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I did this shoot to NOT only show you weight is just a number but when you have the right team to support your insecurities you can look and feel your BEST!
I always hear “I am not at a comfortable weight to do a shoot” , “I am camera shy” , “I am afraid people will judge me.”
For me personally, I am 4 months postpartum.
I am super insecure about my body and still working on loving this new version of me.
You know what I learned from this experience.. Who cares what everyone has to say, the RIGHT people will come into your life and LOVE and WORK with you no matter what your insecurities are.
By just booking your shoot alone, you are stepping into your NEXT level self . You are OPENING the door to NEW opportunities and you are really at the end of the day , doing it as a self-care day to show everyone HOW AWESOME YOU ARE.
When your ready , I am here to know you are NOT alone and I am ready to direct you to your next level🤩😎
NEXTonSCENE production
Photography: Modern Brand Photography
Makeup and Hair: Creative Contour by Carla
Styled : Total Image Consultants
Since my recent decluttering project was one of my most popular posts, I couldn't wait to share my latest project... my bathroom cabinet! (I got so excited I forgot to take a before photo, but trust me, this is a BIG improvement.)

Bathroom cabinets are often one of the MOST used areas in our homes and yet they are often unappreciated and neglected. Is this true for you, too?!

Check out my latest transformation! I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

These are also the four containers I used to organize it.

Quick, simple and oh, so satisfying!

For more organizing tips check out more in my blog post on Establishing Calm In Your Day When You Tend To Your Closet Here:
NEXT WEEK,. The lovely Ginger Burr, image consultant extraordinaire, from Total Image Consultants will show you how to use and to help you stand out and spread your message 👏

In this live webinar, you'll learn:

✅ The main reason dressing well makes a difference (hint: it’s not what you think)

✅ 3 beliefs about fashion that will keep you stuck forever

✅ impractical things women do that makes them unhappy with their clothes

✅ simple ways to change an outfit from ho-hum to wow!

✅ The #1 thing every woman needs to have a great wardrobe

✅ How to express your style and give vegan fashion a boost at the same time

🌟 These webinars are a benefit of the VIVAS premium membership.
A NEW EPISODE IS LIVE!!!! Hear Ginger Burr of Total Image Consultants! Head to The View Cast dot com!

I had a chance to talk with Ginger Burr of Total Image Consultants. Ginger hosts a weekly interview, Total Image Woman of the Week, talking to women business owners and entrepreneurs. As a fellow vegan, I was so excited for the opportunity to chat with Ginger and share how vegan interior design can impact your life. I love seeing how veganism spans different industries and creates a community that empowers other business owners.

From Ginger:
"Total Image Woman of the Week: Risha Walden, Lead Expert in Vegan Interior Design at Walden Interiors
Do you ever feel the energy of the room and how it impacts you? Never more than in the past year have we been so aware of the space in which we live – bottom line…it should delight you!

Sometimes we need help bringing our vision to life so we can enjoy our personal space. That’s exactly what my ‘Total Image Woman of the Week,’ Risha Walden, does. Risha is the Principal Creative and Owner of Walden Interiors and the leading expert in vegan interior design.

Huh? What is vegan interior design? Let’s find out!"
Thank you Ginger Burr of Total Image Consultants for including the interior design industry in your article on vegan leather for the and for quoting me and my book 🙂 While getting more and more popular in the fashion industry, ‘vegan upholstery leather’ still leaves a lot of room for improvement especially when it comes to bioderived materials rather than petroleum-based leather alternatives...but we are getting there!!!

❤️ ️Today is day 30 of our Women's History Month Tribute and I want to showcase our former podcast guest, Ginger Burr, President of Total Image Consultants.
🎙️ On the Fearless Freedom with Dr. G podcast, she shared with us her how she followed a dream that stemmed from a desire to remedy her own pain point while being in a recession. Then, when another recession came along, she had to pivot.
🔥 She believes getting dressed shouldn't stress you out... and I agree!
💥 If you are struggling with what to wear every time you open your closet this episode is for you!
🎧 Listen to Episode 72 on our Youtube channel (or use the link in the video description to download it to your favorite podcast platform) ⤵️⤵️⤵️
So excited to see you Ginger Burr with Kerry-Lou on her YouTube channel . I missed Kerry-Lou when she was "off the air" for a while and so happy to see her, and especially with you. So much great information.
My friend Ginger Burr, owner of Total Image Consultants is a magician when it comes to helping women organize their closets and craft a wardrobe that reflects the essence of who they truly are. Many of you have heard me talk about her over the years when it comes to fashion, but what you may not know is that she shares my passion for animals and cats, in particular. Ginger has been rescuing cats including those with special needs for decades.

