We re-manufacturer high quality x-ray tubes.

Operating as usual


It is expected to start snowing in Charleston area today by 1:00. If you have an emergency order call Robert Hibdon @ 843-697-8097.


We hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving. We here are thankful for all of the wonderful people we have met this year. We are closed today to be with our families and will reopen tomorrow. Thank you.


We are still here this week of Thanksgiving. We will be closed on Thanksgiving day and will reopen on Friday.

Timeline photos 11/15/2017

As promised.

Here is the answer to yesterday's question. This is a Philips YL1730 transmission vacuum tube. It was mainly used for amplifying radio transmissions.

For more information on triode vacuum tubes click on the link.

Timeline photos 11/14/2017

Let’s try this again.

Who knows what this is? Answer tomorrow.


Now that's a well aligned X-Ray Tube.


Our phones are back up and running. Thank you all for your patience and understanding while our phones were down.

If you need anything from us just call 843-767-8090.

Thanks again,



Our phones are still out this morning. The phone company has assured us that they are working hard to get them back up.

We'll keep you posted.


Our phone system is down due to the storm. If you need to reach us please email us at [email protected]. Sorry for the inconvenience.


We have survived the storm. Ray-Pac is back open for business.


Ray-Pac will be closed on Monday 9-11-2017 due to hurricane Irma.

We hope everyone stays safe during the storm.



With the hurricane coming Ray-Pac may have some different hours next week. We will not know the full extent of the storm until Sunday. If we are closed and you still need to get a hold of us call us at 843-767-8090 and the message will give you a number to call in case of emergency, call that number.

All of us here hopes that everyone being affected by Hurricane Irma will be safe and sound.




A good looking line up for the end of the week.

Photos from Ray-Pac's post 06/12/2017

Photos from Ray-Pac's post

Shimadzu Mobile Dart Calibration 3-2017 04/14/2017

Shimadzu Mobile Dart Calibration 3-2017

We have a new calibration video! Check it out here: https://youtu.be/gWHYH8HtLfI

Shimadzu Mobile Dart Calibration 3-2017 This is a tutorial on how to calibrate a new Ray-Pac replacement tube on Shimadzu Portable systems. This process should only be done by trained service techn...

Timeline photos 10/28/2016

A little Friday fun.

Timeline photos 10/27/2016

If you have ever bought one of our Shimadzu Portables you might wonder how the stickers are put on so perfectly; well this is how it is done.

Timeline photos 10/26/2016

The difference between an ORII and ORIII is clear. The ORIII has a mounting plate next to the port window vs. the ORII does not. Both of these tubes are on OEC C-Arms that are used in Operator Rooms.

Timeline photos 10/25/2016

Test Room Tuesday!

Every tube is hooked up to a Dynalyzer III. We view the read outs through a Dynalyzer III display. We ensure every X-ray tube we make meets its respective specifications.

Timeline photos 10/24/2016

Having a photo shoot today. Getting some help from Bates Design. Look for the photo in the December issue of Medical Dealer magazine.

Timeline photos 10/22/2016

We have a large inventory of housings ready to load.

Timeline photos 10/20/2016

We are doing some final editing on our new video. It will be on how to calibrate a Shimadzu Mobile dArt. Look for it soon.

Timeline photos 10/19/2016

Let there be light. This is a view of an X-ray tube lit up through the port window.

Have you seen our video on calibrating a Shimadzu Mobil Art yet. Check it out at ray-pac.com/video

Timeline photos 10/18/2016

Test Room Tuesday!

Explore the test room in all its glory. This is the heart of Ray-Pac. Every tube that goes out our door spends some time in here. You will see two Shimadzu Machine on the side. If you would like to know how to calibrate one check out our video at ray-pac.com/video/

Timeline photos 10/17/2016

This is what it looks like when a insert breaks inside the housing. The only thing that was left was the target.

Have you seen our video yet? Check it out at ray-pac.com/video

Timeline photos 10/14/2016

This wiring is crazy, crazy good.

Timeline photos 10/13/2016

We are getting a video ready for calibrating the Shimadzu Mobile DaRt Evolution.

Timeline photos 10/13/2016

Some times it takes specialized tools to get the job done.
If it was easy everyone would do it.


We have full power. We are up and running at full capacity. Thank you SCE&G.


We have survived the storm. We lost one phase of power. But, we are still selling and shipping.

Shimadzu Mobile Art Calibration 10/06/2016

Shimadzu Mobile Art Calibration

We have a new video out. It shows the easy way to calibrate the Shimadzu Mobile Art X-ray system.


Shimadzu Mobile Art Calibration How to calibrate a Shimadzu Mobile Art portable X-ray system. This shows you the easy way to calibrate the system for use with a brand new Ray-Pac X-ray tube...

Timeline photos 10/06/2016

We will be closed tomorrow due to the coming Hurricane. We hope every one effected by this hurricane is safe. We will reopen again on Monday.


Ray-Pac will be closed on Monday, July 4.🇺🇸

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