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great crew, great service! very pleased with the work done this week in my garden!
#1: Give your landscaping some love! 🌳 🌸

"I have personally witnessed people who have walked into a house, turned around, and walked back out,” says Alice T. Chan, a professional stager in San Francisco. How your home looks matter to buyers and sellers and the first thing they see is your landscaping!

Whether you choose to work with Santa Barbara’s highly reviewed landscapers (such as SB Evolution Landscape or EcoLawn) or do your own landscaping, these small acts are guaranteed to leave an impression. 👏🏻 Do you have any landscaping plans for the summer? Tell us below!

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Dubbed as the "Drive-up Appeal Experts," our member, SB Evolution Landscape has the tools and real experience to help you realize your landscaping or garden vision.⠀
Visit their Annexx profile to learn more about their services:
While keeping plants healthy is essential to preventing maladies such as powdery mildew and black spot, often we need to give their defenses a boost with treatments that offer protection and cures for these common plant diseases. Like with any garden additive, the options are many and often confounding to the property owner. , for example, is a natural insecticide product especially appropriate for treating young plants. A landscape professional can be your partner in determining not only what diseases are present in your garden, but how best to fight them.
While keeping plants healthy is essential to preventing maladies such as powdery mildew and black spot, often we need to give their defenses a boost with treatments that offer protection and cures for these common plant diseases. Like with any garden additive, the options are many and often confounding to the property owner. Neem oil, for example, is a natural insecticide product especially appropriate for treating young plants. A landscape professional can be your partner in determining not only what diseases are present in your garden, but how best to fight them.

Perhaps one of the biggest hindrances to most home improvement projects is the issue of how to remove all the debris and waste left over after completion. A rented Dumpster can be unsightly and may sit out in front of your home for days before it’s picked up and taken away. Hauling away junk in one’s car is not only impractical and dirty, but knowing just where to take it can be prohibitive. And relying on garbage pickup to take it away can not only result in questionable handling of the waste, a homeowner might rack up unexpected fines as well.
There are two reasons most customers contact us: to bring drive-up appeal to their home or to replace their current gardener. We take these two reasons to heart. We understand how important your landscape is to you. We are experts on drive-up appeal, water conservation landscaping, seasonal and climate planting, irrigation, and much more.

There are many great in , but, unfortunately, over time, many take their clients for granted and their quality of service fades like autumn leaves. This became our mission—to never let you become disappointed in our service or to make you regret hiring . Customer service is our top priority. Our friendly, professional office staff will always return your phone calls and do whatever it takes to satisfy your needs or concerns. Our hard-working, experienced gardeners will care for your landscape with the same pride and attention to detail as if it were their own.

On behalf of my company, thank you for visiting our website and please call us to take advantage of the free, no-obligation estimate. We promise to make this the last time you need to find a new gardener for maintenance or landscaper to give more life to the home you love.

When we talk about ,

we think largely in terms of homeowners and their properties. But just as curb appeal is critical to a home’s value—whether it is on the market or for your own pride of ownership—maintaining the aesthetic on commercial properties is just as important. The first impression one gets when setting foot on a property lies in the look of the building’s exterior and its grounds. The landscaping at businesses sets the tone for what lies inside.
Higher Quality Service, Professionalism, Reliability, and Responsiveness than your Gardener, Guaranteed!

Meet : a kind, professional and hard-working landscape team who are passionate about landscaping. SB Evolution Landscape is Santa Barbara’s leading provider of to keep your and areas looking great all year around!

Our team of skilled and friendly professionals truly understand landscaping down to the smallest (and most vital!) details. Whether simply keeping your lawn looking great for maximum curb appeal, or maintaining your plants and bushes… or even installing complete landscape overhaul… SB Evolution Landscape has you covered.

We’ve contracted with several over the years…they start out strong and…attention to detail fades and the responsiveness drops. Jorge and his crew… After more than a year…still consistently attends to the details that are important to us… Jorge is responsive…professional and we have been very happy.
SB Evolution Landscape services for Santa Barbara County. Serving Santa Barbara, , , and areas

SB Evolution Landscape services for Santa Barbara County. Serving Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta,

You will find that my team and I are friendly and outgoing, with an approachable personality that opens the lines of communication from the start. My clients feel comfortable describing their vision for their properties, knowing that I am receptive to their ideas and well equipped to make them a reality.


