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We thought this a good way to let friends, families, acquaintances and anyone who is curious, check us out. is a family-owned business founded in 1983.

We are a 41-year-old design/build custom residential remodeler, specializing in kitchens, baths, additions, basements, whole house renovations, interiors, and exterior improvements in the Twin Cities area. It is fun to share successful projects with others and to help people with great solutions for their homes.
.....John Murphy

Murphy Bros. John and Sherry Murphy represent a third generation in


When we told the newest member of the design team, Mai See Thao, to embrace the Murphy Bros. culture by observing senior DBC Jonah Smith, we were not exactly expecting this. But, hey, we are a bunch of over-achievers. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Special update! You may remember Carly and her family, who received a 98.5 KTIS Christmas Blessing this past year. At the time of the last video, you heard about baby Carly, who was born with a heart condition and was waiting for a heart transplant. Around the same time, the family's basement began flooding, and they worried about having a safe place to bring her home to.

Check out this special update from the Beck family on Carly and the renovations done to their home!

Thanks to the KTIS partners who helped restore the Beck's home: Murphy Bros. Design Build Remodel, Floor Coverings International HQ, B&D Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Great Home Movers LLC, Minnesota Waste and Transfer, LLC, and Green Clean.


This week we received a heartfelt email from one of our homeowner clients who lost their family pet—a dog named Bauer. Most of us have loved and lost pets in our lives and know exactly how that loss feels. But there is comfort in knowing how their last days were lived. This email to owner John Murphy, tells that story…

Hi John,

I am sending you this note as a very heartfelt thank you from my family to everyone at Murphy Bros. When we selected Murphy Bros for our remodel, my expectation was limited to making my house better. Instead, your team gave us extra time with our beloved family dog.

We adopted Bauer 13 years ago. I have 3 children who have loved Bauer and don't remember a life without him. We made the painful decision to put Bauer to sleep around the time construction was starting. Bauer's back legs were giving out and he was not himself anymore. After your team arrived, we postponed putting him to sleep.

The construction crew at our house spent time loving Bauer every day. I saw a spark come back into Bauer that I had not seen in months. Bauer would get up in the morning to greet every person on the crew. He would lay next to the crew and follow them around the house. Your team was so kind as to request that I not lock him up when I left for the day. It gave my family the peace of mind that Bauer was happy and safe while we were away. While everyone on your team was great with Bauer, I want to give an extra thank you to Ivan who had a special bond with Bauer.

Bauer died last Friday. It has been incredibly hard on my family. After he died, we were all reflecting on how everyone at Murphy Bros made it possible for us to extend his life and made his quality of life better. I would say you have accomplished your goal of making life better for the homeowners you serve!

Thank you to you and your entire team.

With Gratitude,

As a company of dog owners and lovers, we extend our sympathies to Kelly and her family. We share this story because we hear plenty of dark, confrontational stories about a cynical and angry world that seems to be coming apart at the seams. To counteract that, we need stories that remind us of brighter conditions such as gratitude and kindness. We need to hear about how far small acts of kindness can travel to make life even a little bit better.


You've heard of thinking outside the box? This is an example of thinking inside the box. In other words, a total redesign of space. Starting over. In this case, completely flipping the kitchen for the living room. It's a dramatic transformation you've just got to see!
Oh, and the homeowner video is also a must see. There's also a link to a new blog post on the return of shiplap as a design element.

Time for a touchup? 06/07/2024

Time to refresh your home with a new paint color or touch up an old one! 🎨 Get on the schedule before the summer books up! Click the link to learn more.

Time for a touchup? Painting services from trusted Murphy Bros.     Are things looking a little tired and worn out? Tom, If it's been a few years since you painted your home's interior, you might need a touch up or refre

5 Star Review for Murphy Bros. Design | Build | Remodel in St Paul, MN 06/04/2024

Read all the comments on our GuildQuality profile. There are so many staff to acknowledge on this job for such exceptional work: Design/Build Consultant Jeff Robinson, Designer Brittani Swedberg, Project Manager Tom Streff, Lead Carpenter Mark Arntzen and Painter Dave Christenson, to name only a few.

