Talent development, strategic communications, and technical solutions for the public sector.

Avyance is dedicated to helping organizations navigate their toughest challenges and achieve business success.


Great news! FAA awarded Avyance a contract to support its Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Office (AUS). Avyance will provide AUS with organizational development and planning, program and change management, communications, and process improvement expertise. Avyance is an 8(a) certified business, proudly supporting the US government in achieving its mission.

Photos from Avyance's post 07/01/2022

Fun times celebrating our Avyance 5-year anniversary at our company picnic last week! We basked in the sun, waded in the Shenandoah River, and enjoyed each other’s company. Love this team!


Love is love. In a world divided on many fronts, we believe love is always good and pure. We are proud to support Pride and the LGBTQIA+ community, and to celebrate the uniqueness of every human.

Photos from Avyance's post 05/28/2021

Trash, trash, go away, come again some other… WAIT, no, don’t. The Avyance team joined again with Langley High School seniors for an Adopt-A-Highway road clean up. Our team spent 25 person-hours scouring the roads, yielding over 15 large bags or trash. Mind you, our last clean-up of the same roads was 8 months ago. That’s a lot of new trash! We’ll keep doing our part to keep Northern Virginia beautiful, but gosh, wouldn’t it be great if people stopped littering? Many thanks to the Langley seniors who helped!

Play New | Nike 05/18/2021

Failure - such a harsh word. Let’s try to use “lesson” instead. Success is built on a series of lessons, some that step us forward, some back. Stretching and growing ourselves (and our businesses) is the only way to success. And if we didn’t have some painful lessons along the way, we’d never get to the goal. Our Avyance hat is off to NIKE, for their messaging about growth, and their great reframing of the word failure. May we all see painful lessons as building blocks to better.


Play New | Nike Give golf a go like World Champion sprinter Dina Asher-Smith. Or take a swing at tennis like WNBA star Sabrina Ionescu. Step up to the plate with eight-time ...

Photos from Avyance's post 05/11/2021

The “now” of work. We look back at 2019 and wonder how we balanced it all (suits and stilettos for 10+ hour days—anyone else?). Now work is woven into life—it’s a zoom call in slippers with a finger hovering over mute to silence the barking dogs. Now work/life balance means un-weaving work from life, being present in each discretely, and not always having one foot in each world. Here’s to everyone who has found the right balance and is thriving, and to everyone else, the struggle is real, and Team Avyance feels ‘ya.


Avyance is now 8(a) certified!

We are proud to share the news that Avyance was accepted into the US Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) business development program. Of 24 million US-based small businesses, fewer than 9,000 have 8(a) certification. This 9-year program allows participants to compete for federal sole-source contracts with up to $4 million ceiling for goods and services. Avyance is thrilled to expand our relationships within the federal government to help our clients secure direct access to the management consulting support they need.

Photos from Avyance's post 04/30/2021

It’s a dog’s life… or so they say. Meet Malou Jeppesen, who’s living her best life while visiting Avyance headquarters. Avyance consultant Warren Sloop taught Malou a few client service best practices: no barking at clients, commit to continuous learning, and never, ever eat deliverables.


EUREKA! Avyance has found that magic formula for a fun Zoom happy hour. Aviation trivia + fun facts about the team = a lot of laughter (and some surprise!). We learned that Andrea is a trivia ringer, Trish “Rocks” the elevator, and Brad (aka Matt Damon) is a Fuji-climber. And Jessica, thanks for NOT going into a legal career, you’re an excellent consultant. Big kudos to the host with the most…Warren. Thanks for the happy, happy hour!

Timeline photos 04/16/2021

A benefit of being a small business is that your team really does feel like family. We’re delighted to congratulate Lt. Commander Dennis Harbin, judge advocate, for his recognition with the prestigious Richard R. Baxter Military Prize. Congrats to Dennis, Jessica, and the whole Harbin family! It’s an honor to have you as friends and “family.”


Lt. Cmdr. Dennis Harbin – a judge advocate currently serving as a joint legal observer and trainer for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – was awarded the 2021 Richard R. Baxter Military Prize by the American Society of International Law (ASIL) Lieber Society on the Law of Armed Conflict. His writing topic was “Targeting Submarine Cables.” Read more about his accomplishment! ⚓



Social distancing done right! Our Avyance family had a unique, COVID-safe meet-n-greet when one of our team members sailed by the house of her colleague’s family. What a fun way to see each other and share in beautiful weather!

From our family to yours... wishing you smooth sailing and a healthy spring season!


We are excited to support this group, help document their proceedings, and support the efforts focused on today’s youth and the future of the aviation industry.


