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The summer construction season has begun at The Steger Center. Members of Summit Academy OIC started their three-week stint under the leadership of instructor, Beth Halvorson with the addition of a new cabin.


Experience the remarkable journey of Will Steger, revered mentor + friend of the Birch Group and a driving force behind our commitment to sustainable construction.

"After Antarctica," an Award-Winning documentary directed by , and captures Steger's firsthand encounters with polar region changes, underscoring the pressing need for environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

Available now on: AppleTV, PrimeVideo, GooglePlay or your streaming network

Check out the trailer:



DECON 101 is a groundbreaking training program + CERTIFICATION created and brought to you by Birch Group, Scrapbox Salvage Co, instructors from Summit Academy, and a team of seasoned carpenters and deconstructors.

With two years of dedicated effort and the invaluable support of Hennepin County Waste Diversion, we've developed this innovative invaluable training program.

This program isn't just about training—it's about revolutionizing sustainable construction and living. Equipping participants with skills to salvage and deconstruct buildings, the DECON 101 course goes beyond the basics. With hands-on training and sustainable construction principles, participants learn to minimize waste, preserve materials, + embrace eco-friendly practices.

Thank you to Hennepin County for their ongoing support, allowing us to offer the only DECONSTRUCTION SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION in Minnesota through our workforce development program.

Go to: www.sustainable to sign up now for our next DECON 101 class!


In the U.S., 40% of solid waste, totaling 600 MILLION TONS, originates from Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste. Within this, 240 MILLION TONS comprise lumber and reusable building materials that could be salvaged or recycled. Sadly, much of it ends up in dumpsters, contributing to methane decay and over 1 BILLION TONS of CO2 emissions!

This is a call-to-action to leaders in the construction industry: let's unite for a more sustainable future. Reach out today to explore how we can collaborate on your next project!

📞 1-218-366-3667
📧 [email protected]"

Photos from Steger Center's post 02/09/2024

“Learning at the Steger Center is not confined to a traditional workday. It isn’t just about gaining skills and knowledge. It’s about witnessing and actually living in a more balanced, sustainable, and fulfilling way with the natural world, and with each other in community”

-Will Steger

Check out for more info about programs and Will’s legacy to teach others about living more sustainably!


Reduce, refurbish, refinish, repair, repurpose, rebuild, resell, recycle, rethink, reclaim + reuse – these aren't just words; they're our sustainable mantras! 🌎💚

From reducing waste to rethinking our choices, every small step adds up to a greener, brighter future. 💡♻️


Got a sizable commercial building in need of deconstructing for renovations?

Our skilled carpenters and experienced team is up for the challenge! 🦺

Explore more by clicking the link below or give us a call!
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Our long term client just shared that a home we worked on last year earned international recognition, featuring on BBC's Best Homes. It's an incredible honor to have our loyal clients and sustainable partners trust Birch Group for salvaging items that stand out globally.

Thank you for your steadfast support of our sustainable construction practices and waste diversion initiatives. 🌿💚

Ready to join hands with us? Contact us to explore more.

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Photos from Birch Group's post 02/08/2024

Renovations + Remodels are a team effort! 💪

At Birch Group, we thrive on collaborating with industry leaders for exceptional project results and a sustainable future for our planet.

Interested in working together? Get in touch for more details!

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Make your sustainable renovation dreams a reality with . Working with us isn’t just good for your wallet, but good for the environment too.🌲

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Join us in our sustainability mission!

We advocate for a circular economy, extending the lifespan of building materials. Instead of the conventional cycle of creating, disposing, and waste--our initiative focuses on adaptive reuse, sustainable construction and waste diversion.

We are promoting efficient and sustainable resource use.

Explore more at! 🌿


We just finished an awesome salvage in Edina!
You already know we’re passionate about — but did you know we offer a wide range of other services too? 🔨

From renovations to pre-construction, we’ve got your back! Get in touch to learn more.

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Discarding isn't our style. We prefer to reclaim for reuse instead. Check out our store Scrapbox Salvage Co.

Home - Birch Group 12/29/2023

🏡 Did you know we offer FREE site visits?

Discover why deconstruction beats demolition hands down and learn how to save on your next renovation or remodel. Visit to schedule your visit today!

