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Last night we attended the most gorgeous backyard neighborhood soiree hosted by Two Ten Designs and OTB Marketing ✨
It was a magical evening that highlighted just some of the incredible talent of small businesses in our neighborhood.
Hostess and bracelets by Ten Designs
Charcuterie by SmorgasBoard
Cookie by yours truly 😉
We love these custom angel bracelets and are so very grateful for Two Ten Designs!
Tonight we want to give a shout out to our girl + NFTS team member Jennifer Merges Bunning with Two Ten Designs 🤩. Jen is the creative mastermind behind the cute angel bracelets much of our NFTS community is rocking. They are all handmade with love and a portion of her sales goes directly back to NFTS. 💖 Thank you Jen, for being so selfless, thoughtful, creative, + trendy!🙌🏻

Supporting local while supporting our mission. Thank you, Jen!
You can check out Two Ten Designs and place orders here:
Behind the scenes at BMK...

While I do miss in person classes, I don’t mind being able to teach and give interviews for TV and podcasts in workout shorts and long slipper socks- as captured by my resident photographer Vivi.

I did once have to teach a class in my underwear as some of you may remember. I was doing the milking right before class and the goat kicked the bowl soaking my pants. I was already late so I stripped down, threw on a chef coat and was very careful to keep the camera angle at counter height and up. I need to have been sponsored by MeUndies and then could have turned that into a promo moment!

So if you hear me on podcasts, in interviews or one of the free live classes, there is a good chance that my lower half is much less professional looking than the top half.

Two Ten Designs made my wrist look good and Sarah Thomsen Majerus kept ears in style for today’s interviews. Costco gets the credit for the puppy dog sock slippers.

Gala-goers! 💃🏼 If you are wanting a NFTS bracelet or need an extra one🙂, Two Ten Designs said they will have them ready and waiting at registration for you on Saturday!

Order by Thursday at noon. Use code: GETITATGALA at checkout! Just mention at registration you have a bracelet to be picked up!
Friday Feature: Two Ten Designs Jennifer Merges Bunnings

Why do I care about featuring other women in business?

We are all victims of societal messaging that is whispered in our ears starting as children, so quietly that we don't even notice, and at other times it shouted at a deafening volume. The message of women competing in the workforce instead of supporting each other is played out in the media from comedies to dramas. Scarcity of positions available to women (who gets to be the token female executive, manager, partner...) was and continues to be a real issue. However, women need to stop allowing the fear that success of others will mean our failure to continue. Ultimately, the only ones who suffer from that approach will be our daughters. We as a society, both men and women, need to stop letting the fear of the success of others permit acting outside of the Golden Rule- treating others how you would like to be treated.

We didn't have control over the messaging we grew up with. However, we do have control over the actions we take as adults. I believe it is by wading into discomfort we grow. By challenging what we have been told is "how things are", we open ourselves up to amazing opportunities that might have otherwise stayed closed. I'm determined to use this platform to not only promote myself, but also others.

With that, let me step off my soapbox and tell you about this week's Friday Feature:
Jennifer Merges Bunning, owner of Two Ten Design in North Liberty, IA.
You all listen to my writing all week long, so to switch it up, I asked Jennifer to share the story of Two Ten Design.

"I’ve always been some kind of crafter. I had a small business with my sister After my oldest was born, we made children’s clothing and hair bows. Then life got busy… we just didn’t have a lot of time to get together.
When Covid hit, I was really missing a creative outlet to help deal with the external chaos that was surrounding us. I started making bracelets for a purpose. I decided to donate five dollars from every bracelet purchased to fundraisers that I host for local organizations and nonprofits.
Once school was getting closer to starting, I realized the significant need to have additional personal protective equipment (PPE) available for teachers and students. It was my way of helping them feel safe going into a very uncharted, unknown territory. So far we have raised $1700 strictly focused on purchasing protective equipment for the schools.
I make each bracelet at my kitchen table by hand. I make the bracelets, my husband is in charge of packaging and shipping, ha!
I am 100% convinced that we have the best community and support system. I am truly grateful."
To order a bracelet simply click here:

Do you know of a woman that should be featured or are you a woman in business? Continue to send me recommendations- let's build each other up!

It’s always a pleasure when I get to do a fun project for a good childhood friend that is also a local
23 shirts, 6 polo shirts & 10 hats!
This project is even more special because I got to work with my Jennifer owner of Two Ten Designs
I got to see her work her magic with the logo designs & how she perfectly laid everything out.
Getting to see from the first step all the way to the last makes me appreciate even more!
Big thank you to Kaveh Mostafavi with Ecocare Supply & The Compost Ninja for trusting me to do this cool project!
We hope you love the finished product, we sure do!
This afternoon, a heartfelt THANK YOU to Jennifer Bunning of Two Ten Designs for her generous donation of $700!

These custom angel bracelets, loved by so many of you, really do make a difference.

Thank you, Jen!
Jennifer Merges Bunning of Two Ten Designs has added another 100 bracelets!

No shipping cost for pickups.
Incredible! Look at all of these gorgeous angel bracelets in production! Thank you, Jennifer Merges Bunning of Two Ten Designs!

