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WBU Oakdale carries quality bird food, feeders, nest boxes, baths, & many other nature themed items.

Wild Birds Unlimited specializes in bringing people and nature together through the hobby of backyard bird feeding and nature products. Our stores offer the highest quality products including Bird food, Bird Baths and Bird houses.


Now through July 31, the National Wildlife Federation is offering Wild Birds Unlimited customers 2️⃣ 0️⃣ % OFF Habitat Certification with promo code GARDEN20. https://certifiedwildlifehabitat.nwf.org/

🐝 🦋 June is the perfect time to celebrate the bees, butterflies, birds and the other little critters that help habitats thrive. Many pollinator populations are in decline and this decline is attributed most severely to a loss in feeding and nesting habitats. You can help by adding native plants to your yard.

🌼 Wild Birds Unlimited is proud to be the Champion for the National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat® program. This initiative shows nature enthusiasts like you how a few simple additions can make a big difference.

Ready to learn more about increasing the birds and pollinators in your space? Check out the latest Nature Centered Podcast episode: Habitat for Birds & Pollinators. oakdale.wbu.com/nature-centered-onewbu

Featured: Butterfly & Hummingbird
Visiting a Zinnia flower, native to SW United States and Mexico


One action you can take to help is to keep your windows safe for the birds! A couple simple ways to do this is to set up a window feeder or by applying window gems! For more tips, check out this page: https://www.wbu.com/window-strikes/
Choose one of the following IDs based on the image you chose to accompany this copy:

Option #1:
Featured Bird: Anna's Hummingbird
Feeder: Decorative Hummingbird Window Feeder with Nectar

Option #2:
Featured Bird: White-breasted Nuthatch
Feeder: TreeScape Window Feeder with Bugs & Bits®️

Option #3:
Featured Birds: Pine Siskin & American Goldfinch
Feeder: Feeder with Sunflower Chips


This handsome little finch, the state bird of New Jersey, Iowa, and Washington, is welcome and common at feeders, where it takes primarily sunflower and nyjer. These little beauties enjoy our Finch Blend all year round.


Loving Local at Wild Birds Unlimited is our version of supporting local craftsmen and artisans. Stop in our shop and help support another's dream. Marvel over their talents & craftsmanship. Maybe pick up a little something for you or someone special.


Male Northern Flickers have a brown crown, gray face and neck with red 'moustache' and black 'bib', brown upperparts with black barring, and creamy white underparts with black spots. Females are similar to males but lack the red moustache. In flight, both sexes show bright red feathers in the wings and tail.


Looking to spruce up your garden? Why not go native? 🌼 Native plants are adapted to your region's soil and climate, making them low-maintenance and resilient. Plus, they provide essential habitats for pollinators like butterflies, birds, and bees! Start planting today! 🌿


We hope you enjoyed our time together in Songbird Meadow. Thank you for taking this journey with us, we loved it!

Were you able to apply any of the 3 simple steps to help around your home? We'd love to see a photo if you did!

1️⃣ Watch the birds
2️⃣ Hang a bird feeder to feed the birds
3️⃣ Plant native plants

Still a work in progress? That's A-OK! Share your plan to be a in the comments!


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Photos from Wild Birds Unlimited's post 05/28/2024

Stay up to date on what's happening at WBU near you! We have in-store presentations and wonderful ways to support the local artisans!


Hummingbirds consume about half their body weight in bugs and nectar, feeding every 10-15 minutes and visiting 1,000-2,000 flowers throughout the day. In addition to nectar from flowers and feeders, these birds eat small insects, beetles, ants, aphids, gnats, mosquitoes, and wasp.


Summer is just around the corner. Are you prepared for the next season of bird feeding? Learn how to be seasonally savvy so you can enjoy feeding your birds this summer and all year long: www.wbu.com/seasonally-savvy/summer

Featured Bird: Gray Catbird


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Just a reminder, we will be closed for in-store shopping today. Enjoy this Memorial Day with family, friends and your birds! Grab some binoculars and take a look around for a few of your favorite summer bird feeder visitors. And, if you get the urge to shop, you can always visit us at mywbu.com/oakdale or mywbu.com/eastsetauket


Please note we have a few adjustments to our store hours. Most days will remain unchanged. Online ordering is always open! mywbu.com/oakdale or mywbu.com/eastsetauket


Today kicks off ! Wild Birds Unlimited is proud to be a sponsor of the 5th annual Black Birders Week. The Black AF in STEM Collective aims to normalize the historically overlooked presence of Black birders, scientists, and nature enthusiasts in the field to make the natural sciences more inclusive, diverse, and welcoming to people of all walks of life. Partnering with like-minded organizations like BlackAFinSTEM helps us to further our mission to bring people and nature together, and to inspire new audiences to engage in nature.

Click here to learn more about the events going on this week: www.blackafinstem.com

BlackAFInSTEM original logo artwork by: Code 5 design: https://www.facebook.com/code5design

Photos from Wild Birds Unlimited's post 05/26/2024

Stay up to date on our events!


Today at 5:30 in our Oakdale location we are hosting a presentation on how to create your very own bird haven in your backyard! Walk ins are welcome!


