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google.com 06/16/2015

409 St Michaels Dr

We are pleased to announce that our new Medical Director is Dr. Kristen L. Biggs, MD Skin Care and Vein Centre. We are now located at 409 St. Michael's Drive, Suites A & B.
Our phone number will remain the same, 505-988-3772 and we have the same great staff!
Please save the date for our grand opening on July 30th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Dr. Biggs and her staff look forward to meeting you!


google.com 409 St Michaels Dr, Santa Fe, NM 87505

newbeauty.com 05/22/2015

10 Myths About Botox Set Straight


newbeauty.com When it comes to stopping the formation of wrinkles and getting rid of them, nothing does the job quite like Botox. But, is everything you’re hearing and believing really the truth? We set the story straight and dispelled 10 of the biggest Botox myths out there. 1. Botox can be used anywhere

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Frequent tanner shares grisly skin-cancer selfie - CNN.com

Think you don't need sunscreen? Please think again! Sunscreen is not about the numbers - it's about the ingredients! You must have zinc in it! The sun cannot pe*****te zinc!! We have a great variety of sunscreens just for you! Please stop by and get yours today!!

cnn.com Tawny Willoughby used a tanning bed 4 to 5 times a week in high school. Now, at 27, she's dealing with painful skin-cancer treatments.


Amie, our Client Coordinator, relaxing while getting some Coolsculpting (freezing the fat)! We are the only clinic in Santa Fe to have the Coolsculpting! We love and our clients do too! Please call today for your FREE consult - 505-988-3772.


Don't forget all products are 15% off until the end of April!! Stock up now!!

coolsculpting.com 03/25/2015

Am I a Candidate?

Get bathing suit ready now with Coolsculpting!! Eden has the only Coolsculpting in Santa Fe! We love it, as do our clients! Take this short quiz to see is you are a candidate and then make a FREE consultation appointment for our Coolsculpting technicians to give you an assessment including pricing. Call us at 988-3772. http://www.coolsculpting.com/the-coolsculpting-procedure/am-i-a-candidate/

coolsculpting.com Learn if the CoolSculpting fat reduction procedure is right for you. Getting rid of belly fat can be difficult, but not with the CoolSculpting procedure.

bizjournals.com 03/05/2015

Santa Fe No. 1 in U.S. for women-owned businesses - Albuquerque Business First

So true....just ask Dr. Lynore Martinez!! She seriously knows how to run not only one medical practice (Santa Fe OB/GYN), but also Eden Medispa!! We love and admire her so much!

bizjournals.com A new study of 289 communities across the U.S. ranks Santa Fe as the top city in the country for women-owned businesses

drfranklipman.com 02/27/2015

12 Tips to Keep Skin Soft and Glowing In Winter

Baby, it's COLD outside!! Here are some tips to take care of your skin in the winter! http://www.drfranklipman.com/12-tips-to-keep-skin-soft-and-glowing-in-winter/

drfranklipman.com Winter weather is not fun for skin. Cold weather and low humidity levels result in dry air, which then steals moisture away from the skin every second of every day. Without immediate care, dry skin can lead to cracking and bleeding, and harsh winter wind makes the problem worse. Indoor heat further…


Eden Medispa is the only place in Santa Fe offering Coolsculpting. Please give us a call at 988-3772 to schedule your FREE consult now! We love it and know you will too!!

Want to know how the procedure works? When the fat cells are frozen they die and are naturally eliminated from the body. http://bit.ly/1vNOzvI

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What is the Eclipse MicroPen™ - Eclipse Micropen

We just had our training on the Eclipse Micropen and will be offering it to our clients very soon! This pen addresses fine lines, wrinkles, scars, some pigment and rebuilds your collagen!! Please check it out at http://www.eclipsemicropen.com/about/eclipse-micropen/

eclipsemicropen.com Eclipse MicroPen™ is a revolutionary cordless dermal micro-needling device used by skincare professionals all over the world.

