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Since 1985, Ocean Computer Group has grown and transitioned right along with the IT industry.

We started off selling refurbished IBM midrange systems, and moved on to the early days of ethernet networks and PCs. Today we're offering the newest virtualization, backup and recovery, and cloud computing solutions available on the market. But while times and technology have changed, our core values and objectives have not!


Cyberattacks are inevitable. Is your business prepared? Now is the time to look at your operational efficiency, business continuity, and disaster recovery plans and ensure your organization is prepared for what may come.

Discover how OceanWATCH managed services are eliminating the break-fix maintenance model. For a complementary Technology Assessment and to discuss your security strategy, contact Ocean Computer Group today. 1.800-722.7032 | https://oceancomputer.com/managed-services


As the world gears up for whatever 2023 may hold, statistics from 2022 give significant context to the current state of cybersecurity around the world.

As many as 236.1 million ransomware attacks were reported worldwide in just the first six months of 2022. And more than 75 percent of responders to a 2022 case study of the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand say their organization has suffered at least one cyberattack in 2022.

Large or small, no organization is exempt from the threat of cyberattack. Protect data wherever it lives and moves across your network and the networks of service providers and business partners with the help of Ocean Computer Group.

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Partnering with an Managed Service Provider (MSP) can offer considerable cost savings from the standpoint of controlling IT spend while increasing ROI.

The typical IT budget consists of:
• IT Staff
• Hardware and Software costs (note: having outdated software incurs a negative ROI due to security risks)
• Network Infrastructure
• Storage
• Maintenance costs

With an IT MSP, you can conveniently predict your monthly IT costs, which helps when planning for larger initiatives.

Other benefits include:
• Free up the IT department
• Improve security and compliance
• Ensure reliable IT operations
• Access a wide variety of solutions including advance technologies
• Take the proactive approach to maintenance
• Cost of qualified personnel

Make this important investment for your business today.

Contact Ocean Computer Group today to discuss how we can help.

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MSP MYTH: I’ll Have to Fire My Team

An MSP can make your IT support simple and effective, but your concerned that it is an automatic death sentence for your in-house IT team. Ocean Computer Group’s main concern is meeting the specific needs of your business, which means working alongside existing staff, augmenting their skills and expertise and allowing your team to focus on higher priorities.

According to Cisco, MSPs increase client efficiency by 60%. Outsourcing some IT needs means you will be extending the capabilities of your team without sacrificing quality or money. And you’ll be bringing on a unique set of focused skills that can help keep up with new technology trends.

As your MSP, Ocean Computer Group can serve as your expert in everything from network infrastructure, cloud services, cyber security breach prevention and more. We will be there around the clock, taking the pressure off your team to work extra hours at night or on the weekends just to cover the business needs.

To learn more about our IT Managed Service offerings, and for a Complementary Technology Assessment, contact Ocean Computer Group today. 1.800-722.7032 | www.oceancomputer.com


MSP MYTH: I’ll Be Putting Security at Risk

Security is at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now, so it makes sense that you’re worried that outsourcing your IT support could potentially open your business up to serious risks. Ocean Computer Group is focused on making sure your business is protected, and through our dedicated IT Engineers and resources, we stay ahead of evolving threats.

Our business is to understand and proactively address security issues, even before you know something has been compromised. As new attacks develop, Ocean Computer Group is focused on keeping your data safe and systems clean. With more and more businesses moving the majority of their data to the cloud, we are your go-to source for handling all of the security and privacy issues that come along with cloud migration.

What does this mean for your business? It means less risk, minimal downtime and more advanced security protection. Ocean Computer Group sees and understands what’s happening in security, therefore we are prepared to seriously reduce the risk of failures and outages.

