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Centex Water Systems was founded to bring our best-in-class water softener systems to homes and businesses across the larger central Texas region.

At Centex Water Systems, we've been installing our top-of-the-line water softeners for over 20 years. We are specialists in this field and only install the right-sized water softeners. Our years of experience have taught us that cheaply constructed, one-size-fits-all water softeners simply don't do the job right. Our water softening systems are suitable for:
Residential homes
Apartment buildings


Distance means so little when someone means so much.
Remember everyone deployed!


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Take this time to remember and honor the men and women who have given their lives for this great country.

7 Mistakes That Make Your Bath Towels Dingy 02/04/2022

Dingy bath towels could be a result of hard water!

Learn seven mistakes you could be making. 🧺

7 Mistakes That Make Your Bath Towels Dingy Bath towels a little dingy or musty-smelling? One of these common laundry mistakes could be the cause. Here's how to keep your bath towels fresh and clean.

Timeline photos 02/01/2022

Protect your pipes from hard water, a significant cause for plumbing issues in the central Texas region!

Get a quote for a water filtration system today! http://ow.ly/ioI150HxgUr

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Hard water wreaks havoc on everything it touches, even weakening your clothing materials!

Learn how you can protect your pipes and your home when you contact us today! http://ow.ly/MuSh50HxgP9

Timeline photos 01/26/2022

Contaminated hard water can damage your hair and skin!

A water softener can help you protect the things important to you. Learn about our financing. http://ow.ly/qvjW50HxgyR

You Can Easily Remove Hard Water Stains With a Simple Pantry Staple 01/23/2022

After your home gets a water softener, scrub away those hard water stains with these tips! 🧽

You Can Easily Remove Hard Water Stains With a Simple Pantry Staple No more cloudy white spots and clogs!

Timeline photos 01/20/2022

Your pipes, water appliances, and plumbing are prone to wear and tear because of hard water. One easy way to increase their lifetime and improve efficiency is through installing a commercial-grade water softener system. Call Centex Water Systems to schedule a consultation today!

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Don't worry about your older home not handling a water filtration system.

Centex Water Systems can help prepare your home for a water softener! http://ow.ly/6x1550Hxgpl

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Our region is full of water contaminants. Centex Water Systems filtration systems exceed government safe water standards so that you can have the best water filtration in the Austin area. http://ow.ly/o1Ty50HxgiW

Dishwasher not cleaning properly? Experts weigh in to help fix it 01/15/2022

If you're having dishwasher problems, it may be because of the water in your home.

Dishwasher not cleaning properly? Experts weigh in to help fix it Dishwasher not cleaning like it should? Here’s why – and what to do about it

Timeline photos 01/13/2022

Tired of cleaning hard water stains?

Eliminate the problem with a water softener! http://ow.ly/u3ag50Hrt2K

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Did you know that tap water that’s considered safe to drink likely contains chemicals? The Central Texas region is a hotbed for water impurities. Call Centex Water Systems for information about your water filtration options!

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Know you're brushing with the safest, purest water with the help of a water filtration system.

Get a quote for containment-free water when you contact us today! http://ow.ly/BZO650Hrt26

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When you invest in a water softener from Centex Water Systems, you can extend the life of your appliances!

Ask us how by calling us at (512) 598-5207. http://ow.ly/Nuct50Hrt0z

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Centex’s Watermaker 5 commercial reverse osmosis system uses a unique, proprietary process to deliver clean filtered water from your water source to your business. Call us to see if this filter is right for your business!

The Difference Between Hard Water and Soft Water (and Why It Matters) 01/05/2022

Central Texas has high mineral levels in its water, marking it very hard water. But what's all this talk about hard water?

Find out the difference between hard water and soft water.

The Difference Between Hard Water and Soft Water (and Why It Matters) Understand how water softness can impact your home and body.

Timeline photos 01/04/2022

Have peace of mind knowing you have safe and pure tap water for your family when you get the best whole house water filtration system in Central Texas!

Contact us today for a free quote! http://ow.ly/9O6j50Hnfgz

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Happy New Year from the team at Centex Water Systems! We hope you and your family have a great 2022! http://ow.ly/umKY50HkcNW

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You can SAVE BIG when you get a water purification system from Centex Water Systems.

You don’t need to waste money on expensive grooming products when you soften your water.

Start fresh and enjoy how soft water treats your skin and hair today! http://ow.ly/SiSz50GYRJT

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Give the gift of clean water this season! Call Centex Water Systems today!

Timeline photos 12/19/2021

We offer the best commercial water purification system that exceeds government standards.

Not only do you give your customers the best, but you gain peace of mind knowing you’re serving the best quality water.

Contact us today while slots are available for the holidays! http://ow.ly/8u6h50GYREu

Timeline photos 12/17/2021

What if you didn’t have to use elbow grease to clean? Sounds like a dream, right?

A water softener from Centex Water Systems will make cleaning a breeze by removing all minerals and salts that lead to deposits on your sinks and shower.

Contact us today to beat the system! http://ow.ly/U2ls50GYRAm

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