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Join Robin Elander in conversation with Andrew Rawls The Crafter's Library, Rachael Myles and Kelly Almeida Board & Brush Santa Barbara, CA, and Sam Winkelmeyer Art Essentials in this week’s Downtown Business Spotlight.

Downtown Business Spotlight is a weekly interview series hosted by Downtown Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara Independent where we chat and get to know our Santa Barbara business owners.
Because many of you asked for DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Chart☺️ Check these stores for a copy. Available in-store only.

For California
Art Supply Warehouse , Carter Sexton Artist's Materials , Riley Street (San Rafael and Santa Rosa)Rileystreet Art Supply , Lenz Arts Lenz Arts - Art Materials and Framing , Graphaid Art Supply Graphaids (Santa Cruz & Agoura Hills), Flax Art and Design FLAX art & design , Allards Art
Allard’s Art Supply , Art Central , Art Essentials , Palace Art , Raw Materials Art Supplies , Color Theory Art Supplies , University Art Center , Blue Rooster Art

Sarnoff Artist Materials , Arizona Art Supply , Posner's Art Store

Nevada Fine Arts

Akamai Art Supply

As of last week, Art Essentials is open from 10 to 6 Mon-Sat! That means more staff and more time to shop. Have a fabulously creative summer Santa Barbara!⁣⁣
Axxess Deal:⁣⁣
- Save 25% on Your First Purchase. (Max Savings: $100)⁣⁣
- Save 30% on Your First Custom Framing Service. (Max Savings: $100)⁣⁣
- Save 10% on Purchases & Custom Framing. Everytime!⁣
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Don’t miss the show on July 24th and 25th at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

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New at Art Essentials....This low viscosity professional acrylic paint gives excellent coverage, a satin finish and high levels of artist-quality pigment for archival brilliance.

It’s incredibly versatile.

Use it to paint, pour, glaze or print on almost any surface.

Most colors List for $9.39


Please support your local Art Supply store!!!
Have a wonderful and creative Spring!!


New at Art Essentials!

Alphanamel is a true artist’s paint. It is used by pinstripers all over the world. It goes on with a smoothness and durability unsurpassed in automotive pinstripe paint. It only takes a single stroke to cover. It is an alkyd lettering enamel, which will stand the tests of weather and time. It is also a favorite of sign painters, who use it as for indoor sign painting and outdoor signpainting. Known for it’s intense colors, durability and longevity, Alphanamel is by far the best lettering enamel and pinstriping enamel on the market.
Alphanamel is also an artist’s paint used as a fine art canvas paint and for clothes and shoes, as a garment paint. It can be used as a leather paint as well as an airbrush paint. Many artists use Alphanamel as an outdoor mural paint, window paint and as a glass paint. Alphanamel dries glossy. It works well with hardener and clear coat as well.


New Item
Liquitex 100% Recycled canvas
40% off like all other stretched cavas that we we carry.
The same quality artists expect from a cotton canvas, but with the benefit of using cloth created from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Tested with artists who didn’t realize they were not using cotton canvas. High quality 20oz triple primed weight for stretched canvases and 13.58oz for raw canvas roll.

This canvas cloth is made with 100% recycled plastic bottles and fastened to FSC Certified wood. Suitable for both acrylic and oil paints, this high-quality surface has been tested by professional artists and within our lab so you can create with confidence while reducing your impact on the environment.


Happy Solstice!!!
Get material for all your parade decorations . Boas, face paints, henna tattoo kits, tie dye, etc....


Its that time again!!!


Get your summer started!!!


NEW at Art Essentials....30)% off everyday retail!!!

Manufactured by hand in small batches, these oil paints are highly pigmented with uniform, buttery consistency. Each formula is perfectly balanced (pigment vs. oil) to give you the best color strength. Only the tiniest amount creates beautiful shades when blended with white. High tinting strength means good value – you’re not paying for fillers and extenders found in lower quality oils.

Extend your colors with the Transparent Blender without adding dry time. Maintain the quality of your brushstrokes, add extra transparency and create glazes of glowing color.


Annual Golden Demo ! Come on in and learn about Acrylics and get some free samples to play with. Excellent Demo with a wonderful instructor. Hurry space is limited. Please Call to sign up. 805 965 5456

Photos from Art Essentials's post 01/10/2022

Now Available at Art Essentials
Nestled in a small Franconian village in Germany, surrounded by rolling hills and clean energy windmills is where you will find the factory that produces FINETEC pearlescent paints. Draw.TEC is the parent company and owner of the brand “FINETEC”, that is known the world over for quality and consistency. Draw.TEC is part of a rich tradition of German family owned companies that produce the world’s best art supplies.
The collection of FINETEC brand paints are manufactured with selected raw materials of the highest quality. The basis of this new generation of FINETEC pearlescent colors is formed by purified gum Arabic and high quality, pearlescent pigments. The special manufacturing process gives each color cake its own unique surface. All raw materials used are considered non-toxic and meet the American requirements according to ASTM D-4236.Great attention is paid to 100% quality control, during both manufacturing and assembly. When developing these paints, three things are considered, the customers needs, the quality of the product and consistency.


