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I offer Somatics classes and private sessions in the tradition of Thomas Hanna, Therapeutic Massage, I offer Somatics classes and private sessions in the tradition of Thomas Hanna, Therapeutic Massage, Thai Foot Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage and Reiki/Energywork in Santa Fe, NM.

I am also a Nia Technique instructor at multiple studios in Santa Fe.

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Last chance to take advantage of my September special. If you would like to discover what Hanna Somatics is all about, join me this Sunday online. Visit the link in my bio to find out how to register.


If you missed the live class there is still time to get the 48-hr audio replay! Let me know if you would like to register. [email protected]


Today’s class is intended to bring love to our LEGS. Whether you want to improve your walking gait, ease your knees or unwind tension in your thighs or lower legs, this is will be a great class to experience. Or maybe you just want a dose of overall self-care! If this sounds good to you, join me online at 5pm MDT tonight or register for the 48 hr recording of class.
Use link in bio to register.


If you are new to Hanna Somatics and would like to experience an online class with me, check out this offer. For the month of September new students can attend their first class for free! Visit the link in my bio to find out about classes and registration. I look forward to sharing this work with you.


Today's class will focus on your Neck and Jaw. Sleep, stress, emotions, habitual posture and more can contribute to tension, discomfort or pain in these areas and we can sometimes feel cautious about moving through these areas so as not to cause more discomfort. Hanna Somatics has wonderful gentle techniques to work with you, honor where you are at and still invite your soma to learn a new way of ease. If you would like to find out more, join me online at 5pm MDT or register for the 48 hr recording of class.

Link in bio.


Have you been interested in taking a Hanna Somatics class? Join me tonight at 5pm MDT and if you are a new student you can attend for free. Message me at [email protected] or 505-510-1454 to register.


Your Pelvic Floor and your Sacroiliac Joints are support systems in your body that not only correlate to your pelvis, but also coordinate with breathing, shock absorption, bladder health, back pain and more. Many people find as they age that challenges can arise with pelvic floor and/or sacroiliac joint wellness, and Somatics can be a huge support for these areas. Incorporating Hanna Somatics movements into your self-care practice can keep your pelvic floor and sacroiliac joints in balance, coordination and ease.

If you would like to explore your Pelvic Floor and Sacroiliac Joints, join me online tonight at 5pm MDT or register for the 48 hr recording of class. Link in bio.


Still feeling inspired from our Hanna Somatics class this past Sunday. We explored the elements of ease, comfort and degree of effort to create supportive conditions for whole-soma relaxation.

How do you support your soma (body/mind/emotions)?


One of the things that I love about the practice of Hanna Somatics is the whole-soma approach that we take to self care. While our movements are physical, we are staying mindful with our experience, we are tending to emotions that may be stored in our physical state, and we are soothing our entire nervous system. It is a wholeness approach to self care that can offer deep relaxation.

This Sunday our focus for class will be on Relaxation with the intention to leave you feeling more easeful, calm and soft at the end of class. Join me online at 5pm MDT tonight or register for the 48 hr recording of class.

Use the link in bio to register.


👣As you walk, dance, drive or even rest, how often are you aware of your feet? Our feet are a pretty big support for most of us throughout the day, so preventative care of the muscles, joints and ligaments around our feet is important. Tonight our class will be dedicated to exploring our feet, nurturing our feet and offering release to any tension or pain that may reside there. Join me online at 5pm MDT or register for the 48 hr recording of class. Buddinglotusbody.com/Somatics


👋Whether for work, hobbies or basic personal care, most of us rely on our upper extremities (hands, arms and shoulders) to get through each day. No matter if you are aware of pain or tension in this area of your body or not, you are invited to join me for a class dedicated to the well being of your upper extremities.

We will spend time with each area and also explore integrated movements to bring ease from your finger tips to your heart center. Join me online at 5pm MDT or register for the 48 hr recording of class. Link in bio.


Yes, when we slow down there is the chance that we could get bored, and there is also so much more we can learn! 🧠 In Hanna Somatics, as we slow down we draw our attention to our movement and sensations. As we learn what our existing patterns are we have the chance to add novelty to our movement to deepen the opportunity for change and improvement in how we move and how we feel. 🙌


While the bony structure that encases our heart and lungs may resemble a cage, it is far from an immovable, rigid structure. Our rib cage was designed to move with our spine and shoulders, dance with our pelvis and hips and support the expansion and contraction of our lungs. Sitting just above our first ribs are our graceful collarbones which bring our neck, sternum and shoulders into a beautiful orchestra.

Join me this Sunday as we explore our Collarbones and Ribs through gentle movement. You will have the opportunity to discover where you already have freedom and where you can increase ease and flexibility through your system. Join me tonight at 5pm MDT online or sign up for the 48-hr recording.


Now that we have explored the connections of your Hips and Low Back, we will continue exploring somatic connections with a class for you Shoulders and Hips. Experiencing ease, coordination and differentiation of our shoulders and hips is important to our everyday mobility as well as injury prevention. Whether you would like to experience more ease in walking or if you are working with a specific shoulder or hip issue, this Sunday class could be for you.

To register: buddinglotusbody.com/somatics


Working with clients over the years I have found that even when symptoms of pain or tension are exclusive to the low back OR hip(s), often the tension patterns are interwoven across the somatic center, through the pelvis and into the hips. This Sunday in class we will work with Hanna Somatic movements that will bring ease to these areas and help release held patterns that keep the hips and low back locked together (and limited) in movement.

If you would like to discover more freedom of movement in these areas of your body, release chronic pain or increase your flexibility, join me for class tonight at 5pm MDT.



Today in our Hanna Somatics Class we will talk about techniques we can use to ease Chronic Pain. We will look at *effort*, range of movement, mindfulness and more as we work with some of the most common areas where people experience chronic pain. Join me online or register for the 48-hr recording.


Aspirations for movement and life itself 💗🙏💗


🔥June Special 3-Pack for New Clients🔥 - $200 save $40 off the full price of 3 sessions! This Somatics 1-on-1 online package is available for new clients who would like to commit to a series of sessions. It includes your first 90 minute session as well as two 60-75 min follow-up sessions to support your continued progress with Somatics. Purchase anytime in the month of June. Please note: these sessions are non-transferable.

Private sessions are the quickest somatic method to relieving the pain, tension or discomfort you may be experiencing. Depending on the holding patterns in your body, a series of sessions will likely be the best course of action.

Christine will begin with a verbal intake to discover what areas of your body need attention and she will also conduct a visual analysis of you standing to learn about further patterns present in your alignment. Based on what she discovers, Christine will develop individual sessions to support and bring relief to your body. She will also end the session by giving you 1 - 2 exercises that you can do at home in your self-care practice so that you are able to continue your healing.


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