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We are happy to announce the cast of Lily's Life, a family comedy opening April 28th! Tickets are available NOW at :

Rebekah Campbell

Angelo Paravalos

Brittney Leist

Rick Jank

Alice Canny

Michelle Barlow

Susannah Wright
Due to last night’s inclement weather we will be holding an additional night of auditions for our family comedy, Lily’s Life this Thursday at 6:30pm! We can’t wait to see you there!!
Congrats to the cast and crew of Agnes of God for a great run! Did you catch a performance of this gripping drama? Comment below & let us know!
DID YOU KNOW ...We are holding auditions for our upcoming family comedy, Lily's Life on Monday, March 21st & Tuesday 22nd @ 6:30pm.

Check below for character descriptions!

Lily (late 20s/early 30s)- A newlywed. Still in college. A people-pleaser. Things begin to spiral for her as she tries to figure out the best way to make an… unexpected announcement.

Piper (late teens)- Lily’s little sister. A high school senior. Outspoken and energetic. A little naive. She’s ready to find her place in the world…just as soon as she graduates.

Alex (late 20s/early 30s)- Lily’s husband. An accountant. Has a life schedule. Rigid. Doesn’t handle surprises well. He loves Lily but is not outwardly affectionate.

Sarah (Late 40s/Early 50s)- Lily’s mother. A yoga instructor. A free spirit. Burns sage. Makes her own oatmeal and alcohol. Affectionate. Positive and upbeat. A natural light worker.

Joey (20s/30s)- Lily’s best friend since middle school. A manager at a consulting firm. Supportive. Level-headed.

James (late 40s/early 50s)- Alex’s dad. An accountant. Very conservative. Rigid. Not at all flexible. Lives on a schedule.

Willow(60s/70s)- Sarah’s mother. An architect. A take charge kind of woman. Level-headed. She can see the big picture. A fixer.

You do not need to prepare anything for this audition! Just come ready to read from the script and have fun!
Have you purchased your tickets to AGNES OF God at Santa Rosa County's only community theatre? Our Sunday Matinee is already SOLD OUT, so don't delay purchasing your tickets to this powerful drama. *due to the nature of this play, viewer discretion is advised
Thursday, March 17th @ 7:30pm
Friday, March 18th @ 7:30pm
Saturday, March 19th @ 7:30pm
Purchase Tickes Here:
or call our box office: 850-221-7599
Have you checked out our video newsletter for the month of March? Click the link below to get caught up on our latest news!
Registration is OPEN for our SPRING BREAK CAMP!
Use your creativity and imagination! Have fun! Make friends! Sign up today!
Have you seen what is coming up this March at Santa Rosa County's ONLY community theatre? Check it out!

* Spring Break Camp: Monday, March 14th-Friday, March 18th, 2022!
Students ages 8-12 will enjoy hands on activities & games while learning how to collaborate & communicate in order to create a staged theatrical production. The last day of camp will include a performance for friends and family!

More Info Here:

* Agnes of God : ONE WEEKEND ONLY
( March 17th- March 20th, 2022 )
Summoned to a convent, Dr. Martha Livingstone, a court-appointed psychiatrist, is charged with assessing the sanity of a novice nun accused of murdering a newborn. Miriam Ruth, the Mother Superior, determinedly keeps young Agnes from the doctor, further arousing Livingstone’s suspicions. Who killed the infant, and who fathered the victim? Livingstone’s questions force all three women to re-examine the meaning of faith and the power of love, leading to a dramatic, compelling climax.
Disclaimer: Agnes of God is a play for adults. It addresses trauma, adult themes and contains strong language that may be offensive to some. Viewer discretion is advised.

More info here:

Santa Rosa Community Theatre (SRCT) operates solely by the support and generosity of its volunteers. Interested parties are welcome to attend.

