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Join me for (zoom) practice tomorrow morning 9am PST Yoga Soup 🤍
Join the Chamber in welcoming Luca Cupery and owner Eddie Ellner of Yoga Soup! Yoga Soup is a fluid, organic idea that is constantly re-shaping itself. As it grows it will no doubt assume different forms but it’s hard to imagine its intention much changing: to provide a safe, vibrant, serious and light-hearted space for self-observation and transformation to occur. Be sure to check them out
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👁THIS SUNDAY 8/15 I will be playing a soothing set feat. @wackzallace on electric after a yoga class taught by the famous Eddie Ellner at Yoga Soup in SB, from 6-8pm {first half yoga, second half music}

👁The lovely Mae Powell aka @taurus.woman will be playing a set as well, supported by @garrett_barley on the otherworldly sounds of lap steel. She’s comin’ all the way from San Francisco, so you don’t wanna miss this treat! Check out her music if you haven’t already heard it ✨I’m a big fan✨

💞🌸Tickets available here:

Sign up as soon as ya can, with only 20 spots available it’s gonna go like hot cakes!!
This Sunday, May 16th, is a fundraiser for India at Yoga Soup!! I’ll be leading an In-House Gong session at 3 - 3:30pm, in studio 2.

Bring a friend, Show up & Donate !!

We are better together! 😘😘😘

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Samhain Online Transformational Gathering 🐿 31st Oct & 1st Nov 2020


“Offerings to the Ancestors” - Guiding you in Connecting to the Natural World - Lulu Urquhart

Daily Ritual – Yoga - Billie de Melo Wood

Regenerative Living; Sustainable Fashion - Zak Avery

How do We Guide Our Lives with Nature? - Andres Roberts

Donations -

Donations go to Wider Horizons and the contributors via the Earth Community Trust. 🌎 Please donate to support artists and events at this time.

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Will there be another yoga teacher training with Eddie as one of the teachers in the future?
We're so excited to be participating in Santa Barbara YogaFest this weekend! Join us for online classes all day, 30 minutes each, with 100% of proceeds going to Food Bank Santa Barbara Cnty.

Check out our schedule below and head to our website to register for this great cause! We look forward to practicing with you.

Other participating studios are:
Divinitree Santa Barbara
Yoga Soup
Power of Your Om
Hunnyfly Yoga Studios
Yoga 4 Mankind
Santa Barbara Yoga Center
Santa Barbara Yoga Collective
The Juicy Life Company
We're so excited to be participating in Santa Barbara YogaFest this weekend! Join us for online classes all day, 30 minutes each, with 100% of proceeds going to Food Bank Santa Barbara Cnty.

Check out our schedule below and head to our website to register for this great cause! We look forward to practicing with you.

Other participating studios are:
Divinitree Santa Barbara
Yoga Soup
Power of Your Om
Hunnyfly Yoga Studios
Yoga 4 Mankind
Santa Barbara Yoga Center
Santa Barbara Yoga Collective
The Juicy Life Company
Smiles are a regular part of the flow at Yoga Soup in Santa Barbara. Occasionally, instructors like CristyCandler get the bonus of bringing her furry Vinyasa buddy to help show you the moves. 📸 @eyeseesb #letsgosb
To enjoy life I need to dance and I need to laugh.
I can be so serious and overwhelmed!
When I step onto a 5Rhythms dance floor I am invited to move with all of that, accept it and allow it to naturally change.

And it always does change.

Sometimes it gets more intense and I let that move.
Sometimes it gets easier immediately.
Either way, in the end, I come out lighter and more connected to myself with a sense of connection to the group of dancers who have also come to play in the deep.
Together we activate consciousness and release what’s in the way.
Our dance is our medicine
and our community is a place of radical acceptance.
This is the healing to and the loving of life.
The magic of yoga with headphones has come to Santa Barbara, and we couldn't be more stoked! Experience Yoga Dance Magic this Saturday, Feb 29 7PM at Yoga Soup. Don't miss it! 🎧🧘‍♀️ Thank you to our friends at Yoga Dance Magic for bringing the magic to our silent disco after hours.

Get more info here:
Teamwork makes the Dream work, and we are honored to have the fine folks at Yoga Soup in Santa Barbara on our team. We are grateful for their support of Lucidity. Show them some love! 💕

Yoga Soup provides a safe, vibrant, serious, and light-hearted space for self-observation and transformation to occur | |

New student special for LOCALS: one month, unlimited classes for $49!