Art Essentials wishes everyone a Happy, Peaceful, Healthy and very Creative New Year!


FINALLY!!!! We have panels back in stock. They are ,as always, buy one get one so get em while they last!


Visit the SB Maritime Museum Online
Exhibit and Sale Last Two days!! Get inspired by some really fine Artwork.
An exciting juried exhibit featuring the work of more than 75 SCAPE artists and their views of the ocean, the Channel, and Santa Barbara’s maritime life is now available for viewing on the SBMM (Santa Barbara Maritime Museum) website. Images will be available for viewing and purchase from August 18 – 31, 2021. A percentage of the sale proceeds will be used to benefit SBMM and help rekindle its post-pandemic maritime education programs.


And Now for something completely different!
Pitt Matte Graphite pencils.
Bye bye shine

From professional artists to creative Instagrammers, those who photograph their work to share it on the web have long struggled with the reflective sheen that is typical of graphite. Faber-Castell has now taken the shine out of pencils - and is launching a genuine world first: Pitt Graphite Matte is the deep black answer to annoying reflections.

Intense Depth

Previously, graphite could produce a dark grey, but no real black. Every artist who deals with monochrome drawing knows from experience that not all black is the same. With Pitt Graphite Matte, however, drawings can be created with a finely graduated, intense depth, regardless of the angle from which they are viewed. This is thanks to the remarkable eight hardness grades available, ranging from HB to 14B. No pencil has ever been this soft before!
New at Art Essentials!


Bee Paper pads are back for all you folks who have missed them. The Bee Line and the Pentalic line are being gradually restored to the shelves of Art Essentials. If we have missed something we had before that you desire and missed please let us know. It is great to see them return.

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New at AE!! SoFlat Matte Acrylic is a professional grade acrylic paint that is completely matte and self-leveling, leaving no brush strokes once dry. GOLDEN formulated SoFlat for the growing number of artists who want to create uniform fields of rich matte color in fewer paint layers. SoFlat artwork is easier to photograph and looks fantastic online. GOLDEN'S stringent paint quality requirements demand high pigment concentration and a creamy, fluid, viscous paint consistency with optimal covering power. With SoFlat paint, you can brush out a smooth, saturated field of color that dries to an even glare-free surface.


NEW!!! Canvas shapes from Masterpiece!!! Triangles, Hexagons, Circles and Half circles!!!! Help your Art go in another direction with strange shapes. Great for All kinds of Art!!! Triptychs and diptychs!!! And the best part is they are 40% off!!! Let your imagination loose!


All of us here at Art Essentials wish all of our Loyal customers a very Happy, Healthy, Creative, and Prosperous New Year!!!! For those who might be wondering... we will be open Sunday January 3rd our regular hours 11 to 5. Go forth in the New Year and Create!!!


Art Essentials would like to wish all of our Creative, amazing and very loyal customers a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!!! We cannot begin to thank everyone properly for all the wonderful support you have all shown to us this challenging year! We wish everyone happiness, good health and prosperity in the coming year! God Bless us every one!!!


In case you haven't noticed we are now open Sundays from 11 to 5!! During the lock-down we will still be open our normal hours 10 to 6 Monday thru Friday. Find the perfect gift for the artist in your life! Happy Holidays!!!


As of this Sunday November 29th We will be open from 11 am to 5 pm for the first time since March. We are well stocked for Holiday shopping and rearing to go. Please remember to shop local this Holiday Season for whatever you need.

Art Essentials updated their business hours. 11/25/2020

Art Essentials updated their business hours.

Art Essentials updated their business hours.


Huzzah! As of Monday June 8th we will be open from 10 to 6 Monday through Saturday! More staff and more time to shop! Have a Fabulously creative summer Santa Barbara!!


For the first time in 34 years we will be open open Memorial Day! Come on in!


Thus weekend we are adding Saturday hours of 10 am to 4 pm to the mix. Thanks for all the support we really appreciate it!


Still keeping on with being open from 10 to 4 Monday thru Friday. Current sales include All canvas 40% off Sizes over 36 x 48 and value packs, Buy one get one free wood panels, and various paints and brushes 25 to 40 % off. We also have craft kits , coloring books kids Art kits and many other items to keep everyone busy at this shelter in place time. Give us a call or come by and poke your head in the door. and check things out yourself. Stay safe and keep creating!!!


Still Open from 10 am to 4 pm Monday thru Friday. We want to thank the folks who have come in. We have been heartened by the support you all have shown. Our stock levels are still good, except for Kiln fie clay sadly, and we are still receiving orders from a few suppliers. Keep busy and keep creating! It truly is food for the soul in these hard times.