With so much at stake, it’s in your best interests to protect your systems and data by relying on Ocean Computer Group to help. For a complementary Security Assessment and to discuss your security strategy, contact Ocean Computer Group today. 1.800-722.7032 | www.oceancomputer.com


MSP MYTH: MSPs Are Too Expensive

The up-front costs of signing on with an MSP are always a concern but the benefits of offloading some or all of your IT support services to Ocean Computer Group means saying goodbye to longer-term costs. With Ocean Computer Group as your trusted technology advisor, you’ll have the added benefit of:

A predictable cost thanks to a fixed monthly fee for service and support

OCG IT Staff proactively addressing IT issues without the expense of salary and benefits

A single point of contact for all IT needs, simplifying billing and vendor management

A 24/7 support system that minimizes revenue loss from downtime or costly errors

How are your IT needs currently being addressed? Are you managing it all in-house? Relying on an outside service that addresses some but not all of your issues? Believe it or not, you might be paying a lot more to get the job done: Paying in time, hassle, more money, and receiving lower quality service in return. Stop missing out on the benefits of proactive support that Ocean Computer Group can provide.

For a complementary IT Assessment and to discuss your strategy, contact Ocean Computer Group today. 1.800-722.7032 | www.oceancomputer.com


How many advanced threats are hiding in your inbox? Find out by clicking on this link: https://oceancomputer.com/whats-hiding-in-your-inbox/

Counted as one of the most widely used attack vectors amongst cybercriminals, phishing emails have become the most common way of gaining sensitive information and distributing malicious programs like ransomware.

85% of all organizations have been hit by phishing attacks. Further, it was discovered that 22 percent of individuals clicked on a phishing email in the past year and that 4 percent of individuals in any given phishing campaign will click. Usually, phishing attacks attempt to trick employees into giving up their corporate credentials, which can be used to hack the entire organization’s database and gain access to sensitive data.

Contact Ocean Computer to discuss how we can help you increase your security measures and better protect your business. 1.800.722.7023 | www.oceancomputer.com


MSP MYTH: I Won’t Have Support When I Need it!

Ocean Computer Group will become your partner in effectively, efficiently managing your IT support needs. That means working from a service-level agreement (SLA) that defines service expectations. It also means covering every minute of your support needs without overworking your team. When disaster strikes, we’ll be there so they don’t have to scramble to cover the bases. Instead, you can rest easy knowing Ocean Computer Group has you covered.

Plus, Ocean Computer Group is dedicated in keeping our IT staff updated on current technological skills, and industry changes so you will always be able to count on proactive, highly skilled service. Instead of bogging down your internal team as requests come in, we will deliver customer support around the clock—both remote and on-site— allowing proactive issue management with well-defined SLAs that keep everyone on the same page.

To learn more about our IT Managed Service offerings, and for a Complementary Technology Assessment, contact Ocean Computer Group today. 1.800-722.7032


MSP MYTH: My Business is Too Unique

Every business is unique, with specific requirements and concerns. And that is why Ocean Computer Group and our customer centric approach is the right choice for your business. You can rest easy knowing that you can pass off your IT support needs to a valued long-term business partner that is 100% focused on keeping you on track while you focus on strategic priorities and growing your business.

When you say that your business or your needs are unique, are you worried about something more specific, like regulatory compliance? No matter how unique your business model is, Ocean Computer Group can support your IT needs and help you meet your requirements. With our full suite of services ranging from patching and backup to data recovery, network management, security and storage, we can also help you stay compliant. Even highly regulated industries, like government and healthcare benefit from the broad spectrum of IT support from Ocean Computer Group.

To learn more or for a complementary Technical Assessment, contact Ocean Computer Group today. 1.800.722.7032 | www.oceancomputer.com


#14 in the Security series: SIEM/Log Management: (Security Incident & Event Management)

GOAL: Use big data engines to review all event and security logs from all devices to protect against advanced threats and meet compliance requirements.

Utilize threat intelligence to enhance landscape visibility.
Security Monitoring to see, and take the right action.
Security Event Monitoring to provide real-time monitoring, correlation and expert analysis of activity in your environment.
Log Retention & Compliance Reporting to collect and indexes logs, and satisfy compliance requirements.

Contact Ocean Computer Group for more information. 1.800-722.7032 | www.oceancomputer.com


#13 in the Security series: Mobile Device Security:

GOAL: Prevent cyber criminals from stealing data or accessing your network by way of employee phones and tablets.

- Quickly and easily deploy consistent, predefined security policies to all mobile devices.
- Rapidly onboard users and all their mobile devices.
- Maximize IT efficiency with easy and fast administration from a single dashboard.