Technology is good, but… it’s just not the same to see our friends, colleagues, and clients on the small screen every day. We miss the energy, subtle physical cues, warm handshakes, and casual chit-chat of in person meetings. Don’t get us wrong, we love sweatpants and slippers too. But until we can get back to in-person meetings, all the comfortable clothes in the world won’t be enough. For now, we’ll just stare deeply into the eyes of our family members… dogs included.


High-performing teams have a mix of skills and abilities. At Avyance, it’s the diversity of perspectives and intrinsic motivators that drive our team to deliver excellence. We’re all strong on multiple fronts, but we each bring our own talents to the table. Some of our team are gifted with creative vision and out-of-the-box solution development. Some are strongest in delivering structured, organized methodologies and plans for ex*****on. Others intuitively understand people and know what motivates and resonates for clients and colleagues. And some of us are hard-driving, always-on, forces of nature who stop at nothing to deliver the best products. Thank you to our Avyance employees for bringing your whole selves to work every day.

Virtual conference 09/24/2020

As owners of a small business, we wear multiple hats. It’s tempting to try to do everything ourselves, especially at the start, when the business is new. But there’s no bootstrapping that will replace true expertise. Over the years, subject matter experts have saved us many headaches and boosted our performance. From our CPA expert in finance, to our tax advisor for compliance, and our legal team for contracts, we’ve appreciated the counsel of our specialists. We are grateful for their help, and the help of other smalls. Thanks for keeping us sane and successful!


Virtual conference Meet other business owners and get expert advice at this free 3-day conference.


We founded Avyance on the belief that integrity must be demonstrated in all transactions. Over the past three years, we’ve partnered with small and large businesses and found that – as in personal relationships – trust is key to productive collaboration. Open and honest communication, kept confidences, prioritized shared benefits over individual rewards, and reliable behavior are multipliers that yield returns for clients, employees, and the bottom line. We are proud to live our values in all that we do – and honored to work with business partners we trust!


Today we’re celebrating all the federal workers who have moved mountains to get our U.S. government operating at full speed during the pandemic. It’s taken a huge, rapid culture and technology shift for agencies to adjust to full-time telework. We understand the change hasn’t been easy, yet from what we’ve seen, it’s gone pretty smoothly. Thank you, federal workers, for showing that your true colors are red, white, and blue, and for your dedication to getting the job done. We appreciate you!


As Hurricane Laura bears down on our Southern states, Avyance sends wishes for health and safety to those in its path. We appreciate the emergency workers and essential personnel who put themselves in harm’s way to keep others safe.

Photos from Avyance's post 08/19/2020

Avyance has hit an exciting milestone, our third anniversary! We are grateful for the trust of our clients, the faith of our teaming partners, and for the smarts and dedication of our employees. From the 2017 dream of our founding partners to industry awards, winning proposals, and the success of today, we are proud of our Avyance journey. We have exciting new developments coming soon - stay tuned for the next chapter as we continue to grow!


Proud to support this effort and looking forward to the contributions of this powerful group!

Photos from Avyance's post 08/03/2020

Green and clean! Avyance held another roadside clean-up in Vienna and McLean, VA. It was a sunny, hot day, and we picked up trash while VDOT workers mowed the medians. By the end of the day, our roads were tidy and clean, just like the fresh look after our first post-quarantine haircuts!


What’s in a logo? For Avyance, the inspiration came from the sculpture “Bird in Space” by Constantin Brancusi, conveying the essential nature of flight. Our logo combines the upward motion and focal point of the emblem, with the clean, modern, and stable font. It reflects our core belief for branding – that a great logo must be simple, memorable, scalable, versatile, and durable.


Celebrating the US Supreme Court ruling that protects the rights of LGBTQ workers.


We believe in equality and justice for all, and we stand against racism. We are committed to inclusion, diversity, and furthering the national dialogue about much-overdue change.

How We Can Help You Succeed · Avyance 05/28/2020

What’s in a name? For Avyance, it’s Flight + Action. Avyance is a blend of AVY (derived from Latin AVI: bird) and ANCE (Latin: quality, action, process). A bird in flight is graceful and elegant, powered by perfectly structured wings, an innate feel for air dynamics, experience, and determination. Our solutions are like the bird’s flight – well-designed, functional, and ready-for-action. Let us show you what we mean: https://avyance.com/services/

How We Can Help You Succeed · Avyance Our mission is to help you succeed with yours. The way we see it? We’re in this together. And together, we’ll roll up our sleeves to get to the core of what makes your organization beat, so we can help you navigate your toughest organizational challenges. What we deliver STRATEGY Visioning Strat...