5 Star Review for Murphy Bros. Design | Build | Remodel in St Paul, MN I cannot say enough good things about Murphy Brothers and our experience with them. Their work was impeccable from beginning to end. Our home is over a hundred years old and they tackled all of the surprises it was hiding without flinching. They were a joy to work with and, best of all, we have a...

Photos from Murphy Bros. Design Build Remodel's post 05/28/2024


Recently I had a bucket list opportunity to vacation with friends in Italy. We ooh’d and ahh’d over the incredible architecture, the elaborate paintings, and the incredibly detailed mosaics. I will never forget what I saw.

As a construction professional, I am especially confounded by the scale of the many churches and great buildings in Rome as I try to envision the logistics involved in the building of structures so large and complex. They had to rely on ropes, pullies, skids, scaffolding, oxen, and men combined with the innovation of early architects and engineers to build things never imagined before and that have survived the millennia.

While seeing sights and history of Italy alone is worth the trip, some of the most meaningful experiences are the unscripted moments. One stands out among them all and I’d like to share it with you.

At 8:30 in the morning, we met our driver for the day who was to take us along the countryside north of Florence. A middle-aged man with dark hair and a warm smile extended his hand and said, “I am Christiano, and I will be taking you on your tour today.”

I joined Christiano in the front passenger seat as we drove along narrow curving roads that passed through small towns, vineyards, and occasionally opened to magnificent vistas. This gave me the chance to talk to our guide about everything under the sun including some more personal topics.

I learned that Christiano lived in Florence his whole life with his wife and had a 19-year-old daughter who was just about to get her driver’s license, and that he was in the Italian army for his mandatory year and through that experience became a bit of a war history guru. As we were driving through a hilly and forested area Christiano asked, “Would you like to stop at the Florence World War 2 American Cemetery.” I said “yes” before waiting for a consensus from the back seat.

After a few more turns the trees began to open up and we could begin to see the simple white crosses that marked the graves of fallen American soldiers. We drove up to the monument area and left our vehicle, then began to wander slowly through this venerated place.

I have been to our own Fort Snelling and even Arlington in Washington DC, but this place felt different. More solemn, more significant somehow because of the distance from our own shores. How far they traveled to lay down their lives.

Surrounding the tower that was the center of the monument facing the white crosses was a large wall of brass plaques with 1500 names, ranks and hometowns of some of the 4,392 Americans buried there. It is easy for those of us who are too young to remember, or likely not born yet, to think of WW2 vets as old, gray, and grizzled men whose youth has left them as they fade out of relevance to our current culture.

As I read through the names of these men, it was easy to find names of many from Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin as of course every state. What struck me standing there was the understanding that there were no old, gray men in these graves, but young fresh-faced boys who barely left high school. Some not even that old!
As I read through individual names, I imagined seeing those boys saying their final goodbyes to their families. A firm handshake from their papa and desperate embrace from their momma before patting their brothers and sisters on the head, grabbing their gear and heading out to risk their lives far away.

We stayed in this hallowed setting for only about 20 or 30 minutes. But it was enough to take it in to my core.

As we were getting ready to leave, Christiano shared this story. He said that one time he had brought an American veteran to this place who was a very large burly man with a big beard that he thought was maybe in his 80’s. With the directions that this man had on a written piece of paper, he helped him find several crosses of his band of brothers.

After some 20 minutes the man turned and walked toward him with the red swollen eyes of a man who had been reliving his hardest of days. As the man approached him, they fell into an embrace and wept together before making their way back to the vehicle.

When we got back in the van, Christiano reached down next to his seat and pulled out the old fatigues to show me what he wore when he was a young soldier. I think he did it to let me know how important this place was to him.

We continued our day of touring and saw more small towns, and beautiful vistas and enjoyed a cabernet before heading back to our hotel. Upon exiting the vehicle and exchanging our appreciation for this great experience, Christiano asked my friend Mike and me if he could kiss our wives, which we obliged. He gave both ladies a formal “European hug-kiss–kiss” before shaking Mike’s hand and then he turned to me.

