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37 Details

We offer high quality & professional detailing services for the Greater Rockford area.

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Discover the ultimate in ceramic coating protection in the Rockford Area!

After extensive testing of various products on the market, we confidently declare that Gtechniq’s Coating products reign supreme in performance and protection. From CSU to CSL, C5 Wheel Armour, Glass Coating, C4 Trim Restorer, EXO v5, and more, the quality of these materials has consistently amazed us, prompting our accreditation.

With an unmatched 9-year GUARANTEE, your vehicle's exterior is safeguarded against the elements—UV rays, tree sap, tar, acidic rain, bird droppings, road paint, and rust deposits—ensuring lasting integrity. We are meticulous in our product selection, ensuring only the best for your vehicle.

Experience the difference with Crystal Serum Ultra, our 9-Year Ceramic Coating—request a quote today and elevate your vehicle's protection!

✅ Available only at 37 Details, Professional Automotive Detailing
📍3384 N Publishers Dr, Unit G, Rockford, IL 61109

Visit our website for more information, hours, pricing, & reviews.

📷: 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

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We are thrilled to announce 37 Details becoming Rockford’s only Gtechniq Accredited Installers!

At 37 Details, we're committed to delivering unparalleled quality and innovation in auto detailing and restyling. That's why we're thrilled to announce our accreditation as installers for Gtechniq Ultra Serum – the pinnacle of automotive surface protection for Ceramic Coatings.

An exciting update: From now on, our Gtechniq 5-year and 9-year coatings will come with an Exclusive Complimentary Detailing Kit to uphold the exceptional quality finish! Plus, each coating will be accompanied by a warranty serial/card and backed by Gtechniq for added peace of mind.

We are located at 3384 North Publishers Dr, Suite G, Rockford, Illinois 61109 📍

Contact us at (815-222-4559) to schedule a FREE quote and let us help protect your investment today!

Our Automotive Restyling Studio offers a wide variety of services including DETAILING, PAINT CORRECTION, CERAMIC COATINGS, PPF, VINYL WRAP & AFTERMARKET INSTALLATION SUPPORT.


(Edit: Giveaway is now closed, winner has been selected.)


May is here & Mother’s Day is around the corner 💐
To celebrate, we’d like to give away a FREE Enhancement Package to a lucky winner who completes ALL 3 simple rules below ⬇️.

Our Enhancement Package includes a full interior detail & an exterior paint enhancement, topped with a 1 year sealant for protection. Visit our website for more information on this package.

TO ENTER, you must:
•Like/follow our page
•Share this post & tag us
•Tag 2 friends in a comment (Bonus entry for every 2 moms you tag!)

Giveaway winner will be randomly selected & announced May 10th, 2024.

💐 Great gift opportunity!
To make sure a mom receives this giveaway, mothers may redeem giveaway for themselves or winner can gift it to a mom, wife, mother-in-law, sister, etc.

Good luck!👍🏽

Photos from 37 Details's post 04/16/2024

2019 Jeep Wrangler came in for a Signature Package, which included a Level 2 Paint Correction on the exterior and an interior detail.
•Trim Restoration
•Engine Bay Detail

This off-road Wrangler came to us in rough shape to say the least, it had extreme water spots & swirls/scratches all around (as expected from a properly driven off-road!) We were able to remove about 85% of paint defects using different size pads (for all the crevices), heavy compound & a mixture of polishes to get it as reflective as possible without removing too much clear coat thickness. We removed the spare wheel to properly correct the area.
We also restored the plastic trim, detailed the engine bay & dressed all 5 tires. This one left the studio protected & looking brand new 🤌🏽

✅Schedule an appointment with us to get the best detailing experience, effective customer service & professional results every time!

💻 All information can be found in our website

Photos from 37 Details's post 04/15/2024

2023 Acura Integra received our Intrusive Package for an all-around cleaning & refreshing.

Dm us to book your detailing appointment today!
You can also schedule online through our website or call/text us! Info in our description.

Studio Location: 3384 N Publishers Dr, Suite G, Rockford, IL 61109.