Digital Transformation Is About Talent, Not Technology 05/13/2020

We are fueled by curiosity in our personal and professional lives. We built a company of smart, curious, agile thinkers, knowing that it’s these qualities—combined with functional expertise—that yield great solutions for our customers. They’re also the qualities that make colleagues fun to be with.

Digital Transformation Is About Talent, Not Technology How to future-proof your personnel — especially in uncertain times.

Got a meeting? Take a walk 05/05/2020

“Fresh air drives fresh thinking.” It’s a simple idea. To get out of the box…get out of the box! Literally. Get out and walk for the next team telecon (but maybe mute the heavy breathing). We love this Ted Talk because it inspired us to get moving. We’re making sure that “work from home” doesn’t only mean “work from the sofa.”

Got a meeting? Take a walk Nilofer Merchant suggests a small idea that just might have a big impact on your life and health: Next time you have a one-on-one meeting, make it into a "walking meeting" -- and let ideas flow while you walk and talk.

Avyance Wins Hermes Platinum Award! · Avyance 04/28/2020

What’s small, 2.5 years old, and award-winning? Avyance is! Avyance won a Hermes Platinum award for the design of FAA’s 2019 FLLI Course Catalog. The AMCP-administered Hermes Awards recognize outstanding and innovative creative products. We are honored to receive the highest-level award in the category of print media, publications, and catalogs. Congratulations to our FAA clients and the Avyance team! Check out the link below, and let us know if your organization would like a best-in-class design for your publications!

Avyance Wins Hermes Platinum Award! · Avyance Avyance won a Hermes Platinum award for the design of FAA’s 2019 FLLI Catalog. The Association of Communication and Marketing Professionals-administered Hermes awards recognize outstanding and innovative creative products. We are honored to receive their highest-level award in the category of publ...

Photos from Avyance's post 04/22/2020

Our favorite color is GREEN! Happy Earth Day! We’re looking forward to our next Adopt-A-Highway clean up. Our Avyance-adopted roads - Trap Road in Vienna, VA and Spring Hill Road in McLean, VA - will get our trash collecting attention as soon as social distancing is lifted. We love helping keep our community green.

The unfortunate math behind consulting companies 04/20/2020

“How hard could it be? They must be making bank!” Answer: it’s hard. And no, they’re probably not. This article explains the math of running a consulting business. Business ownership is rewarding - much like putting kids through college. We’re proudly investing in the future, and savoring beans and rice along the way.


The unfortunate math behind consulting companies Consulting can be a great way to earn a living and a smart way to self-finance a startup, but the business model isn’t as good you might think, and there are pitfalls everywhere. Learn them, …

Photos from Avyance's post 04/14/2020

This week, we’d like to shout out to mother nature. We appreciate it for bringing sunshine and fresh spring colors into our lives. Several of our colleagues went on solo walks and nature hikes this weekend, and they’ve shared a few beautiful images of flowers, nature’s masterpieces. Thanks to the team for capturing these uplifting images, and for reminding us of all that’s naturally beautiful around us!


Remote work and flex schedules are baked into our Avyance DNA. The reason is simple – efficiency and flexibility are key to our business success. Great teamwork has never meant being under the same roof. Remote work enables us to use the best talent for the job regardless of employees’ physical location. Our team happy hours are now via video, but we’re still toasting to the feeling of reward we get from delivering on-point solutions for our clients.


Formal learning, done informally. Engaged employees, yet social distancing. Too good to be true? It’s not! Avyance is helping clients engage their employees in structured development through social, mobile, micro-learning activities. Using collaboration platforms like Microsoft Yammer, we design and deliver training that is fun, convenient, user-friendly – all presented in manageable chunks of time. Let us know what engagement or learning challenges you’re trying to solve, and we’ll be glad to help!

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Our Story

We provide talent development, strategic communications, and change management solutions to public and private sector clients. Every day, our team is helping organizations navigate their toughest challenges and achieve business success.

Teamwork, creativity, and excellence guide us as we create new and rewarding experiences for our clients. We bring diverse skills and perspectives to help businesses rise to every challenge and deliver the best solutions that are right for them now and in the future.

Our team is led by founding partners Sarah Jeppesen and Tatiana Jeromskaia.

Prior to Avyance, Sarah was a senior leader in a top tier consulting firm. Throughout her career, she has helped commercial and federal entities achieve their goals by designing and implementing large-scale transformation efforts. Coupling a mastery of business management with a focus on the human side of organizations, Sarah has led large teams to deliver innovative and realistic solutions to address client challenges. Sarah is dedicated to positioning her teams and her clients for long-term success.


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