I said to him, “Not that easy” and reached out to give him a firm hug. He hugged back even harder. I wish everyone could experience that level of reverence and gratitude for those who sacrificed it all on our behalf. May we never forget.
—John Murphy

5 Star Review for Murphy Bros. Design | Build | Remodel in Minneapolis, MN 05/28/2024

Another satisfied homeowner! We share our review with everyone in our company because good news deserves a voice too!

5 Star Review for Murphy Bros. Design | Build | Remodel in Minneapolis, MN Our promise is to provide professional construction services through excellence in design, communication and workmanship At Murphy Bros. we believe:It is only p...

Photos from Murphy Bros. Design Build Remodel's post 05/24/2024

This Memorial Weekend, we honor traditions and embrace change. This kitchen’s blue hues are a salute to the past and a toast to new beginnings! 🇺🇸🔨🍽️

The Italian Job — A C**n Rapids Galley Kitchen Remodel 05/21/2024

When Jason married Maria he knew the bachelor life was over and so too was the inconvenient, dark, dingy closet he called a kitchen. That had to change and Maria had some definite ideas about taking the best of the old-world charm of Italy she grew up with and applying it to the complete remodel of this galley kitchen in C**n Rapids. We've got their story in a short video you've just got to see. Oh, and their dog Theo says howdy!

The Italian Job — A C**n Rapids Galley Kitchen Remodel A small galley kitchen in C**n Rapids has a complete makeover with a design nod to the homeowner's country of origin Italy.

Cost Vs Value Report 2024 05/02/2024

The 2024 Cost Vs. Value Report is out and to no one's surprise curb appeal projects top the list of highest return. However, there is a type of kitchen remodel that ranks pretty high too at 96%! Read all about it on our blog synopsis and download the report from there.

Cost Vs Value Report 2024 Curb appeal projects continue a multi-year trend in extremely high ROI's for homeowners considering remodeling projects or selling their home.

Photos from Murphy Bros. Design Build Remodel's post 04/19/2024

Remember when... The April blizzard of 2018. In honor of today's snow flurries we feel obligated to remind everyone to be grateful for the comparatively mild weather we are experiencing this week. It was not so 6 years ago when a late spring blizzard ravaged the state. According to the Minnesota DNR website:

The blizzard made travel nearly impossible. It grounded flights at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for over seven hours and caused over 600 accidents, nearly 1200 spin-outs, and approximately 20 jackknifed semi-trailers. The storm also collapsed the 77-foot-high dome of the Vadnais Sports Center, and forced three consecutive Minnesota Twins home games to be postponed for the first time since Target Field opened.

In the Twin Cities, the snowfall total of 15.8 inches was the largest to occur so late in the season, broke the storm-total accumulation record for April, and made April of 2018 the snowiest April on record. Additionally, by holding temperatures to the 20s or very low 30s during Saturday and Sunday, the storm enabled St. Cloud, Duluth, Rochester, and the Twin Cities to break records for the lowest high temperature of the day.

So, let’s celebrate that high pollen count and rejoice in the fact that the little white flakes are in the air and not accumulating on the ground!

Painting in Cold Weather 04/12/2024

It's going to be warm this weekend, but that doesn't mean it's safe to launch that exterior painting project. Find out what weather conditions make for a successful paint project in this short video and extensive blog post on Spring painting projects.

Painting in Cold Weather You might think it's warm enough to perform exterior paint projects, but we know looks can be deceiving. Before you do any exterior painting whether Spring or Fall seasons, check out these cold weather painting tips.


Minimal lines, maximal warmth. 🌿 This bathroom remodel reflects the perfect balance of modern design and natural comfort.

5 Star Review for Murphy Bros. Design | Build | Remodel in Eagan, MN 04/01/2024

We never get tired of making clients really, really happy!

