DNWTX Youth Program

DNWTX Youth Program


hey y'all! So excited for the zoom meeting to catch up with y'all! unfortunately I have another meeting at 5, but will be joining y'all 5:15-5:30! SOOOO excited!!! Love y'all!
NWTX Crew getting ready for trip to National Episcopal Youth Event in the morning. Oklahoma bound!

Camp Quarterman is the Summer Camp Program for youth in the Episcopal Diocese of Northwest Texas. Camp Quarterman is the Summer Camp program for The Episcopal Diocese of Northwest Texas.

We will hold two camps during the summer of 2016. June 5th-11th
Camp Quarterman will be in the mountains for Colorado at Cathedral Ridge near Woodland Park. This camp will be youth who have completed grades 7th-12th in 2016. 6th graders may choose either Camp Quarterman or Camp Quarterman Jr. We will charter a bus leaving Lubbock TX and heading to Colorado, stopping in Amarillo to pick up youth for the trip. July 3-9
Camp Quarterman Jr. will be held at Ceta Glen in the canyon near Happy Texas. CQJ will be for youth who have completed 2nd-5th grades in 2016. 6th graders may chose this camp or Camp Quarterman.

Operating as usual

[03/08/21]   Summer Camp—here we come!

Camp is happening! Mark your calendar! Time to register! Invite a friend! Pack your bags and we will welcome you to camp this summer!

Your camp team is planning two super exciting camps!Both of our camps will be held at Ceta Glen near Happy Texas. “I’m a Believer!” is the theme for both camps!

The dates are June 27-July 3 for Camp Quarterman (youth in grades 7-12) and July 4-July 9 for Camp Quarterman Jr (youth in grades 2-5). Youth in 6th grade may choose either camp
Camp this summer will be different! BUT, we will be together! And that is something to be thankful for---see you then!

Ready to register for camp? Click https://form.jotform.com/210603975862157
for the registration form

Check out a short video of camp in 2019 here—

Questions about camp or our youth program? Please contact Renee Haney on her cell at 806-445-3667 or email her at [email protected]


Camp is happening! Mark your calendar! Get ready to register! Invite a friend! Pack your bags and we will welcome you to camp this summer!

Your camp team is planning two super exciting camps! Both of our camps will be held at Ceta Glen near Happy Texas. “I’m a Believer!” is the theme for both camps!

Check out a short video of camp in 2019 here—

Watch for registration links here!

The dates are June 27-July 3 for Camp Quarterman (youth in grades 7-12)
And July 4-July 9 for Camp Quarterman Jr (youth in grades 2-5)
Youth in 6th grade may choose either camp

Camp this summer will be different! BUT, we will be together! And that is something to be thankful for---see you then!

Questions about camp or our youth program? Please contact Renee Haney at 806-445-3667 or email at [email protected]

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[02/19/21]   Looking to reach out to BQCC Alum who attended EYE (Episcopal Youth Event) as a youth or adult sponsor. If you did, please PLEASE let me know-- you can email me ([email protected]) or DM me--your name and when (or where) you attended EYE. Thanks so much for your help! Renee
Renee Haney- Diocese of NWTX Youth Coordinator and Camp Quarterman Director

pbs.org 01/02/2021

Following the way of love through divisions, upheaval and uncertainty

What a wonderful message on New Year and for the whole year. Take a
few to hear from our PB.

Happy New Year! Renee

pbs.org The Most Rev. Michael Curry is the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church of the U.S. His latest book "Love is the Way: Holding Onto Hope in Troubling Times," reveals how love fueled his journey from descendant of slaves to the top position in a predominantly white church. He joins Judy Woodruff t...



#AdventWord #Holy

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord,
my spirit rejoices in God my Savior;
for he has looked with favor on his lowly servant.

Mary sang in praise of God:
And holy is his Name.
Gracious God, what is our song,
Now in this time of weeping?
In our night of pain and grief,
Faithful voices rise toward starry skies:
In you, O Holy One, we put our trust.
Can we find once more your promise of mercy?
A new light shines in the darkness -
Together, we wait and rejoice.

- Marty Wheeler Burnett


Proclama mi alma la grandeza del Señor,
se alegra mi espíritu en Dios mi salvador,
porque ha mirado la humillación de su esclava.

María cantó en alabanza de Dios:
Su Nombre es santo.
Dios misericordioso, ¿cuál es nuestra canción,
ahora en este tiempo de lágrimas?
En nuestra noche de dolor y luto,
Voces fieles ascienden a los cielo estrellados:
En ti, Santo Dios, confiamos.
¿Podemos encontrar otra vez tu promesa de misericordia?
Una nueva luz brilla en la oscuridad --
Juntos, esperamos y regocijamos.

