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tell me something good ❤️

It’s that time of the week, when I ask you please oh please! Let’s talk about some good things! ❤️

1. Vierundviersig 🌟 That’s how old I am now! Birthdays can hit in all kinds of way (often mine makes me surly!) but yesterday was, mostly, really really lovely. And I got to spend most of the day making new music in the studio! And ended the day curled in bed with people I really like. Das geht! ❤️

2. Vacation High Lingers🌟 It’s pretty cold here, and mostly gray, but I still have all this humid southern warmth and sunlight in my body from last week’s adventure with Mill. I keep whispering at her ‘I’m so glad we did that’❤️

3. Big Magic Art Fun 🌟 Every morning, I take a picture of the sky or some such thing on my run. Recently, Austin MacRae saw one of my photos and PAINTED IT!!! AHHHHH!!! LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL HE MADE IT! ❤️

4. Merry, little, light oops 🌟 I picked up my holiday ep this week! YAY!!! They look perfect! It sounds just like I dreamed! Except I listened and realized that I sent in the wrong song order in a big way. OY! So I need to get them all reprinted 🙃. I had a couple places where I really fell down this week - like on my Tuesday run, I actually FELL FLAT on my face. But THIS one - biggest oops! What’s good is - the people at Copycats Media are awesome, we’re lucky to live in a town with a cool CD maker-place, and it should be fixed in time to have it where it needs to be. And also, I’m noting that my perfectionist tendencies have been…a little quieter this week? Maybe? Over here, that’s a good! ❤️

❤️ Alright! There was voting, and clocks were set back, and the weather took a turn - and tell me tell me! What is good for you!? ❤️
Check out what Copycats Media has 👀

TEST PRESSES ARE IN! Copycats Media totally coming through on schedule 🔥🙌🏼🔥. Thanks to everyone who has preordered a copy thus far! Head over to our Bandcamp to snag one, and FYI another Bandcamp Friday is this week on Nov 4!
After many delays, the new Wadge full-length is finally ready to send to the plant. Per usual, Copycats Media will be manufacturing them. “Grindcore Penitentiary” is a 24 track concept album about, uh…, a grindcore penitentiary, featuring cover art from Skitzo James, several guest appearances and a 24 page booklet with drawings/lyrics done by Mr. Pfeiffer himself. Look for it in November, 2022. Until then, buy the other Wadge releases I have for sale. There’s only a few of each remaining.
Yooooo these 😍

As always, manufactured by the best Copycats Media
We’re incredibly thankful for all of you who have listened to our new jams and especially for those who have preordered the upcoming 2xLP. Snag your copy over at Bandcamp!

Studio video drop next week. 🐕🚀🔥

Artwork: Hollow Dusk - Artwork by Andrew Notsch
Engineering: Signaturetone Recording
Photography: Rebel Rabbit Photography
Vinyl Pressing: Copycats Media

🔥New Member Roundup: Help us welcome Copycats Media F.A.M.S. Coalition and Quarterlab to the community 🎉🥳

To read more about our new members, click here:
VINYL PRE-ORDER IS LIVE ON BANDCAMP! We worked with some wonderful, incredibly creative folks in creating a 2xLP package that we’re beyond stoked to share. More info will come on each, but for now, the list. Thank you all ❤️❤️❤️

Available at

Artwork: Hollow Dusk - Artwork by Andrew Notsch
Engineering: Signaturetone Recording
Photography: Rebel Rabbit Photography
Vinyl Pressing: Copycats Media
Tail Waggin' Dinner wouldn't be the same without our wonderful sponsors. Here are our Alpha Level Event Sponsors. Give them some love!

Copycats Media
Our new E.P. 'Passages' is now available for purchase everywhere music is sold digitally online. We'd like to give our drummer Mike Jueneman a big shout out for all of his hard work in designing the artwork layout and to Copycats Media for producing our CD's. We're really happy with how it all turned out.
In rotation: 6/24/22

Miami, FL | Best Record Store: Found Sound Records

Brooklyn, NY | A new record shop Brooklyn Record Exchange NOW OPEN is opening in Brooklyn: Stocking both new and used records, alongside movies, books, and more

Bristol, UK | Bristol record store makes debut appearance at Glastonbury Festival: “Lots of people have already come by to say hi.”