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Breakfast of champions. The hardest working team behind the scenes making our clients dreams a reality.

Never been with a more dedicated, focused and trustworthy group of individuals. We love landscaping and making our clients happy.

Thank you for all the hard work, long days, hot days under the sun and providing high-quality service to our beautiful Santa Barbara community.

Muchas gracias compañeros y mucho ánimo para adelante!


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Working with a landscape contractor

Hiring professionals for help with maintenance and repairs is a natural part of homeownership, particularly for tasks that are beyond our abilities and skill set. Plumbers can fix leaks and electricians repair outlets. But so often landscaping and gardening are overlooked with the assumption that almost anyone can pull weeds or push a lawnmower.

The truth is, a landscape contractor can be your partner in remedying the things that are problematic in the garden—think overgrown plants or persistent weeds—or help you achieve your vision for your home’s property. Knowing how to work with a contractor begins with understanding what one can do, and how one can be a benefit to you.

Timeline photos 03/03/2022

W**d Control: Gaining insight into your garden’s nemesis

There’s no doubt that the presence of weeds in any garden is unsightly, detracting from the neatness of the beds and the beauty and interest of the adaptive and native material—that is, the plants intended to grow there. But not only are weeds unattractive, they can be invasive, too; after all, they found a way into your beds without your planting them. And once they’re there, they rob neighboring plants of valuable nutrients and water. Controlling weeds is therefore essential to the health of your garden.

Before determining a plan for their removal, it’s important to know which plants actually are weeds—particularly if you recently purchased the home—and what kind of weeds they are. Being able to identify them can mean knowing how to eradicate them as well.

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Container Gardening: Keys to using potted plants successfully

Moveable and attractive, potted plants of all sizes are a versatile addition to any outdoor living space.

While choosing a beautiful planter to complement your home’s exterior can be half the fun, selecting plants to put in them is serious business. The nature of container gardening involves special growing conditions that require the right plants that can handle them. Consider some of these ideal options planters in the Southern California climate:

Coleus – Leafyand lush, this annual offers a wide variety of color selections that can complement and fill out any potted arrangement.

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Top Gardening Hacks

There always new things to try in the garden and the quest for more harvest with least effort and anything save little time, increase of transitive of success or save money is worth considering.

Here are our top 10 gardening hacks

Hacks #1

Turn a long-handled tool, into a measuring stick. Lay the tool on the ground and place a tape measure next to it. Using a permanent marker, write measurement marks unto the handle. when you need to space plants a certain distance apart, you’ll already have a measuring device in your hand.

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Ten Gardening Tips Every Gardener Should Know

Tip #1 Beneficial Bacteria

Did you know that seaweed and fish emulsion or fish fertilizer has a lot of Beneficial Bacteria, just add some fish fertilizer and seaweed just a couple of tablespoons is enough to a watering can and then use it on any pot that prepares any container, some supporting mix. It adds a lot of beneficial bacteria into the soil which really helps your plant grow very well.

Tip #2 Seed viability

There is an easy way to check whether your seeds will still germinate or not you don’t have to waste time to sow them in the ground or in containers all you do is take a paper towel and a little container and then take about 5 seeds out of your seat packet and then close it and this humid environment will increase the seed to germinate if they survivor it’s an easy test you don’t have to waste any time. Supper about 7 to 10 days, if you see your seeds has germinated, will there viable so go ahead and plant them in your garden.

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Landscape Improvements During Times of Drought

Why water restrictions don’t have to be so restrictive to your vision.

Spring and summer in Santa Barbara can be a beautiful time for the home landscape, so restrictions on watering may be heartbreaking and frustrating to the proud homeowner. However, with smart planning and a landscaping company that understands your vision, you likely can have a beautiful garden in times of drought.

Develop your drought-tolerant landscape using some innovative ideas for beating the heat:

Reduce lawn area. It’s no secret that turf grass is one of the thirstiest components in the home landscape. Reducing lawn area can greatly free up valuable water that can better serve your plants and trees. Replace lawns with a permeable paving material such as stone or gravel, or better, a drought-tolerant ground cover.

