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Do you have a small office like 1-5 employees and need IT support? Ask us about our small business plan. Do you have a large office and need more than just helpdesk support and you can really use more of an IT department? Ask us about our plans. [email protected] 718-866-8455

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Do you have a small office like 1-5 employees and need IT support? Ask us about our small business plan. Do you have a large office and need more than just helpdesk support and you can really use more of an IT department? Ask us about our plans. [email protected] 718-866-8455

Custom Software
Project Management 
Helpdesk Support


Let us manage your network and servers. We rule the game of IT. Free Quote.

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Our affordable CRM systems can be customized to provide wholesalers, retailers, distributors, manufacturers, suppliers, or any business that sells with the exact information they need to manage their accounts, stay organized and sell.

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Adobe reader is one of the most common PDF applications on both PC and Mac.

To sign a document, simply open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat or Reader. Look for the Sign icon, which looks like the nib of a pen. It should be in the toolbar at the top of the application. Alternatively, you can select Tools > Fill & Sign to open the signature panel.

Next, when prompted, select Me since you will be the one signing.

Fields you can fill out should then turn blue in the document. Find the space you want to write your signature, click it, and click on the Sign icon again. You’ll have the choice to either sketch your signature with your mouse or trackpad, type your initials or upload a photo of the signature you want.

To save your signature, check the box that says Save signature and click Apply to sign the document.

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It is estimated that for every 12.5 million spam emails sent out, only one person responds. That might not sound like much – until you consider that over 14 billion spam messages are sent on a daily basis.

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Thank you, A. HERSCHLAG INC. FINDINGS, for your trust! It was a pleasure working with you!

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Teams tip you didn’t know!

Ever been worried or embarrassed to share your screen on teams?
Well here’s a tip on how to share your screen without showing your browser tabs.

Select share content.

Windows lets you share an open window like a specific app you have open.

After you select what you want to show, a red border surrounds what you're sharing.

Meeting participants won't see any notifications that might come in.

Save post for your next Team's meeting!

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More specifically, 5 megabytes of data weighed one ton.
In 1956, the first computer had something similar to a hard drive.

At the time, it was a huge leap in storage capabilities, but the cabinet that contained the hard drive weighed over 2,200 pounds and could hold 5 MBs of data.

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The best deals and systems are at our fingertips. You will have a processor and memory system designed for making performance and cost work for any workload, along with drives that deliver phenomenal performance.

The correct server enables excellent configuration flexibility, has an advanced layer of security, is acoustically very quiet, and is perfect for under-desk, deskside, or data center usage.

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How often did you spend more time placing the picture where you want it than creating everything else? 🤷‍♂️😁

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To be exact, Facebook pays $500 for reporting any vulnerability in their security.

Even better, $500 is just the minimum that it starts at, so you could potentially earn more!

And they do seem to be in dire need of help! 😁

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Case Management System we did for easier track of trials and cases for a brilliant lawyer!

Is it getting hard for you to keep track of everything? Consider a reorganization of your CMS for a better workflow - contact us today!

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Our Team put together a list of the most frequently used tech terms and their explanations.

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I don’t know about you, but I rarely have cash!

Between credit cards, debit cards, direct deposit, and online purchases - physical money is only about 8% of global currency.

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SaaS, or software as a service, is any centrally hosted software that customers use on a subscription basis. So any time you’re using a program that you don’t personally own, you are using the software as a service.

Services like Dropbox and Salesforce have become increasingly popular, on both an individual and commercial level, allowing those who use them to have access to the benefits the software provides without having to shell out a lot of money to own the software or worry about hosting space.

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Apple has a “smoking” ban on their computers, meaning if you smoke while using any Apple computer, the warranty becomes void.

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The global information security market is forecasted to grow to $170.4 billion in 2022 to cope with the rising cybercrime projection.

61% of cybersecurity professionals believe that their cybersecurity team is understaffed. Moreover, the cybersecurity skills gap will remain a considerable challenge, creating 3.5 million unfilled jobs in 2021.

Get ahead, contact us and let's make sure your business is safe!

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Thank you, Ratzon, for the trust you gave us!

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Ahh, we can NOT stress this one enough. Paying to recover from a data breach is so much more expensive, stressful, and time-consuming than preventing one.

Most businesses never recover once they’ve been breached. So do yourself a favor; if you don’t have proper cybersecurity systems in place, start by talking to an IT expert.