Contact Ocean Computer Group for more information. 1.800-722.7032 | www.oceancomputer.com


#12 in the Security series: Web Gateway Security

GOAL: Use Cloud-based security to detect web and email threats as they emerge on the internet, blocking them on your network within seconds before they reach the user.

- Comprehensive Web Site Protection
- Application Access Control
- Application Delivery and Acceleration
- Logging, Monitoring and Reporting

Contact Ocean Computer for more information on about Web Application Firewall, a long-standing cloud enabled security solution for application security needs. 1.800-722.7032 | www.oceancomputer.com


If you’re looking to deploy new machines or devices in a complex IT environment or have a priority to refresh your assets over a scheduled time frame, Ocean Computer’s Managed Deployment Services can deliver the integration and hands-on experience you need.

We not only offer a full-featured portfolio of deployment services but also have years of experience working in the K-12 and state agency space, enabling us to develop strong processes and proven methodologies.

Our Deployment Services offer an easy implementation in your environment and peace-of-mind as the single point-of-contact for your project. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 1.800-722.7032 | www.oceancomputer.com


We have compiled a list of 5 UPS benefits to highlight the importance of protection that investing in an appropriate UPS ensures. Much like other forms of insurance, a UPS is a form of protection if an unforeseen event were to arise having the potential to cause a negative impact on your business.

1. Break free power: UPS provides instantaneous, break-free supply of power in the event that your mains power supply fails. It also maintains power between mains failure and generator start up. So as the battery kicks in, all your business devices that are attached will remain up and running. You will avoid any kind of data loss while working midway.

2. Power shifts: Protects from power shifts that can cause damage to electronic devices. The UPS controls voltage instability through a stable power output.

3. Surge protection: UPS continently monitors the incoming voltage and identifies spikes and surges with outages. If harmful conditions arise, the UPS will switch to AC power, stopping the spike from reaching the devices connected to it. When the spike is gone, the UPS reconnects its output to the power coming from the mains.

4. Cost: What is the cost of losing productivity? What is the cost of recreating or recovering lost data? Installation of a UPS keeps your workstations up and running. This is especially important if you are working to a deadline if you’re working on sensitive data/information, and many more scenarios.

5. Opportunity to backup essential data: A UPS solution can allow employees a window to backup essential data and power down their workstations and servers, avoiding data loss.

Reach out to Ocean Computer Group today to discuss your specific requirements and the UPS solutions available to you. 1.800.722.7032 | www.oceancomputer.com


Take the mystery out of your data center security. Our Managed Security Services give your IT staff the helping hand they need to monitor, manage, and maintain your data center's security 24/7/365 allowing you to focus on your business goals.

1.800-722.7032 | www.oceancomputer.com


Built for education with world-class durability & empowering connectivity

The Chromebook 3110 is an 11-inch 2-in-1 with best-in-class durability and up to 12 hours of battery life empowers students to learn and collaborate.

Contact the team at Ocean Computer Group for guidance on best-in-class education devices that are built to last and perform. 1.800-722.7032 | www.oceancomputer.com


#11 in the Security series: Encryption:

GOAL: Encrypt files at rest, in motion (email) and on mobile devices.

- Data at Rest
- Data in Flight
- Self Encrypting Drives (SED)
- OS / Hypervisor Encryption
- Compliance & Regulations

The software-defined data center has created new opportunities for IT departments to increase application efficiency and performance, but the fundamental changes required for digital transformation create new challenges to protect sensitive data. To address these challenges, Ocean Computer recommends unique software only encryption solutions. Contact our team for more information. 1.800-722.7032 | www.oceancomputer.com


While it’s clear what the potentials of cloud computing are for your organization, it may be unclear the adjustments your IT organization will need to make in transitioning to the cloud.

Need help with or new to Microsoft Azure?

Contact the team at Ocean Computer and gain insights into recommended general architecture to take advantage of cloud design principles, the evolution possible in application development to DevOps, approaches to service management, and overall governance.

This is an exciting and challenging journey, but together we'll speed you along your way! 1.800-722.7032 | www.oceancomputer.com



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