The only way to nix it is to Terminix it. So when you trust Terminix to nix your pest problem, it's not just a promise. It's a guarantee.

For more than 90 years, we’ve protected what's most valuable to you, with local specialists who go above and beyond to fix your problem and services designed to make your life easier, 365 days a year.


The National Pest Management Association released its bi-annual Bug Barometer®, which predicts a surge in pest populations across the U.S. this spring and summer due to erratic weather patterns. Experts warn of increased activity from ticks, mosquitoes, ants, and more.

Each region faces unique challenges: early tick activity in the Northeast, flourishing mosquitoes in the Southeast, delayed pest peaks in the Great Lakes region, and more. Check out the full story ➡️ https://ow.ly/APC350RC2Gn


Blocking pests and blocking shots! 🐜🏆 Terminix Save of the Week this week goes out to James Henderson for his friendly and knowledgeable customer service. His dedication to go above and beyond during inspections makes him a true hero in our eyes and customers! See what Rachel S. had to say about James now and check out Daniel Gagliardi's awesome soccer save of the week on USL Championship's page!

USL Championship | USL League One ⚽


*slams laptop shut 'til Monday*...
and immediately drinks a margarita🍹


SAVE INCOMING! 🚨 This week's Terminix Save of the Week goes out to Michael Meyer! His excellent and friendly customer care makes him the true embodiment of the trustworthy pest technicians we strive to be at Terminix. Check out what May had to say about Michael now.

Don't forget to vote for USL Championship and USL League One Saves of the Week over on their pages! ⚽


Reported cases of tick bites in the US are just the tip of the iceberg, with over 300,000 actual bites each year! Among the 84 tick species here, only a handful regularly target humans. As we kick off Lyme Disease Awareness Month, get ready for essential tips to keep these encounters at bay!

For more info on ticks, visit https://ow.ly/8Ewo50RrmYt


We're back to bust another termite myth! 💪

Termites aren't always obvious to the naked eye. A mature colony can cause significant structural damage to your home before you even notice the signs.

Schedule your free inspection to get ahead of them >> https://bit.ly/3wgdr85


We're wrapping up April with El Paso Locomotive FC's Jahmali Waite, Northern Colorado Hailstorm FC's Lalo Delgado, and Terminix's James McCasland saves of the Week!

Shoutout to James McCasland for his professional and informative customer service! Thanks to his dedication to going above and beyond in pest problem solving, Karen D. now has a solution to worry-free pest control. Check out what Karen had to say about James.

USL Championship | USL League One ⚽


With the NFL Draft fever in the air, we're thrilled to announce our top pick for our services draft! 🏈🐜

Just like a reliable team can save the game with crucial plays, our services are the MVP of pest management, always ready to step up and tackle the toughest challenges.


Did you know that certain cicada broods are emerging in double the numbers this year? You may have heard that they'll emerge... screaming. Well, we've got the scoop on it - learn all things cicadas and why you really don't need to worry too much about them ➡️ https://bit.ly/4aSFjxN


This morning, we teamed up with Lifestyle Expert Jacky Herrera of WFLA News Channel 8 to "Fight the Bite" with some mosquito control tips.

Watch the segment and get the tips for yourself >> https://bit.ly/44a1PjJ


Shoutout to Stephen Mitchell, our Terminix Save of the Week, for his friendly, helpful, and efficient customer service! His problem-solving, can-do attitude has helped Linda P. and countless other customers keep their homes pest-free. Check out what Linda had to say about Stephen.

Can we get a little commotion for the saves of the week by Joey Roggeveen (FC Tulsa) and TJ Bush (Chattanooga Red Wolves SC) too?! 🔥

USL Championship | USL League One ⚽


Looks like the real headliner this weekend is... mosquitoes! 🦟 But fear not, we've got the ultimate lineup to keep you from swatting and scratching: long sleeves (we know that's not the vibe but maybe just consider it? 🤪) and bug repellent with DEET!

Don't let mosquitoes suck all the fun out of your weekend - be prepared!

5 California cities made our top 20 worst cities for mosquitoes — check out the full list: https://bit.ly/3VYZFBi


There are a lot of myths about termites - and we're here to bust them! 🚫

Termites don't discriminate when it comes to cellulose (a naturally occurring plant fiber that termites consume from wood). Termites may start feeding on your home when you unwittingly provide them with the perfect combination of conditions that make your home and property ripe for a termite infestation like not tending to leaky pipes or using untreated wood to create a deck or stairs that come in direct contact with your home or by stacking firewood directly against your home... just to name a few.

Learn how we treat for termites ➡️ https://bit.ly/3vSjyiQ


Pests... meet your match! 🪳 Our Terminix Save of the Week this week goes to Seuraj Babwah for his many years of above-and-beyond customer service! His caring spirit and unwavering smile make customers feel like more than just business, but true friends. See what Jodi G. had to say about Seuraj above.