Nonprofit, all volunteer community theatre devoted to producing quality stage productions for the enlightenment, entertainment and involvement of Northwest Florida. Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month. Audition and performance information can be checked on our website or asked by phone. If you are interested in purchasing tickets online:


SRCT Audition Notice
Ordinary People
Audition Dates: August 28 & 29, 6:30 p.m.
Santa Rosa Community Theatre
5410 Dogwood Drive | Milton, FL 32570

SHOW DATES: October 20-23 and 26-29


“Conrad Jarrett once had an older brother named Buck, but Buck is now gone. What’s left of young Conrad’s family - his successful, well-intentioned father, his beautiful but remote mother, and young Conrad himself - is struggling to find its way. These “ordinary people” are fighting difficult, solitary battles. Can they find their way together before it’s too late? This play explores relationships between children, parents, brothers, friends, and mentors. Based on the book by Judith Guest, the film version of (directed by Robert Redford) won four Academy Awards. This drama will be an extraordinary opportunity for teens and adults alike.”


2 females and 3 males (mid-late teens, or close to it)

1 female and 3 males (adults)


Conrad Jarrett . . . a boy in his late teens
Cal Jarrett . . . Conrad’s father
Beth Jarrett . . . Conrad’s mother
Joe Lazenby . . . Conrad’s best friend
Stillman . . . Conrad’s swim team acquaintance
Jeannine Pratt . . . Conrad’s girlfriend
Karen Aldrich . . . Conrad’s friend
Dr. Berger . . Conrad’s psychiatrist
Salan . . . Conrad’s swim coach

Leslee Young is directing with assistance from Milan Smith. Auditions will be cold readings from the script. Please bring a list of conflicts that could affect your attendance at rehearsals. We will be as accommodating as possible.

Backstage and technical help will also be needed!

If you are unable to attend either of the audition dates but wish to try out, please email the director [email protected] and we’ll try to work something out.

Sides are available upon request; please email the director or contact us via social media. Thank you!


Opening night of “Cliffhanger” was a success!!

This show is full of laughs and will keep you guessing throughout the entire performance!! It’s not quite a mystery, but it sure does have some plot twists and surprise reveals sprinkled in. The audience had some aha moments trickled in with a TON of laughter.

The cast and crew were on point and came to entertain!! A huge CONGRATS to all of them for putting together an EXCELLENT show!!

You still have time to get tickets!! Follow this link:

**fees do apply**

OR call our box office at (850) 221-7599 to reserve your seats now before we sell out!!

We look forward to seeing you at the theatre 🎭


What’s happening!?!!! 🧐

Hmmmm… it seems it’s a cliffhanger ⁉️

Find out soon…

Our next show opens on August 11 and tickets have already been selling fast!! Seating is limited, so get yours today!!

Follow this link:

**fees do apply**

OR contact our box office at (850) 221-7599

We hope to see you at the theatre!! 🎭

Photos from Santa Rosa Community Theatre's post 07/12/2023

As the Publicity Director for Santa Rosa Community Theatre, I have the honor to sit in on rehearsals as shows are evolving to create content for you all to entice you to come see our shows!!

And here’s what I have to tell you about “Cliffhanger” thus far… it is coming together spectacularly!!!

Bob Monson is a seasoned and outstanding director, and he is once again performing at top-tier status for this production!!

Even though the actors are still “on-book” (using their scripts), their characters are already shining through!! They are on-point with inflection, tone, facial expression, and movement!!


This comedic thriller, comedy/drama, whatever you want to call it, had me laughing nearly every other line!!

I am super excited to see it in August, and I can guarantee our audiences will be entertained!!

Do you have your tickets yet?? Doors open Friday, August 11. Don’t miss your chance to see “Cliffhanger”!!

Follow this link to buy tickets now:

**fees do apply**

OR call our box office at: (850) 221-7599 to reserve your spot!!

Seating is limited, so act fast!!

We hope to see you at the theatre!! 🎭


I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th!!! 🇺🇸

Hopefully, you stayed fairly dry!! Our dedicated volunteers did not fare so well 😂 BUT they had an amazing time meeting people in our community and handing out some goodies!!!

We are making it a goal to attend more events in our community and connect with you to tell you about the benefits of theatre!!