Check out her latest video and watch for the cat that joins her. It's hysterical... and so sweet, and such an example of how she simply rolls with cats in her life :).

xo Cheryl

You can find it here when you scroll down a bit:
Need something fun to do tonight? Join me and Total Image Consultants (Ginger) for an Instagram live on The Midlife Fashionista! We will be talking about getting your closet in shape for spring.
7 pm ET - hope to see you there!
Our magazine feature is BACK this week featuring the fabulous Total Image Consultants Founder, Ginger Burr !!
Upon the pandemic we have really had to transform our wardrobe and Ginger has created amazing outlets for outfit inspiration and accountability!
If you don’t know Ginger .. she has been an Image Consultant for over 30 years !! She works with people from the states to Singapore !!
She inspires so many women to love their wardrobes and not feel stressed when getting dressed!!
Read now :

If you are struggling with what to wear every time you open your closet, check out my 'Create Your P

For more than 25 years Ginger has helped women (especially those over 40) in the Boston area and around the world who describe their wardrobes as “good enough” or “not horrible” move beyond those limitations into a personal style they love. With gentle guidance and support we look at who you are on the inside and show you how to reflect that on the outside to create your own personal style and wardrobe makeover. The results are transformative and something every woman deserves to experience.


I was so honored to be on Alyssa Dver's ‘Real Confidence’ Podcast!

Today we talked about how to stop letting your closet crush your confidence!

Highlights from our conversation include:

- Why having more options, isn’t necessarily better for your confidence.
- The reason your go-to, most-worn pieces could be the last things you choose to wear.
- How to empower yourself to decide whether to buy, return or donate something to someone else!
- My three-step process for identifying the pieces that can build or break your confidence!

Tune in to full episode here:


Today I am back at my friend Karen's gorgeous garden!

We’re having a lovely outdoor lunch and, of course, I'm here for a little jewelry inspiration to share with you all! How could I resist?!

Do you wear more gold or silver jewelry? Or, do you prefer color?

I can’t wait to hear your favorites! I’m keeping the gold necklace and the gold earrings, but she has more of both.

Today I am wearing:

Top: (or


You can get in touch with Karen about her jewelry here (she doesn’t have a website):


Special invitation: Are you tired of feeling frustrated every time you stand in front of your wardrobe, unsure of what to wear? Or maybe your body has gone through changes and you’re struggling to find the perfect style that suits you best?

Perhaps you have too many clothes and aren’t sure how to decide what stays and what goes?

Fall is approaching and is the perfect time to do something nice for yourself.

Now you can discover your fashion personality, flatter your body and shop smartly…all with my personalized support!


Join the waitlist for ‘Create Your Personal Style in 6 Weeks!’ Registration will open on August 28 FIRST to those on the waitlist and with the best price.

I’d love to help you rock your style with a smile:


Fun Fact: My amazing mom, Gladys, turns 90 today!!

In honor of her birthday, I had to share one of my favorite short interviews spotlighting her love of fashion and her dreams from when she was a child!

In the first picture in the video, my sister, brother and I are wearing Halloween costumes she made. Talk about talent!

Now we know where my fashion interests have come from (although, unlike Mom, sewing isn’t one of them ;)

Wishing you a Happy Birthday, dear Mom!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


Another way to add more sustainability to your wardrobe is to keep (and wear!) your clothes for a long time.

Check out today’s FPCW to see two of my items I have had for 20 years that still look current today!!!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Today I am wearing (all vegan-friendly)…

Top: Armani (from consignment)




If you liked my latest blog on Monday sharing one way to add more sustainability to your wardrobe, you will absolutely love my on-demand video class on ‘Tried and True Tips for Creating a Capsule Wardrobe!’

Capsule wardrobes are another way to get the most wear out of your clothing and another version of sustainability!

This class (with step-by-step guidance and lots of examples) is for you if:

· You dream of getting dressed with ease.

· You’ve heard of capsule wardrobes and love the idea.