- Marty Wheeler Burnett


Nanm mwen ap chante pou Mèt la ki gen pouvwa.
Lespri m' pran plezi nan Bondye ki delivrans mwen.
Paske li voye je l' sou mwen, yon sèvant ki soumèt devan li.

Mari te chante pou fè lwanj Bondye:
E Non Bondye apa tout bon vre.
Bondye ki gen bon kè, ki chante nou dwe chante,
Kounye a, nan tan saa ki mete dlo nan je nou?
Nan lannwit nou ki chahe ak doulè ak chagren,
Vwa pitit ou yo ap monte nan direksyon syèl la ki byen klere:
Se nan ou, O ou menm ki sen, nou mete tout konfyans nou.
Èske nou ka jwenn yon lòt fwa ankò pwomès ke wap gen pitye pou nou?
Yon nouvo limyè klere nan fènwa a -
Ansanm, nou rete ap tann ak kè kontan.

- Marty Wheeler Burnett




The wisest path is to surrender to the will of the “only wise God” when it is revealed to us. Mary was confused by her encounter with the angel Gabriel but wisely said, “Here am I” nevertheless. Indeed, having wisdom does not mean having all of the answers. Wisdom resides in actively waiting for the word of God to come to us at the appointed time. It involves trusting enough in God’s provision that we can say “yes” to God’s call.

- Joseph Thompson


El camino más sabio es entregarse a la voluntad de “Dios, el único y sabio” cuando se nos revela. María estaba confundida por su encuentro con el ángel Gabriel pero dijo sabiamente, “Aquí estoy,” a pesar de eso. De hecho, tener sabiduría no significa tener todas las respuestas. La sabiduría reside en esperar activamente para la palabra de Dios que nos llega en su momento designado. Involucra confianza en la provisión de Dios para poder decir “sí” al llamado de Dios.


Lè Bondye fè nou konne volonte li, chemen ki pi saj la se rann tèt nou bay volonte "sèl Bondye ki gen bon konprann nan". Mari te trouble aprè rankont li ak zanj Gabriyèl men avèk sajès Mari te di, "Men mwen" kanmenm. Vreman vre, gen bon konprann pa vle di gen repons ak tout kesyon. Lè nou gen Sajès se lè nap tann pou pawòl Bondye a vin jwenn nou nan moman ki fikse pou sa. Sa mande yon nivo konfyans nan plan Bondye a konsa pou nou ka toujou reponn "wi" ak apèl Bondye a.



#AdventWord #Mystery

“Listen,” the Apostle Paul whispers, “I will tell you a mystery. We will not all die, but we will be changed in the twinkling of an eye…” (1 Cor 15:51-52 para). I look into the night sky. I find a star gazing back at me, and I let it be the star over Bethlehem that instantaneously called humanity’s attention to the unveiling of God’s love for all people… made known through the birth of Jesus. The mystery remains true: collapses and risings fill the patterns of our common life, still, we yearn for God’s love-filled light in the darkness. It transforms us, as God never puts an end to anything that God loves.

- Doyt Conn

youtube.com 12/21/2020

A Quiet Christmas

Bishop Scott’s Christmas message. Merry Christmas!

youtube.com Bishop Scott Mayer's Christmas message for Christmas 2020.



#AdventWord #Rejoice

Merriam-Webster offers another definition for rejoice that we don’t often consider. Rejoice can also mean to give joy to, to gladden. In this use, it’s a transitive verb. What that means is that the verb has a direct object. It seems to me that this is the definition Jesus embodies. He comes to be among us, born in a lowly stable, to give joy to us. To gladden our hearts. To be love incarnate, love made flesh. We are the object of his gift of joy.

-Richelle Thompson

Find the entire meditation up on www.adventword.org. This meditation originally found in Waiting and Watching: Advent Word Reflections published by @fwd_mvt.



#AdventWord #TURN
Imagine a flat plane holding all of creation, and at the center of all things, the radiance of God, alighting on all things, beholding all things, knowing all things. We, too, are on the plane, working to keep our eyes fixed on this center, drawing closer to the Source and each other with every step. But so often – all the time! – we take our eyes from God; we become distracted, we fall back, we get bored and settle for selfish desires, innumerable idolatries, and participation in systems that draw us further from God and each other. Now is our time to TURN back to God, preparing our hearts and fixing our eyes on the Holy One.