Theatre offers numerous benefits to both its participants and audience members. One of the primary advantages of theatre lies in its ability to foster creativity and self-expression. Through acting, writing, directing, and designing, individuals are able to explore their imaginations and bring stories to life. This process allows for personal growth, increased self-confidence, and the development of important communication and problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, theatre serves as a powerful medium for empathy and understanding. By portraying diverse characters and narratives, theatre encourages individuals to step into someone else's shoes, promoting compassion and the ability to see the world from different perspectives. This empathetic connection can lead to increased tolerance, acceptance, and a deeper sense of community among people from various backgrounds.

Theatre also provides a platform for social commentary and exploration of important societal issues. It has the capacity to challenge norms, provoke thought, and spark conversations about topics ranging from politics and injustice to love and identity. Through thought-provoking plays and performances, theatre has the potential to inspire change, raise awareness, and encourage dialogue on critical matters.

Finally, theatre has a significant impact on personal well-being. For audience members, watching a live performance can be a powerful and immersive experience, transporting them to different worlds and eliciting a wide range of emotions. This escapism and emotional engagement can be both cathartic and therapeutic, offering a break from everyday life and providing a space for reflection and introspection.

As you can see, the benefits of theatre are far-reaching and multifaceted. From fostering creativity and self-expression to promoting empathy and social awareness, theatre enriches individuals and communities alike. Whether on stage or in the audience, the transformative power of theatre continues to inspire, entertain, and enlighten people of all ages and backgrounds.


We encourage you to check us out for yourself, or find us in the community!! We want to be a theatre that our community can be proud of!!

If you have not yet seen one of our shows (or if you’re one of our regulars!!), please follow the link to see showtimes for our next comedy/thriller, starting in August:

**fees do apply**

OR call our box office at: (850) 221-7599

And don’t forget about our summer kids camps!! Our first camp starts July 10 for ages 14-17!! There’s still time to sign up!!

Follow the links for more information and to get registered:

“Break a Leg” | Ages 14-17:

“Bring on the Drama” | Ages 6-9:

“Get Into Character” | Ages 10-13:

Finally, if you’re interested in getting involved, please reach out!! We would love to hear from you and work alongside you to bring all the benefits of theatre to our community!! 🎭

We hope to see you at Santa Rosa Community Theatre soon, where we love to play pretend and make friends!!!


Happy 4th!! 🇺🇸

Come see us today between 1-3pm at the “little white Pepsi trailer” on S. Willing St. at July 4th Riverfest 2023 in Milton, FL!!! You can get some concessions to stay hydrated and refreshed in this heat and pick up a SRCT goody bag (while supplies last)!!

However you decide to celebrate, please be safe and enjoy!! 🎆

Photos from Santa Rosa Community Theatre's post 07/03/2023


Due to the holiday, we are extending the time to register for our 14-17-year-old kids camp, starting July 10!!!

Come learn about our theatre and the art of performance!! Follow the link to register now:

We hope to see you at Santa Rosa Community Theatre, where we love to play pretend and make friends!!! 🎭


Our first summer kids camp is just around the corner, but we need more participants to keep it as an option!!

Many expressed interest in having a camp available for teens, so we delivered!! Now, we just need you to get your kids registered!! 🙏🏻🤞🏻🎭

Please follow this link to sign up today:

Registration for this camp will close on July 3, so don’t wait too long!!

We can’t wait to teach your children all about theatre and help them find a place to shine on or off stage!!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!! You can call our box office at (850) 221-7599, e-mail us at [email protected], or message us on FB!!

Photos from Santa Rosa Community Theatre's post 06/22/2023

Whose kids are ready to get their acting on this summer?? 😁🤩🙌🏻🎭☀️

Follow the links to register:

“Bring on the Drama” | Ages 6-9 | July 17-21

“Get Into Character” | Ages 10-13 | July 24-28

“Break a Leg” | Ages 14-17 | July 10-14

Cost is $125 for the first child and $100 for each additional. Call our box office at (850) 221-7599 to receive the multiple child discount.