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The Scary Things That Happen When You Sleep in Makeup

I love my night time cleansing routine!! It's one of the few things that I can do just for me!! Come in and check out our great cleansers, toners, Clarisonics - as well as our great skin care lines - Skinceuticals, SkinMedica and Revision!

newbeauty.com Even though we know it is bad, we’ve all gone to bed without removing our makeup - here's why you shouldn't.

newbeauty.com 02/19/2015

The Truth About Microneedling

We are training today with Microneedling and will be offering this great procedure soon!! Stay tuned....

newbeauty.com Microneedling is hot these days and for good reason: It stimulates collagen to give you better-looking skin on every level. Whether done at home or by a professional, there’s still a lot out there that’s not that cut and dry. That’s why we decided to set the record straight on thes

bellasugar.com 11/12/2014

The Truth About Wearing Sunscreen in Winter

The temps are turning colder, possibility of snow and the time when people think they don't need sunscreen! Not true - sunscreen is critical during the winter months......http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Sunscreen-Winter-27062827

bellasugar.com It's OK to admit you've been slacking on your sunscreen routine this season. Whip yourself back in shape with Allure's sun-safe tips. Just because you retire your Havaianas and bikini when the temperature drops doesn't mean you should shelve the


We have a new product that we are very excited about! Avene RetrinAL available in two strengths - 0.05 and 0.1. You can see visible results in just 8 weeks! Visible reduction of wrinkles, skin texture is refined, skin looks more plumped and complexion looks radiant! We love it and know you will too!

Come by in October, pick a candy from our pumpkin to receive 10, 15 or 25% off any products!


Eden Medispa, a Santa Fe NM Medical Spa offering CoolSculpting, Botox, skin care services and more!

Just a reminder of Eden Medispa's cancellation policy. When an appointment is cancelled at the last minute, or a client does not show up for their appointment, we are not able to fill that time with another client. Your provider loses valuable income.
Our cancellation policy is as follows:
Eden Medispa Cancellation Policy:
Cancelled appointments with insufficient notice do not allow us to fill your appointment time with another client and are very costly to our company. We request that you notify us 24 hour in advance if you need to reschedule any appointment that is less than one hour duration. We request 72 hour notice for all appointments longer than one hour. We will take credit card information to schedule all appointments in order to enforce our cancellation policy as follows:
1) $100 charge for all appointments less than one hour with less than 24 hours notice. Messages left on our voicemail are sufficient. You may also reply to your reminder e-mails sent 3 and 7 days prior to your appointment or to the text message received the day prior to your appointment. You may also notify us via the contact us page on our website at www.edenmedispa.com
2) For all appointments longer than one hour (CoolSculpting), you will be charged $100 per scheduled hour with less than 72 hours (3 days) notice.

edenmedispa.com At Eden Medispa in beautiful Medical Spa in Santa Fe, NM, we help our clients look and feel their best through skin rejuvenation, medical aesthetics and skin


It's going to be a beautiful weekend! Don't forget your sunscreen!



$300 OFF Any 2 Syringes!!
Juvederm Ultra * Juvederm Ultra Plus * Juvederm Voluma * Radiesse * Belotero Balance
Artefill is different from temporary injectable wrinkle fillers. The unique microspheres in Artefill are not absorbed by the body and provides the support your skin needs for natural, long-lasting results.
30% Off Single Syringe
50% Off 2 or More Syringes

♦•Botox Days•♦
$11.00 / unit
Tuesdays and Thursdays
1:00 - 5:00pm
Fraxel Special
20% Off Fraxel Package of 4 treatments - Any Area

Product Special
20% Off Lytera Skin Brightening Complex
Earn 50 Brilliant Distinction Points with Purchase!

Mark your calendar!

Private Event
Tuesday, September 23rd, 5-6pm

Learn about Sottopelle Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.
SottoPelle bioidentical hormone replacement not only relieves symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety, sleep disturbances, lack of s*x drive and others, it also reestablishes vitality and well-being.

And Introducing the New CoolSmooth Applicator by Coolsculpting!
Thigh Sculpting has arrived! FDA Approved. One Session. One Hour. No Surgery. No Downtime.