Photos from 37 Details's post 04/12/2024

Chevy Suburban came in for a Level 1 Paint Enhancement to remove swirl marks/defects & to maximize gloss. We also removed 3 emblems & refined the area for a seamless removal. Interior was lightly detailed.

After measuring the thickness of the paint, we enhanced it using our trusty Rupes DA polisher & refined it using a perfect mix of polishes specially tailored to this truck. We were able to remove around 90% of imperfections without cutting, with no residue or holograms (sun check performed). Just an insanely reflective showroom finish 🔥

Don’t get left out, get your car ready for car meets & shows!
🛑Limited availability before the next Cars & Coffee in Rockford

•Call/text us to book an appointment!
•Visit our website to schedule online, view prices, reviews, hours, etc.

Photos from 37 Details's post 04/07/2024

This BMW K 1600 GTL Luxury-Tourer came in for a deep wash & a Level 1 Paint Enhancement to clean out every crevice & protect the paint from harmful environmental elements. We removed bugs, bug splatter, mud, & lots of dirt buildup motorcycles tend to accumulate after many rides. Make sure to get your bike detailed before the summer!

To schedule your bike detail, send us a DM, text/call or book through the “Motorcycles” category in our website!

Photos from 37 Details's post 04/06/2024

If you haven’t yet, check out our new & improved website! Here you will find prices, FAQ’s, and much more. You can also read reviews, get hours, & browse through our services.
Click “Schedule Online” to book an appointment while you’re here!

Thank you for your continued support!

Photos from 37 Details's post 04/05/2024

New & upgraded look for this Silverado 🔥

We installed an upgraded headlight kit & a 2-year Ceramic wheel coating using GTechniq C5 Wheel Armour. This coating is suitable for satin, gloss, chrome & matte finishes & makes it significantly easier to wash off brake dust & contaminants.

This coating can be applied to rims, barrels, calipers & exhaust tips due to its high heat resistance of up to 1112 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ask about any aftermarket installations! Starting at $60 hourly shop rate.

Photos from 37 Details's post 04/03/2024

Chevy Silverado 2500 came in for an Enhancement Package, with special attention to the fender flare area where it received some deep outline scratches, visible after removal. (last photo)

We performed a Wet Sand correction to diminish the outline, followed by a Level 1 Paint Enhancement on the remaining paint surfaces. This truck also got an interior detail with carpet & seat extraction.

Photos from 37 Details's post 04/01/2024

Scroll to see the before ➡️

Chrysler Pacifica came in for an Enhancement Package after a long cross-country family road trip. We brought the interior back to life after 10 hours of carpet extraction, steam cleaning, an ozone treatment, seat cleaning, paint polishing and much more.

If your family car needs some spring cleaning, make an appointment with us!

⚠️ April is almost booked!

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Need an extra hand installing new features on your vehicle?
Our knowledgeable staff can help!

A return customer brought in a newly-purchased dash cam kit for us to install on her Cadillac XT5. We installed the front and rear camera while maintaining an OEM finish. All wires properly tucked and hidden. Fuse tapped correctly with low voltage protection to prevent battery from draining.

•Aftermarket installations are priced at $60 hourly. Please contact us directly to figure out the best install option for you!

Photos from 37 Details's post 03/21/2024

This beautiful 2001 Corvette C5 received our Level 1 Paint Enhancement to brighten up the beautiful yellow exterior & create a deep, wet-looking gloss. Literally showroom finish! It’s also protected for 12 months with only our best top-of-the-line products.

•All chrome was hand polished
•Engine bay detailed
•Tire dressing applied
•Every inch was impeccably cleaned, including glass, wheels, mirrors, etc.

Happy Spring! We’re finally getting ready for warmer weather, which means car meets & auto shows 🏁
Bring us your classics & racecars, we’ll make anything look good! (Photoshoot included 😉)

Photos from 37 Details's post 03/20/2024

Supercharged Jaguar XF Prestige came into the tunnel for some much-needed exterior work. It received:
•Deep Hand Wash
•Complete Decontamination (Iron & Clay)
•Level 2 Paint Correction 🪩

If your paint has swirls, scratches, haziness, fading or oxidation, it might be time for a paint correction. This Jaguar was topped with a 12-month sealant, but we do recommend a Ceramic Coating to extend the protection. Bring it to the professionals, we’ll get you right.