5 Star Review for Murphy Bros. Design | Build | Remodel in Eagan, MN from start to finish, every member of the Murphy Brothers team was a delight to work with. Each excels at their individual craft. When the final product came together it was a result that was greater than the sum of its parts. Thank you for the clear and consistent communication, attention to de...

Rural Kitchen Remodel—Catching up to life in 2024 03/19/2024

The funny thing about designing and then building your own house, as this couple did, is the assumption that it will outlive you. And it will, to a degree. But a home is more than its structural bones. You love it on day one because it’s fresh and new. It serves all your purposes. But how will you like it in 7,304 days, or 20 years, when it no longer works?

So what do you do when the honeymoon is over? Move? Or stay and improve? More and more people are making their home into their last home. See what this couple did in bringing their rural residence up to 2024 design standards—and then some!

Rural Kitchen Remodel—Catching up to life in 2024 What do you do when you realize the honeymoon with your home is over? You could walk away and find a new love, or you could get honest with what is no longer working and fix it. That's what this couple did in this main floor remodel.


Give your kitchen the makeover it deserves with a stunning remodel and a statement range hood!🔥✨

Elevate your space and cooking experience with a stylish and functional centerpiece that will make a lasting impression. Contact us today to start planning your dream kitchen!


It's Referral Friday! Just reminding our friends and followers that we have a new referral page on our website just to make it simple to refer others to us we might be able to help. So, if you love what we've done for you...

Photos from Murphy Bros. Design Build Remodel's post 03/02/2024

This weekend’s forecast has us impatiently waiting for porch and deck season! ☀️

It’s never too early to start planning. Reach out to us with any questions on our process to get yours started!


Cheers to the weekend! 🥂

2024 Home & Garden Show 02/23/2024

Join us down at the Home & Garden Show, booth #2415. Bring your ideas and plans for a chat with our design/build experts!

2024 Home & Garden Show Don't miss the historic 90th edition of the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center Feb. 21-25. Visit us at booth 2415!

Photos from Murphy Bros. Design Build Remodel's post 02/18/2024

Swipe to see this entry glow up 😍


Congratulations to our staff and trade partners for another well-deserved honor! According to GuildQuality, we've achieved the rare milestone of 10 consecutive highest client satisfaction scores from remodeling homeowners! It's just like pitching a perfect game with dozens of people collaborating on complex remodeling projects.

Read more about it on our latest blog post...

Murphy Bros. Design Build Remodel We are a 40-year-old design/build custom remodeler, serving the 7-county metro area, specializing in

Aging in Place in Style — A Shoreview Remodel 01/24/2024

Aging in Place in Style — A Shoreview Remodel
More and more seniors are remodeling bathrooms for safety and efficiency that serves their unique physical needs. It is called aging in place and this remodel features just such a design. Bros. Design Build Remodel
Don't miss the homeowner's video!

Aging in Place in Style — A Shoreview Remodel More and more seniors are remodeling bathrooms for safety and efficiency that serves their unique physical needs. It is called aging in place and this remodel features just such a design.


Merry Christmas from all of us at Murphy Bros!

May your holiday season be filled with joy, warmth and happiness.

Photos from Murphy Bros. Design Build Remodel's post 12/19/2023

“Glad to See ‘Ya”

One of our Core Values we take seriously. We strive to create genuine, positive relationships with our clients and within the company. Attitude is a choice, we try to pick a good one!

Photos from Murphy Bros. Design Build Remodel's post 12/11/2023

Ben Murphy and our paint department attended continuing education on Friday hosted by and

Thank you to and for presenting!

Photos from Murphy Bros. Design Build Remodel's post 12/06/2023

The best ugly sweaters from our MBros monthly mingle!! 🎄


Lead carpenter Ivan Sass offers some TLC to clients newborn while working on their new kitchen. (Just to be clear, we don’t change diapers ☺️)


As we give thanks this season, we count you among our blessings. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Murphy Bros!

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Running out of coffee has never happened before. Not in almost 40 years. We've come close, like when our building burned...




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