If you are wanting one too, just follow this link 👇
Good Morning!

Today a fun surprise from our very own Jennifer Merges Bunning, Founder of Two Ten Designs!

Jen has created custom angel names bracelets in our favorite colors and she is so generously donating a portion of the proceeds back to NFTS.

Thank you, Jen! We love pretty, meaningful things. 😍
Thanks Jennifer Merges Bunning and Two Ten Designs 💙💙 Colin loved rocking his “Kindergarten Rockstar” shirt with the sharks 🦈🦈 for his first day of school!

Be creative. Be determined. Be Happy. Enjoy life!


💜Love these NEW bracelets for 💜


Back to School Bracelet Pack - Etsy 08/06/2023

Bracelet orders for back to school need to be in soon to make sure you have them in time for the first day of school 🍎✂️🍎
Only 20 left in stock!

Back to School Bracelet Pack - Etsy This Woven & Braided Bracelets item by twotendesign has 7 favorites from Etsy shoppers. Ships from North Liberty, IA. Listed on Jul 30, 2023

Photos from Two Ten Designs's post 08/05/2023

Absolutely loving these new bracelets. 💜🤍🖤
$5 from every bracelet purchased goes to the foundation!

Photos from Two Ten Designs's post 08/05/2023

Getting through all the back to school bracelets orders today!
Thank you to all of you who have ordered so far!
My girls wear them all year round. My oldest wears hers as an ankle bracelet to avoid having to take her off for sports 🙃

The Best Custom 2024 Senior Hoodie-5 Dollars From Every Hoodie - Etsy 08/01/2023

So exciting!
Senior sweatshirts from IC area schools, Cedar Rapids and Dubuque so far! 🍎🎉

The Best Custom 2024 Senior Hoodie-5 Dollars From Every Hoodie - Etsy This Gender-Neutral Adult Sweatshirts item is sold by twotendesign. Ships from North Liberty, IA. Listed on Aug 1, 2023


🍎Listing is live: I can’t wait to make these and see where all our excited seniors are located!
🎉Hoping to really build a nice pot up for them to give them a little advantage for their next adventure in life!


🍎Listing is live: I can’t wait to make these and see where all our excited seniors are located!
🎉Hoping to really build a nice pot up for them to give them a little advantage and surprise them for their next adventure in life!

Photos from Two Ten Designs's post 07/29/2023

🚨I am SO excited to do this!!🚨
Starting 8/1, I will be offering SENIOR hoodies and crew necks for the graduating class of 2024. 👩🏼‍🎓👨🏽‍🎓🧑🏻‍🎓
$5 from every order will go into a pot and I will pick from 2 orders (all orders will require the seniors name)at the end of the year and those seniors will split the cash in the pot to go towards expenses for their next adventure in life!

Photos from Two Ten Designs's post 07/28/2023

✂️📝🍎They are BACK🍎📝✂️
The bracelet packs for your kiddos first day! These have been such a hit year after year and I love seeing all those littles with their smiley face and heart bracelets!! 🥰

If you want to avoid shipping and do porch pick up, use NLPICKUP at check out!💞


Starting the day with a colorful morning of orders. Last shipping order will go out Sunday if you haven’t gotten a notification yet!
Thanks so much for your support! 💗

Mother's Day CREW NECK 'heart on My Sleeve' - Etsy 05/01/2023

💕Most popular color choices have been:
Crew neck sweatshirt: white, dark grey
Long sleeve tshirt: lavender, teal, white
Hoodie: lilac, dusty blue!

Don’t forget to place your order by tomorrow at midnight!

Mother's Day CREW NECK 'heart on My Sleeve' - Etsy This Gender-Neutral Adult Sweatshirts item is sold by twotendesign. Ships from North Liberty, IA. Listed on Apr 29, 2023

Photos from Two Ten Designs's post 05/01/2023

🎉Happy Monday!! 🎉
If you are planning on having your Mother’s Day shirts/sweatshirts shipped, last day to order is Tuesday. 🫣

You can order for pickup until Friday!
To avoid shipping use code:

Crew Neck:


Long sleeve tshirt:


Absolutely loving all these ring boxes going out lately! 🫶🏼💍

Photos from Two Ten Designs's post 04/19/2023

First round of sweatshirt orders will be ready this weekend, can’t wait to show you all the love💗

Long Sleeve:

Mother's Day Long Sleeve Shirt 'heart on My - Etsy 04/16/2023

🚨DADs🚨 here is your easy out! I can guarantee she wants one! If you have questions, reach out. I’m happy to help!

Moms share this posts so dads know 🙃🫶🏼💗

Long sleeve t-shirts are the best lightweight option for summer months. However, I seem to never have enough sweatshirts😂.

Long sleeve shirt:

Crew neck sweatshirt:


Mother's Day Long Sleeve Shirt 'heart on My - Etsy This Gender-Neutral Adult Sweatshirts item is sold by twotendesign. Ships from North Liberty, IA. Listed on Apr 14, 2023

Photos from Two Ten Designs's post 04/15/2023

Found a few cute crop sweatshirts-would go great with your favorite high wasted leggings!