To book an appointment, please DM us or contact us directly. Our website is currently undergoing maintenance.

Photos from 37 Details's post 03/18/2024

Lincoln Aviator came in for our Signature Package & Ceramic Coating using Gtechniq EXO v5.

This coating provides 18-24 months of paint protection while enhancing gloss & creating a hydrophobic barrier. EXO v5 repels water, dirt & dust particles for easier cleaning & rust prevention. Protect your investment with us today!

Now booking for April & May! Schedule your appointment by contacting us directly. (Website is currently undergoing maintenance).

Photos from 37 Details's post 03/11/2024

This past week I had the pleasure of detailing one of our Ceramic Coated Jailbreak SRTs down in Tallahassee, Florida.

It received a Ceramic Maintenance hand wash with GTechniq’s GWash, a car shampoo specifically formulated to work in harmony with all our ceramic coatings.

After ceramic applications, we highly recommend at least quarterly maintenance washes with us to keep that coating protection intact & to maximize gloss retention.
•All maintenance washes are starting at $100 for all size vehicles.

Give us a call or book your detailing appointment online!
For questions, concerns, or quote inquiries, feel free to contact us at 815-222-4559 or simply DM us.


Here at 37 Details, we’re constantly learning, evolving & improving to serve you better as your preferred Rockford detailers and soon-to-be vehicle restylers.
While we’re still preparing to launch our exciting new services to our Rockford location 👀, you can come experience our newly-renovated detailing studio by booking any service!
(Taking appointments after March 18th)

Online booking is now open on our website!

⚜️ Our Current Services Include:
•Ceramic Coatings
•Interior Detailing
•Exterior Detailing
•Aftermarket Parts Installation (hourly rate)
•Interior Ceramic Coatings (Leather & Fabric)
•Windshield & Window Coating
•Engine Bay Detailing
•Headlight Restoration
+ many more.

Photos from 37 Details's post 02/24/2024

2023 Hyundai Elantra came in for our Intrusive Package to bring back that new car feeling. We tackled every inch of this family car, removing all kinds of candy, chocolate & sticky drips.

This package is perfect if you’re looking to focus on your vehicle’s interior more than anything, but still want to treat your exterior to a thorough hand wash & wheel wash.

DM us to book an appointment! If you’re feeling shy, you can also book online through our website 😉

This package starts at $200 for this size vehicle

Photos from 37 Details's post 02/22/2024

2010 Mercedes-Benz E550 5.5L V8 came into our studio for an Enhancement Package to polish up the glossy exterior & refresh the interior before selling.
(❗️SOLD❗️)This vehicle is currently FOR SALE, if interested or want to request info please send us a DM.

It received:
-Full Intrusive Interior Detail
-Exterior Hand Wash & Proper Decontamination
-Level 1 Paint Enhancement
-Tire Dressing (no-sling)

To schedule an appointment online, please visit our website (in our bio) or simply send us a DM.
You can also contact us via text/call 815-222-4559.

Photos from 37 Details's post 02/17/2024

Jaguar XJ received our Enhancement Package to brighten up all areas of the luxurious beige/brown interior & white exterior

She received:
- Full Interior Detail
- Deep hand wash & thorough decontamination
- Level 1 Paint Enhancement

Photos from 37 Details's post 02/03/2024

▫️Paint correction (included partial wet sand)
▫️5 Year Ceramic Coating application
▫️BC Custom Coil-Overs installation

At 37 Details, we’re more than just a detail service provider – we’re partners in turning your automotive dreams into reality. Even if a particular service isn’t listed on our menu, our commitment to creativity knows no limits. Our skilled team thrives on challenges, working closely with you to devise custom solutions that suit your vision.