Timeline photos 02/16/2022

Your home landscape ideal: a beautiful garden oasis, full of color, texture, and movement.

Of course this is not a simple thing to achieve, nor is it inexpensive or easy to maintain over the long run.

So how can you achieve the landscape of your dreams? You might ask your friends for referrals, or contact someone that you already know. But, perhaps you’ve just relocated to the area or you are looking for someone new. Whichever the case, you are seeking someone that has local experience and has been in business for a long time. Check your local phone book or do a web search. Or if you see one of them buzzing down the street, wave them over and inquire about their services. No matter how you contact a prospective company, they should be more than glad to help you out.

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My Landscape Looks Great! Now What?

Choosing a landscape contractor in Santa Barbara like SB Evolution Landscape company to maintain your landscape means you care about how your property looks. We do too. That is why we want to help you make the most of your service in-between visits with these simple, interim maintenance tips:

Water. Check your local drought restrictions as well as your plants’ watering requirements to determine the best watering program for your Santa Barbara landscape. Fruits and vegetables should typically get first priority while some plants are more drought tolerant and can withstand longer periods between targeted watering.

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How An Attractive Landscape Can Help You Sell Your Home

When you’re in the middle of packing for a big move, sprucing up the landscape of your current residence is likely the furthest thought from your mind.
Surely investing in your home’s lawn and garden would be a waste if you are not going to be there to enjoy it! But think again. If you are in the process of listing and selling your home, a beautiful landscape could be the ticket to getting potential buyers in the door…and ready to make an offer.

Everyone is familiar with the term “curb appeal.” And so it should be noted that the first impression a buyer gets when considering your home is from the outside. Therefore, a seller should look for any unsightly features that might detract from the beauty within.

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The Case for Drip Irrigation For Garden Maintenance

Drought conditions have left homeowners wanting a way to properly irrigate their prized gardens without consuming more water than permitted when restrictions are in place.

Drip irrigation could be the answer.

Most effective for garden areas, this type of system is simply perforated tubing laid upon the surface of the planting area, emitting water directly into the soil for efficient delivery to plants’ root systems.

There are clear advantages to using drip in your garden beds. The low-and-slow release of water prevents the waste seen with traditional systems. No matter how accurate the setup, sprinklers will often overspray, watering sidewalks, driveways, and buildings in addition to the soft scape. Drip irrigation keeps water contained within the beds where it’s needed most. Further, a spray of water into the air can drift in the wind or quickly evaporate-especially on hot days—before even reaching the plants. Taller plants and structures in the landscape, too, create barriers, denying lower material from receiving a much-needed drink.

Timeline photos 02/04/2022

Garden Plants Spotlight: Mexican Bush Sage

Dramatic in scale and distinct in form, the broad leaves of palms and thick spiny spikes of succulents that typify the

Santa Barbara landscape

are the ever-present staples that lend the region an identity and its prototypical design language.

At the human scale, homeowners look to smaller materials such as sub shrubs and perennials to bring texture, color, and interest to their gardens. Complementing larger tropicals in times of drought, however, can be difficult. Many prolific bloomers and other delicate plants cannot stand up to all-day sun exposure and dry conditions, leaving few options for giving one’s landscape that personal touch.

Timeline photos 02/03/2022

Contrast Is Key: The Easy Trick To Stunning Landscape Design

Plant selection is everything in landscape design.
It’s well known that choosing the right materials for the site’s conditions and microclimate are essential to a successful garden.

And developing a palette of plants with offset bloom times and adequate evergreen material can ensure interest that lasts year-round. But when it comes to developing a layout, there is a simple rule that allows every plant to stand out and work together to complement and harmonize the composition.

Contrast,contrast, contrast.
Consider these elements of design in which contrasting materials can create drama and interest in the landscape:

Texture: Without even touching the plants, texture is sensed through the way one sees light as it is reflected against leaves, or in the way a plant moves in the wind.Emphasize textures by placing soft against smooth, spiny next to rounded. For example, lacy, soft bloomers stand out best when placed with a backdrop of shiny, broad leafed plants.