Space for the event is limited, so call 988-3772 to reserve your spot!

nbcnews.com 08/19/2014

This Video Will Make You Think Twice About Not Wearing Sunscreen - NBC News

In case you missed this video, this shows you the power of the sun and sunscreens! Remember, you need to have zinc in your sunscreen to truly protect against the sun. Zinc is a physical block and the sun can NOT pe*****te it! We have several excellent sunscreens with zinc to chose from! Come on by and protect your valuable skin!


nbcnews.com If you're not already wearing sunscreen regularly, here's something to convince you. Photographer Thomas Leveritt modified his camera to record people in the...


Eden will now be open for product purchases and scheduling on Mondays from 1-5 pm.! Come on by and stock up on your favorites skin care products!


Back to school Botox special!! August 15 - September 16th, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 pm. to 5:00 pm - $11/unit! Call 988-3772 to book your appointment now!


Yes, it is the perfect time with double points with your Brilliant Distinctions membership! Don't have a BD account? No problem!! We will sign you up and manage your account for you!!

“I don’t know. Do you think it’s time I get Botox?”

via http://instagram.com/cooper_the_frenchie


A single injection of Botox, which is typically used to improve the appearance of facial wrinkles, may be an effective treatment fordepression.
Investigators at the Hannover Medical School in Germany found that treating the facial muscles involved in emotion with Botox eases symptoms of depression.
"Our emotions are expressed by facial muscles, which in turn send feedback signals to the brain to reinforce those emotions. Treating facial muscles with botulinum toxin interrupts this cycle," study investigator Prof. Tillmann Kruger said at a press conference at the American Psychiatric Association's 2014 Annual Meeting.
Novel Approach
According to the investigators, positive effects on mood have been seen in patients who've had Botox treatment for the frown lines in the area above the nose and between the eyebrows. To confirm these results, Kruger and colleague M. Axel Wollmer, MD, from the Asklepios Clinic North Ochsenzoll in Hamburg, Germany, did research on Botox injection as an additional treatment for major depression.


We are excited to announce our new injector for Botox & fillers - Jeanne Trujillo! She has been injecting for over 3 years and we are very fortunate to have her at Eden now! Her introductory price is $11.00/unit. Jeanne will be at Eden on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please call 988-3772 to book your appointment!


Our next event is this Tuesday, July 22nd from 5-6. Come learn about the latest techniquesin cosmetic injections, how to earn points toward your Botox, Juvederm filler, Latisse and Skin Medica products! The new CoolFit applicator to CoolSculpt the outer thighs is now here!! We will have great give aways and special pricing, but you must be at the event to get in on this great opportunity!!


We hope everyone has a great weekend!! And remember, just because it's cloudy, you still need your sunscreen!!


Please check out our July specials! Call 988-3772 to make your appointment before we get booked!

Ultra Lift Package: Combine 2 syringes of Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus and 20 units of botox for $1100 - a $300 savings!

Coolsculpting Belly Buster : $2500

We’ll treat one large and two small areas – your pot belly and love handles – your upper and lower abdomen, or something customized to your areas of biggest concern! You’ll see 20% reduction of the areas treated. Book before July 30th to receive this special! Book your free consultation today!

Summer Sunhats & Sunscreen On Sale - Protect your skin with our medical grade sunscreens and SPF 50 Sunhats! 20% off on all Sunscreens and SPF Sunhats, while supplies last.

Laser Hair Removal - Afraid to raise those arms this summer? It’s time for Laser Hair Removal. We’re offering a special price during July on our Underarm Laser Hair removal Package 5 treatments for $750 - a $300 Savings.

Mark Your Calendar! Our Next Event is July 22nd 5-6pm

Learn about the latest techniques in cosmetic injections, how to earn points towards free Botox, Latisse and Juvederm dermal fillers. The new CoolFit applicator to CoolSculpt the outer thigh is now here! Special offers & a drawing for FREE treatments! (You must be present to win)

Note: Specials cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts.