Operating as usual


New 6:15 am class with Annie Guthrie!
Early Bird Asana: Tuesday & Thursdays 6:15-7 am

Annie has been practicing yoga since 2014 and loves the way yoga helps her stay calm and composed in her everyday life. Thanks to her years of experience as a competitive athlete, she teaches a strong flow that brings heat and consistent breath work – with a sweet, gentle ease.

Wake up early to join Annie for this all levels asana practice!

Register thru Union


Are you ready to taste the transformational fire of FireTenders embodied men’s work?

Join us for an engaging, direct experience working with FT founder and somatic therapist Timothy Tillman. If you’ve been considering the FT 3-day intensive, this FREE introduction will reveal exactly what to expect

Registration link


🎶 COMMUNITY SING Sunday June 12th 4-5:30 PM @
Unity Church Courtyard 🎶

Facilitated by Gwendolyn Kilfoyle, Elisabeth Gonella & Heather Stevenson

Join us for an outdoor gathering of singing together. All are welcome and no prior music or singing experience is needed. All songs will be taught in the oral tradition, call and response style. Songs will reflect themes of the season and connection.

Limited seating available, you are welcome to bring your own chair for additional seating.

Sign up:


✨Teacher Feature: Carone Scott✨

Restorative+ Fridays 5:30-6:30 pm

"After 26 years on the mat, yoga is my Beloved nectar. Over time this practice has woven deep love lines into my heart and soul, into the fabric of ‘my being’ a human being. It has helped me immensely to return to being over doing. That the breath, this moment, listening, compassion and the pause between… create a life of surrender, of connection into the mystery and void, and also to lean into the parts of suffering or discomfort I would rather not. There is so so much more… and those sweet drops are the reason I teach.

Yoga is, like love, challenging to give form and sufficient description to. Each time one comes to the mat, the simplicity/depth of its gifts unfold for each person who steps on the mat. And that energy goes out off the mat into the world. Our thinking mind would have us stay in stories, in suffering, in fault, blame, ignorance and smallness. Yoga cultivates a deep dive into our true selves, our connection to nature- and being a part of it. The ability to listen, to be the observer and hopefully remember, “I am”- the sound of OM.

I am devoted to teaching Restorative yoga, yin and gentle yoga. I have taught at the yummy Yoga Soup since 2012! SLOWING down matters - now more than ever. We are all able to move through life at the speed of sound, doing, checking boxes. Stopping and just being, and breathing mindfully have profound impacts physically, emotionally and spiritually - these are basic tenets of these kinds of practices. There is an embracing of the feminine intuitive and going inside. Energetic and healing, these types of yoga bring deep peace and calm to the mind, body and spirit. And no experience necessary - well, maybe a willing heart. Come just Be with me!"

Yoga Soup Fridays Santosha (contentment) Hour 5:30-6:30 pm



Darren is back with more Heart Songs: Kirtan with Cacao! Join us in ceremony this Friday 7-8:30 pm.

During this sacred gathering, Darren, with special guest musicians Amy Bankoff & Jayananda, weaves together call and response singing (kirtan), a cacao ceremony, and heart-centered infused spiritual teachings to create a magical, uplifting experience. Kirtan is call-and-response singing of devotional music. It is an integral part of Bhakti yoga, the yoga of love and devotion.
Kirtan invokes the transformational power of sound vibration to still the mind and awaken the heart center. It is uplifting and healing. It unites people of all faiths and backgrounds into a unified field of oneness through which we experience the love and joy inherent to our inner-most beings.

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〰Sunday Sound Series 〰

Join me with Sunday at @yogasoup for a 75 minute sound bath grounding you into compassion & infused with Reiki healing energy 🌞✨

4-5:15pm 〰 Registration link in bio 🔗

Photos from Yoga Soup's post 06/02/2022

Thank you to all who donated and supported the Stretch Class Fundraiser we had with local Ukrainian teacher, Olga Onishenko, on Sunday! We were able to raise funds for Olga to send back to friends and family in Ukraine that are in need of support right now. The class with @o.s.i.k felt great and we hope to have her back for another fundraiser soon. A special thanks to Albert at @rivieratowel for donating beautiful Ukraine Flag Towels to the class.