DM us to book your detailing appointment!
Or call/text us at 815-222-4559

We specialize in:
Ceramic Coatings
Interior + Exterior Detailing
Paint Corrections
plus much more!

🏁 Check out our website for more information & location

Photos from 37 Details's post 01/06/2024

Clean, protected & ready for the road.

Services performed:
▫️Intrusive Package (Full Interior Detail + deep hand wash)

Send us a DM with your vehicle information & service you’d like for a free quote!
Start the New Year right with a clean vehicle!

Photos from 37 Details's post 12/28/2023

Paint Enhancement for the win!

Our Giveaway Winner came in for an Enhancement Package to revive the vehicle’s finish from years of wear & tear. We focused on a few scuff removals (per client request) & performed an all-around paint enhancement, along with a full interior detail.
The results were incredible 👏🏼

This 2016 Honda Accord left the studio looking shiny, protected from road salt & refreshed for the New Year! ✨


Happy Holidays! 🎄IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME!

(❗️WINNER HAS BEEN SELECTED, giveaway closed. )

Enter for a chance to win an Enhancement Detail Package by 37 Details.
Up to a $500 value!

3 simple rules:
▫️Like this post
▫️Share this original post (not on Facebook story)
▫️Tag 2 friends in the comments!

1 entry per person
Any vehicle, any size!
Package includes a full interior detail plus a 1-Step Paint Enhancement.
Visit our website for full service description!

Giveaway winner will be randomly selected & announced on December 20, 2023. Stay tuned & good luck! ✨

Photos from 37 Details's post 12/01/2023

Clean interior flicks 🤌🏽

Let us make your vehicle look brand new again!
Book a December detail appointment for you or as a gift to someone you appreciate.

Photos from 37 Details's post 11/22/2023

Now taking appointments for Undercoating! Starting at $350.
Road salt season is around the corner, protect your underbody from rust & degradation.

We spray the underbody with an oil-based protectant to stop rust from forming and/or spreading. This thick layer of Lanolin oil penetrates down to bare metal, displaces all moisture & eliminates oxygen from the metal, therefore preventing oxidation from occurring.

Undercoating provides long term protection* against salt, liquid calcium chloride, brine, & all other ice-control agents.

We spray all metal frame & important components, excluding the exhaust system, brakes, driveshaft, & any plastics or wires.

*Inspection & touch-up is recommended every year to prolong protection

Feel free to message us with any questions or concerns!

Photos from 37 Details's post 11/11/2023

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro in Midnight Black came in for a Signature Package with a full 5-Year Ceramic Coating application on all exterior surfaces (excluding bed).

⚫️ Protected from salt, rust deposits, tree sap, UV ray damage, acidic bird droppings, harsh chemicals, road paint, etc.

⚫️ Extremely glossy, hydrophobic, slick & reflective surface with a deep wet-looking shine.

⚫️ All windows ceramic coated

⚫️ Wheels & plastic trim coated

DM us for a quote on your vehicle! Whether it’s a full detail, a Ceramic Coating application or a headlight restoration, we got you!

Photos from 37 Details's post 11/08/2023

Let’s talk inspections 🔍

Here at 37 Details, we perform a thorough inspection before AND after any service, especially before Paint Corrections or Ceramic Coatings.

We measure your vehicle’s paint thickness with a specialized meter, to make sure the clear coat is thick enough for a correction & to ensure there’s no chance of burning through the paint.

We also do a proper walk-around to let you know of any surface imperfections, paint chips or dents that cannot be corrected. We do this in order to provide you with an accurate price based on your vehicle’s condition.

If you are paying to get an expensive protection service like a Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film (PPF) and/or Fashion Film, make sure you do your own research and choose the proper shop for the job.

Here at 37 Details, we pride ourselves in quality & you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is in the best hands in the Greater Rockford Area.

Want your business to be the top-listed Cleaning Service in Rockford?
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Repost of this absolutely flawless ceramic coating application we did back in May ✨ one of the best details we’ve done i...
2023 Hellcat Jailbreak came in for a 5-year ceramic coated at 37 Details Studio, located in Rockford, IL 📍



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