We are offering the GRASS regiment with products at 20% off or 30% off 3 products!
What is GRASS you ask? It's simple.....
G - Growth Factors that support the skin's natural ability to repair itself by stimulating collagen growth, improving fine line, wrinkles, tone & texture. SkinMedica's TNS Essential Serum is full of fabulous growth factors and antioxidents!
R - Retinols/Retin A - Enchance skin texture through accelerated exfoliation.
A - Antioxidants help prevent free radical damage.
S - Specialty products that are customized to your individual skin concerns.
S - Sun Protection helps to fight against environmental damage with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Let us recommend products specific to your skin's need! Call 988-3772 to schedule a FREE consultation!

give2gether.com 05/06/2014

Online fundraising for Non Profits | give2gether

Friends of Eden, please see opportunity below to donate to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter

Dear Friend,

Shot, severely injured, blinded, dumped in an isolated area and left to die. Luckily, Lily’s story didn’t end there. Every day, injured animals come to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter because there is no one else to care for homeless animals in our community.

We need you! You can change the future for homeless animals like Lily and give their story a happy ending.

Lily is not the only dog who has suffered horrible gunshot wounds recently. At least six dogs have come to us with similar injuries in just a few short months. We don’t know what prompted the shootings, but we do know you want us to be there for them.

Quality veterinary care for our homeless animals runs $70,000 every month – aside from addressing medical issues, all our adoptable animals are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Your support is critical. We receive no direct city, county or state funding and rely on your contributions to be there for animals in need.

Stand up for injured animals today and let everyone know that you believe that every animal deserves a second chance.

We are asking the people closest to us — you — to support our mission and help us push the campaign forward by telling your friends and colleagues about it.

You can have a REAL impact — it only takes a moment!

So please give today and help spread the word.

Thank you SO much!

give2gether.com Perfect Solution for Nonprofits: Launch online fundraising Campaigns in Minutes! High visitor-to-donor conversion rates, advanced analysis and optimization tools, easily sync with your social media/CRM and more.

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Farewell Thunder Thighs, So Long Saddlebags: ZELTIQ(R) Aesthetics Launches Non-Surgical Solution...

Farewell Thunder Thighs, So Long Saddlebags: ZELTIQ(R) Aesthetics Launches Non-Surgical Solution to Significantly Reduce Fat on Outer Thighs


finance.yahoo.com Visionary medical device company ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. , has launched the CoolSmooth™ applicator, the first and only non-surgical solution designed to reduce fat on the outer thighs, with a comfortable ...


Save the date for our next event on Tuesday, April 22 from 5-6 pm. Fraxel and Fat reduction with coolsculpting! Call to reserve your spot today


Santa Fe Ob/Gyn, our sister company is looking for a full- time medical assistant or nurse. If you know of anyone who might be interested please let them know to send a resume to [email protected] santafeobgyn.com


We planted pansies at Eden this week!!! Spring is coming.


Save the date for our next coolsculpting /fraxel event April 22 at 5 pm. Great information, wonderful company and wine. Learn about the new applicator to treat fat deposits on the outer thigh.



Retinols have progressed dramatically in the past few years. We have all been led to believe that more is better and that prescription retin-A is the way to go. In reality, retinols now have achieved a technology to pe*****te the skin getting similar results without the irritation. Retinols in the morning? Yes! So long as you are using a good sunscreen and have slowly increased the concentration. Retinols around the eyes? Yes! This is the area that will benefit dramatically. Use around the eye only on the areas where you feel bone to avoid irritation. Retinols are your best skin solution for exfoliation removing dead skin cells and stimulating collagen. Call us to schedule your free Visia skin analysis and see what retinols can do for you.


Elastiderm and nectifirm. Why these two products? The two areas that are critical to focus on to prevent the signs of aging are around the eyes and the thin skin at your neck. These two areas have thinner skin with more laxity and need more focus. Adding these two products to your daily skin care regimen will hold off those crows feet and turkey waddle. Have a good weekend.




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Santa Fe, NM

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Monday 9am - 5:30pm
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