Saturday June 18! Myth & Movement: Creative Activation

CC: “Hello there, this is Emily Chow-Kambitsch, your resident mythologist at Yoga Soup. And I’m here to announce the arrival of an upcoming workshop with me and KiaOra Fox in Myth and Movement: Creative Activation to take place Saturday, June 18th 1:30 - 5 pm at Yoga Soup and we’ll be exploring the theme of creativity — the abundance, the wellspring of the creative that lies within each one of us that some of us might feel needs to be reconnected with, re-engaged or re-enlivened. So we’ll be doing this through an intermingling of 5 rhythms dance, which is a form of intuitive movement / ecstatic dance where we move in accordance with five basic rhythms that just come through in the music and you just move your body as you’re called. Its very liberating and enlivening, so we’ll be using that to anchor ourselves into our bodies and into the sources of creativity within our bodies. And then from that stage, we’ll move on into a retelling, so I’ll provide a retelling of a story that involves an artist who goes up against the goddess of the arts in a creative competition. So its an act of courage, its an act of full heartiness, mainly.. possibly.. mainly. And we’ll be visiting this myth through a retelling, and then through a kind of movement meditation with music that involves you, the participant, translating that story into your felt experience, into your body. And then we’ll be doing some journaling and some reflection on how we can translate the themes of the creative process, creative competition, the experience of whatever your art is and how you bring it into the world and give it context and what are the risks in that. So that will be the subject of our reflection: translating the themes of the stories into our lives. And that is something you can take away with you into the season of summer and the enlivening of your creative forces. So if that sounds fun to you, please do sign up. Message me with any questions, its @emily.chowkambitsch and you can find me or @kiaorafox on Instagram! And we look forward to you joining us. Thank you!”

Sign up 💃🏻


🦋 Welcome Jimena 🦋

New Tues / Thurs 7:30 am Rise Up Offering

"I was born in Colombia and recently moved to Santa Barbara. I see Yoga as a journey of deep self-knowledge and self-love, where I remember and celebrate my essence.

My classes balance traditional teaching that is accessible for everyone, based on the concept of a smooth and grounded practice; Intuitively guiding you on a journey towards individuality to connect with the essence of your being and your space of true love, infusing energy through movement and intentional breathing.

Fun tidbit: I really like balancing postures because they represent what balance means to me overall in my life, how through my practice I can find that stillness no matter what is happening around me, in such a way that the physical balance transcends into a mental and even a spiritual experience. But I think my favorite posture might be Wild thing, camatkarasana!"

Come welcome Jimena to our community tomorrow morning! Register


This Tuesday! New Moon Mantra-Song-writing with Samara Jade @ 7 pm
🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔
The New Moon is a potent time for personal reflection and setting intentions, and what better what better way to anchor those intentions into our body than to sing them with your own song? Participants will be guided through a series of activities and meditations that feed into creating a simple "pocket" song. Open to all levels of musical experience!

Learn more and register here:


Fundraiser for Ukraine

Yoga with extra Purpose this Sunday!



Tomorrow Sunday Sound Series: Embracing Emotion @ 4 pm

Natalia Alyse is a Certified Sound Therapist and Multi-Instrumentalist who creates musical medicine utilizing tools and techniques from her Indigenous ancestry.

This class is a gentle and passive listening experience that blends an amplified backdrop with live intuitive vocals, guitar, rain-sticks, crystal bowls, tuning forks and hand percussions.

Not too late to join!

Photos from Yoga Soup's post 05/27/2022

A few new items in our storefront to support your wellness:

✨ Tidal Wave Organics: Plant-based, mineral sunscreens that are safe and effective for the whole family to use everyday! Organic, cold pressed and raw where possible, all the ingredients work together to effectively protect and repair the skin

✨ Pure Dharma CBD Activated Face Crème: Day-and-night creme that delivers deep hydration, firms skin and improves overall appearance. This powerful cocktail of natural ingredients (including stem cells, collagen, hyaluronic acid and peptides) infuses the skin with vitamins and is designed to restore all complexions to a healthy and vibrant natural radiance

✨ Bamboo Switch Rose Quartz & Jade Facial Rollers: Promotes blood circulation, skin elasticity, drainage and improves the lymphatic system’s natural detoxification process. Your skin becomes depuffed and detoxified, feeling invigorated and looking refreshed from within


🌺 Sacred Chant Concert with Prema Love 🌺

June 11, 6 - 8 pm

Join us for a blissful devotional evening of ecstatic mantra from the heart.

Prema Love is a sacred musician from Maui and will be joined by her drummer Nico Ji. They both have traveled extensively and are multi instrumentalists and world musicians who have toured the world with several saints and sacred kirtan artists. Join us for an evening of devotional love songs and ecstatic mantras to uplift the spirit into pure bliss.

Register early here:

Our Story

Yoga Soup is a fluid, organic idea that is constantly re-shaping itself. As it grows it will no doubt assume different forms but it’s hard to imagine its intention much changing: to provide a safe, vibrant, serious and light-hearted space for self-observation and transformation to occur.

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