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That's a WRAP! Key Takeaways on the Impacts of Inflation and Your Business:

Come to Grips with Inflation ~ If you want to stand a serious chance of preparing your business for it.

Adjust Your Pricing Strategy is the FIRST step.

Improve Your Cash Flow and Reduce Your Operating Costs by:
- Relocate to a less expensive working environment, or go virtual if you can.
- Renegotiate with your suppliers
- Eliminate Finance Charges
- Review your professional indemnity insurance policy
- Ask Suppliers for Discounts

The financial waters are going to get choppy in the coming months; there’s no doubt about that. In your attempt to keep your business afloat, you need to face these challenges head-on.


Are you suffering? Stay tuned for tips, tricks and de-stress remedies from your friends at LEAD Network Pro!


Pray. Manifest. Hustle. Thank God. Repeat. 👏👏👏


PROFIT FIRST by Mike Michalowicz ~ awesome for entrepreneurs!
ACCOUNTING FOR THE NUMBERPHOBIC by Dawn Fotopulos ~ best for small businesses
THE ALCHEMY OF FINANCE by George Soros ~ sheds light into Soros' trading strategies.
THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR by Benjamin Graham ~ best trading guide
BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION by Dan & Allen Tappscott ~ Crypto!!




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Sometimes it sure seems like it right? But it IS true. We all must work through seasons of challenge in our lives to better us, and help us appreciate the beauty of life's warm summer days.


Wednesday is coming! And we have a fantastic guest speaker to discuss how to tackle inflation in your business! Will you be there?!


Happy Easter from our families to yours.


Current Inflation Cause #4: Poor Government Economic Policies
Bad government policies can impact inflation—most specific to our current circumstances are those regarding fossil fuels. If you have a car, you’ve likely seen gas prices rising over the last year.

While these policies need to be addressed, this isn’t a quick fix. U.S. oil production and refining have been down this year due to several causes including Hurricane Ida, which impacted oil supply. Pair that with oil-exporting countries not providing enough, and there are supply constraints on both sides of the equation.

With supply constraints and the current increase in demand for gasoline, prices don’t look to be coming back down in the near future.

Now that we have a better idea of what factors are contributing to inflation most recently, let’s take a look at inflation causes through a more generalized lens.


Concerned about inflation? We’ve got you covered! We’re so excited to hear Ashley Tapp speak! Plus… open networking!


Current Inflation Cause #3: Government Sponsored Unemployment
In response to the spike in job losses we saw in 2020, there were increases and expansions to existing unemployment programs both on the state and federal level. While this may have helped get many people back on their feet, with many people unwilling to go back to work for previous wages—combined with concerns over health and safety—we’re now seeing long-term impacts that are affecting the current inflation.

The gist of the issue is that government-sponsored unemployment benefits pay workers not to work, which causes a shortage of workers. Ultimately, this leads to businesses having to raise wages above the unemployment benefits.

As such, businesses are having to pivot and restructure their approach to compensation and employment. While some businesses will be able to adapt to the demand for higher wages in order to ensure they have the staff they need to support their operations, many small businesses will not.


Current Inflation Cause #2: Supply Chain Disruption
Whether you’re in the grocery store or waiting for something to ship from overseas, you’ve likely been having a hard time getting ahold of certain goods in recent months. There are a few factors that are playing into this current issue.

First, during the height of the pandemic, many companies decreased output because consumers weren’t spending. However, they are now and companies have been trying to play catch up.

Pair that with the shortages in an all-around shortage of supplies to make certain goods, and it’s become a compounding issue.

And we haven’t even gotten to the traffic jams at the various ports throughout the country that have led to a massive amount of goods being stuck for long periods of time, sometimes months. With goods stuck at these ports and unable to be unloaded, it means that many shelves will continue to sit empty.


Current Inflation Cause #1: Increased $$ Supply
💸An increase in the money supply is meant to help stimulate the economy by helping to put more money in the hands of consumers. While this might sound like a positive shift, it can actually have negative influences on the economy, like contributing to inflation.

The Federal Reserve has printed trillions of dollars over the last two years, which has contributed to the devaluation of U.S. currency and the high inflation rate we’re currently experiencing—and is being speculated to continue.

Not only that, but the money supply has increased faster than the rate of production, which contributes to shortages. And, with more money in circulation, consumers have more to spend—which in turn is spurring greater consumer demand.

However, with demand outpacing production, there are many shortages across the country.


🤯… Are you one of the 528,000,000?


Inflation: What is it?

Better yet - what is currently causing it? You'll need to tune in the next few days to find out!


Does inflation have you concerned? Join us to learn more about the ways that you can prepare for it.


Not everyone has money to throw around! 💸💸💸
Learn how to prepare your small business for Inflation! Join the Discussion ~ April 20th, 9:00am .



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LEAD Topic of the Month: INFLATION
How is inflation impacting your business?
Don't miss our weekly tips, tools and resources to tackle inflation and help you keep your head above water ..


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You got the doors open, now what?? Navigating a new business is hard, it takes courage and strategy. I mean, this is your DREAM, man!

LEAD Network Professionals can help you navigate these uncharted waters ~ come check us out, we promise, you'll be glad you did!


Train your mind to be calm in every situation and don't be afraid of going slow ... be only afraid of standing still.


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