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Featured Birds: White-breasted Nuthatches
WBU Food: WBU Seed Blend
Feeder: Modern Rustic Classic Feeder


Keeping feeders clean is an important part of feeder maintenance. Feeders need to be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. This can be done every few weeks and only takes four simple steps! Visit our website for helpful tips & instructions. Link in bio.


Many of the products we offer in our store are made right here in the USA. We’re proud to support companies in communities all across the USA which produce these top-quality products for your backyard.


Transform your garden into a vibrant oasis with the Droplet Hummingbird Feeders, featuring eye-catching colors and a 3-inch diameter design. Each feeder holds 1/2 cup of nectar and comes with sturdy metal S-hooks for hassle-free hanging. Or select the garden stake to add to your garden or potted plants. Crafted from recycled glass and polycarbonate, the feeders measure 3-1/2 inches in length, 3 inches in width, and 3 inches in height. Enjoy the delightful sight of hummingbirds savoring every drop of nectar.


Happy Victoria Day, Canada! 🍁 May your day be filled with freedom, adventure, and the soaring spirit of unity. Cheers to a wonderful celebration!


Today is National Rescue Dog Day! Today we recognize all the benefits of allowing a four-legged canine to adopt you into their immeasurably lovable life. According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.3 million dogs enter shelters every year. When these abandoned and abused animals find their way to a shelter, each one needs a forever home and their potential is limitless. Rescue dogs often overcome extreme obstacles. And yet, they provide comfort, security, and friendship as family pets.


Make a difference in your world, and help the birds by simply watching and feeding them. Wild Birds Unlimited is proud to present Songbird Meadow at the 2024 EPCOT®️ International Flower & Garden Festival. The meadow illustrates how the simple joy of connecting with our feathered friends can elevate your soul and make your spirit fly! Feed the birds and add more joy to your world.


Scientists have identified habitat loss as one of the biggest reasons for the decline in bird populations. You can make a difference by adding native plants to your yard to provide shelter and nesting areas for birds, as well as natural sources for nectar, seeds, berries and insects. Stop by the store to learn more about native plants and actions you can take to help .

Featured Birds: Juvenile Eastern Bluebirds

Photos from Wild Birds Unlimited's post 05/14/2024

Congratulations to Jennifer and Thomas on the purchase of the Wild Birds Unlimited store in Southaven, MS! Jennifer said, “In March of 2023, my husband and I took this picture in front of Songbird Meadow at Epcot after a long day of riding rides and trying to keep up with our now 14 year old son, Charlie. We jokingly said that someday we will hang this picture in our own Wild Birds Unlimited. Well…here we are…the new owners of Southaven, MS. We couldn’t be more excited and thrilled to represent such a great organization and do our part in saving the songbirds!” We are so happy to have you part of the WBU family!


Don't miss this episode! Join John and Brian as they chat with Holly Merker, an author, podcast host, birding guide, and nature-based wellness provider. They'll explore how the simple act of watching and feeding birds can spark wonder, foster community, and deepen connections with others, potentially transforming your life. You can listen here: https://www.wbu.com/podcast/episode-85-feed-the-birds-feel-better


Wishing a heartfelt Happy Mother's Day to all the nurturing moms (and mama birds) who selflessly care for their families with endless love and compassion. Your tireless dedication is truly inspiring. 🐦


It's Global Big Day! Today, birdwatchers from around the world unite to record as many bird species as possible in a single day. Whether you're a seasoned birder or new to the hobby, everyone can join in on the fun!

Grab your binoculars and head outdoors to explore the beauty of our feathered friends. Every sighting counts, no matter how big or small.

Learn how to participate here: https://ebird.org/globalbigday

Photos from Wild Birds Unlimited's post 05/08/2024

Our newest Wild Birds Unlimited location is now open in Macon, GA! This is the third WBU store for Susan and David Van Houten as they also own the WBU stores in Augusta and Athens, GA. Congratulations David & Susan! It is such a joy to see you grow with WBU!


Song birds, bees and butterflies are critical to our eco-system and they need plenty of habitat to thrive. It only takes a few simple actions to make a difference! That's why we're proud to invite you to visit Songbird Meadow presented by Wild Birds Unlimited at the 2024 EPCOT®️ International Flower & Garden Festival. Our very own Jim Carpenter, Founder and CEO of Wild Birds Unlimited, recently visited the garden and invites you to share photos of your visit using or photos of your own backyard habitat using .


🦉Exciting News! Midnight,✨ Star⭐ and Moon 🌙 have either branched or fledged the nest!

After weeks of watching the owlets grow and thrive, the 2024 Owl Cam has officially come to an end. We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who tuned in to watch the Barred Owl family with us this year. Also, a big congratulations to Mama and Papa who have done such a wonderful job raising their three owlets. We hope you enjoyed this year’s Owl Cam season and look forward to watching it with you again next year! Enjoy this clip of baby Moon taking its first steps out of the nest box: https://youtu.be/8bniKU8eE8Q

Featured Birds: Barred Owlets

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Hummingbirds consume about half their body weight in bugs and nectar, feeding every 10-15 minutes and visiting 1,000-2,0...
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Join John and Brian this Thursday for a new episode of the #NatureCenteredPodcast featuring Holly Merker, author of "Orn...
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Stay seasonally savvy and give your birds what they need when they need it most. This is what your birds need from early...
Stay seasonally savvy and give your birds what they need when they need it most. This is what your birds need from early...




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