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I see political ads but where are you on sending your members back to work? Who is talking to supt and school board? Have you asked our opinions on returning or ideas to stay safe??
Does anyone know why out of 17 breakfast/lunch pick up locations listed, only 1 is in the south end of the county?

Breakfast/Lunch Feeding Program School Sites Drive Thru Service:
• Milton High
• East Milton Elementary
• Bagdad Elementary
• TR Jackson
• Russell Elementary
• Berryhill Elementary
• Jay Elementary
• Central School
• Pea Ridge Elementary
• Holly Navarre Primary
Breakfast/Lunch Feeding Program Off-Site Locations:
• Blackwater Baptist (Munson)
• Santa Gurtrudas Drive (East Milton)
• Permenter Road (East Milton)
• Skyline (Milton)
• Bell Ridge Apartments (Pea Ridge)
• Santa Villa (Pea Ridge)
• Florida Town Park (Pace)
Can you imagine if SRC turned the surplus into teacher pay?!
Hello All
I am an Air Force Vet receiving my Masters in Elem Ed. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to mentor me. I currently live in Mew Jersey but once my husband retires from the AF next summer we will be moving to that area.
An excerpt from an email we received from Daniel Hahn today:

“Thank you for all your enthusiastic support for this training. It is a brand new Department of Homeland Security class which has never been taught before. We are the first applicants. Part of the class will take place in a school (Dillon Center participants will move to Bennett Russell or another school after lunch). There will be drills that involve the firing of blanks so you will hear what gun fire sounds like in the confines of a school. This will be fun.”

I understand that this is not(so far) a mandatory training. But blanks to simulate real gunfire and “this will be fun?!?!?”

Last night, I had the privilege to present the Everyday Hero Award on behalf of SRPE. Oh how I miss the educators in this wonderful union! I loved seeing everyone, and I miss being a part of your organization.
Naitaji nifike mbali katika kazi yangu,
I am so tired of the hateful, negative, bullying rhetoric of the SRPE! The very union teachers belong to, who are suppose to frown upon bullying, are allowing this to occur. This divide and conquer attitude, the personal attacks on a ones character, just so the candidates you support appear to be the better choice, is infuriating.
The news coverage I have read over the years of the union leadership vying against the school superintendent/board is always filled with such negativity. I never get the feeling the union wants to work together or try to compromise with the superintendent/board; the union constantly spews “it’s our way or no way.” Yes teachers deserve more pay, but most of them will tell you they didn’t go into the profession for the money. Yes, those of us who work, in any profession, most certainly want to earn a decent wage, but it is also our responsibility to budget and spend within our means. How much we spend, or what we choose to spend it on is not the responsibility of the school board. As a parent I bought the necessary school supplies, from the list, for my children. The extra I bought to donate to the classroom was MY choice. Anyone who has relocated to this area from other parts knows wages tend to be lower. One adjusts their budgets accordingly. Neighboring school districts might offer higher wages, but the grass is not always greener. Some of those teachers who have jumped over will tell you they don’t get certain benefits/perk they received in Santa Rosa County schools, and the extra money spent commuting diminishes their wallet.
As we enter into the final weeks of this campaign, let’s remember the kids are watching and hearing all this demeaning behavior.
While one candidate is "poo-poo-ing" the idea that SRC teachers are defecting to neighboring counties, and other professions, "in droves" BEWARE the spin they will put on the fact that it IS happening. Soon you will see reports of "record numbers of applicants and new hires!" Why? BECAUSE EVERYONE IS LEAVING! Why? Poor leadership and fiscal decisions from the top down. Teachers doing more with less and a pervasive anti-teacher ("they are greedy", "like a teen wanting a new car", "short-sighted", etc) rhetoric being published in local papers and reported on local news. Escambia, Okaloosa, and Baldwin counties are delighted with their new hires from SRC. New hires are delighted to be appreciated.
Are you NEA affiliates?

SRPE is your professional organization - an organization committed to serving you, our members. Your union speaks with one voice on behalf of all employees in what is called a bargaining unit.

With your union representation in place, the employer deals with all of us, united in one voice as the collective voice of all the workers.

Operating as usual 02/02/2021

Governor's Office outlines 'rosy' budget outlook, federal aid to senators

DeSantis presented budget recommendations on Thursday worth $96.6 billion, $4.3 billion larger than the budget lawmakers approved last year, after the Governor struck an additional $1 billion from their budget. Florida received $78.8 billion in coronavirus relief. 02/02/2021

Manny Diaz school voucher reform bill teed up for first Senate test

SB 48, sponsored by Sen. Manny Diaz Jr., would make school-voucher programs more accessible, streamline current choice programs, and would allow parents and guardians to use education savings accounts to pay for education outside traditional public schools. Voucher reform proposal up for first vote. 02/01/2021

Legislators begin to grapple with Ron DeSantis' third budget

Both the House and the Senate will ultimately pass their own budgets, leading to a protracted period of negotiation that, usually some days after the previously scheduled Sine Die of the Session, results in a final state budget agreed on by the House and the Senate. Gov. Ron DeSantis rolled out his third budget last week, and legislative panels will begin a preliminary review this week.