Plus, take advantage of County Grants + Tax Incentives!

Call us: 📞 (218) 366-3667 for more details.

Home - Birch Group #1 Best Building Material Reuse + Waste Diversion Organization. We reclaim, windows, doors, lighting, floors + more! Free site visits.

Photos from Birch Group's post 12/29/2023

Plan. Deconstruct. Salvage. Reuse. Really, it's that simple! Got Questions? DM us or Drop them in the comments below! 👇

Home - Birch Group 12/28/2023


A projects success hinges on preparation, especially in Selective Deconstructions. From salvage work to partial building removals for renovations + additions, we plan with clients upfront, setting budgets, timelines, and salvage goals.

Whether it's a single bathroom strip-out or a complete apartment gut, let us assist with your selective deconstruction! Learn more at

Home - Birch Group #1 Best Building Material Reuse + Waste Diversion Organization. We reclaim, windows, doors, lighting, floors + more! Free site visits.



Ever wondered how to DECONSTRUCT what was CONSTRUCTED? 🤔 Here's your chance to learn about the world of deconstruction! 🌟

Introducing our 2 day DECON 101 "Introduction to Deconstruction" program—a unique blend of hands-on job site training and online education, brought to you by + HENNEPIN COUNTY ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES!

- Basics of deconstruction
- Hands-on training at job sites
- The art of salvage and its significance
- Online sessions with experts

Upon completion of the DECON 101 program, all participants will become Certified Deconstruction Specialists! 🎓 Plus, as a bonus, you'll receive a 25% discount at our reuse store, Scrapbox Salvage Co. + A SPECIAL GIFT FOR ATTENDING🌟

🌿 Help us in our mission for a greener future by understanding the importance of deconstruction and salvage practices. Join us in reducing waste and building a sustainable world!

Ready to unbuild and salvage like a pro? Sign up now and be a part of this incredible initiative! Limited spots available—don't miss out! 🌎♻️

GO TO: [email protected] or DM us now!



Our Commitment? To save building materials that have reached their end of life cycle and would otherwise be placed in landfills. Find out more about what we do and visit:

Or contact us directly! We are always happy to discuss environmental stewardship, sustainable reuse, and waste diversion initiatives.


Minneapolis couple restores the Pillsbury Castle: 'It will be our legacy' 09/29/2023

"Don't Demolish it. Deconstruct it!


We're thrilled to be selected as the PREMIER DECONSTRUCTION COMPANY for the Pillsbury Castle Project.

Check out owners Matthew and Ryan’s KARE11 interview as they give an inspiring vision for restoring grace to this magnificent Castle.

Minneapolis couple restores the Pillsbury Castle: 'It will be our legacy' The mansion has sat in the Whittier neighborhood since 1903. The project involves 30 designers working on 30 different rooms.

The Pillsbury Castle Project | A Minneapolis Home Restoration Journey 09/15/2023

We're honored to announce that Birch Group has been chosen as the trusted deconstruction experts to salvage and harvest building materials from the exquisite and historic Pillsbury Castle in Minneapolis. 🏰🌟

A special thank you goes out to homeowners Matthew and Ryan, and OA Design Build for entrusting Birch Group with this endeavor. Your dedication to preserving the past while paving the way for a sustainable future is truly inspiring.

This project isn't just about deconstruction; it's about cherishing our heritage, promoting sustainability, and creating a better world for generations to come. 🌿🌍

Check out: for more information on the preservation of the Pillsbury Castle.

The Pillsbury Castle Project | A Minneapolis Home Restoration Journey Follow the journey of a restoration like you've never seen before. Located in the heart of Minneapolis, this astounding mansion will be revived with modern design while honoring its history.

Minneapolis nonprofit aims to make one home's trash another's foundation 07/21/2023

This morning, KARE 11 News highlighted Birch Group and Scrapbox Salvage's mission towards a zero waste place! Check out:

Minneapolis nonprofit aims to make one home's trash another's foundation A north Minneapolis nonprofit is operating with the goal of being a "zero waste place."



Who is Birch Group? We are proud to be trailblazers in Minnesota's waste diversion industry, thanks to our innovative sustainable construction practices. Our deconstruction services provide cutting-edge waste diversion options, positioning us as leaders in the industry.

