nochtli is a liquid dietary supplement made with 99% nopal prickly pear cactus ingredients. It’s a high-antioxidant, gluten free and vegan supplement.

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Nochtli updated their business hours.

Nochtli updated their business hours.

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How to make a with nochtli Wellness prickly pear supplement!

1 oz nochti wellness
2 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz fresh orange juice
2 oz tequila

See full recipe:


Prickly pear fruit have a ton of antioxidants! Studies show that antioxidants improve immune support. Drink nochtli and stay healthy during


Stay healthy during with nochtli Wellness! nochtli Wellness contains antioxidants. Studies show antioxidants improve immune response. Enjoy nochtli discounts and FREE shipping through May. Order now ➡️


Our prickly pear fruit and nopal cactus pads are wild harvested for peak flavor and nutrition. Learn more about our sustainable harvesting practices at ➡️


How to make blackberry prickly pear smoothie bowl. Made with nochtli Recover to boost energy. View recipe ➡️


Stay healthy and prevent colds by drinking 2 oz. of nochtli Wellness prickly pear supplement every day. Buy at


How to make prickly pear avocado dressing 🥑. Made with nochtli Wellness to help support cardio health. 💪 see recipe at ➡️


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Our Wellness prickly pear supplement helps maintain wellbeing during the busy holiday season. Learn more about Wellness at


Did you know that prickly pear has more antioxidants than plums and blueberries? Prickly pear helps support cell health and helps your body detox.


nochtli prickly pear vinaigrette recipe. Put it on salad greens, fish or couscous. 😋


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A natural cleanse to start your day! nochtli Wellness is made with 99% cactus ingredients to support healthy blood sugar levels and cholesterol already in normal range.


Nochtli's cover photo


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Prickly Pear Cheesecake, anyone? 😋

This one is made with our Ruby Vitality Antioxidant!

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We hand harvest and inspect all of our ingredients to ensure they are picked at their peak nutrition and left unharmed and intact during harvest. Nochtli SuperiorFruit Concentrate is manufactured in an ultra-modern, high tech, U.S. facility specializing in nutritious consumer products (we ensure the best way to preserve the nutrition of prickly pears and nopal pads!).
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Nochtli™ SuperiorFruit™ Concentrate is a proprietary blend of prickly pear fruits and nopal pads designed to meld nutrition and good taste at the highest levels. We never add water, sugar, color, or artificial sweeteners. Nor do we dilute the value of prickly pear with other juices or syrups. It's over 99% Nopal Cactus Prickly Pears & Pads. Visit for more info! 😎


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History 101: The Aztec people and their discovery of prickly pears. Follow the link below to discover the link between the two! Discovery Nochtli SuperiorFruit made from Prickly Pear and Nopal with NO added Water, fillers, or powders.  Natural - as Mother Nature Intended


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What are these colorful fruits!? 😎

Our Story

99% prickly pear and nopal cactus liquid supplements. Natural anti-inflammatory and energy booster. Gluten free. Vegan. Non-GMO.

Superior in color and taste to competing products, Paragon Fruits, Inc., manufacturer of our nochtliTM (nōkt-lee) brand, sent scientists and engineers to scour the world for the best possible prickly pear ingredients. Wild-harvested, Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-Free, and non-GMO, Nochtli dietary supplements and cactus water drinks are made with more than 99% cactus ingredients from the nutritious cactus fruits and pads growing in the Sonoran Desert and beyond. Unlike competitor products, nochtli products have NO added juices, fillers, sugars or colors. A clean label is key to nochtli!

Our products are available through
our website @
Amazon @

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Our prickly pear fruit and nopal cactus pads are wild harvested for peak flavor and nutrition. Learn more about our sust...
Like if you agree! Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at nochtli! 🙏🏻


nochtli Recover
nochtli Wellness



Maple Grove, MN

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Monday 10am - 6pm
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