Bristol, UK | Bristol’s Idle Hands puts out final release “for time being.” The imprint first began in 2009 with releases from Peverelist, Kahn, and Shanti Celeste

Dunedin, FL | New Dunedin record store D&J Records using music to bring people together

Newport, OR | Staying in the groove with vinyl: New store Northwest Grooves carries new and used records and more

AZ | Alice Cooper group’s record-store reunion movie is coming out. Here’s how to get it

Osseo, MN | Vinyl comes around for Copycats Media, presses headed to Osseo plant

UK | Record players and not-so-smart phones: What the rise of retro tech says about us
Thanks to Copycats Media for knocking these cassettes outta the park! Special tip of the hat to Brad Gunnarson. They'll be available at the show tomorrow (at Amsterdam Bar and Hall with Radkey and Loki's Folly) and from my new Bandcamp page (announcement on that soon)!
I’ll be posted up at Surly Brewing Company this Thursday with Dessa - crushing brews and selecting all sorts of embarrassing summer pop songs for your evening soundtrack. 6-9pm and FREE.99. Copycats Media Bandbox
"Could this be an Insane Clown Posse song?"

A new episode of Life Was Peachy featuring Brad Gunnarson (Statusfear Media, Copycats Media) discussing 2000’s crossover sophomore album by is out now. Get it wherever you get podcasts.

In rotation: 5/27/22

For the Record: How Vinyl Got its Groove Back — to the Tune of a Billion Dollars

What Nostalgia? Vinyl’s Biggest Boosts Are Coming From Pop Fans and Mass Merchants (Even if Indie Stores and Rock Still Rule)

West Allis, WI | West Allis record store Record Head Inc. changes some business practices after being victim of alleged check fraud

Everett, WA | Vinyl Hunters: Buy One Record, or all 10,000

Madisonville , KY | Record Revival Collection is a hit at the Madisonville Public Library

Plymouth, MN | Copycats Media to open vinyl album pressing plant as demand for records increases

Idlewild announce reissue and 20th anniversary tour for ‘The Remote Part.’ The band call the 2002 album their “defining record.”

Talk Talk (Band) debut album to get 40th anniversary vinyl reissue: Talk Talk’s The Party’s Over to be reissued on coloured vinyl in July

Metallica team up with Walmart for range of coloured vinyl releases: Load, ReLoad, Garage, Inc., St. Anger, and Death Magnetic will be reissued in June on a variety of coloured vinyl in the US

Limited Edition Vinyl Record Features 60 Musicians in Honor of George Floyd
Vinyl is back! Who would have thought? Yesterday I posted how we were going to air a story on Copycats Media decision to build out a vinyl album pressing plant in Osseo, the first in Minnesota. Their primary goal is to serve independent music artists by producing vinyl recordings that these artists can sell at their concerts.

The folks at Copycats were simply amazing. Photographer Eli Gardiner and I are deeply grateful to Justin, Greg, and Bruce for giving us the grand tour of the factory where they hope to press 10,000 records a day by the end of next fall.

And by the way, you need to know that in addition to being an exceptional photographer and editor, Eli Gardiner is an independent singer-songwriter himself. Check out his FB page for a concert schedule. We're all proud to have him as a colleague.

Here's our story on Copycats...

CD/DVD Duplication, Replication, Print, Packaging, Design, Mastering, and more.


Check out our hand-picked Best of 2022 playlist by the Copycats team! An hour and a half of music we all loved that came out this year.

Featuring Lights, Kendrick Lamar, Wet Leg, SZA, Soft Kill, Tigers Jaw, Steve Lacy, and more.


Happy Holidays! Copycats will be Out of Office December 26th - January 1st.
We will resume regular hours (M-F 9-5pm CST) on January 2nd. Stay safe and warm! 🎁


’s new record “The More Things Change” is available now — we printed these jewel cases with a screenprinted disc that has a custom spot matte finish. designed by our very own .