- Chris Sikkema

Imagina un plano horizontal sosteniendo toda la creación, y al centro de todas las cosas, el resplandor de Dios, posándose en todas las cosas, contemplando todas las cosas, sabiendo todas las cosas. Nosotros, también, estamos en el plano, trabajando de mantener nuestros ojos fijados en este centro, acercándonos a la Fuente y unos a los otros con cada paso. Pero muchas veces -- ¡todo el tiempo! -- removemos nuestros ojos de Dios; nos distraemos, nos caemos, nos aburrimos y nos conformamos con deseos egoístas, idolatrías innumerables, y participación en sistemas que nos llevan de Dios y de los demás. Ya es hora CAMBIAR para volvernos a Dios, preparando nuestros corazones y fijando nuestros ojos en el Santo.

- Chris Sikkema

Imajine yon sifas ki plat epi ki kenbe tout kreyasyon an, e nan ronn sant li, limyè Bondye ap briye, lap desann sou tout bagay, lap obseve tout bagay, epi li konnen tout bagay. Nou menm tou, nou fè pati de sifas saa pandan nap travay di pou n kenbe je nou fikse nan ronn sant lan, pou nou ka pwoche pi pre Sous la, pi pre youn lòt nan chak etap nou pran. Men, se konsa souvan - tout tan tout tan an! - nou pran je nou nan men Bondye; nou vin distrè, nou tonbe tounen, nou jwenn anwiye ak rezoud pou dezi egoyis, idolatri inonbrabl, ak patisipasyon nan sistèm ki rale nou pi lwen soti nan Bondye ak youn ak lòt. Kounye a se tan nou pou nou tounen vin jwenn Bondye, prepare kè nou epi fikse je nou sou Sen an.

- Chris Sikkema



#AdventWord #LEARN

Love comes easy at Christmas, in the story of the birth of a vulnerable baby Jesus. It’s a good place to start, with Jesus, but there is more to know. The Jesus of the Gospels often challenges, standing in defiance of a world which refused to know him. And Jesus also challenges us today. As his disciples, we learn all we can, keeping our hearts open to the Jesus we find in scripture but also open to the Jesus who calls us to learn to love as he did. The “Way of Love” is to LEARN to love as boldly as Jesus.

- Leslie Nuñez Steffensen


El amor viene fácilmente en Navidad, en la historia del nacimiento del vulnerable niño Jesús. Es un buen comienzo, con Jesús, pero hay más que saber. El Jesús de los Evangelios desafía con frecuencia, en oposición a un mundo que rechazó la oportunidad conocerlo. Y Jesús nos desafía hoy. Como sus discípulos, aprendemos todo que podemos, manteniendo abiertos nuestros corazones al Jesús que encontramos en las escrituras y también abiertos al Jesús que nos llama a amar como él amaba. El “Camino del Amor” es APRENDER a amar tan audazmente como Jesús.

- Leslie Nuñez Steffensen

Lanmou parèt aklè nan fèt Nwèl la, nan istwa nesans yon ti bebe ki rele Jezi. Jezi yon bon kote yo kòmanse, men gen plis pou nou konnen. Jezi ki nan Levanjil yo souvan bay defi, li kanpe fas a fas ak yon mond ki refize konnen l'. Epi Jezi ap ban nou defi tou jodi a. Antanke disip li, nou aprann tout sa nou kapab, pandan nap kenbe kè nou byen louvri pou Jezi nou jwenn nan LaBib la, men tou, nou kite kè nou louvri pou Jezi ki rele nou pou nou aprann renmen jan li te renmen an. "Chemen renmen an" se APRANN renmen avèk tout fôs nou tankou Jezi.

- Leslie Nuñez Steffensen



#AdventWord #PRAY

“Do not quench the Spirit!” Paul says. The Spirit, ever present, ever mischievous, is constantly trying to catch our attention. She uses all those human moments - joy, nostalgia, boredom, exhaustion, wonder – to tap us on the shoulder and say, “pay attention to me!” Our response, whether it’s with excitement or annoyance, is called Prayer. Don’t quench the Spirit – dance with her!

- Katie Nakamura Rengers


“No apaguen el fuego del Espíritu,” dice Pablo. El Espíritu, siempre presente, siempre travieso, está intentando captar nuestra atención constantemente. Ella usa todos esos momentos humanos -- alegría, nostalgia, aburrimiento, agotamiento, asombro -- para tocarnos y decir, “¡págame atención!” Nuestra respuesta, si sea con entusiasmo o molestia, se llama oración. No apague el Espíritu -- ¡baila con ella!

- Katie Nakamura Rengers


Apòt Pòl di nou "Pa repouse Lespri Bondye ki nan nou a!" Lespri a toujou prezan, e li pa aji jan nou ta toujou swete, li toujou ap eseye atire atansyon nou. Li sèvi ak tout moman sa yok e nou tou konnen: kè kontan, kè sere nou genyen lè nap panse ak sa ki te pase, nwizans, fatig, sipriz- nan chak moman sa yo, Lespri Bondye a ban nou yon ti tap sou zepòl e li di nou, "fikse je nou sou mwen!" Repons ke nou bay la, keseswa avèk kè kontan oswa ak kontraryete, sa rele Lapriyè. Pa voye jete Lespri Bondye ki nan nou an - danse avè l!