Greetings to all our customers out there! we are still trying to remain open and operative these days. In order to keep our patrons safe as well as our employees we have reluctantly gone to offering curbside and delivery service only. We will still be open from 10 to 4 but we are only going to open Monday through Friday at this time due to staffing challenges. We are very grateful to all those who have got thier Art fix latley and for the support which is so vital. Keep safe and keep creating!


In this ever changing time we are now open from 10 to 4 Monday thru Saturday for curbside orders or delivery as well as some limited walk in shopping. We feel it is important to support the students who now are engaged in online classes as well as working artists who need us to make a living. Not to mention the thousands of kids who are home and need to keep busy. Professional and student discounts still apply too.....Be safe and creative out there!


Art Essentials supplies materials that are educational as well as mentally and emotionally sustaining.So we will be open for curbside orders and will be offering delivery as we normally do as well as shipping. Our reduced hours will be 10 to 2 Monday thru Saturday. Today we will be open from 9 to 1. Please email orders to the store if possible or call within the open hours. Than you and keep creating.


Art Essentials has to close for now
Due to the closure of non-life sustaining businesses, we will be closed until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience as the circumstances are outside of our power.
Please continue to take care of yourselves and loved ones, We are offering delivery or store pickup through the website
We are doing all that is in our power to ensure that we are open for business when the circumstances are better.


Art Essentials plans to remain open for the immediate future unless we are instructed otherwise by authorities. We do have a delivery service which is an option for those who do not want to go out. We ask that the minimum be $100. 00. There will be a delivery fee also to cover gas and labor. We will post any changes to our status as they occur. Be safe, healthy and creative.

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Let your Art shine with Fredrix Metallic Canvas!!! 50% off for the Holidays at your Favorite Art store Art Essentials!!

Photos from Art Essentials's post 12/03/2019

Tis the Holiday season and its time to get the Artist in your life something to spur the Creative Spirit!

Photos from Art Essentials's post 08/09/2019

Indulge Your Creative Spirit With Innovative Acrylic Liners!

Now 25% off !!

Abstract acrylic artists from around the world helped to create Sennelier's line of heavy body Abstract Acrylic Liners. The tapered tip of the liner is ideal for 3D relief, contour effects, and precise line work. The transparent tube packaging allows you to see the true color of your paint so there are no surprises once the paint is squeezed out! With a tube that can be completely emptied, Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Liner tubes allow you to apply paint directly onto your canvas with ease while also preventing paint waste. Once all of the paint is used up the 27ml liner tubes can be refilled with Sennelier Abstract Acrylic paints.
Key Features:

20 Heavy-Bodied acrylic colors
High pigment concentration
27ml tubes
Refillable liner tube
No paint waste
Tapered liner tip

Ideal For:

3D relief and contour effects
Precise line work
Acrylic painters of all levels
Muralists, street artists, students
Selecting colors quickly
Artists and students on the go


Another video of one of our favorite paints lines being ground and pressed.


Its always fun to see the manufacture of paint...

Photos from Art Essentials's post 07/22/2019

Don’t miss the SCAPE show on July 24th and 25 at the Maritime Museum. Be there and see some wonderful Artwork. Get inspired1

Experts Find Van Gogh's Fingerprints on His Famous 'Sunflowers,' and 4 More Surprising Discoveries From the Painting's Conservation 07/17/2019

Experts Find Van Gogh's Fingerprints on His Famous 'Sunflowers,' and 4 More Surprising Discoveries From the Painting's Conservation

Vincent lives on ...

Experts Find Van Gogh's Fingerprints on His Famous 'Sunflowers,' and 4 More Surprising Discoveries From the Painting's Conservation Conservators have been conducting extensive research on Van Gogh's famous "Sunflowers," and they are finally ready to present their findings.

Rembrandt’s “Night Watch” Will Be Restored Live in Front of the Public 07/17/2019

Rembrandt’s “Night Watch” Will Be Restored Live in Front of the Public

One of our favorite paintings

Rembrandt’s “Night Watch” Will Be Restored Live in Front of the Public Rembrandt’s most famous painting is undergoing its most extensive restoration in decades—and in plain view of museumgoers.

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Our Story

The store was founded in late 1987 by Sam Winkelmeyer and Cary Dixon. We started out in a modest 1300 square foot store on Victoria and Santa Barbara Streets and have grown and moved around on the street for the past 30 years. We have weathered recessions, many fires, and have seen the world of Art supplies change a lot over the years. We currently offer Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas a wealth of creative supplies with student and professional discounts and a fair priced and excellent framing service.

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Lazercut Birthday Card



32 E Victoria Street
Santa Barbara, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 6pm
Tuesday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 6pm
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Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 6pm

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