve an immense gratitude to all of you for your support & kindness throughout this venture. It ain’t easy to relocate oneself and join a new community, but you’ve made me feel welcome from the beginning.
Thanks for intertwining your roots with mine.
❤️- Bailey

First two photos courtesy of


Hey all you people! Them trails gonna be more than a bit soggy tomorrow and I’m more than a bit tired after a whirlwind weekend bike tour, so let’s all take tomorrow off. Back to it next Wednesday!

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411 W. Water Street Suite B
Santa Fe, NM

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Tuesday 10am - 6pm
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