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VSTAR Universe is here!! Let’s dig in 🙏

Photos from NalterCards's post 09/19/2022

Incandescent Arcana has some BEAUTIFUL art in it. Makes me super excited to see what else will be in Silver Tempest to close out the SWSH era 👀



Two weeks from now will mark the 1 year anniversary of me quitting my job to pursue content/streaming/selling full time.

To celebrate & say THANK YOU, every pack/pull bought on my site for the rest of the month will get you an entry to take this Celebrations UPC home for free :pray:

Not only that, I’ll be doing giveaways on every stream between now and then, and on Friday 9/30 I’ll be doing a LIVE claim sale where every card is FREE (just pay shipping) :eyes:

It’s been an insane year and I’ve learned a lot, and it wouldn’t be possible without all of you 🫶

Going live at 7:30 tonight - see you then! (also the modern pull game is back!)


Who else thinks we need more Milotic cards? 🌊


Pulled this amazing Zoroark VSTAR! 🔥


Which Pokémon do you wish was real?


Me stalking EBay listings like..


Raichu doesn’t get enough love ⚡️


This card looks like it came straight of out of Legends Arceus ✨


Did you know Dragonite lives in the sea? 🌊


The colors on this card 🤯


Did you know Venasaur LITERALLY means Venus Fly Trap Lizard in English?


How my dogs be looking at me when I’m 5 minutes late for feeding time 😰


Not sure if this is a Pokémon or a marvel super villain.. 😂


Ninetales never fails 🔥


Ripping one of my bucket list boxes this weekend! Platinum Supreme Victors is one of my favorite sets and I can’t wait to pull some spicy crispy out of it 🔥

Packs are available now on my site for $190/pack or $175/pack if you buy 4 or more. You also get 5% back in points if you’re signed up for rewards on my site 💰

Every pack purchased will also get your name on a wheelspin for prizes including this PSA 9 LV.X Charizard from the set. You also get an additional entry for every pack you choose to have ripped on stream!


Gonna tell my kids this was the Lochness Monster 🐊😂


Alexa play Crab Rave 🦀



Hunting For My Chase Card At Collect-A-Con!



Double box break of 1st Edition Nightfall happening tonight! 1 box sold out, 28 packs left in the other. Available for $6/pack!

Photos from NalterCards's post 05/27/2022

Nalter Pack “INFINITY” is available now! Here are some of the pulls you can expect to find as well as an example pack.

Buy 3 packs by end of day to get 10% off automatically at checkout 🤟


Breaking a box of Black & White Next Destinies next week! Packs went on sale yesterday and almost half the packs are already gone 👀

Buy one for $65, or 4/an art set for $240! Packs can be ripped or kept sealed 🤘


Team Rocket box break is happening tomorrow!! Turn your notis on and get ready for one of our most fun streams yet where we’ll be pulling vintage heat and doing giveaways throughout the stream 🫣

Still have 10 packs available to purchase! $250/pack sealed or ripped with guaranteed vintage holos for all packs ripped. Buy 4 packs to get $100 off 🤝


Did a modern pull box with this as the big wheelspin prize at the end and I think it went really well!

Who wants to see more pull boxes from various eras? 👀


Happy to announce I’ll be ripping this box at the end of the week! Packs are still available to buy on my site for those that are still interested. $250/pack or $900 for 4, and every pack you have opened I will personally guarantee you a vintage holo if you don’t pull one. Not only that, anyone that buys packs will also be entered to win a Moonbreon from Evolving Skies and other prizes throughout the break.

In the meantime, every other pack bought on my site between now and then will get you entered to win a free Team Rocket pack from this box when we open it!

See you then! 😎

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Friday night I’m starting the stream ripping MetaZoo only!

I’ve got both 2nd Ed Cryptid Nation and 1st Edition Wilderness packs available on the site and all pack buyers will be entered to win prizes at the end of the stream.

Top pack buyer prize? PSA Mothman from 2nd Edition Cryptid Nation 👀

Order 36 packs for a full booster box and if you want to keep it sealed just put it in the order notes!


My very first vintage Pokémon booster box! Had to go with my favorite pre-neo era set

I’m breaking this box once we’ve sold at least half of the packs. Packs are available now on my site for $250 each or $900 for an art set (4 packs).

Packs can be kept sealed but packs ripped on stream will be eligible for some huge prizes 👀 More info to come!



I made the biggest Pokémon purchase of my life! When I collected as a kid I only ever got single booster packs so buying my first vintage booster box is extra special to me. Team Rocket is one of my favorites so it’s only right that it’s my first 🚀

I’ll be breaking this box on stream SOON! Packs are available now for purchase on my site (these packs can be shipped OR ripped) and if you buy 4 you’ll automatically get $100 off.

People that choose to have their packs ripped on stream will have a chance to win some awesome prizes on-stream! More info coming soon 🤟

Timeline photos 04/07/2022

Did you know that grabbing one of Ninetales many tails can result in a 1,000-year curse? 🔥


Going live tomorrow night to rip a box of my favorite modern set - Cosmic Eclipse! Time to hunt the OG character rares, tag team starters, ADPs, and some of the most nostalgic arts Pokémon has to offer 🤌

Packs from this box are available on my site now for anyone that wants to buy in! Pack buyers will also be entered to win prizes throughout the break. Link in bio 👊


We ripped a few HGSS packs last week and pulled this beauty…


Timeline photos 04/03/2022

Easily one of my favorite cards. What's your favorite? 🔥

Timeline photos 04/02/2022

And they said the lochness monster isn't real... 🐍 ⁠

Photos from NalterCards's post 04/01/2022

Can't believe I'm saying this but I'm THRILLED to announce I sold my collection to fund a dream... Say hello to the very first NalterCars Dealership!! 🚗

Stop by today to ask us about our graded cars. We will ship anywhere for $1 PWE or $5 BMWT 🙏

Timeline photos 04/01/2022

Stoked about the new Divergent Powers tins released yesterday. Battle Region is on 🔥⁠


We’re ripping a box of XY Evolutions tomorrow on YouTube! Packs available on my site now and all pack buyers will be entered to win prizes throughout the stream. Tap the picture to buy-in and go Zard hunting with us 💪



The stage is set! PokeMarch Madness begins TONIGHT at 6pm CST. Come watch live to see who is declared our winner!

I'm Hosting a PokeMarch Madness Pack Battle Tournament! 03/23/2022

I'm Hosting a PokeMarch Madness Pack Battle Tournament!

I'm Hosting a PokeMarch Madness Pack Battle Tournament!

Watch this for more info 👉

I'm Hosting a PokeMarch Madness Pack Battle Tournament! I'm hosting a PokeMarch Madness pack battle tournament that will take place LIVE on this channel, and there are some INSANE prizes available! See below for m...

NalterCards updated their business hours. 03/23/2022

NalterCards updated their business hours.

NalterCards updated their business hours.


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