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Specialists in lamp and chandelier repa ir. We also sell lamps and la mp shades

Operating as usual

Studio Lighten Up updated their pho ne number. 03/15/2022

Studio Lighten Up updated their pho ne number.

Studio Lighten Up updated their pho ne number.

Studio Lighten Up updated their addre ss. 03/15/2022

Studio Lighten Up updated their addre ss.

Studio Lighten Up updated their addre ss.

Studio Lighten Up added a Vi ew Shop button to their Page. 05/31/2021

Studio Lighten Up added a Vi ew Shop button to their Page.

Studio Lighten Up added a Vi ew Shop button to their Page.


I uphold the privacy of my da ta on Facebook and does not conse nt to the use of my phot os and other data by anyone. Gua rd against violations of the Data Priva cy Law, especially here on Facebook!

An attorn ey advised us to post this. T he violation of privacy can be punish ed by law. NOTE: Facebook is n ow a public entity. All members mu st post a note like this. If y ou do not publish a statement at lea st once, it will be tacitly understo od that you are allowing the u se of your photos, as well as t he information contained in your profile stat us updates. I HEREBY STATE THAT I DO N OT GIVE MY PERMISSION.

Studio Lighten Up updated their informati on in their About section. 01/02/2020

Studio Lighten Up updated their informati on in their About section.

Studio Lighten Up updated their informati on in their About section.

Photos from Studio Lighten Up's po st 01/02/2020

Recent neon sign repairs: Ski renta ls in Angel Fire and C.Smith constructi on in Santa Fe.


This is my latest neon-art proje ct: A mix of religions! For sa le in my lighting/neon shop!


Hi, my name is Nico....I'm showi ng my daddy how to re-wire a chandeli er!


4th of july sale: 20% o ff all in stock lighting. Good throu gh july 18th.


We're getting pretty busy now apr il 15th came and went! We a re selling more lamps and hanging fixtur es, and always have some very interesti ng lighting pieces around. Did I menti on that I made more floor lam ps and neon-art? Come visit; mo-fri 9 -5, sat 9-1, see ya!


We are very busy at o ur new location, lighten up people's liv es, one lamp at a time!


Our new place is coming alo ng nicely.
Stop by our new locati on with your sick lamps or ju st to say hello and check us ou t!!


Yes, we can make you a la mp out of just about anything! Tha nk you Patty Herrera for the cust om order!


WE ARE MOVING NEXT TO "SUMMIT ELECTR IC" , on Siler Park Lane, arou nd the corner from Dahl Electric a nd Ray of Light. ROCK ON TO ELECTR IC AVENUE!!!


Very busy here at the SF headquarte rs, about 2-3 weeks wait time.


We repair things in the ord er that they were received. Right n ow, there are sometimes thirty things ahe ad of you, so the sooner y ou bring in your "patients" the bett er for you. When your ticket com es up and I have all t he parts to finish your project, we ca ll you the second it is finish ed!
IF WE DID NOT CALL, IT 'S NOT READY" to be honest!


Lighten up my customers, one at a ti me seems to be the motto he re at the lamp clinic! And in t he process, I learn something and g et to be your lighting saint! that 's right...Saint Livinus was declared sai nt in Belgium and was tortured in t he sixth century because he could'nt sh ut up... they pulled his tongue. Tho se nice Belgian people in the earli er days! who would have thought??


I have not been on fb f or a while, that's because you a ll keep me so busy! Sounds li ke a luxery problem right? As a one-man-ar my I have to be very effecti ve and efficient. I am sorry if I appe ar to be short on the pho ne or when you come in, b ut most likely I will have " my head in a lamp "so-to-speak!
A custom er last week suggested an even bett er name for the shop:
"The La mp Clinic"!! I like it alot b ut fear not, I'm not changing my gre at name! I get reminded every d ay to "lighten up", easier said th en done. But it is in my fa ce every day. I have great custome rs coming to my shop, THANK Y OU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT and UNDERSTANDI NG that I am a ONE M AN ARMY most of the time!
B ut I have a new apprentice th at is the best one yet, h is name is Billy, a sharp k id!


So it's time to shine mo re light into the world!