**We will cut off registration for each camp one week prior to the respective start dates, so we can plan accordingly.


We want to say a HUGE “thank you” to everyone who came out to audition for “Cliffhanger!”

We value all our volunteers and we appreciate the courage it takes to stand on stage and read from a script you’ve likely never seen before!! We strongly encourage everyone to continue coming back for future auditions or to consider helping backstage or in other capacities. All productions require a team of individuals, extending beyond the cast, to come together and ‘WOW’ audiences!!

Now, we are SUPER excited to announce our cast for “Cliffhanger”:

Henry Lowenthal - John Rosenau
Polly Lowenthal - Gail Ready
Edith Wilshire - Susannah Wright
Melvin McMullen - Owen Raley
Dave DeVito - Jerry Valanzano

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!! 🙌🏻 We are looking forward to another incredible show!!

What’s this show about?

Dramatists summarizes the play as follows:

“Henry Lowenthal, after a long tenure as professor of philosophy at a small western college, is looking forward to being appointed to an endowed chair so he and his wife can enjoy their golden years with honor and dignity. But their plans are given a rude jolt when his successor, a vindictive and ruthlessly ambitious young woman, informs him that she is not recommending him for the chair—an act of such calculated cruelty that the usually gentle professor seizes a bust of Socrates and strikes his tormentor a fatal blow. Thereafter, as Henry and his wife plot a foolproof way to dispose of the body, complications arise in the form of a rather sinister young student who is about to flunk out of school (unless his grade is changed) and who happened to witness the professor’s violent action. Add in a suspicious police lieutenant and you have all the ingredients for a series of suspenseful, unexpected and frequently funny developments, leading to a denouement that will catch everyone by surprise.”

Tickets are now on sale!!

Follow the link to purchase online:

**fees do apply**

OR call our box office at: (850) 221-7599 to reserve your seats now!!

Even though performances don’t start until August, we have already begun to sell tickets for this production!! Seating is limited, so don’t wait too long!! Our shows have been selling out faster and faster as we continue to spread the word about our little theatre!!

We hope to see you at the theatre - Santa Rosa Community Theatre!! 🎭



**Auditions for our next production “Cliffhanger” are taking place tonight, Monday, June 19 and tomorrow night, Tuesday, June 20 at 6:30 p.m. at Santa Rosa Community Theatre, and WE NEED YOU!!

We are in search of actors (or non-actors who have the acting bug!!) to fill the following roles:

▪️Harry Lowenthal (60s): A well-respected philosophy professor and former chair of the Philosophy Department at Mesa Grande College. He expects to be appointed chair of a vacant endowed chair so he and his wife can enjoy their golden years with honor and dignity.

▪️Polly Lowenthal (60s): Harry’s wife.

▪️Edith Williams (early 40s): A philosophy professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Mesa Grande College. She has a grudge against Professor Lowenthal and thinks he and his teaching methods are old and outdated.

▪️Melvin McMullen (19, or close enough to believe age-wise): A student who flunked Professor Lowenthal’s class and is desperate to have the professor change his “F” to a passing grade or his father will “kill” him.

▪️Dave DeVito (30s): A police lieutenant.

We are also in need of a backstage crew!!

Rehearsals will be held Monday-Thursday evenings, subject to change, depending upon need. Tech week will require you to be there every night with performances beginning that Friday night, August 11. There will be 7 performances total. Friday-Sunday the first weekend, and Thursday-Sunday the second weekend.

**At auditions, please inform the director of any conflicts you may have!! Theatre is a big commitment, but SO WORTH IT!!

This is a well-written, comedy/thriller that should be highly entertaining to our audiences and equally as fun to perform in or be a part of!! The director intends to emphasize the comedic aspect of the characters while maintaining the inherent intrigue and suspense of the story - lots of twists and turns!!

All of the roles are solid parts for actors 🎭

**YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PREPARE ANYTHING AHEAD OF TIME!! Auditions will consist of cold reads.

Please come out and be a part of our theatre family!! If you are interested, let us know or simply show up!!

We look forward to seeing you at auditions!!

If you have any questions, please reach out!!