· You don’t know where to start and need some guidance and inspiration.

· You have a lot of items in your closet that you don’t ever wear—this will give you information about whether they will fit in your capsule or aren’t a good match.

· When you try to put together outfits something always seems to be missing but you don’t know what!

· You want to streamline your wardrobe so you wear everything in there.

Do you have a capsule wardrobe (or two)? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts:


Looking to bring more sustainability to your closet when you shop for clothes?

I am so excited to share a favorite way to do this. Check out how successful (and fun) it can be as I unbox my latest ThredUP package!

Consignment shopping is a great way to find an amazing selection of pre-loved items (or even choose ‘with tags’ as a filter option (one of my items had tags!)) to give your wardrobe a fresh look!

My sweet Kodi-bear enjoyed unboxing as well (and confiscated the empty box for his mid-day bath!) 🐈‍⬛🐱

Check out these 14 fabulous pieces I got between $3-$40 here in my latest blog:


It’s amazing how you can boost your confidence by making simple tweaks in your outfit!

On today’s FPCW I’m going to share some tips that will help you evaluate and adjust an outfit when something feels off so you feel better and more confident in what you’re wearing.

Start with the 3 questions I show you and to help you identify what’s not working so you can build on what IS working!

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Today I am wearing (all vegan-friendly):





If you’ve ever put on an outfit thinking, “This should look good on me. It’s my size. I like the styling and design. It looked good on the model/mannequin” only to look in the mirror with dismay, feeling frumpy, dowdy or like something is off, then you know what I mean.

Of course, we immediately blame our bodies! Well, not any more thanks to the Fashion Fit Formula! When you know what lengths your garments should be to balance your body vertically, it’s so empowering and the results are immediate!

Are you ready to get insights on your body you NEVER had before…ones that last a LIFETIME?!

Learn more here:

Take advantage of this special offer in August because come September the price will increase!


Next Tuesday (August 1) a whole bunch of sparkly entrepreneurs are meeting Jennifer Zwiebel in Times Square to go see the Barbie movie!

But that’s not all!

Jen thoughtfully invited me to consult her on how to put together the perfect Entrepreneur Barbie outfit. (Who knew there was such a thing!)

This interview also includes some unexpected tips on scarves, leggings, and how to connect to your inner Barbie when you're (like me) not so much a Barbie-person!

Check out our action-packed, fun (Jen is always fun!) interview on how it came together here:


Today let’s talk about how even your sneakers are an important part of your outfit!

When it comes to finding items (yes, even sneakers!) that suit your lifestyle, it is so important to make choices that authentically reflect who YOU are.

Can it sometimes take time to find the perfect pair? Yes! Is it worth it? Yes!

I’m excited to share I finally found a pair that I love that also reflect my inner beauty words and make me smile every time I wear them!

That is the power of loving your personal style inside and out :)

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Today I am wearing (all vegan-friendly):

Top & Jeans: from a previous season (or

Sneakers: (Lady Couture Paris Sneaker)

Earrings: or


Going gray can absolutely change your wardrobe and colors that make you sparkle!

Check out Diane's amazing transformation here:


I am delighted to share the first in a series of impromptu interviews with my mom!

She definitely has the inside scoop so here is a fun fact you might not know about me (although some of you might have guessed ;)

As you can see, I wasn’t even a fan of tickly grass on my skin.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts!


If you are tired of wearing black and feel like it's not doing you any favors anymore…

You are not alone!

On today's FPCW I share my favorite alternative to black and why I never wear black on top!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Today I am wearing (all vegan-friendly):
Brown Top:


My latest contributing article to Peaceful Living Wellness Magazine is now live!

I share the ‘Simple Steps to Add Color to Your Wardrobe’:

(If you are looking for a more customized approach, check out my post from Monday where we could get a personalized color palette of your own!)


Have you ever received a custom color analysis?

As a personal color analysis consultant with over 30 years’ experience in the Boston area, I recognize that colors come in all varieties and understand how to unleash this power so you feel more confident when you select colors for your wardrobe.

Maybe you have a palette from years ago? That’s great unless you’ve changed your hair color? As your hair color changes, so do the colors that look best on you!

Your most flattering colors will harmonize with your natural coloring and make you sparkle and glow. They’ll also mix well together — I hear this time and time again from clients who receive countless compliments once they start wearing colors from their personalized palette.

