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I was so pleased with Jimbo Mulligan’s plumbing knowledge and expertise that I wrote a review on his estimate alone. Now that the work is done today, I write again….You must call 4 SERVICE PROS first for your plumbing needs! JIMBO MULLIGAN is a plumber par excellence!
I used 4 Service Pros the first time when my 90-yr old mom’s house needed a new gas hot water heater and there were also several other things going a wry, plumbing-wise. Jimbo came out today and took care of installing a new Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) and had to do some work to update the existing pipe in this 64-yr old house. Excellent work! I think Jimbo is so good because he knows his plumbing, gives the customers 5-star work because he cares about his work and it shows! When he came to do the estimate of the plumbing issues, one of the issues was a leaking bathroom sink faucets. He told me that the faucets needed to be replaced due to not being able to get replacement parts due to a non-standard brand was installed when the bathroom was redone. He also noticed that the hot and cold water supply lines needed to be replaced. They were so bad, they were an accident waiting to happen! He installed a Studor Vent for my mom’s walk-in tub that hasn’t drained properly since it was installed. Overall, Jimbo Mulligan can look at your plumbing issues, explain to you what is going wrong, advise you on the best way to fix the issue and if you have a long list like me, he can also give you advice on the best way to prioritize the work based on the plumbing issue, your time and finances (if you are upfront and honest with him). Ask for JIMBO MULLIGAN as he is truly a man of integrity, honest, kind, professional and knowledgeable! With the plumbing side of 4 Service Pros being top-notch, I know that, without hesitation, I can call 4 Service Pros for any HVAC, Electrical or Remodeling issues! Don’t wait, call 4 SERVICE PROS NOW and ask for JIMBO MULLIGAN!
Excellent Company. 3 men - John, Maurice and Nelson - came to the rescue after I made an appointment. They were charming, friendly, courteous and above all excellent, knowledgeable and simply great. I am so glad I found this company, gives me peace of mind to know that I can rely on them for future projects should they arise. Oh yeah, before I forget - scheduling is a pleasure - none of this *press 1 if you want blah, press 2 if you want blahblah.......*. And they were on time, giving me about a 30 minutes phone notice about
their exact arrival time.
4 Service Pros did a phenomenal job. My wife and I could not have picked a better company to do the work. Every one of the workers were always professional, prompt, knowledgeable, paid attention to detail, hardworking and very friendly.
Minh was the lead (supervisor), he is very meticulous, has a keen eye and pays attention to details. He was always available and ready to lend a hand to his workers and check up on their progress. If we had any questions or concerns, Minh was always responsive to us and very honest in his opinions, he didn't just tell us what we wanted to hear but gave us his honest assessments. Some of his suggestions saved us money.
I Would like to also point out the two main workers, Eliqzar and Shane. They are very hard workers, friendly, but professional. Eliqzar and Shane did the bulk of the work and were also very meticulous about the work they were performing. The same applies to Peter the Electrician and the two Plumbers, Rick and Carlos. It was obvious that everyone enjoyed their work and was proud of what they were able to accomplish.
Two additional people that I would like to point out is Sender the Flooring and Rug installer and Joel the Painter. Both did an outstanding job, the flooring and rugs look awesome and the painter Joel is amazing, the walls and ceilings never looked better. My wife and I were truly impressed by Joel and the amazing paint job he did and how hard he worked. I would not hesitate to recommend Joel and Sender if anyone is looking for a Painter or a Flooring and Rug installer.
All in all, we couldn't have had a better company to perform the work. We can't say enough good things about 4 Service Pros, the entire house looks like a brand-new house. I would hire 4 Service Pros again.