Photos from Santa Rosa Community Theatre's post 06/19/2023

“The Mousetrap” has come to a close…

The actors took their final bows today in a most unusual situation!!!

The severe thunderstorms that swept through our small town earlier wiped out our power, but…

THE SHOW MUST GO ON, and it did!!

Everyone pulled together to put on our final show for a sold out audience today.

We had leaks in the ceiling over the tech booth, a generator humming outside, no lights anywhere else but on stage, and NO A/C, but our cast and crew persisted and put on an excellent performance to a completely engaged audience!!!

We want to thank everyone who so patiently waited for us to hook up the generator, dry the tech booth, and get ready in the dark… and then stayed for the full performance in the dark and heat!!! YOU ALL WERE THE REAL STARS TODAY!! 🙌🏻

But we also give kudos to the cast and crew!! Your dedication and heart was truly apparent throughout the entire run of the production but especially for this final performance!! YOU all are the heart and soul of Santa Rosa Community Theatre, and we cannot show enough gratitude for your perseverance - with no complaints!! 🫶

This was truly a performance and production to remember, and with saddened hearts we parted ways one last time to prepare for the next show!! 🎭

**With all that being said, if you purchased tickets for today’s performance (Sunday, June 18) but you were unable to make it out in the weather or you were unable to wait for us to begin or to bear the lack of A/C, we completely understand!! Please reach out to us here or call our box office at (850) 221-7599 and we will be happy to refund you the full price of your tickets!!

We hope to see you all again at Cliffhanger!! Tickets are on sale now:




We still have one more weekend of “The Mousetrap” performances!! All nights are sold out except Saturday, June 17!! WE HAVE JUST 10 TICKETS LEFT!! Follow this link to get in on the Agatha Christie, murder mystery, whodunnit fun:

Speaking of fun, we have another thriller coming up and WE NEED YOU to come be a part of it!!

If you are a seasoned actor or you’ve got the acting bug, we want to see you at auditions, taking place at 6:30 p.m., Monday and Tuesday, June 19 and 20 at Santa Rosa Community Theatre!!

We are looking to fill the following roles:

HENRY LOWENTHAL (Age 60s) a philosophy professor

POLLY LOWENTHAL (Age 60s) his wife

EDITH WILSHIRE (Age early 40s) a philosophy professor

MELVING McMULLEN (Age 19, or very close to that age to make it believable) a student

DAVE De VITO (Age 30s) a police lieutenant

**You don’t have to prepare anything ahead of time. Auditions will consist of cold reads. Perusal scripts will be available 30 minutes prior.

We are also in need of stage builders, set designers, and techies!! Some experience is helpful!! It doesn’t have to be theatre-specific experience.

Finally, the director will need a stage manager and backstage help for this show. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. This is an ideal way to get your foot in the door and learn how theatre works.


Please reach out if you have any questions!!

5410 Dogwood Dr. | Milton, FL 32570
Box office: (850) 221-7599

Or, you can message us here on Facebook!!

Photos from Santa Rosa Community Theatre's post 06/13/2023

Got summer plans for the kids??

Join us at Santa Rosa Community Theatre!!

We have three different kids’ camps in the month of July. Follow the links to register:

July 10-14 | Ages 14-17 | Get Into Character:

July 17-21 | Ages 6-9 | Bring On the Drama:

July 24-28 | Ages 10-13 | Break a Leg:


Meet the final two members of our cast!!

Philip Posey takes the stage for the first time in SRCT’s production of “The Mousetrap” as “Giles Ralston”

Philip is a self-proclaimed "nerd" and is a fan of all things geek. In his spare time he does voice acting as well as run his own podcast. He also tends to spend some of his free time building computers and engrossing himself in all things tech. This will be his first theater experience, but he does have previous short film and theatrical film experience.