02/01/2021 01/30/2021

Santa Rosa County Commissioner wants teachers to be armed inside classrooms Renewed discussions are happening in Santa Rosa County over whether to allow teachers to be armed inside classrooms. County Commissioner James Calkins is pushing for the Guardian Program to be implemented in Santa Rosa County schools. Caption: WEAR. The program was established in 2018 after the shoo...


This...... 01/30/2021

South Carolina Principal Takes Night Job at Walmart to Support Struggling Students

Wow! This is an awesome principal!

Not to minimize his generousness, BUT many school employees MUST take a 2nd job to meet their own struggling needs. “I know that my students will not always be in poverty. I know that because that’s what we are,” Henry Darby tells TODAY. 01/30/2021

Parents, Teachers Call for FSA to be Postponed This School Year

“Catch our kids up to where they need to be for this year, give them a pass, and then start it up again once the pandemic is over,” Timothy Baker said.

But when we asked the state about this, they doubled down on the importance of testing.

Officials told released a statement that said in part:

"Testing that is required by state and federal law is now more critical than ever so that educators and parents can measure students’ growth and determine what additional services and supports are needed to ensure equity in opportunity for each student to succeed." The FSA was postponed last year because of the pandemic.


With all the extra data collection efforts being passed onto to classroom teachers, its nice to have a break! Come on Saturday!!!!


Gov. DeSantis's lays out state budget recommendations -

Here is a first round of highlights of Gov. DeSantis's budget recommendations:

-A reduction of over $1 billion over the current fiscal year;
-An overall increase to the Medicaid budget of $3 billion. (The Medicaid system faces an estimated 19% increase in # of Floridians who qualify for the program.);
-Overall education budget = $22.8B overall, including a $123 increase in base student allocation; $550M to continue increasing teacher pay;
-No increase in tuition at Florida universities and colleges.

$110M for mental health service in the schools, as well as $43.5M for Title I school recognition; 01/28/2021

Union deductions bill sparks fight

Here we go again......“This bill is just another attempt at union-busting, and it’s a solution in search of a problem, when there is no problem,” said Sen. Victor Torres, an Orlando Democrat who serves on the committee. 'It’s a solution in search of a problem, when there is no problem,' said Victor Torres.


Governor to unveil budget recommendations.

Gov. Ron DeSantis will outline his budget proposals at 9 a.m. Thursday.


Love this! Keeping herself grounded with the students she is charged with educating and loving! This is OUR superintendent, Dr. Barber!

Supt. Dr. Barber reading to Kindergarteners at Central School.🙂📖 01/26/2021

Florida schools fill up as they combat coronavirus, teacher concerns

The ‘year of the teacher’.... A roundup of Florida education news from around the state. 01/26/2021

Broxson: Look For 'Difficult Days' in 2021 Session

“Florida is so far ahead of many of these other states that are completely broke,” said Broxson. “We’ve continued to send students to class; we have a vibrant distance-learning program [for] both higher ed and K-12. We feel good about where we are from an educational standpoint, but there are going to be some difficult cuts.” Florida lawmakers are gearing up for the 2021 regular session, with a full plate awaiting them in Tallahassee. WUWF’s Dave Dunwoody spoke with two members 01/24/2021

Surge of Student Suicides Pushes Las Vegas Schools to Reopen

Since schools shut their doors in March, an early-warning system that monitors students’ mental health episodes has sent more than 3,100 alerts to district officials, raising alarms about suicidal thoughts, possible self-harm or cries for care. By December, 18 students had taken their own lives. Firmly linking teen suicides to school closings is difficult, but rising mental health emergencies and suicide rates point to the toll the pandemic lockdown is taking. 01/22/2021

Manny Diaz bill would expand eligibility, maximize parental choice in K-12 scholarship programs

A bill that would simplify Florida’s education choice programs by merging five scholarship programs into two, while adding flexible spending options, has been filed in the Florida Senate. Donors would be allowed to contribute through a newly created state trust fund.


Major school choice bill filed -

Sen. Many Diaz has filed legislation (SB 46) to strengthen student eligibility and parental choice for K-12 scholarship programs.

The bill would merge the McKay Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities and the Gardiner Scholarship Program, creating the McKay-Gardiner Scholar Program.

The bill also expands the Family Empowerment Scholarship to incorporate the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program and the Hope Scholarship Program. 01/21/2021

Escambia County teachers plead case for higher pay; union, board returning to negotiations

The school board and Escambia Education Association teachers' union are at an impasse when it comes to veteran teachers' pay. But the two sides decided to go back to the negotiation table Wednesday evening before the parties must move their fight to be heard by a magistrate. The school district and teachers union will go back to negotiations Wednesday evening with the hopes of avoiding a magistrate. 01/20/2021

Tampa Bay school districts to get coronavirus vaccines for older staff

Efforts to get the coronavirus vaccine to Florida school employees have begun to pay off. Pinellas is starting its effort this week. Hillsborough and Pasco schools are working on similar arrangements. 01/18/2021

Proposal to compress veteran teacher salaries into same bracket as new teachers puts union, school board at impasse

HB 641 meant to be helpful is a double edged sword being both divisive and demoralizing.