Light and dark: Foliage characteristics are often overlooked in favor of preferences for bloom color and size. But, a plant’s leaves are what is usually visible, before and after its bloom time.


We celebrated another year of hardwork and success helping our clients making their dreams come true.

We could not do this without our hard-working team dedicated to improving our landscaping service for our community.

Thank you very much for your love ❤️ and support. We will continue improving and growing into the best versions of ourselves.

Cheers to another great year! 🎉

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Dry River Bed Landscape Design – Project Spotlight

In the uninspired back yard of mid century modern ranch home, weeds had taken over almost completely, a sad testament to what little can grow during times of drought. The homeowner, however, had an exceptional vision, and a determination to not fight the conditions but rather to embrace them.

Landscape Contractor and Homeowner Engagement By engaging SB Evolution, owner and landscape contractor together turned the ravaged yard into a scenic dry river bed that not only complements the region’s landscape but greatly reduces water demand and maintenance requirements.

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Landscaping and Maintenance of Plants

We all would love to have a beautifully landscaped property, full of color and plants, with perhaps some waterfall or moving water scenes in it. That is not an easy thing to do, nor is it inexpensive to get it done. We also don’t want that great landscape to consume all our hours maintaining it either.

So how can you get all that done? You could contact someone that a friend has recommended or someone that you already know. If you don’t have anyone or you may be new to the area,you could try seeking out one of the following.

Timeline photos 01/23/2022

Find a Santa Barbara Landscaping Maintenance Company Dedicated to Improving the Look of Your Property

Investing even a little bit of money into your landscaping can go a long way in improving the look and value of your property. Not only do these improvements make your home’s surroundings visually appealing, but it can speak to its architectural style and your personal taste. But keeping up with a lawn and garden can be troublesome to the busy homeowner and things can get out of hand quickly. Fortunately, there are many landscape companies in Santa Barbara that provide excellent landscape maintenance services.


Your January gardening to do list

Ringing in the new year brings about thoughts on how to improve our lives, from diet and exercise to cleaning and organizing. Residents of the Santa Barbara region often look beyond the limits of themselves and their homes and out into their gardens, seeing room for improvement. And, just because the weather is cooler and milder does not mean that upkeep of lawns and landscapes takes a break. In fact, often considered a prime month for planting, January is a key time for several critical gardening practices:

*Plant bare root fruits and roses: Cooler temperatures coupled with a drier, less rainy season makes January the best month to take advantage of bare root planting, particularly for berry plants and roses. Because bare root stock is lighter and takes up less space, many nurseries offer a wide selection of material and in great supply.


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Dr. Martin Luther King JR.

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Mulching Your Landscape – Resources in Santa Barbara

Where to get mulch for free in Santa Barbara and how to use it in the landscape

Mulch is an important part of every landscape installation. Whether it’s in the form of aggregates, recycled materials, pine needles, or traditional shredded bark, mulch serves a crucial role in mitigating the evaporation of moisture from the soil and reducing the growth of weeds. The benefits of mulch, especially in the Santa Barbara region, are plentiful, particularly as they pertain to sustainable and environmentally sensitive design. The choice to use and replenish mulch each season is aesthetically rewarding as well, creating a clean and consistent backdrop that allows our plants’ attributes to really shine.

Timeline photos 01/02/2022

Why It’s Better to Hire Out Your Concrete Demo Job

We’ve all seen the home improvement shows in which the timid homeowners swing a sledgehammer at an old countertop or cabinet with a squeal of trepidation. Within minutes, they grow more confident and have their kitchen completely gutted before the next commercial break. Watching this can make even the most inexperienced DIY-er feel ready to take on that demolition project to make way for something new. But when it comes to concrete removal, there are a number of reasons to consider hiring a professional to handle breakup and removal.

Timeline photos 12/30/2021

Five Basics of Scandinavian Landscape Design

There is something intriguing about an outdoor style that is so celebrated when it can only be enjoyed a couple months out of the year. The region of Scandinavia refers to the kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, situated in Northern Europe, with parts extending into the Arctic Circle. In other words, it’s cold. So, while the geography and topography are varied, its landscapes are designed to a few overarching concepts:

Winter lasts a long time—a really long time—so when the little bit of warm weather does arrive in summer, time outdoors is precious and to be enjoyed.