Shoutout to Sacramento Republic FC's Danny Vitiello and Northern Colorado Hailstorm FC's Lalo Delgado for taking care of business this week on the field too! 🏃‍♂️😉

USL Championship | USL League One ⚽


Sick of swatting at mosquitoes? You're not alone! Mosquitoes don't just leave behind an itchy red bump, they can also transmit severe diseases like West Nile Virus and malaria.

We've got a list of the 50 cities with the worst mosquito problems ➡️ https://bit.ly/3PISXLO

(Maybe you can use it to avoid taking your next vacation to itchy paradise! 😵‍💫)


Ford Parker, Danny Vitiello, and Christian Kopytko are saving homes and saving goals one day at a time! 😉 Our Terminix Save of the Week this week goes to Christian Kopytko for his hard work and dedication to efficient and timely service! Check out what Nicole K. had to say about Christian.

USL Championship | USL League One ⚽


Spring break, a time to relax and take a load off, not accidentally bring home bed bugs. Make sure you know how to check where you're staying so you don't bring home the wrong kind of souvenir.

Use these tips to get a head start and check out a more detailed version ➡️ https://bit.ly/3TIvGe7


Sick of swatting at mosquitoes? 🦟 You're not alone! Mosquitoes don't just leave behind an itchy red bump, they can also transmit severe diseases like West Nile Virus and malaria. We've got a list of the top 50 cities with the worst mosquito problems - maybe you can use it to avoid taking your next vacation to itchy paradise. 😵‍💫

Check out the entire list, here ➡️ https://ow.ly/Ivz250R0bTb


Did you know April is National Pest Management Month? 🕷️ Let's take a moment to appreciate the unsung heroes who keep our homes and businesses pest-free! From tiny ants to pesky rodents, they tackle it all. Let's show some love to our local pest management professionals for their dedication in keeping our spaces safe and comfortable.

Photos from Terminix's post 03/29/2024

It's time to MAKE SOME NOISE for our Terminix Save of the Week! Going "above and beyond" is an everyday occurrence for Liz LaMont, but on this particular day, she took it to a whole new level. Check out this story from a day in the life of Liz.

Can we hear a little commotion for Javier Garcia from USL Championship and Ford Parker from USL League One for their saves of the week too?! 😏⚽


Spring cleaning is a lot more than just vacuuming! Take it one step further with pest control - don't miss out on initial services starting at just $99. Your friends will be jealous when there aren't any ants on your counters. 😏

Learn more >> https://ow.ly/bV4s50QYJ6l

Photos from Terminix's post 03/22/2024

Antonio Carrera + Ford Parker's GOAL saves 🤝 Alex Johnson's customer save!

It's time for another Terminix Save of the Week! This week, we are shouting out Alex Johnson from New Port Richey, FL for his devoted dedication to providing quality customer care!

⚽ USL Championship | North Carolina FC
⚽ USL League One | Tormenta FC


When bugs kick it, it’s a whole new ball game! ⚽

We're proud to announce a multi-year partnership with the United Soccer League (USL). The partnership will cover multiple leagues within the USL organization, including USL Championship, USL League One, USL League Two, USL W League, USL Youth, and USL Academy.

Whether on the field or at home, Terminix and USL are committed to helping you "defend your home turf." 💪

To learn more about the partnership, visit: https://www.uslsoccer.com/news_article/show/1304681

Photos from Terminix's post 03/19/2024

When pests show up in NYC, so do we 💪


Spring flowers aren't the only thing popping up... spring pests are emerging! Many of these pests hibernate in your walls during winter and then make their way out once the weather starts warming up. Take preventative measures to keep spring pests out. ▶️

Learn more about spring pests >> https://ow.ly/WrFR50QVLAH

Photos from Terminix's post 03/15/2024

Introducing the Terminix Save of the Week! Shoutout to Jim Simpson from Rolling Meadows, IL for his outstanding dedication to customer service!

ALMOST as cool as Jahmali Waite's fingertip save, right? 😉


Joro spiders might look scary but they’re practically harmless. They are technically poisonous, but their venom is weak and their fangs are too tiny to pierce human skin. Not to mention they’re pretty shy. 🙈

Learn all about Joro spiders and why you need not worry about all the hype ➡️ https://ow.ly/XYge50QRG5I


We've heard this might be a common Rat Trait... what's yours?!

We've got more. 😅 One of them is a very strong sense of smell, just like rats! Learn how good a rat's sense of smell is >> https://ow.ly/nIKj50QQhzZ


Unfortunately, termites don't just go after the wood on your property. They also go after products derived from wood or that contain cellulose. Make sure you're checking in other places and not just the obvious wood spots!

Learn more ➡️ https://ow.ly/oamA50QOQbi


Termites invade homes seeking food, water, and a feeding ground. These destructive insects might begin feeding on your home if you unknowingly create the ideal environment for a termite infestation on your property. Unfortunately, it's easy to create optimal conditions for your termites in and around your home. Here's how. ▶️

Learn what to do about a termite infestation ➡️ https://ow.ly/7uMx50QMUBz

Photos from Terminix's post 03/17/2023
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