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There is a common misbelief that the logo must be a fox because the browser is named Firefox.

Surprisingly, the cute furry creature in the logo is actually a red panda!

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There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a tidy comms cabinet!

Not only does it look better, but a neat and organized cabinet means it’s easier to make changes and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

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What's the difference between HTTPS and HTTP?

HTTPS is far more secure than HTTP

When shopping online and using sensitive data, ensure the site is secure by checking the website address in your browser.

You are looking for the website address to start with https://www.

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What is your definition of Network Monitoring? Here is ours:

“My computer slow,” “my computer is failing,” “my hard drive is full” - we’ve heard all! This is when an MSP like us uses monitoring tools AKA RMM tools (Remote Monitoring and Maintenance) that constantly check for slow or failing components in a computer network. When the RMM is triggered, the System Administrator is alerted to fix the issue(s), or a lot of times, there are common issues that can be fixed with task automation(scripts) without the client having to move a finger.

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Another one of our clients!

What do you think?

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A great tip if you need two screens!!

Make sure you SAVE for later.

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Website security is a vital consideration for any business. But, please don’t wait until it’s too late to start thinking about a website security plan.

At Imperial Technology Partners, we can create a comprehensive website security plan that protects your website from malware, updates security patches, and blocks spammers/bots.

We can also provide ongoing website maintenance to ensure that your website’s security is up-to-date with the latest technology.

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Do you know whether your MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) stores your system backups offline? 🤔

Regular, up-to-date backups are great protection against ransomware, but they’re useless if the ransomware can reach and encrypt them, too.

Check with your security partner to make sure you're covered! Don't have a security partner? Reach out to Imperial Technology Partners today.

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Happy Thursday! One more day to go! 🤩
Here is a little reminder.

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Did you know Law Firms are the second most targeted industry for cyberattacks? ⚖

When it comes to protecting valuable client data, achieving and maintaining compliance has never been more vital. Whether it’s ISO/IEC 27001, NIST standards, or client demands, Imperial Technology Partners can help.

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for Young Israel of Staten Island!
Satisfied clients are our primary goal!

Double-tap if you like what we did for them! 🥰

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Independent of your industry of work, we suggest 5 IT insights we believe all business owners should consider… ⁣

1. Evaluate your ICT Status - Evaluating the Information and Communication Technology for your business is important and it is something that should be continually reviewed throughout the growth of your business. Look at the technology being used within your business and review whether it is aligning with the company’s overall goals. Could incorporating new technological aspects of your business stimulate more growth? ⁣

2. Back up your data regularly - Hackers, viruses, and natural disasters are potential risks for losing important company data. To protect you from this, back up your data regularly! ⁣

3. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly - Having a user-friendly interface is critical to your business, not only for desktop navigation but for mobile users too. Do a quick check and make sure yours is too. ⁣

4. Employ the cloud - Data backup, file storage, and multi-location business operations are some of the benefits of employing the cloud for your business! We suggest doing your research and speaking to an expert in the field before making the conversion to the cloud.⁣

5. Protect your passwords - Use strong passwords and employ a reliable password manager to protect your company’s data. ⁣

Interested in more IT tips for small businesses? Double-tap and let us know. ⁣

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Every business, no matter how large or small, depends on technology to get through the day. IT service providers deliver the technical expertise businesses need by controlling and reducing costs, increasing security, and being ready for the future.

Contact us to learn more about our managed IT services!

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👩‍💻 Did you know hackers can actually get into a company’s software updating tools and inject malicious code into legitimate updates?

Over the years, new trends have come about with malicious hackers getting into companies' software updating tools and injecting malicious code into legitimate updates. The most recent one is believed to be perpetrated by Russian Intelligence hackers that compromised Solarwinds. For those unaware of what Solarwinds provides, they provide software solutions for information technology, systems, and networking.

At the time of the hack in December 2020, Solarwinds had roughly 300,000 customers, from federal agencies and almost all of the Fortune 500s. It’s still is not clear how long the attack was persistent or the full impact this breach has caused. This attack was extremely successful due to the trust customers had with Solarwinds and was supposed to be a trusted update provided by this vendor. The impact of this attack could take years to fix and clean up as subject matter experts predict.

