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Happy Friday 💗✨


Just a good before and after 🤷🏼‍♀️💗

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Will You Be Our Valentine? 💌💘

From now until Feb. 21st during your appointment you will receive a gift voucher for the opposite service provider! Be sure to follow both accounts and bring your certificate to your appointment. Both certificates expire Feb. 28th. 💗

After all, what a good lash set without a good wax? 🤭🫦




Oh.. I know you know exactly who to send this to. 🤭 Tell them SEND THE FUNDS, please. 🥹💖

Post wax, no sexy time for at least 24 hours. 🫣


Full Peach Wax!! Add it on to your next appointment 🍑💗

Valentines Day Deal will be posted soon!! 🤭

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Hey Girl Hey!! Interested in a career in Esthetics but just not sure if it for you? Went to school but just need a refresher? Sign up for our Waxing Mentorship Course today so you too can help others find beauty within themselves with confidence! 💖

Any questions feel free to text us!

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Why Not? 😅 $47 Brazilians tomorrow (1/14) ONLY, please book through the booking site! 💗 See you tomorrow.


Just posting again to tell you to BOOK!! 🥰✨

Have a nice weekend! 💖


Don’t forget to make time to take care of YOU because YOU matter and YOU deserve it! 💖

You got this girl! 🫶🏼


20% Off the entire booking site?? 😅 Don’t miss it!! 💗💗

Use code: 1STYEAR for 20% OFF!

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You 💗

One year down and a bunch more to go!! Thank you to every client I have ever serviced. As well as anyone that has supported me in ANY way! There wouldn’t be no without any of you! 💗🥳

As a special thanks, use the Code: 1STYEAR for 20% OFF ANY service! The code expires 1/10. Happy Booking!! 💗




First time clients with receive $12 OFF their first Brazilian wax with us! ✨
Book under the “First Timers Brazilian Wax” 💖


Pre-Waxing Tips:
• Allow the hair to grow out at least the length of a grain of rice
• Try taking ibuprofen before your appointment
• Exfoliate before your appointment!!!

Thank you for booking 💖

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Better ✨SKIN✨

Let’s start the year off being consistent!! Book your appointment today! Also, check out our buy 3, get one free Brazilian Wax deal 💖


Rise & Shine ⛅️💗


Make sure the hair is the length of a grain of rice AT LEAST before booking for the ✨BEST✨ results 💖

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and would like to thank each and every person that donated to help us make this family’s Christmas special. We were beyond happy to give back in a special way. They were very happy and grateful for their gifts. Merry Christmas from The Waxx Brat and BBK Family 💗🎄!

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You really can’t beat either deal! These are featured on our site 24/7. ✨
Is your Moral support too afraid to wax?? The last slide is for you! 💖


A Few Ingrown Tips:
✨ Exfoliate 2-3x a week (It is possible to over exfoliate or under exfoliate)
✨ Let the area BREATHE
✨ The products you are using may also cause ingrown hairs. If you believe this is possible try using simple products. (Ex. Regular soap and a brush for a month so see if it improves.)
✨ Waxing and Vajacials will help improve the skin ONLY if done consistently
✨ Some people are just prone to ingrown hairs!! 🥹

Happy Sunday 💖


But have you booked your wax yet? 🤔 The link to book is in the bio 💖

No available appointments for tomorrow but there are openings before Christmas next week 🎄❄️

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Perfecting your skin ONLY starts with here, what your do after a wax matters MOST ✨

✨ NO sexy time or exercise
✨ EXFOLIATE 2-3 times a week (Remember💡, this can be done with a simple tooth brush and Dove soap)
✨ Book your next appointment!!


THAT CODE EXPIRES IN TWO (2) DAYS!! 😳 Don’t forget to invest in yourself girl, trust me, it’s beyond worth it.

I signed up for a waxing mentoring course through another GREAT Esthetician BEFORE attending Esthetician school. After the course not only did I realize becoming an Esthetician was the route for me, I knew Esthetician school wouldn’t be a waste of money. I was fully invested in myself. 🥹💗

Use code “WAXXBRAT” for $$ off your deposit!! Schedule the class for ANY date. ✨

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Hey girl, heyyy! I heard you’re going to be in town soon, (Winter Break ❄️) I hope you’ve scheduled your wax appointment with of course!! 😌💖

See you soon! 😎


Underarm wax anyone?? 💖

Book your appointment via the Book Now button ✨


Happy Thursday!! 💖

Don’t forget to book those appointments, especially if your hair is longer than a grain of rice. It’s time! 😎

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Santa’s Helpers need your help!! 💖

Your favorite two Esthetician’s have teamed up to help a very special family this holiday season. Swipe to meet the kiddos!

Anything donated is beyond appreciated. Last day for Donations are 12/19. For questions please contact either one of us! Happy Holidays 🎄💕


Happy Thanksgiving 🧡

We are beyond grateful for everyone that supports us no matter how big or little 🫶🏽


I loveee what I do and it really does make a difference! Be your own boss, make your own hours, put in the hard work and enjoy the fruits of your labor. I promise it’s worth it. If you’re thinking about a career in Esthetics, sign up for this course. 💖

Side Note: I took a waxing course BEFORE Esthetician school and that is how I fell in love. It’s more than just a career for me, it’s a passion! 🫶🏽🤭

Use Code: “WAXXBRAT” for 💲 off your course, code valid until Dec. 10.


Just do it! 💖


Do you see what I see??
HINT: Zoom in!! 🔎

Still don’t see?? 😌 Me either, not a hair in sight. 🤭


Yeah, I’d be tired of shaving my legs once a week too! 😵‍💫🤷🏽‍♀️

Click the “Book Now” button located near the bio to book your appointment! 💗



There’s a SALE on this class until Dec. 10th! Use code: WAXXBRAT to save 💲. You are able to book the class for any date, the code expires Dec. 10th. 💖

Invest in yourself sugar!! ✨


A good place to start!! If you’re scared to try a Brazilian, just start with an Underarm Wax! 💖

Click the book now button to book your appointment!


Don’t you want to at least give it a try?? 🥹😏 Click the “Book Now” button near the bio to book your appointment today! 💖

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Happy Tuesday!! Book those appointments and try to stay consistent with your routine, you won’t regret it!! 💖

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Why have hair when you can be bare?? 😵‍💫🤩

Book that appointment girl! 💗


It’s no shave November but you DEFINITELY need to still book your wax appointment! ✨
Book now🫶🏽


Invest in yourself or someone special!! 💖

Use code “Waxxbrat” for $$ OFF this course/ the deposit!! The code expires Dec. 10, so take advantage of it!! ✨

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Waxes aren’t just for hair removal, it’ll perfect your skin as well! BUT, Consistency is KEY 🔑💕#waxing #beauty #skincare...



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