Good news: The custom color analysis is available both virtually and in-person!

It is still one of my favorite things to do to help women feel amazing. I look forward to helping you discover the colors that make you shine:


Today’s FPCW is all about Mixing Prints!

It is a fun and easy way to wear more of the clothing in your closet! This maximizes your price per wear and makes your wardrobe even more sustainable.

My combination is super simple because I’m mixing stripes in the same colors just different sizes. It’s a great way to start and I share much more in my new online class (

Do you like to mix prints and if so, what’s your favorite way to do it (there are SO many ways)!

Today I am wearing:

Jacket: By Bobeau (I got it on consignment years ago, but this brand is available in many department stores)





NEW Class: Mixing Prints!

I am so excited to share my newest class, ‘5 Steps to Mix Prints with Confidence and Flair:’

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, mixing prints was definitely a fashion no-no. A print was meant to be worn alone or mixed with solids only and that was the way it was. Wearing prints together meant you were either clueless or didn’t care.

Not anymore!

Have you seen people wearing more than one print in an outfit and think, ‘Wow, that looks great,’ or ‘Yikes, what were they thinking?’

Maybe you’re intrigued by the concept, but you’re worried you’ll look messy or maybe even silly without a clear understanding of how to do it with confidence? All that can change now and breathe new life into your existing wardrobe!

Check out my newest, super-fun, game-changer class here:


Easy Crab Cakes — Vegan-Style!

Summer time in New England means it is definitely time for (vegan) Crab Cakes!

If you are a crab cake lover, I encourage you to check out the amazing recipe for vegan crab cakes from Diana Goldman! Get the recipe (and many others!) here: (quick note…I saute the onions and red pepper before adding it to the rest of the ingredients)

This is one of my favorite summer meals and it feels even better to support a local woman-owned business and all her delicious, plant-based offerings. Next, I might have to try the chocolate mousse or the gluten-free brownies!

Be sure to follow Diana — she’s writing a cookbook and has been testing recipes so you’ll get more yummy treats like the crab cakes!

What would you pick?


Today we are taking a step off the Front Porch and exploring the beauty of my front garden!

From blooming flowers and lush greenery to colorful rocks and winding pathways, come experience a little slice of nature in my front yard—all in the middle of the city! While I can’t name all the plants, I can definitely appreciate their beauty! I also give you a glimpse of the Front Porch from a different angle.

Of course, I also had to show you a fun outfit in honor of the holiday week!

Today I am wearing:

All Cabi: and (the blouse is from last spring and goes perfectly with the sweater and jeans from the current season)

Necklace: An necklace from


Going on Vacation this Summer?

My cats and I don't want you to forget these (3) items 😺😺😺....


Looking for a fun summer read by the beach this 4th of July?

With the help of stories from real women, I am your guide on a style transformation journey. Whether you are stuck in a fashion rut or feeling lost because your body has changed but your desire to look good hasn’t, my book "That’s So You" can help you:

• tap into your inner beauty

• stop sett ling for a wardrobe that is “good enough”

• let comfort and beauty coexist in your wardrobe

• create your signature style

• dress stylishly and compassionately

• avoid fashion no-nos

• age gracefully, and

• shop successfully

As Jen from Switzerland shares, “I love this book! My BEST style book; and I’ve bought a few…”

Get your beach read here:


Look no further for the perfect dress for summer and beyond!

This fabulous Rekucci () dress comes in 25 colors and patterns and three sleeve lengths!

I'm wearing the three-quarter length sleeve, but you can also get it sleeveless or with half sleeves! While the Lagoon (color I’m wearing) is running in short supply, there is also a stunning teal and SO many more options. (The dress runs fairly true to size (maybe a speck small) – it’s stretchy – and goes to a size 18.

Check out this fabulous dress here:

Today I am also wearing (all vegan-friendly):

Dress: (



Shoes: Sam Edelman


Summer 2023 means it’s time for a kitchen renovation and I’m starting with a new Counter, Sink and Faucet!

After 17 years living in this house with what was here when we moved in, I’m excited to make some changes. There’s still so much to do, but we have finally started to see the results of all the behind-the-scenes work.

Ivy🐱 thinks it’s purrrrfect, too! All my other kitties hide, but not Ivy. She’s there supervising the entire process!

Many thanks to Nancy Michael Interiors ( Check out the before and after (and more to come this summer)!