Fred Gerow
One of the best companies in the area with Great service and staff. Thank you
I had a problem with backed up sewer water that needed a new ejection pump. Carl at 4 Service Pros came out the same afternoon and put my n a new pump for me very efficiently! Great service!
Technician called and arrived within half an hour from the time he called. He introduced himself and then looked over the problem area. At that time he gave me an estimate of the cost. He went right to work and not only installed a new garbage disposal, he also corrected errors left from pass work that was not done correctly. He was courteous, prompt, and efficient. Most importantly, the total cost was not one penny more than that which was quoted. I certainly will be calling 4 Service in the future for my plumbing needs.
Five stars! I had a serious leak in the underground, 120-foot, water pipe leading to my townhouse. They replaced the polybutylene plastic with a copper pipe. Dave, Rick, and office staff were very service oriented. Once the problem was diagnosed, response time was fast and professional. They kept me informed throughout the process, back-filled the trench, planted grass seed, and cost was below other quotes. I would highly recommend them.
Thank you to 4 Service Pros. I came home after a Vacation to a water main break. David J and Bobby came on a Sunday and repaired it.
We hired this company to install an attic fan. During both the estimate and install phases, they arrived on time (that's a big plus) and were personable and professional. Work was done quickly, with no mess left behind and while on the roof, found what could have become a major problem, and fixed it free of charge. Post install, an inspection of the plumbing and electric uncovered some issues that need attention and estimates for those were quickly sent.
We will be using this company again for the most serious of these matters.
Five stars from us.

4 Service Pros is a full-service contractor with four divisions. Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, and Rem Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC , Sewer & Drain & Remodeling


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🔥 Hottest Natural Temperature Ever Recorded ⬇️

Temp: 134°F 🔥
Place: Death Valley, California
When?: July 10, 1913


4 Service Pros is ON TIME

We kept a keen eye on the supply chain issues. Due to that, we were able to plan ahead! Our warehouses and trucks are fully stocked.

✔️ On-Time Arrival or IT’S FREE
✔️ Warranted Heating System Repairs

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In 1989, NASA performed a study on plants to find out if they provide a natural way of removing volatile organic pollutants from our indoor air.

Since then, the study has been replicated and the results stated that "future research is needed to fully understand indoor VOC removal by plants."

Read more about it at the link below. There is also a list of the plants they studied and the results of each.



2022 Savings

Celebrate the 🎉 NEW YEAR 🎉 with a FREE Upgrade worth up to $2,022 and if we don't install your new system tomorrow it's FREE!

Now through January 31st, purchase a New Heating & Cooling System and receive a FREE UPGRADE.

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Not ready for a new system? Guarantee your Gas or Electric Heater System is ready for winter with a comprehensive System Tune-Up & Safety Check for ONLY $79!

🎉 Inspect your heat exchanger, carbon monoxide venting and ensure your heater is running efficiently and safe all season.
Call today and we’ll also lock in your Spring A/C Tune-Up for ONLY $59!

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🔔 This is your monthly reminder to check and or change your air filter! 🔔

Replace your air filter regularly to keep your energy costs down.

When your air filter is dirty and clogged up, your system is working harder, ultimately leading to a higher energy bill.

Regular filter changes can save from 5-15 % on your utility bill.


4SP Name Your Price!

YEAR-END BLOWOUT SALE! Name Your Price on a Heater or AC Tune-Up!

Give us a call, tell us how much you want to pay for your tune-up and find out why your neighbors LOVE ❤️ 4ServicePros!

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Give thanks today and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at 4 Service Pros!


4 Service Pros is committed to taking time to honor all of the brave men and women who have served our great nation.

Starting today, we're proud to offer our country’s finest a 10% discount on any repair as a thank you for your service to our country.

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Scheduling a heating system maintenance service once every year, ideally before the colder months begin, can help you avoid major problems that may require emergency services.

Additionally, routine maintenance can help ensure that your system is working as efficiently as possible and may even extend the life of your heating system!

✔️Get a $59 Heater Tune-Up NOW and a $29 AC Tune-Up in Spring 2022!
✔️ Restore Your System To Factory-Fresh Condition
✔️ Catch Minor Repairs Before They Become HUGE Headaches

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Have you heard of a hypocaust?

A hypocaust is a central heating system in a building that produces and circulates hot air below the floor of a room, and may also warm the walls with a series of pipes through which the hot air passes. They were even used to heat bathwater!

The word is derived from the Ancient Greek. Hypo meaning "under" and caust-, meaning "burnt" (as in caustic).

The earliest reference to this type of system suggests that the temple of Ephesus in 350 BC was heated in this manner, although Vitruvius attributes its invention to Sergius Orata in c. 80 BC.