New vinyl for ’s “Candy Apple Red” — black vinyl with a printed inner sleeve of the lyrics. Incredible design by 🩸


Copycats Media and the ADS Group donated over 200 toys this holiday season for Toys For Tots! Thank you everyone for contributing 🎁


We made these gorgeous wallets for Alex Mabey Music's new album "The Waiting Room" that will be released February 17th.

You can always spruce up your packaging by adding uncoated or matte stock, including a lyric booklet, or getting fancy with the disc. We love how these turned out!

Photos from Copycats Media's post 12/12/2022

New Alicia Keys vinyl came out independently on friday — we manufactured this gatefold jacket, printed inner sleeve, and black vinyl for her release! What a great way to start off the holidays this December ❄️


Us too, Schroeder.
Happy Wednesday 💿


New digipak we worked on for Jared James Nichols and his release that comes out January 13th on Round Hill Records / Black Hill Records ✨ New single “Down The Drain” out now.


Rad digi-paks we printed for Lit - complete with a printed CD and booklet ✨✌🏼


One of the cooler projects we manufactured a while back! Both of these 2CD jewel cases contain the Original Score from Season 4 of Stranger Things — Vol. 1 & 2 ✨


Gorgeous 4 panel digipak we printed for A.O. Gerber's record “Meet Me at the Gloaming” that came out last month on Father/Daughter Records ✨ Give it a listen.


We manufactured all of these different formats for Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band’s “Live at the Greek Theater” 2019 Performance. Another great Record Store Day release for the vinyl and the following 2CD, BluRay, and DVD packages that we made✌🏼


Happy Record Store Day! Go to any of your local record stores or shop online for todays exclusives! We’re stoked to have contributed a few records in this Black Friday ✨🖤

WILD packaging we did for @paparoach’s #RecordStoreDay Exclusive Seaglass vinyl! This gatefold jacket has a custom pop-out, yellow 7inch, and insert! Who’s grabbing this this Friday? 

#copycats #copycatsmedia #media #cd #vinyl #manufacturing #printing #print #packaging #custompackaging #custom #design #art #artwork #music #newrelease #vinylcommunity #physicalmedia #hifimedia #paparoach #egotrip 11/23/2022

WILD packaging we did for @paparoach’s #RecordStoreDay Exclusive Seaglass vinyl! This gatefold jacket has a custom pop-out, yellow 7inch, and insert! Who’s grabbing this this Friday?

#copycats #copycatsmedia #media #cd #vinyl #manufacturing #printing #print #packaging #custompackaging #custom #design #art #artwork #music #newrelease #vinylcommunity #physicalmedia #hifimedia #paparoach #egotrip

WILD packaging we did for ’s Exclusive Seaglass vinyl! This gatefold jacket has a custom pop-out, yellow 7inch, and insert! Who’s grabbing this this Friday?

WILD packaging we did for @paparoach’s #RecordStoreDay Exclusive Seaglass vinyl! This gatefold jacket has a custom pop-out, yellow 7inch, and insert! Who’s grabbing this this Friday? #copycats #copycatsmedia #media #cd #vinyl #manufacturing #printing #print #packaging #custompackaging #custom #design #art #artwork #music #newrelease #vinylcommunity #physicalmedia #hifimedia #paparoach #egotrip

Photos from Copycats Media's post 11/22/2022

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers’ 1983 record “Jonathan Sings!” will be available for : Black Friday! The record comes in Peach Swirl, released on .


A favorite from earlier this year… ’s release “All Of It” — 4 panel digipak with a screen printed disc and gorgeous art by .slothhh.


Happy release day to ’s new record “Book of Life — four panel digipak and lyric insert ✨

Photos from Copycats Media's post 11/14/2022

Check out this gorgeous packaging for Gerry Beckley's new album “Aurora” — available now via Blue Élan Records! The vinyl packaging includes a gorgeous record in Gold and 12 perforated tear away prints! The CD packaging is a sleeve that comes in a custom slip case with those individual prints inside. Both on uncoated stock ⚡️ Congrats!