Not as many plants are hardy here. They must be carefully selected and often are few in number.
Outdoor environments must make room for non-living landscape elements that can literally weather the conditions.

Timeline photos 12/27/2021

Living Large – Outdoor design for small spaces

Like anything, small yards come with myriad pros and cons. While there’s generally less to keep after, they can feel limiting in the kinds of landscape and gardens that are possible. Fortunately, however, in Southern California, knowledgeable and talented landscape professionals can turn any lilliputian space into an oasis. But how? By employing common principles of design to make the most of the space available:

1. Small plants. It seems obvious, but using plant material that “behaves” by staying compact and not becoming overgrown in one season are best bets for preserving precious real estate in the small garden space.

Timeline photos 12/24/2021

The Hot Trend of Arid Landscapes

In Southern California, there is a growing need and desire to create landscapes that work with the climate, rather than against. As enthusiasm for lush green (and thirsty) lawns with neat hedges and flowering shrubs begins to fade, homeowners who want to take their water-wise landscape to the next level are starting to latch on to the idea of creating mini-deserts in their yards.

These arid landscapes are enticing for a number of reasons. We’ve mentioned the water economy, which generally goes hand in hand with being lower maintenance. Cleaner and more simple design, too, lets the few plants that comprise the plan truly stand out while the textures of rock and sand are interesting and dramatic. Plain and simple, these “plain” landscapes are simply beautiful. So, what goes into an arid landscape?

Timeline photos 12/21/2021

Rolling Out a New Look – How to Prepare to Lay Sod

To seed or sod? That is the question. And while many landscape professionals will suggest that seeding is better for a number of reasons, there are likewise many reasons to consider building your lawn with sod. For example, if you’re a new business owner, sod looks great for your ribbon cutting ceremony. Of, if you’re hosting a house warming party, sod will make your new home look exceptionally beautiful. Case in point, sod is a great way to get a lush lawn in place in a short amount of time.

There are, however, some things to know before investing in sod and ways to prepare for installation to ensure its long term health.

Timeline photos 12/18/2021

The Tenets of Good Lawn Care

When it comes to pondering the level of maintenance a home landscape might require, it’s common to favor lawn over large garden beds. The thinking, of course, is that lawns are easy, just needing mowing and maybe watering in between rain showers. But the truth is, lawns need a broader program of care

Mowing. Everyone knows lawns require mowing. And most of us are pretty good at gauging when to carry out this chore. But there are some additional considerations that can make even the DIY homeowner’s mowing efforts provide optimal results.

Timeline photos 12/15/2021

Installing New Sod – What You Need to Know

If you’ve done all the prep work you are now ready to install your new sod. This is the exciting part for sure, but first it’s good to familiarize yourself with some basic tips for success.

1. Plan of attack. Figure out where to start unrolling. The best and most efficient place is along a straight, hard edge like a driveway. Save all the detailed cutting for the end when you have small pieces left to work with.

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No Planter? No Problem

It happens. We’re browsing at the hardware store or even the grocery store and find just the right seasonal flowers that we Cannot. Live. Without. But oh, to have to buy yet another ceramic planter or just leave it in its ugly nursery pot?

Fortunately, there are many, many great options for providing those new bloomers an attractive container that can hold the right amount of soil and water. While some are easily bought, whether at a big box store or your neighbor’s garage sale, many others can be produced from stuff you already have.

Timeline photos 12/09/2021

Do This Before You Power Wash Anything

When outdoor surfaces get grimy, it’s tempting to think “power wash” and then run out to rent the equipment. But there are a number of precautions and preparations to take before hitting your deck, driveway, or house with this kind of cleaning power.

Ask yourself: Power wash or pressure wash? Do you know the difference? These terms are often confused and used interchangeably when in reality they are very different and only appropriate for certain jobs. Power washing uses heat to loosen built up dirt, moss, and mold, but isn’t always right for softer or looser surfaces such as wood, pavers, siding, or brick. Use pressure washing for these jobs.

Consider a detergent. Be aware of what the surface you are cleaning can handle. Will it get scratched or dulled by a harsh cleaner? Understand the need, too. For example, if you are combatting mold or fungus, consider a sanitizer that will kill the organisms. Check the products you are shopping for and read all the manufacturer’s recommendations before using anything.

