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Lash Life LLC


I recommend EVERY THING! Erica’s been doin my lashes for 2 yrs. I tried SO many “Xtreme Lash experts” in the area & was so disappointed. I finally found Erica!!! I lived about 70 miles south and I would travel just to have her do my lashes. I get PURPLE mixed with my black. For the holidays I had green and red! Erica Lives.. breaths.. sleeps lashes. She is SO incredibly knowledgeable. Safety is her first concern. She does an impeccable job.! Her location is beautiful... calm.. serene.... quiet. Spa music.... aroma essence... OH SO VERY comfy soft HEATED table. I ALWAYS fall asleep. Price is very reasonable & she offers cash discounts. I live in Santa Fe now... so Im very lucky to have her close by! You will be impressed with this young lady and her expertise and talent! 💜💜💜💜

I am a licensed and insured cosmetologist. I am a certified Xtreme Lash Artist. I am passionate abou I am passionate about what I do.

Experience the greatness of Lashes!


Seamless lashes on a Friday afternoon ❤️

Photos from Lash Life LLC's post 09/07/2022

Mega Volume Lashes ☺️


Beautiful fluffy volume lashes ❤️


My lash artist is so amazing! 11 years the woman has been doing my lashes! She has been my mentor since day 1 in the lash industry! She has guided me In the right direction, I’m blessed to have one on ones with her exchanging lashes and new techniques! Over viewing the latest lash looks and styles and keeping it fresh every year! Thank you Paula for being my introduction to the industry 6 years ago, you have helped so much in my journey!


✨Lash Services and Pricing ✨


❤️ natural hybrid set❤️


✨full volume with a enhanced curl✨


Beautiful fluff✨


So I do this thing where I take pictures and don’t post them.. or I forget most times to even take a picture . It’s a bad habit that I’m trying to break so he some of the many I have and never share.


What a difference lashes make 🤩


✨Beautiful Wispy Volume Lashes✨


Isn’t she stunning! Loving her new lashes!!


Love Lashes she says!!
Get your lashes


Lashes on Fire 🔥


💕Walking around with a set of lashes is a feeling that can’t be described, you have to experience it first hand to understand the joy it brings!!💕

Timeline photos 07/31/2020

💕💕I love client selfies with a new set of lashes on 💕💕

Timeline photos 07/29/2020

Client selfies are the best!! Look at those lashes!! 💕

Timeline photos 07/15/2020

Fluff 🥰🥰

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✨before and after on a new client✨ beautiful hybrid set!! @ Lash Life LLC

Timeline photos 07/05/2020

✨Mega Volume ✨

Timeline photos 07/05/2020

Mega Volume is what my hybrid and regular volume sets turn into! I call it a upgrade 😉

Timeline photos 07/05/2020

Volume Lashes on demand! It’s becoming my clients favorite style!! Light fluffy and long lasting!!


Loving these hybrid lashes!!


I can’t get enough of these Volume Lashes!! 🥰💞 These are definitely a must with our masks!

Timeline photos 06/06/2020

Volume lashes, so nice and fluffy! 🥰

Timeline photos 06/06/2020

Classic Set! Glad to be lashing again! Lots of new things at Lash Life now offering classic,volume and hybrid sets!

Timeline photos 03/24/2020

Good Morning Lashistas! We made it this far!! Unfortunately at this time we are closed. At 8am this morning all non essential businesses had to shut there doors until April 10th. I am very blessed to have such amazing clients! Thank all of you for your support and dedication, you all have made my business what it is today and I am so blessed and thankful beyond measure! I’ve spoke will all my clients about what will happen now that this may go over two weeks we definitely have a game plan when you all return and a discount in place to easy the pain this pandemic is causing. Everyone stay safe and healthy! Stay home so we can be done with this! Love to you all!!
Thank you Erica


Beautiful Transition! Yup I do sometimes do hair 🤩 ❤️❤️❤️ those baby lights!! The season is coming for lightening your hair!

Lash Life LLC updated their phone number. 12/02/2019

Lash Life LLC updated their phone number.

Lash Life LLC updated their phone number.

Lash Life LLC updated their address. 12/02/2019

Lash Life LLC updated their address.

Lash Life LLC updated their address.

Timeline photos 10/08/2019

I don’t post enough pictures... it’s the hardest thing for me to do! Either I take a before and forget the after of take the after and never get the before shot. Or my hands are so shaky for picture time I have blurry pictures, it’s strange I can’t take a picture but my hands are incredibly steady while I’m lashing...that alone blows my mind....From working back to back clients and checking my photos at the end of the day I usually have none and I’m so tired and ready to go home and see my family. I took this yesterday it was a returning client who needed a full set. I didn’t get a before of course but the after was nice, thought I’d share. We have specials for October. Call, Text or DM


Wedding Lashes 👰🎉🥰

Lash Life LLC updated their phone number. 08/27/2019

Lash Life LLC updated their phone number.

Lash Life LLC updated their phone number.

Timeline photos 08/27/2019

Lashes that look like volume lashes but are actually classic individual lash extensions!! Xtreme Lash®️ X90®️Lengths 8mm -14mm. .15 and .20 mixed.

Timeline photos 06/11/2019

Can you believe these are classic single lashes??🙀 well they are!!!
Xtreme Lashes ®️ X-Wrap®️ X90s .15 and .20 in sizes 9-17mm I know I always say this but seriously who needs volume lashes when you can have them like this with out the fans!!

Photos from Lash Life LLC's post 06/08/2019

There’s regular lashes extensions...
Then there is Xtreme Lashes®️ the safest eyelash extension products and application there is. Hypoallergenic, Medical grade, FDA approved products. @ Lash Life LLC


Slyck Pecena thank you so much! You are a very valued client! See you soon for your next set of lashes!! 🥰🤩

Photos from Lash Life LLC's post 06/05/2019

Today’s Full Set of Classic Lashes Xtreme Lashes®️ Lashes @ Lash Life LLC

Our Story

After getting lashes on and off for the last 11 years, I decided I wanted to be the one who applies Lashes on others. The way you feel after getting a full set of lash extensions is a feeling that can not be described. Getting a re-lash is just as incredible. The only way to get the feeling is to experience it yourself!

I was not interested in mediocre lashes. I wanted to learn the best of the best! I only trusted Xtreme Lash Artists to do my extensions because of the extensive training and time the lash artist puts into the process. Requirements are that the individual must be a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician or Registered Nurse. I completed 1600 hours of cosmetology school and Passed State Board examination. I then was qualified to train with Xtreme Lashes. I completed Basic introductory classes and also completed and passed certification course. I am listed on the Xtreme Lash Directory and only use and will only use Xtreme Lash Products. Xtreme Lash offers all products and application supplies that are hypoallergenic. The adhesive is the only medical grade, no fume, hypoallergenic adhesive available world wide!! You can only use Xtreme Lash Application supplies and adhesive if you are a trained Xtreme Lash Artist. Getting Lashes is a serious procedure and requires knowledge, training and most of all a certification. I am passionate about lashes and put the time and effort into each and every client. Great Lashes are not cheap and lashes should not hurt, burn or make all your lashes fall off. Many people have stories of horrible lash experiences. I am here to show all clients that those experiences and stories are not the truth when getting lashes from a licensed, certified Lash Artist!

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1208 Luisa Street #1a
Santa Fe, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 9pm
Tuesday 9am - 9pm
Wednesday 9am - 9pm
Thursday 9am - 9pm
Friday 9am - 9pm
Saturday 9am - 9pm
Sunday 9am - 9pm

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