- Katie Nakamura Rengers



#AdventWord #WORSHIP

I read once that ​our worship must flow out of true selves and engage our spirit as we pursue truth, and yet so much about how we conduct worship often can feel as if we are putting on pretense - as if we are dressing up to play people who worship, instead of just being people are worship-filled just as we are – messy, or tired; confused, or content. In a season that is ripe with dressing up, I wonder how we can bring our true selves and engage our spirits as we pursue the truth of incarnation in our lives.


Leí una vez que nuestra adoración ha de fluir de nuestros seres verdaderos y conectar con nuestros espíritus mientras perseguimos la verdad, pero nuestra manera de conducir la adoración puede tener más que ver con el pretexto -- como si fuéramos vistiéndonos para desempeñar el papel de personas que adoran, en vez de ser personas que están llenas de adoración exactamente como somos -- desordenados, o agotados; confundidos, o contentos. En una temporada cuando nos arreglamos a menudo, pienso en cómo podemos traer nuestros seres verdaderos y conectar con nuestros espíritus para perseguir la verdad de la encarnación en nuestras vidas.

-Jerusalem Greer


Mwen te li yon fwa ke adorasyon nou yo dwe sòti nan fon nanm nou epi metelespri nou an branl pandan nap cheche verite, e anpil fwa fason nou adorasyon Bondye konn fè santi sa nap fè a pa chita sou laverite, tankou si nou jis abiye pou n jwe yon ròl tankou moun kap adore Bondye, olye pou nou tap jis adore Bondye jan nou ye a: pou n rekonèt dezòd ki nan lavi nou, oswa fatig; dout, oswa kontantman nou ye. Nan yon sezon ki chaje ak frechè, map mande tèt mwen kòman nou ka pote tèt nou tout bon vre bay Bondye ak angaje lespri nou pandan nap cheche verite enkanasyon an nan lavi nou.

-Jerusalem Greer

- Jerusalem Greer



#AdventWord #Rest

God has sent us to “bring good news to the oppressed, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and release to the prisoners.” Even Jesus suggested, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

What surrounds my rest? Am I tired, exhausted even, from the spirit of God being on me, from following and from being sent? Do I deserve this rest? This quiet place? Even here resting, am I anticipating waking to acting with compassion?

- Bryon Rushing

Dios nos ha enviado “llevar la buena noticia a los pobres; me ha enviado a anunciar libertad a los presos y dar vista a los ciegos; a poner en libertad a los oprimidos.” Aún sugirió Jesús, “Vengan, vamos nosotros solos a descansar un poco en un lugar tranquilo.”

¿Qué envuelta mi descanso? ¿Estoy descansado, aún agotado, de tener el Espíritu de Dios sobre mí, de seguir y ser enviado? ¿Merezco este descanso? ¿Este lugar tranquilo? ¿Aún aquí descansando, estoy anticipando despertándome para actuar con compasión?


Bondye voye nou pou nou “anonse bon nouvèl la bay moun ki nan lapenn yo, pou n' geri tout moun k'ap soufri yo, pou n' fè tout moun yo te depòte yo konnen yo delivre, pou n' fè tout prizonye yo konnen pòt prizon louvri pou yo." Menm Jezi te di, "Vini avèk mwen pou kont ou, map menenn w’ kote trankil epi pou w ka pran yon ti repo."

Ki sa ki fè repo mwen? Èske lespri Bondye ki sou mwen an fè fatige, oubyen fè kò m kraze, paske lap swiv mwen e paske li voye m? Èske mwen merite repo sa a? Kote trankil sa a? Menm lè map repoze, èske map tann kilè pou reveye pou m ka al simaye konpasyon?



#AdventWord #Go #WayofLove
This is an excerpt of today's meditation, originally published in "Waiting and Watching" by @fwd_mvt. Find the entire meditation on www.adventword.org

The seven practices of the Way of Love interconnect often. When it comes to the practice Go, we often add words. Go and preach. Go and serve. Go and listen. Go and worship. Go and pray. In our walks of faith following Jesus, we must find the courage to go beyond our comfortable communities and companions into unknown places and spaces. Doing that work takes practice; I don’t know many people who thrive when thrust continuously into unfamiliar situations.
My heart journey this Advent finds me seeking a baby born into darkness who brings us great light and life. Baby Jesus will soon be here for all of us to hold and love—some of us in the hush of night as he fusses and cries, and some of us in the bustle of the day when he sleeps. And we will bind him to us to go and share this good news.

- Miriam McKenney

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