Its invention improved the hygiene and living conditions of citizens and was a forerunner of modern central heating.


🚽 Do you have plumbing problems?
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How many filters do you have in your house?

A. Just one!
B. 2-3
C. 4-5
D. 6+

Many homeowners have just 1 filter located right next to the heater or air handler.

In other cases, homeowners have filters at their return vent(s).

Wherever your filter is located, make sure you're changing it regularly!

Ready to have maintenance performed on your HVAC system?

Call to Schedule 📞 (571) 253-6259

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Let’s make this simple. Your air conditioner has been working HARD all summer, now it’s time for it to recover.

For a very limited-time, we’re letting YOU set our price for a professional system tune-up.

THAT’S RIGHT. You tell us exactly what you want to pay…and then pay it!

We are so confident in our service that we want more homeowners to experience it. So, to celebrate the end-of-summer, we’re going to let you pay only what you want. For the price YOU name, we’ll perform our full, comprehensive system tune-up (normally $59). The only difference, is that you’ll only pay what you say!

Name Your Price System Tune-Up:
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Set Your Price & Schedule Your Visit ➡️ (571) 253-6259


Don't get caught without power today. Have 4 Service Pros come out and get you set up with a back up generator.


Got a new video doorbell? Let us come and install it for you. Our professional electricians will get your new system wired in in no time.


Don't let this happen to you, call and get a home inspection today.


Garbage disposals are something we don't think about often, until they break. If you have one that is getting up there in years, call us out to replace it before it wears out and save yourself the headache of when it breaks down.


Beautiful new hvac install. With the weather being as nice as it is and time at home, now is the perfect opportunity to deal with any heating or cooling issues you may have. Give us a call today.


Since you're home, now is a good time to have that faucet you hate replaced with a nice shiny new one. Estimates are free and available by video. Call today.


Photos from 4 Service Pros's post


Worried about the water? Noneed to fret, call 4 Service pros and have us give you a free estimate for a whole home water filter. And in these times of social distancing be sure to ask about our video estimate options.


We're all doing what we can. 4 service pros now offers video estimates and our technicians take extra precautions at every job in order to help protect our community.


Photos from 4 Service Pros's post


Outlet not working? Want one where there currently isn't? We can help. Give 4 service pros a call and have our certified electricians get you charged up.


We just love to hang new lights. Whether we install one of yours or supply one ourselves, our excellent electricians can get you room looking bright in no time. Call now and ask about video estimates.


Have you thought about your main water shutoff lately? If you dont have a ball valve like in the picture you may want to consider updating. Ball valves last longer and are easier and more reliable than older style gate valve. Call now and get a free estimate to update your jomes shutoff valve. And ask about our video estimate option.


Use the right tool for the job, right? 4 service pros technicians come prepared for most kinds of jobs, and on the rare occasion they don't have something its a mere phone call to another team member away.


Have you had your dryer vents cleaned recently? Ever? It's more important that you think, as the build up of lint in the vent can be a fire hazard if not removed. No need to worry though, just have 4 service pros come out and take care of that for you each year.


Have you checked your sump pump recently? Take the cover off the pit, put some water in the pit (enough that it goes at least a few inches beyond the bottom of the pump, and lift the float. If it doesn't run, or if you'd rather that we do the check, give us a call. Pump testing and replacement are no problem for our certified plumbers.


Nothing better than a new water heater. And when you get it installed by our certified plumbers that includes an expansion tank and metal drain pan with no additional cost or hidden fees.


Still Kickin


Final touches from the previous pics. Shower door and mirror were installed to complete this beautiful bathroom.


Need to shed some light? Recessed lighting is a great way to brighten up any space. New installations or updating existing lights, we handle it all. Call today.

Who are we?

We are general contractors known for our professionalism, high standards, the ability to complete projects on time and within budget, irrespective of size or type. Our reputation and honesty is the key to our success in home repair services!

We never outsource technicians for your home improvement projects. We employ full-time master plumbers, master electricians, and certified building and remodeling tradesmen from Northern Virginia. Our company holds multiple Class “A” licenses throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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4 Service Pros is ON TIME
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4SP Name Your Price!
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