The Escambia Education Association teachers' union and school district are officially at an impasse when it comes to their 2020-2021 salary negotiations. Veteran teachers are hoping to get community members to speak on their behalf at the school board meeting next week.

The school board meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 19, at the J.E. Hall Educational Services Center at 30 E. Texar Drive. "I want to be clear. I love my school. I love this school district and I think everybody is working really hard but we would like to feel a little more supported." 01/18/2021

Pensacola MLK Day parade canceled, virtual MLK Day event will assist food pantries

MLK Day is not just a day “off”, it’s a day “on”! 🤗🥳
Friends- please gather your family, and join Jack and Jill of America, Inc- Pensacola Chapter on Monday at 10am from the comfort of your home as we honor and celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It is an honor to Chair this event for the 4th year, but 1st year virtual. 🙏🏾👊🏾🙌🏾
Event Page:
In honor of MLK Day of Service, we are hosting an online Souper Bowl of Caring Food Drive to benefit two local food pantries:
FoodRaising Friends, Inc.:
Pensacola State College Food Pantry:
How to watch LIVE:
LIVE on Facebook:
LIVE on Youtube:
#MLK #TheDream #MLKDay Jack & Jill of America, Inc.'s Pensacola chapter is hosting an MLK Day program that will feature videos, educational activities and an award presentation. 01/17/2021

Hillsborough schools confront the budget gap | Editorial

This is true for any institution....Hillsborough’s school system cannot be strong unless its finances are stable. The district needs to fuse its mission with its means, and think strategically about every dollar.

Our district, under new leadership will become more effective in decision making than in our past while finding the means to show its employees their challenges and efforts are acknowledged and valued. Time to right-size schools and staff and better target student spending. 01/14/2021

Pensacola MLK Day parade canceled, virtual MLK Day event will assist food pantries

MLK Day is not just a day “off”, it’s a day “on”! 🤗🥳
Friends- please gather your family, and join Jack and Jill of America, Inc- Pensacola Chapter on Monday at 10am from the comfort of your home as we honor and celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It is an honor to Chair this event for the 4th year, but 1st year virtual. 🙏🏾👊🏾🙌🏾

Event Page:
In honor of MLK Day of Service, we are hosting an online Souper Bowl of Caring Food Drive to benefit two local food pantries:
FoodRaising Friends, Inc.:
Pensacola State College Food Pantry:
How to watch LIVE:
LIVE on Facebook:
LIVE on Youtube:
#MLK #TheDream #MLKDay Jack & Jill of America, Inc.'s Pensacola chapter is hosting an MLK Day program that will feature videos, educational activities and an award presentation. 01/14/2021

Some teachers still waiting for raises

The state has approved salary-distribution plans for 44 districts, clearing the way for teachers to get pay increases. But that leaves about a third of the state’s 67 districts unable to distribute their shares of the money. 23 Florida school districts have not yet implemented the pay increases. 01/13/2021

Santa Rosa County takes up $8,000 impact fees again in 2021, could slash them in half

Collaboration is the key!
Cole said Tuesday that in discussions with the school district, he understood they might be able to negotiate with the Home Builders Association of West Florida instead of having the matter settled by a judge. Cole suggested doing something similar with the road, parks and law enforcement fees. The ultimate goal of the impact fees is to help bring the county's infrastructure up to par with the ongoing pace-setting homebuilding.


And its a wrap! Negotiations for 20-21 is complete.


Contract negotiations begin this morning at 8:00. See your school email from SRPE for the streaming link.

After months of erroneous information and delays, we consider this to be our first true negotiation session. We are hopeful that the give and take relationship between the District and House of Labor is mutually acknowledged. Now that the foundation has been laid, we can begin to build. 01/07/2021

Pinellas teachers want social distancing rules as virus conditions worsen

Coronavirus cases have steadily increased, with a more contagious strain emerging. Meanwhile, hundreds if not thousands more students are expected to fill classrooms as the state pushes schools to bring back children who have struggled with online lessons. With coronavirus cases rising and more students returning, the issue takes on greater importance, they say 01/04/2021

'Not at this time': Gov. Ron DeSantis suggests teachers will remain off the vaccine priority list The Governor is betting big on Johnson and Johnson.


Enough said! 12/31/2020

Bill would let Florida parents decide if children should repeat a grade

Right now, state law leaves that decision up to school officials.

“We talk all the time in Tallahassee about how parents should have choices,” Berman said. “This is just following through on that.” Current law leaves the decision up to school officials.


Give yourself your needed break. You've earned it.


So, so lonely.

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