Photos from Two Ten Designs's post 04/14/2023

The perfect Mother’s Day gift
“I wear my heart on my sleeve”

Mother's Day Long Sleeve Shirt 'heart on My - Etsy 04/14/2023

Mother’s Day Long sleeve shirt link is live!

Mother's Day Long Sleeve Shirt 'heart on My - Etsy This Gender-Neutral Adult Sweatshirts item is sold by twotendesign. Ships from North Liberty, IA. Listed on Apr 14, 2023

Photos from Two Ten Designs's post 04/14/2023

The best Mother’s Day gift coming to the shop today! I absolutely love these. 💗
I will offer crew neck, hoodie or long sleeve shirt and in an assortment of colors!
Every order that includes an angel name👼🏼, I will donate $5 to No Foot Too Small.


🐰Bags are getting ready for pick up! If you still need to order yours, get your order placed tonight for Saturday morning pick up!
Filled with personalized bag, DIY Bracelets, candy, play dough, hair ties and a bunny pop it! All for only $12!
Use code NLPICKUP at check out!


Made this for a special bride to be! ❤️ I will have several different colors coming soon! I love these in engagement and wedding photos!
Reach out with your interest!

Photos from Two Ten Designs's post 03/22/2023

✨💗Easter gift bags are here! Last year was such a hit, I’m bringing them back after several requests!
Bags include:
DIY bracelets kits (sport or pastel theme)
Bunny pop-it
Elastic bands
Personalized name tag

🐰As always use code NLPICKUP to avoid shipping if you are local!


I can’t believe this one is still up for grabs!🤯
I love that you can mix and match, you don’t have to wear all of them at the same time.💛🖤🤍


BEST sellers!!! You can’t find a better deal! Perfect hat if you want a high or low ponytail. Several styles to choose from!


I only have two BOLT belt bags left!


Only small bag I have left:
$15 with smiley face patch!
Message me to purchase!


Huge deal on my FAVORITE earrings!
$12🔥 for today only!


Holiday sweatshirts!!!

Photos from Two Ten Designs's post 11/26/2022

Happy Small Business Saturday!! Thank you for always supporting my small business!
I have major price cuts for bracelet stacks this year. Definitely the cheapest they’ve ever been! Quantities are limited!
Pink ribbon bracelet link:
Red ribbon bracelet link:

As always, if you’re local and want to pick up, use code NLPICKUP to avoid shipping costs!


The last two days were a blast! Thank you so much for so many of you that stopped by!
Many of you reached out saying you weren’t able to make it but wanted to have an option of online purchasing! I will be updating my Etsy shop and doing a Small Business sale very soon!🔥 stayed tuned.

Tonight is for relaxing💗


A handful a new items prepped and ready for this Friday and Saturday. 🎁💗


It has come to my attention that my pick up order updates through Etsy are not coming through. If you haven’t heard from me, please check your email about where to pick up! If you still cannot see the message, send me a PM!

Photos from Two Ten Designs's post 11/05/2022

I’ll be releasing my holiday gift guides to help you prepare for the in two weeks!


All current orders for bracelets will go out tomorrow!!! Thank you for your patience!

Sorry for the delay-life sure has it’s way of getting in the way of things sometimes!🥴
💛So far we have raised $150 to support Keely and her girls! You are all so amazing!!! 💛

Photos from Two Ten Designs's post 10/13/2022

Today we go live with a super special acknowledgement of one of our communities biggest fighters🧡. Designed by his mom, Keely, and her close friend, this bracelet is super special. It is Morse code for JAREBEAR.

His mama was by his side every single step of his journey and supported him and his two sisters.
This bracelet is in remembrance of Jared Wilson (JareBear) and to help support Keely as she navigates a path so many of us have never walked. Let’s hold her up and support her like the community I know so so well.
🧡 to represent Lukemia, the type of cancer Jared had
💛 to represent childhood cancer
Local pick up use code: NLPICKUP


These bracelets started it all. They are the perfect addition to any bracelet set or worn alone. I’ve had several mamas reach back out to me after years of wearing them non-stop, never taking them off, that they need an upgrade. They are made to last!
$5 from every bracelet purchase on this link l goes to NFTS this month!

As always, if local to North Liberty, use code: NLPICKUP at checkout.

Photos from Two Ten Designs's post 10/04/2022

No Foot Too Small offers bereaved parents an environment to choose joy and to connect with other families who understand. They offer space and love.

Want your business to be the top-listed Shop in North Liberty?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Carrie Mulford and Stephanie Davis Wilson- your guesses won with 38 items!💕I’ll message you soon!
Set up is complete🤩 loving how excited all the vendors are here. SO.MANY.GOOD.THINGS♥️ Come see me from 2-8!
Here you go!!The perfect collaboration with Vanilla Beans and Daydreams-cookies 🍪and a color changing glass for cold mil...
Coming soon for our ‘back to school collection’  #teachers #dreamers #inspire #weloveourteachers #backtoschool




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