Timeline photos 12/06/2021

Pressure or Power Wash?

Whether you plan to DIY or hire out this job, it’s important first to know the difference between pressure and power washing. But first, the similarities: Both are generally used on surfaces that are subject to buildup of grime, especially mold, oils, salt, and general dirt and dust. While most often pressure and power washing is used outdoors, this cleaning method can be brought indoors for tougher environments, like garages, arenas, and other large public spaces.

Also, both methods essentially involve spraying water hard enough to knock off loose buildup of grime and dirt, leaving just the clean surface behind. The need for pressure or power washing comes when a standard hose will not do, whether because of the size of the job or how “stuck on” the dirt is. Basically, these are the big guns of large-scale cleaning. And even at that, there are units that offer different levels of power—usually the difference between a commercial and household or rental unit.

Timeline photos 12/03/2021

Front Yard Garden Flair

It’s a common habit to save all your wildest outdoor living ideas for the backyard where only you and your guests can enjoy it. Where our properties are the “mullet” of landscaping (all business in the front… you know), it’s hard to imagine doing anything too crazy that can be viewed by all. But front yards often offer lots of room for creativity and color. Designing more elaborate gardens in the front can improve curb appeal, increasing the value of your home while improving the aesthetic.

But what kind of garden design might be right? It depends on the architecture of your house, the space available, and your personal taste. Here are some ideas to get the juices flowing:

Timeline photos 11/30/2021

From Touches to Trenches: Making Your Garden Space Shine

When your garden space feels uninspired and underutilized, it might be time to consider a multi-step process to evaluate and consider design updates at every scale. Perhaps you are satisfied with the “big picture” feel of your yard, and just need small updates to bring interest or make it feel more cozy. Or if you are a new homeowner or your outdoor space has just been neglected for way too long, it might be time for an overhaul.

Below are some ideas big and small for making your garden just right for you.

1. Programming. How will you use your yard? If recreation or letting the kids play is your focus, look at maximizing the space with a lawn area and simple and compact landscaping that can provide interest without extensive maintenance. Conversely, if your backyard is your outdoor oasis, see if there are areas where it makes sense to expand the landscape beds to make way for more plants to enhance the experience, whether with color, smell, or texture.

Timeline photos 11/27/2021

Fake it, Don’t Break it – How to Make Your Yard Look Great with Artificial Grass

Thanks to AstroTurf and other “green carpets” of its ilk, artificial grass earned a bad rap in the past. But new products, growing requests for xeriscapes at home, and a desire for lower maintenance landscapes has reawakened our interest in using artificial turf. With a little bit of planning and a diligent mindset, this could be the right solution for bringing more green to a Southern California home.

1. Research. Find the right product for your landscape. Decide if the products you are viewing are realistic looking and suit the aesthetic of your landscape. Do you prefer longer, arching blades or the neat and trim look of a putting green? Make sure you’re buying from a reputable company, too.

Timeline photos 11/24/2021

First of the Season Irrigation System Checklist

If you haven’t watered your grass and planting beds in a while—perhaps you just moved in, or the warm season is only beginning where you live—it might be a good idea to perform an assessment of the system’s condition. Doing so will give you a thorough list of items and locations to bring up to your local irrigation repair specialist and will ensure that everything on that list can be addressed.

You can do this assessment without even turning the system on. Perform a visual inspection of all the components and keep a list of repair items for your irrigation repair specialist to look at.

Timeline photos 11/21/2021

How to be Waterwise with an Automatic Irrigation System

During times of drought and watering restrictions, it may be tempting to turn off your sprinkler system completely and just hope that the lawn and plants will survive. But newer irrigation systems possess technology that make watering much more efficient, mitigating the excess water that can be lost to evaporation, wind, and overspray. And as plants are good for pollinators and can play a part in reducing pollution, keeping your living landscape healthy is likewise beneficial to the environment. Even an older sprinkler system can be evaluated for efficient watering, as it ought to be!

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Women mow lawns too!
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Lawn removal in process. Landscape Company in Santa Barbara, CA
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Check your irrigation for efficient watering



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