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!


Are you a fashion or vegan company looking for an effective way to promote your product?

Look no further! I am excited to connect with you and see if we can collaborate to help take your brand to the next level and offer my readers wonderful products!

Check out more here:


On today's FPCW, let’s talk about how to fix sleeve length issues!

Enjoy this easy and fun fashion hack to help you adjust sleeves that are too long WITHOUT going to a tailor!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Link to these sleeve bracelets (use my tips (not theirs) for how to adjust your sleeves):

Today I am wearing:

Top: Soft Surroundings

Pants: Rekucci Clothing



If you liked my lipstick resources on Monday, you will definitely enjoy my comprehensive list of products (recently updated and 14 pages long!) included with my 30-Minute Instructional Makeup Video On-Demand Class.

It makes applying your makeup application so much easier!

Check out the class here:


Finding a lipstick you love to wear can be tricky, right. There are SO many colors out there. And, if you are someone with warm coloring (like me) looking for a lipstick that isn’t too cool-toned, it gets even harder.

Check out my latest blog on my three favorite lipsticks:


There are many ways to invite more sustainability into your closet (and I’ll continue to share more on this subject!).

I love when a company looks at how they can maximize the materials they already have and that’s what Cabi does every season!

Check out Cabi’s Redux (pronounced redo) program that takes leftover fabric from the end of the season and up-cycles or repurposes it into something new!

Which style do you like better: a solid-colored jacket over the print top OR actually mixing prints?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Check out Cabi’s latest styles here (including all the Redux items):

What I’m wearing:
Print Top: cabi(or on FB my Cabi link above) The direct link for the Redux is:
Cropped Jacket: cabi
Solid Orange Jacket: thredUP (another form of sustainability!)
Pants: Rekucci Clothing


We all need a glimpse of joy and beauty in our lives, to fill our buckets before we can pour the same into our loved ones.

Let’s do it together!!

Spend a couple of hours TOMORROW, Thursday, June 15 (virtually noon to 2:00 pm eastern) with the delightful Diana Stelin & her creative network (including me): learn from stylists, interior designers, & mindset gurus on how to live a life filled with beauty, joy & self-love.

There is no charge to attend so join now (and it will be recorded so if you register and can’t make it live, you’ll receive the recording). And if you are local to Boston, there is an in-person event from 6:00 to 8:00 pm (I will not be at that one) – see details in the graphic.

Shop with the advice of stylists and designers and support the latest efforts to help refugees from Ukraine

Can’t wait to see you there!

RSVP to Virtual:


Are you attending an event where photographs will be taken ?

Check out my latest blog on 3 Tips To Look Great In Photos:


Come join my friend Lissa Keane and I from cabi as we show you a couple of our favorite looks from Cabi and you’ll see how Cabi has something for everybody's shape and personal style!

Today, Lissa and I are wearing all Cabi:
From this current season:
Lissa – Highlife Wrap Shirt & Palm Beach Crop Jeans
My top is from spring 2022, but that’s one of the delightful things about Cabi – the clothes are well made so they last and they integrate well from season to season!
My white jeans: 5th Avenue
My earrings are from Karen Halaby —

Shop our Cabi looks (and more) here:


Check out my latest feature in The North of Boston Lifestyle Guide () created by the impressive, Jodi Crowley!

Thank you to Jodi for the featuring me among so many other fabulous businesses here on the North Shore of Boston. I encourage everyone in the area to check it out and explore other profiled businesses and a regularly updated list of exciting events in the area!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Link to article here:


Did you know I have a Resources Page on my website where you can find recommended brands and many with special discount codes?

Check it out and have fun. I can't wait to hear your thoughts!


Today on my Front Porch Catwalk, check out my new favorite pull-on jeans and this fun top both gifted to me from a fabulous brand called Rekucci! They come in multiple color/washes, offer a wide range of sizes, are super comfy and are so flattering.

Not only are the jeans bootcut (not easy to find in an authentic pull-on style), but the company is very responsive to questions (I reached out to them because I’m a fan and I wanted to learn more so I could share these with you).

I was delighted to learn that they go the extra mile with their main supplier—part of the UN’s BFC initiative (Better Factories Cambodia--created to provide fair wages, improved working conditions and ensure labor standards so you can have peace of mind with your purchase).