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Apple’s logo, the one depicting a literal apple with a bite taken out of it, is among the most recognizable in the US. It was created by graphic designer Rob Janoff in 1977 and has persisted in a variety of iterations ever since. But did you know that it wasn’t the first logo used by the company?

Ronald Wayne, who co-founded Apple Computer Company alongside Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, designed the company’s first logo. The black and white sketch illustrates Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree, complete with a quote from an English poet that reads, “Newton… a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought… alone.”

Jobs, however, wasn’t fully satisfied with the logo and wanted something that would be easier to reproduce in a small size. He also reportedly wanted the company name and logo to be “fused as one.” In early 1977, he commissioned marketing firm Regis McKenna – and specifically, Janoff – to design a new logo. In April of the same year, the now-iconic rainbow Apple logo made its debut alongside the Apple II computer.

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Every single day, their team of more than 800 dedicated volunteers provides much-needed support to families in medical crisis in their homes, in the hospitals, and at the Kapayim centers, enabling the family to focus on healing.

We were honored to work with such noble people!
Thank you, , for trusting us! 🥰

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Cyber resilience is a measure of your business strength in preparing for, operating through, and recovering from a cyber attack.

Here are the 3 pillars for a successful cyber resilience strategy for your business.

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Here are 3 signs that you should keep an eye out for (or an ear), warning you that the drive storing your documents is nearing its end.

1 - That doesn't sound right
Whatever storage drives you have in your system, you should never ignore any unusual sounds coming from it -- it could well be electrical noise or a fan that's seen better days, but if it's not, then don't delay in tackling the issue. Back up the data that's on it and replace it as soon as you can.

2 - Where's my data gone?
If a drive does start to lose the odd file here and there, you should consider replacing it quite soon -- depending on how old the drive is, the need to do this might not be as urgent as with a screeching HDD, but don't ignore the faults. Once again, back up any vital data that's stored on them. Oh, and you should never use a USB memory stick as a critical backup device! Stick to HDDs and cloud storage for this job.

3 - Boy, this is taking its time...
While not as immediately obvious as a drive screaming its death throes from the bowels of your computer, a sudden change in overall performance can be a sign that your storage drive failing. PC hardware like CPUs, RAM, or GPUs do not get slower over time. On the software side though, that's where things can take a sour turn. If the machine was working away happily one day, and then suddenly taking a very long time to boot up or access files, there's something amiss.

Modern computers are marvels of engineering - they're astonishingly complex and generally, work without problems for long periods. However, there will always be an end to such smooth sailing, because all storage devices have a finite life span.

Whether it's a mechanical or solid-state device, the components within them wear away and eventually fail. Use the same HDD or SSD for long enough, and it will stop working at some point. Hopefully, you'll experience one of the signs we've covered above, to warn you that action is required soon.

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While many professionals swear by Adobe’s photo editing tools, others find it a bit overkill, either in terms of usability and interface or price. Ever since Adobe moved to a subscription model, it can cost between $10 and $20 per month to use Photoshop or Adobe's other photo editing apps.

Adobe's tactics have left some looking for an alternative, and we have a pretty thorough list to check out.

Available on Windows, Linux, and macOS, GIMP is a free photo editing tool with the ability to have masks, layers, color adjustments, and a huge library of plug-ins. There's also a fairly large community of users, and thorough documentation making it a good tool for power users and photo enthusiasts.

Krita is an open-source application ideal for content creation, illustrations, painting, sketching, comic books, concept art, and more. Available on Mac, Windows, and Linux, Krita has a ton of features that should appeal to pros, like brush stabilization, extensive brush customization, HDR painting, and animation.

A lightweight online photo editor that may be better suited for those on devices with limited storage. PhotoPea runs completely in your browser, and according to the documentation, doesn’t upload anything so you can load, disconnect from the internet and keep using it offline.
Photopea is great at resizing images and adjusting colors, but can also be used to work with vector graphics, creating illustrations, and more. It has support for most graphic formats including PSDs which is extra handy. Critically, PhotoPea isn't the most stable and can take a while to process some actions.

Canva is a browser-based photo editor, with a modern design and layout. While Canva features photo editing, it’s also a pretty robust application for content creation and has plenty of assets to make fun images and designs.
Furthermore, Canva has publishing tools to help you export your creations directly to a social media platform or website.

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✅ TODAY’S TIP: Don’t use public Wi-Fi without connecting to a VPN. VPNs create a secure connection between remote computers and servers.

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