Rad Upstate Records compilation disc we did a while back!
Check out all the great bands on this label ⚡️

Photos from Copycats Media's post 11/09/2022

Check out this triple gatefold 3x LP for Buck Owen’s “Bakersfield Gold: Top 10 Hits 1959-1974” available in this golden yellow. The cover has a hit of UV gloss to make him really standout — so cool. Released on earlier this year.


How great to have worked on the one and only Alicia Keys new independent release on her very own label — Alicia Keys Records. This Target exclusive jewel case includes a holiday card as well! ❤️ Who’s ready for Christmas?


ICYMI: We turned 25! Before we became part of The ADS Group in 2014, our building was right outside of downtown Minneapolis next to Dunwoody for quite some time. Revel in these quaint old photos of our office and manufacturing space then.


Pre-orders are live for In The Blind's new record “Evolve & Escape” out November 18th on Razor To Wrist Records. Check these gorgeous digipaks we manufactured for them ✨


We did the vinyl for the new The Bobby Lees record “BELLEVUE” out earlier this month on Ipecac — Coke bottle clear apparently already sold out. We love to hear it.


Happy halloween all you gremlins! Spin some spooky records today 🎃💿


We found the old Copycats logos from over the years — pretty rad to see how it’s changed!

Which one is your favorite?


From humble beginnings in our brick building downtown in 1997, to joining The ADS Group in 2014, to opening up a Vinyl Pressing Facility in 2023! We cannot thank you enough for your continued support.

No quarter life crisis over here.


We did these 4 panel digipaks for and his new ST record! CD/vinyl release show is tomorrow evening ✨


Manufactured the new NOTHING MORE album “SPIRITS” that came out last friday. Screen printed disc with a spot matte gives it that slight two toned look ✨

Photos from Copycats Media's post 10/14/2022

Check out these rad 4 panel wallets we printed for SKID ROW and their newest album “The Gang’s All Here” — out today ⚡️ Spot UV gloss on the cover, booklet, and offset disc included.

Photos from Copycats Media's post 10/13/2022

We printed these beautiful digipaks for Katie Crutchfield and Jess Williamson’s new band Plains — out tomorrow on . Uncoated finish with a gorgeous UV gloss touch on the back and screenprinted disc ✨

Photos from Copycats Media's post 10/12/2022

This friday 10.14.22 ._perry_music will be releasing her latest album “My Time” ✨ We printed these 6 panel wallets and printed disc that show off the lyrics and photos.


Jewel cases we did for ’s new record FREE L*D — out a couple weeks ago on ⚡️

Photos from Copycats Media's post 10/07/2022

Happy Friday! We did the 6 panel wallets for Courtney Marie Andrews new album “Loose Future” out TODAY on records ⚡️


Just look at this gorgeous green boiler of ours. That is all. Happy Thursday ⚡️


Wallets we did for ’s final release “a shelter from the rain” that came out last month — thanks y’all!


Last week mega jazz ensemble Snarky Puppy released their new record “Empire Central” on GroundUP Music We printed these double disc 6 panel digipaks which includes an insert and matte finish to the packaging ⚡️

Photos from Copycats Media's post 09/30/2022

Happy release day to ’s latest record “Better By Now” we did on both CD and vinyl in gold wave, maroon, and blue ✨


We had the pleasure of manufacturing ’s Love Transcends deluxe album featuring a second disc recorded live in Austin, TX! This comes out tomorrow ✨

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cool things happening 👀 #copycats #copycatsmedia #media #cd #vinyl #manufacturing #printing #print #packaging #custompac...
It is Wednesday my dudes ⚡️#copycats #hifi #media #cd #dvd #vinyl #officelife #behindthescenes
Today the vinyl has been released for’s newest record in over two decades! “Arizone!” is a double LP in Pa...
New 6 panel digipaks for Jana Pochop’s record “The Astronaut” out in 2022 💫 #copycats #copycatsmedia #media #cd #vinyl #...
Have y’all ever seen an offset disc printing machine before? For your offset printed discs there are CMYK value ink plat...
We did the new Reaping Asmodeia album “Darkened Infinity” — jewel case, booklet, and offset print on silver. Out October...
A Beginner’s Mind is officially out now! Each song is inspired by a different movie that Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Au...



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