I’m excited to share them with you today. Check them out here:

Get your pull-on jeans (in a variety of styles), or a classy top and much more. Of course, be sure to use my special promo code (STYLE10) to receive 10% off your order!*

*I only recommend products I like and use myself and that I feel you’ll enjoy knowing about. If you use this link to purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.


June 6th launches my NEXT round of Take Your Closet from Chaos to Calm class!

(Only 2 Spaces left!!)

Can you relate?

- Your closet is jammed so full that you can’t find anything

- Clothes that used to fit don’t feel the same anymore

- You try on several outfits but nothing seems to feel or look good

- Some of your unworn clothes still have tags on them

- Your body has changed, but you still want to look sharp

- It’s easier to shut the closet door and forget about it than it is to clean it out

- You love to shop, but you hate to purge

Imagine having a closet full of clothes where everything just works and you can find things easily!

In just 4 easy LIVE virtual sessions, you can finally release the pieces that aren’t working anymore, get guidance and support on what no longer serves you and make space for new pieces.

I would LOVE to have you as spots are limited:


We all have clothes we can put on in seconds and be out the door in a flash. Yes, getting dressed can be easy, but…

Putting together an outfit you actually love and feel great wearing…well…that’s often a different story.

So, what’s an easy way to look put-together and polished every day?

Check out my latest article in Peaceful Living Wellness here:


It’s easy to put off planning your travel wardrobe until the last minute…or worse, just toss things in the suitcase and hope for the best. But, we all know how that can lead to wardrobe malfunctions and frustration, right!

This Memorial weekend, I am looking forward to reuniting with my fellow Mount Holyoke graduates for our reunion!

You might have noticed that I don’t wear all white ever BUT, I'm all about white-on-white this week as I get ready to step out for my alma mater's Laurel Parade tradition.

I am deciding on what I should wear and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Are you traveling OR wearing white (or both!) this weekend?

Today I am wearing:
White jeans and sweater:
White top:
Necklace: and
Lace Sleeves:


There’s a time-saving method and strategy to help you create a versatile capsule wardrobe!

If you haven't checked out this class, and are looking for guidance, this is for you if...

- You dream of getting dressed with ease.
- You’ve heard of capsule wardrobes and love the idea.
- You don’t know where to start and need in-depth step-by-step guidance and inspiration.
- You have a lot of items in your closet that you don’t ever wear—this will give you information about whether they will fit in your capsule or aren’t a good match.
- When you try to put together outfits something always seems to be missing.
- You want to streamline your wardrobe so you wear everything in there.

Learn more here:


Graduation season is here and I know you want to look and feel amazing for this special occasion!

On this week’s Front Porch Catwalk, I am talking about dressing to celebrate the graduate in your life!

Whether you are going for a casually elegant look or something dressier, comfort and convenience are always important.

A quick way to add beauty, style and warmth to an outfit is with a wrap, but fussing with them is never fun. Whether you wear your scarf as a wrap or tie it around your neck, Lock & Shine takes that problem away. You’ll be delighted by how many beautiful options they have and Lock & Shine has been kind enough to offer my readers 20% off the entire store by using code “GINGER20” at check out:

Connected Apparel also has an offer for my readers. You'll receive 15% off your order by using the code GINGERBURR at check out:

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and I’d love to hear which one YOU choose as your favorite.

Today I am wearing;
Top & Jeans:
Scarf Lock:

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Survival By Design Graphic Design Survival By Design Graphic Design
20 Central Avenue, # 503
Lynn, 01901

Collaborative and creative graphic design and communications consulting for mostly nonprofits.

Accurate Graphics Inc. Accurate Graphics Inc.
26 Alley St
Lynn, 01902

Accurate Graphics Inc. is the leader in providing large format, high quality designs for corporate a

Family protected care Family protected care
75 Haviland Avenue
Lynn, 01902

To get connected with right Helpers in your individual situation. To create Networks of People trus

Painted Lady Sign Co. Painted Lady Sign Co.
270 Western Avenue Suite 314C
Lynn, 01904

Full-service sign shop in Lynn, MA, specializing in painted signs, hand lettering, murals and design.

Alterations by Susan Blum Alterations by Susan Blum
57 Oak Ridge Circle
Lynn, 01904

This page is about alterations on wedding dresses and all parts of a wedding! Bridesmaids,moms,flowe