Photos from Studio Lighten Up's po st 11/08/2016

This gorgeous Tiffany-replica lamp with amazi ng dragon fly filigree detail and t he nicest cast brass base design I' ve ever seen came into the sh op. It required some soldering repairs, h ad several sockets and arms that we re bent, as well as, replaced t he inside of the sockets and insulato rs. Of course, every lamp that com es in gets a good cleaning as pa rt of our standard service. Some chandelie rs even make it into the show er! Whatever it takes! :)


I showed one of my custome rs Frank Hoback my shop and he ask ed about a magnifying glass lamp, (whi ch I was actually keeping for myself. ..) but he's a model ship build er and then he said, "This la mp will change my life!" What cou ld I do? I had to se ll it to him! Before he le ft he said, "This has been a re al adventure, thank you so much." Th is is why I love my wo rk.

Photos from Studio Lighten Up's po st 11/08/2016

Check out my Neon Art in San ta Fe!
IM me for prices.



Photos from Studio Lighten Up's po st 11/03/2016

FOR SALE: Great for Homes of Fi lm & TV Producers!


or 240Volt set-power!
Wi th barndoors!

Lamp Made From Jam Jars Wi ns Design Prize in Sweden 11/03/2016

Lamp Made From Jam Jars Wi ns Design Prize in Sweden

Lamp Made From Jam Jars Wi ns Design Prize in Sweden The future of recycling never look ed so bright.


Yesterday when one of our custome rs, Doug, picked up his lamp, exclaim ed, "I'm just so grateful!" That fe lt really good.

Timeline photos 11/03/2016

You really can turn anything th at has meaning to you - or if y ou really like the look of an obje ct - into a lamp….like I d id with this tripod with an O'Conn or fluid head.


One of our customers, Carol, broug ht in a thermostat that she cou ld not find a part to anywhe re in town. "This is much cheap er than buying a new one!" s he said as she left.

Santa Fe-Style Home Design Ideas, Pictur es, Remodel and Decor 11/01/2016

Santa Fe-Style Home Design Ideas, Pictur es, Remodel and Decor

This site gives you great lighti ng ideas for your Santa Fe Sty le home.

Santa Fe-Style Home Design Ideas, Pictur es, Remodel and Decor


"I'm so grateful I found yo u!" said our customer Gretchen Goff ju st now.

Timeline photos 10/20/2016

Great fiber shade on this la mp with a beautifully carved base.

Timeline photos 10/20/2016

These Italian Shoemaker Molds were turn ed into lamps many years ago, may be 50 years ago, and after 50 yea rs, they definitely are expected to ha ve some wear and tear. That's wh en most fixtures are going to ne ed a tune up to stay sa fe.

Timeline photos 10/20/2016

These bronze twig lamps were real ly popular with everyone who came in to the shop.


I might go to the RE EL NEW MEXICO screening tonight at 7 at t he La Tienda Performance Space in Eldora do, to watch the 1991 comedy, ‘Ci ty Slickers’. If you're going too, l et me know! They show fi lm made in New Mexico once a mon th and you can bring in dinn er and a drink from La Planc ha across the hall.

Filmed partially in N ew Mexico, in and around Abiquiu, San ta Fe, and the Santa Clara a nd Nambe Pueblos, City Slickers blends sig ht gags, one-liners, and sincerity, with bo th humor and drama arising from t he characters and their situations. Mitch (Bil ly Crystal) is a radio station sal es executive who finds himself in t he throes of a mid-life crisis; accompani ed by two friends, Phil (Daniel Ste rn) and Ed (Bruno Kirby) in t he grip of similar problems, he hea ds to New Mexico for his birthd ay to participate in a two-week “vacatio n” cattle drive to Colorado.

The three frien ds are all urbanites- lost when it com es to herding cattle and surviving on t he prairie; it’s up to authentic, almo st mythic cowboy Curly (Jack Palance, w ho won an Oscar for the rol e), to whip them into shape. As vario us adventures occur along the way, includi ng run-ins with outlaw cattle thieves, treachero us natural mishaps, and Mitch’s delivery of a newbo rn calf, the three “city slickers” op en up to each other, learn to apprecia te Curly’s Old West values, and beg in to resolve their midlife dilemmas.
The film ’s running time is about 1 ho ur and 45 minutes.
Reel New Mexico is t he state’s only ongoing film series th at showcases New Mexico made movies. The re is a suggested donation of $5 a nd you can bring food and bevera ge into the performance space from o ur great neighbors at the La Planc ha Restaurant, right across the hall. F or more information, please call 466.1634. We re ly on your support to keep th is series going!
For more information, please ca ll 466-1634.


Tiffany-style stained glass repair

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Specialists in lamp and chandelier repa ir. Located at 1143 Siler Park La ne next to SUMMIT ELECTRIC, we wi ll be happy to help you.

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Tiffany-style stained glass repair
Go Fish




1143 Siler Park Lane
Santa Fe, NM

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