Kristin Compton returns to SRCT’s stage as “Mollie Ralston”

Kristin has theatre and film experience dating back to middle school in Central Florida, where she grew up. She began volunteering at SRCT in 2018, taking on the role of Sally Applewhite/Mary Hatch-Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life: A Radio Play.” She’s accepted several roles since then, including Bobbi in “Last of the Red Hot Lovers,” Sarah in “A Candle in the Window,” Agnes in “Agnes of God” and Izzy in “The Rabbit Hole,” and helped with special effects makeup and marketing. In daily life, Kristin is a Research Content Specialist for a global consulting company. But, first and foremost, she’s a devoted mom to both human and dog children. Other than theatre, Kristin enjoys the beach, shopping, visiting Orlando, binge-watching Netflix, collecting Grogus, baking, decorating, taking her canine BFF (Aries) for walks, hanging out and doing most anything with her friends, her kids, and her forever beau and spending time with family. She’s thrilled to play the part of Mollie in “The Mousetrap,” and she’s thoroughly enjoyed working with her brilliant cast mates!!

If you haven’t yet, there’s still time to purchase tickets, but they’re quickly selling out!!

Follow the link:

**fees do apply**

OR call our box office at (850) 221-7599 to reserve your seats now!!

We want to thank our audiences for your support!! We couldn’t do what we do without you!! Whether you’re attending for the first time or visiting us for the 2nd, 3rd, or 20th time, we appreciate your continued patronage, generosity, and enjoyment of the arts!!

As always, we hope to see you at the theatre!! 🎭 We look forward to entertaining our opening night crowd TONIGHT!!


Opening night is finally here!! 🙌🏻

We are so excited to begin performing “The Mousetrap” for live audiences starting TONIGHT!!

There are only a handful of tickets left for tonight. Our Saturday and Sunday performances this weekend are SOLD OUT!!

There are still seats available for next weekend, Thursday-Sunday!! WE ARE SELLING OUT FAST!!

Follow this link to purchase your tickets online:

**fees do apply**

OR call our box office at: (850) 221-7599 to reserve your spot!!

You don’t want to miss this one ☝🏻🤩🎭


It’s time to meet two more talented members of our cast!!!

Dianna Hendrick plays the role of “Mrs. Boyle”

Dianna is very happy to be back on stage for the first time in many years. She has enjoyed working behind-the-scenes as a stage manager, production coordinator, and set decorator. She is so grateful for the support of her husband, amazing daughters, family, and friends as she pursues her love of all things theatre. Dianna is a proud Air Force Veteran and spent many years as a military spouse. When she’s not volunteering, she enjoys snuggling with her cats, doing puzzles, and making anything crafty.

Alex Tyltin joins us at SRCT for the first time as “Christopher Wren”

Alex is so excited to be performing in SRCT's production of “The Mousetrap.” He's had a passion for theatre since elementary school when he worked backstage for productions. He performed in his latest shows “Grease” as Kenickie and “Newsies” as Albert at Navarre High School. Off stage, Alex loves to spend time with friends, do improv, and draw.

Our actors are getting excited to perform for audiences starting tomorrow night!! Tonight will be their final dress rehearsal before we fill seats and engage members of the community in this thrilling Agatha Christie whodunnit murder mystery!!

Don’t forget to get your tickets now because seats are selling out fast!! Seating is limited and we’ve already sold out a couple of performances, so don’t wait!!

Follow this link to buy tickets today:

**fees do apply**

OR call our box office at (850) 221-7599 to reserve your spot!!

We hope to see you at the theatre!! 🎭


It’s time to introduce you to two more extraordinary cast members!!

Lauren Lewis is playing the role of “Miss Casewell.”

Lauren is thrilled to be a part of “The Mousetrap.” This will be her first production with SRCT. Lauren graduated from Navarre High School this spring. She’s always had a passion for theatre. Beginning when she was eight, she performed in a broadway showcase and had the lead role in “Annie” and played one of the Von Trapp children in “The Sound of Music.” Most recently, she starred as Sandy in Navarre High School’s production of “Grease.” Lauren plans to pursue her passion for theatre in college. When not performing, Lauren enjoys spending time with her friends, practicing musical theatre, and working with special needs students.

Jonathan McIntosh joins us as “Major Metcalf.”