We highly value our partnerships, and by offering LEED©, we're making sure that our clients projects are even more sustainable. Plus, we're creating climate careers along the way! ⚒ 🌿

Want to know how we can save you money with your Waste Diversion needs? Give us a call: (218) 366-3667


As leaders in Sustainable Construction, we have an attractive package deal for your remodel, renovation or redevelopment project when you hire us for deconstruction services? 🔨

By partnering with us, you can receive a range of benefits, including:

- Up to $13,000 in grants from Hennepin County
- Tax deductions for your reusable building donations.
- Up to $5,000 in grants for shopping our reuse store.
- LEED© credits --show everyone how sustainable your are!🌿

All of these benefits are available to YOU in exchange for your reusable building materials. By participating in our Waste Diversion initiatives program, you can save money while also contributing to the preservation of the environment + support our community by providing Climate Careers.

Want to know find out more? Need a site visit?
📞 651 515 6500
📧 [email protected]


Birch Group has partnered with St. Louis County, the largest County in Minnesota, to support the deconstruction of over 40 residential properties by the end of 2024.

Our Waste Diversion initiatives will also provide services to include building materials handling, leading to cost savings for the County by avoiding tipping and hauling fees, as well as creating opportunities for climate careers and diverting C&D waste from the waste stream.

Champions of Sustainable Construction practices, we encourage others to adopt sustainable practices and we're excited to see these efforts gaining momentum. We are committed to expanding our statewide network and continuing to educate others on the importance of waste diversion to preserve our environment!


Are you an Architect/Designer or Builder looking to obtain LEED© credits? We can help you!

As leaders in Sustainable Construction and through waste diversion efforts, our building materials and deconstruction services can contribute towards obtaining LEED© credits. Our team of Sustainable Reuse Experts (SREs) can assist you throughout the process, as we are well-versed in the requirements for obtaining LEED© credits and currently the only deconstruction company providing these services in Minnesota.

Contact us to learn more about how our eco-friendly services and sustainable building materials can help you achieve your LEED© goals.

📞 651 515 6500
📧 [email protected]

Minneapolis nonprofit works to deconstruct — rather than demolish — old buildings 04/26/2023

Our Founding Executive Director Petrina Rhines was recently invited to speak with MPR News Journalist, Cathy Wurzer, about our waste diversion initiatives and our commitment to Sustainable Construction, and promoting + providing Deconstruction services in Minnesota.

Thank you MPR News for recognizing our Birch Group green mission to keep C&D Waste out of the wastestream. We are so grateful! In case you missed the interview, click the link below to check it out!

Minneapolis nonprofit works to deconstruct — rather than demolish — old buildings In much of the state, the snow has melted, the ground has thawed and you know what that means. It’s the beginning of construction season! That also means demolishing old buildings to make way for those new construction. But back in 2020, Hennepin County became one of the first counties in the nati...


Did you know that our Founder and Executive Director Petrina has an incredible background?

She was the Program Director for the Steger Center and lived off the grid for two years as Will Steger's understudy. During that time, she learned about sustainable reuse and became an environmentalist. This unique experience is the foundation of our organization's commitment to the triple bottom line - people, planet, and profit.

In honor of Earth Day, we're celebrating our mentor Will Steger, an educator, advocate, environmentalist, and friend. At 78 years old, he's embarking on another expedition, and you can listen to it in real-time at While he's away, we'll be sharing weekly updates on our founder's off-grid experiences as she learned how to under Will's tutelage.


When Lake Region Builders Association of Becker County needed a speaker to discuss building deconstruction and sustainable building practices with builders, contractors, and county officials, they turned to Birch Group.

Our organization is a pioneer in integrating sustainable development initiatives into deconstruction waste diversion efforts in Minnesota and the only "one of its kind" advocating, educating, and inspiring individuals to become eco-warriors and combat construction and demolition waste.

We are excited to see more and more people embracing our green mission and grateful for LRBA's steadfast + unwavering support of our waste diversion initiatives.

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🌿 Reduce, refurbish, refinish, repair, repurpose, rebuild, resell, recycle, rethink, reclaim + reuse – these aren't just...
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