Jonathan is thrilled to be a part of this talented cast. He was last on stage playing Marty in the retirement comedy “A Red Plaid Shirt,” and you can also catch him as Alan in the upcoming horror comedy “Zombeez.” Jonathan began his acting journey at the age of 12 and quickly found himself cast in the musicals “Grease,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” and “Li'l Abner.” From there, he dabbled in radio as an on-air personality and began working in films like “Runaway Jury,” “Ray,” and popular TV shows “NCIS: New Orleans” and “The Purge.” When he's not acting, Jonathan can usually be found dressed as Darth Vader at charity and pop culture events in the surrounding area as part of the 501 Legion.

Follow this link to purchase your tickets now for Santa Rosa Community Theatre’s production of “The Mousetrap”:

**fees do apply**

OR call our box office at: (850) 221-7599 to reserve your spot!!

Opening night is this Friday, June 9. There are still some seats available if you’d like to be a part of our first audience group!! This Sunday’s matinee is SOLD OUT.

Performances will continue Thursday-Sunday of next week, as well.

We hope to see you at the theatre to experience this thrilling Agatha Christie murder mystery!! 🎭


We are so excited to begin introducing the cast of “The Mousetrap”!!

Opening night is Friday night and tickets are selling fast!!

To reserve your seat now, follow this link:

**fees do apply**

OR call our box office at (850) 221-7599

First up, we have newcomer Thomas William Shaw playing the role of “Detective Sergeant Trotter.”

After a long hiatus, Thomas is thrilled to be returning to the stage as Sgt Trotter in SRCT’s production of “The Mousetrap!” Thomas arrived here from Birmingham, AL, where he was known for playing Brick in “A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” Bradley in “Mr. Marmalade,” and was last seen as David in “Design for Murder” at South City Theatre in 2016. He also competed and won awards for roles as Tom/Leslie in “Sylvia” at ACTFEST 2012 and as Person in “Echoes” in 2015, where he won Best Supporting Performance by an Actor at SETC. He volunteers at the Santa Rosa County Animal Shelter, loves hiking, and is currently working to complete his Bachelor’s in Information Systems at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Thomas wishes to thank his wife, Lauren, and children, Olivia and Elijah, for supporting him as he revives his passion for being on the stage! He hopes you will enjoy the show!

Next, we have returning actor Clint Morrow as “Mr. Paravicini.”

Clint is a life-long resident of Santa Rosa County. “The Mousetrap” is his third time on stage, all done at SRCT. Previously, Clint was cast as Alexander Moreau in “It’s a Scream” and George in “A Candle in the Window.” He is looking forward to playing the role of Mr. Paravincini. Away from the stage, Clint is a criminal defense attorney, but his favorite role is that of dad to his wonderful children.

Meet our actors in person when you attend Santa Rosa Community Theatre’s production of “The Mousetrap,” opening this Friday, June 9 and continuing through Father’s Day, Sunday, June 18.

We hope to see you at the theatre 🎭

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6760 East Gate Road
Milton, 32570

An Independent Baptist Church in Milton, Florida. Pastor John D. Stead, Sr 6760 East Gate Road

New Directions in Christ Ministries, Inc. New Directions in Christ Ministries, Inc.
4400 Bell Lane
Milton, 32571

Following Gods call to save souls and spread the good news! fellowshipping together keeping one anot

Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc. Tiny Acres NWFL, Inc.
5662 Country Squire Drive
Milton, 32570

Tiny Acres NWFL is located in the heart of Santa Rosa County, Florida. We are a 501(c)3 organization

Friends of the Santa Rosa County Animal Shelter Friends of the Santa Rosa County Animal Shelter
4451 Pine Forest Road
Milton, 32583

Friends of SRCAS benefits the SRC Animal Shelter with education, volunteer, and financial support.

Breaking Bread Outreach, Inc. Breaking Bread Outreach, Inc.
Milton, 32571

a 501(c)3 Christian outreach ministry dedicated to serving the Pace/Milton community.

Cat Trapped Community Project Cat Trapped Community Project

We are a small group of trappers who are passionate about the welfare of community cats through TNR.